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A Sick RWBY epilogue

Here is the final chapter for "A Sick RWBY". Tell me what you think.

Kyle awoke from his dream. It was early in the morning and it was still dark outside. He looked at Yang who was laying on top of him with her head on his chest.

'I remember now. Won't she be surprised.' Kyle thought.

Kyle rubbed Yang's head and kissed her on the forehead. She shifted in her sleep a bit and smiled.

'She really didn't change much over the years. I wonder if she still remembers that day?' Kyle thought.

Kyle laid back down on his pillow while carefully brushing Yang's hair with his fingers.

'Something keeps telling me that I'm in love with her, and I guess that is true. But I can't admit it. My mind keeps racing back to my mission every time I try to think about her.' Kyle thought.

He sighed, "I'm sorry, Yang. I'm a coward."

Yang held Kyle tighter in her sleep as if she felt what was going through his mind. She started to nuzzle Kyle's chest.

"That tickles." Yang said.

Kyle was worried that he woke her up. Yang took a deep breath and smaller breaths followed, she was still asleep. Kyle smiled and closed his eyes to finish his sleep before class in the morning.

The first class was "Battle Tactics" with Miss Goodwitch. She started looking around the classroom taking attendance before she stopped at RWBY. Goodwitch saw that there was a team member missing.

"Ms. Rose?" Goodwitch called.

"Yes, Ms. Goodwitch?" Ruby answered

"Where is Mister Everett this morning?" Goodwitch asked.

"Well… The four of us got sick over the weekend and Kyle was the one who took care of us. So…" Ruby explained.

"He now has an illness himself?" Goodwitch asked.

"Yes, ma'am." Ruby said.

Goodwitch nodded and tapped her Scroll, "I appreciate your honesty Ms. Rose, but as the leader you should not leave a member of your team behind no matter what. One member of Team RWBY will be excused from my class while they tend to Mister Everett. Now who…"

"Dibs!" Yang yelled out and ran out the class with a trial of fire in her wake.

Goodwitch looked at the door shocked, and then she cleared her throat and straightened herself back in her normal posture, "Now that has been taken care of, it is time for the first lesson."

Yang burst through the door back into her room, "Hubby! I'm home~" she went to Kyle's bed and pulled the curtains back, "Surprise!"

Kyle groaned and saw that it was Yang, "What happened?"

"I was excused from class so I could take care of you." Yang said.

Kyle covered his head with his blanket, "Oh man, payback is a bitch."

"I just got out of sitting through Goodwitch's class. Do you know how hard that is? You better thank me for coming to nurse you back to health." Yang said.

Kyle poked his head out, "You're not going to dress in a nurse outfit, are you?"

Yang grinned, "Do you want me to?"

Kyle groaned, "I'll thank you if I'm still alive by the end of today."

"You'll be fine." Yang said, "I don't know much about the stuff you gave us, but I got you some real medicine." She took out a bottle and poured a liquid in a little cup.

"Something tells me that this might taste bad." Kyle said.

"I don't think so. It's grape flavored, so that might help." Yang said.

"Oh god!" Kyle covered his mouth.

Yang waved the little cup around Kyle's face, "Come on. Grape, grape, grape, grape~"

"Yang, you do not want me drinking that!" Kyle said with his voice muffled by his hands.

Yang continued tried giving Kyle the medicine, but he would not open his mouth. Yang grew annoyed, but grinned when she got an idea. As payback she tickled his stomach. Kyle tried to keep his mouth closed, but he could not stand Yang tickling him. As soon as Kyle opened his mouth, Yang dumped the medicine in Kyle's mouth.

"There. You will better in no…"

Kyle threw up on Yang's chest. Yang stood in place as her eye twitched.

"Hey, do you think Yang will be okay with Kyle?" Ruby asked.

Everyone in the school heard a piercing scream cry out, it was Yang.

"No." Weiss said.

Ruby sat for a while, "So… Who's watching him in the next class?"

"Not it." Blake said.

"Not it!" Ruby quickly said.

Weiss looked at her two teammates, "He's on his own."

Yang stepped out of the bathroom now dressed in her normal clothes. She sat down next to Kyle on his bed.

"Did you really have to do that? That was gross!" Yang said.

"I tried to warn you. That was the same reason why Mother used home remedies instead of regular medicine." Kyle said.

Yang pouted.

"I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?" Kyle asked.

Yang smiled and hugged him, "Sure. It's not like you do it all the time."

"Wait until you have children." Kyle said.

Yang slapped Kyle's chest and giggled. Kyle laid down on his bed and Yang cuddled up next to him.

"Hey, can I tell you about the dream I had last night?" Yang asked.

"Okay." Kyle said.

"We were at one of those cliché romantic picnic deals. You kept on nuzzling my neck and it tickled." Yang giggled.

"We should try that sometime." Kyle said.

"Sure." Yang said.

"Let me tell you about my dream. I just turned ten years old and my mom and grandfather took me to this waterpark. While I was there…." Kyle told his story.

"I'm telling you, we met when we were kids! I remember my first boyfriend and he perfectly described the same day we met!" Yang said.

Yang was telling her story in the cafeteria. Needless to say that all of Team RWBY was shocked to learn that they all met the same boy before coming to Beacon.

"How is that possible?" Weiss asked.

"It does sound like something out of a fairytale." Blake said.

"I think it's awesome. He already knew us and now we're going to become Hunters together." Ruby said.

"We only met him once. How were we supposed to know that we would meet at Beacon years later?" Weiss asked.

"Fate is a mysterious thing." Blake said.

"If I had known that we would get together like this, then I would have stayed with him all those years ago." Yang said, "Then I wouldn't have gone on all of those dates."

"You know Dad wouldn't let you do that." Ruby said.

"That waterpark was the only fun thing he let us do. He's gotten irritating since he and Mom broke up and when…" Yang stopped herself.

Ruby looked down. She knew that Yang was going to talk about the time her mother, Summer Rose, had died.

"I'm sorry, Ruby. I didn't mean to bring that up." Yang said.

Ruby shook her head, "It's okay, Yang." Ruby stood up, "Let's bring some lunch for Kyle."

Ruby went and got a bowl of chicken broth for Kyle while Yang got some fruit punch for him to drink. The team returned to their dorm to give Kyle lunch and then return to class.

"Hi Kyle!" Ruby said carrying the bowl.

Kyle smiled at his team entering the room, "Hey everyone."

Ruby went to Kyle and placed the bowl in his lap, "Got you some broth, hope that's okay."

"Thank you, Ruby." Kyle sipped the chicken broth that she gave him.

"And I got you some fruit punch." Yang said and set the glass on a table next to him.

"Thanks, Yang." Kyle smiled.

They sat with Kyle as he finished his soup. They conversed about their meetings in the past and had a good laugh about it as each girl told their story. Ruby took the bowl when Kyle finished and was going to return it to the cafeteria on her way to class. Everyone else stood up to go to their next class.

"Weiss, you stay with Kyle now." Ruby said.

"What?" Weiss was surprised.

"I already had my turn. I got to get to my other classes." Yang said.

"But, why me?" Weiss asked.

"Remember? 'Not it'?" Ruby asked.

Blake smiled.

"I don't believe this!" Weiss said.

"See you later, Weiss!" Ruby said and left the room.

Blake waved good-bye.

"Don't kill him or I will pound you into nothingness." Yang said and left.

Weiss shook her head and looked at Kyle, he stared back.

"I am not snuggling with you." Weiss said.

"Oh, get a life." Kyle said and laid down to sleep.

Weiss spent her time studying for a test coming up in Grimm Studies. The second class had ended and Blake had come to relieve Weiss. Weiss left and Blake sat in her bed and read a book while Kyle slept. Kyle stirred as he woke up from his nap and saw that Blake was in her bed.

"Hey, Blake." Kyle said.

Blake set her book in her lap and smiled, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm getting there." Kyle said.

Blake nodded and continued reading. The next class ended and Ruby came to watch Kyle, Blake left for her class.

"How's it going?" Ruby asked.

"Getting better." Kyle said.

Ruby looked at her bed, which was still toppled on top of Weiss's bed. She sighed.

Kyle got up from his bed, "I can fix that for you."

Ruby looked at him, "You're still sick. I couldn't ask for you to do that."

"I got to do something. I'm going stir-crazy from sleeping all day." Kyle said.

As Kyle worked on getting the beds back in order, Ruby worked on some blueprints for a weapon. Kyle looked over his shoulder and saw that she was still working on the katana weapon that he saw in class one day.

"What is that?" Kyle asked.

Ruby covered the blueprints up, "Nothing!"

"Are you making a little sister for Crescent Rose?" Kyle asked.

"No. Crescent Rose is my only baby." Ruby said, "This is for… on the side. I plan on selling weapon blueprints on the side as I work as a Huntress."

"Okay…" Kyle dropped the subject seeing that Ruby was uncomfortable.

The day continued and the rest of the team returned to the dorm after classes had finished. They walked in to see that the beds for Ruby and Weiss were made. Ruby's bed was still suspended by ropes and covered in sheets to make a fort/tent.

"How did that thing get back up?" Weiss asked.

"Kyle fixed it." Ruby said while still working on her blueprints.

"It's going to fall again." Weiss said.

"Kyle said he was going to try and get metal supports for our beds so they won't crash again." Ruby said.

The team looked towards Kyle, who was sleeping in his bed. They started to get dressed in their pajamas. Blake walked up to Ruby and whispered in her ear.

"Does he know?" Blake asked.

Ruby shook her head.

Blake smiled and gave Ruby a nod before walking to her bed. Weiss returned to her original bed and Ruby climbed inside her canopy. Yang looked back and forth between her bed and Kyle. She shrugged her shoulders and went in Kyle's bed; she wrapped her arms around him and slept with a smile on her face.

Done with this short story. Now to continue the rest of the story. I don't know when the next chapter will be finished, but you will see it when it comes. Also send me a PM if you have any ideas for chapters or short stories here. See you in the next chapter.

Did any of you see the foreshadowing in the story so far, or did I give it away again?

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