Ghost of a Man

Surprise, Assassin

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A few weeks have passed. Both Teams RWBY and JNPR had agreed to have another training session with Kyle. Well everyone except Ren and Nora, Ren said that they had something else to do. Kyle was okay with the absence of the two and went on with the exercise. The plan was that the rest of the group had to surprise and take down Kyle by any means necessary. He gave everyone a thirty minute time period to prepare themselves. Time had passed and Kyle began roaming the halls of Beacon. He walked being wary of his surroundings as to where his friends might be in hiding. He continued walking until he noticed a boy picking on a girl student.

"Beat it, girlie!" the boy said and pushed the girl down.

Kyle ran up to the boy and shoved him down, "Lay off!" he went to check on the girl, "Are you okay?"

The girl sat up. The blonde pigtail hair that she had proved to be a wig, and under the wig was…

"Jaune!?" Kyle was shocked.

It was in fact Jaune wearing a wig and a girls uniform. Kyle leaned back to dodge the incoming kick from the boy he knocked down. He grabbed the boy's leg and threw him down to the ground.

"If that's Jaune, then you must be Pyrrha." Kyle said.

The boy pushed himself up and the hat fell off. What was revealed was the red hair belonging to Pyrrha. She turned and smiled.

"We almost had you, but we are not done yet." Pyrrha said.

"I hope not or this would be a disappointment." Kyle grinned.

Kyle sidestepped the low kick Jaune tried to do. Pyrrha came at Kyle with a straight right jab, which he parried by pushing her arm away. Pyrrha tried to hit Kyle with a roundhouse kick, but Kyle ducked and grabbed Pyrrha's leg. He pushed her and got her off balance, then hit her with a sweeping kick that sent her down. Jaune came at Kyle to punch him from behind; Kyle grabbed his arm and threw Jaune over his shoulder. Jaune landed on top of Pyrrha. The two saw the position they were in and blushed madly.

Kyle shook his head, "I have got to give this a break."

Jaune and Pyrrha got up to their feet, still blushing.

"Can we stop so we can change?" Jaune asked.

Kyle nodded, "Sure, you two did good. I was definitely surprised."

Jaune rubbed the back of his head, "It was Pyrrha's idea."

"I didn't think you were into cross-dressing." Kyle said.

"I thought it would trip you up long enough to pin you down, but I didn't think that Jaune's wig would fall off." Pyrrha said.

"It was a good try. I'll see you two later." Kyle said.

"Wait!" Jaune yelled out, "You're not going to tell anyone about this, are you?"

Kyle held his finger to his lips, "My lips are sealed, friend."

Kyle continued walking through the halls, preparing himself for his friends as he went. The next hallway he came across he saw Ren sitting on a bench studying on a book about aura use. Ren said that he couldn't join in the exercise so Kyle knew not to expect anything from him.

"Hello Ren." Kyle greeted.

"Hello." Ren said.

Kyle looked around and he did not see Ren's partner, "Where's Nora?"

Ren shrugged his shoulders, "Nora stuff."

Kyle nodded and continued walking. He took two steps from Ren and Kyle heard a loud screeching sound. He looked up and saw Nora hanging upside down from the rafters.

"Nora? What are you doing?" Kyle asked.

"I'm a sloth!" Nora said.

"Oh." Kyle said.

Nora jumped from the rafters and dive-bombed towards Kyle, "Sloth attack!"

Kyle jumped back to avoid Nora, "Nora, what the heck!?"

Kyle saw the dagger from Storm Flower and leaned back to avoid Ren's attack. Kyle grabbed Ren's arm and tried to throw him over his shoulder, but Ren flipped himself over and landed on his feet then hit Kyle in the back of the head with a roundhouse kick. Kyle stumbled towards Nora where she tried to spin him around. Kyle shot out the rubber hidden blade he wore for training and hit Nora in the neck, she went down and played dead over dramatically.

"BLAH!" Nora hung her tongue out as she played dead.

Ren tried for a vertical swipe from Storm Flower's dagger again. Kyle grabbed Ren's arm again, but this time he stuck the rubber hidden blade in his side. Ren relaxed his arm knowing that attack would kill him.

"Sneaky, Ren. You said that you wouldn't be in this exercise with Nora, but you had every intention to try to catch me off guard." Kyle said.

"It almost worked." Ren said.

"And it would if you were planning to use it against someone else." Kyle said. He looked over at Nora who was still playing dead, "Is she okay?"

Nora shushed him, "I'm dead." She whispered.

"She's fine." Ren said.

"You're dead too, Ren." Nora said.

Ren smiled at his friend, "Good luck with the others, Kyle."

"Thank you. I will see you two at the end." Kyle said.

Kyle continued walking once again. He had just finished with JNPR; all that was left was his own team, RWBY. As he thought about who he would run into first, he saw Weiss standing in the middle of the hallway waiting on him. She saw him coming and called out to him.

"Kyle, I must have a word with you." Weiss said as she walked up to him.

"What is it?" Kyle asked.

"I'm here to tell you that I drop out of this training exercise of yours." Weiss said.

"Prego?" (Pardon?) Kyle asked.

"I am not pregnant!" Weiss said.

Kyle's Faunus blood kicked in and he saw a reflection in Weiss's eyes. He saw that Blake was sneaking up behind him with Gambol Shroud's ribbon in her hand. Weiss wasn't backing out, she was a distraction.

"I'm surprised is all. You usually join everything to show off your skills." Kyle said.

"Something important came up and I have to stop." Weiss said.

"What's so important?" Kyle asked.

Blake got ready to throw her ribbon, Weiss grinned.

"You're downfall." Weiss said.

Blake threw the ribbon at Kyle, he dropped down on his palms and the tips of his toes and the ribbon went towards Weiss. Gambol Shroud's ribbon wrapped around Weiss's waist and tied her arms to her sides.

"Blake!" Weiss yelled out.

"Darn!" Blake cursed.

Kyle grabbed the ribbon and pulled Blake towards him. Blake stumbled a bit, but caught her balance as she reached Kyle. She tried to swing her arm to attack, but Kyle blocked her attack with his own arm. Blake went for a kick to Kyle's stomach; he rolled under Blake's arm and went behind Weiss. Blake knew she couldn't attack without hitting Weiss and was stuck for now. Kyle picked Weiss up and began carrying her around Blake, tying the both of them in Blake's ribbon. Now both girls stood back to back while tied up in Gambol Shroud's ribbon. Kyle stepped back and crossed his arms with a grin.

"Nice try, girls. I am now finished with one and a half teams now." Kyle said.

"Good for you, now get us out of this!" Weiss yelled.

"You can do that yourself." Kyle said.

"How!?" Weiss asked.

"Just walk around Blake until you get her loose, then she can untie you." Kyle said and walked off.

"Hey wait!" Weiss yelled as she struggled.

All that remains is Ruby and Yang. Kyle tried to think if that they will attack separate or together as sisters. Kyle walked the halls in search of his other teammates. He went down one hallway and Ruby jumped out in front of her friend.

"Da nuh na na~" Ruby sang.

"Ruby if you are trying to sneak attack me, you are failing." Kyle said.

"I am here to announce the main event!" Ruby said.

"What?" Kyle raised an eyebrow.

"I present to you the most beautiful woman in the entire world, Yang Xiao Long!" Ruby announced.

Yang came from around the corner. She was wearing nothing but a large white button up shirt that covered most of her body, she had it unbuttoned to show her cleavage. Yang put her hands behind her head and shook her body.

"Hey there, lover boy." Yang said seductively.

"Yang? Wh-what are you doing?" Kyle asked.

"I'm here to grant you your greatest desire." Yang said.

"Could you put some clothes on first?" Kyle asked.

Yang pouted, "But don't you love me?"

"Uhh…." Kyle froze.

Yang gave him a seductive smile, "I'll show you how much I love you." She pinched the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it up.

"Yang don't!" Kyle yelled.

Yang jerked her shirt up and Kyle shielded his eyes. Kyle's vision went dark and he stood still. He felt himself get tackled and fell down to the ground. He opened his eyes and saw Yang on top of him; she wore her yellow undershirt and her shorts.

"Gotcha!" Yang said, "And now for the finale."

Kyle rolled over and now sat on top of Yang. He pushed his rubber hidden blade in her side making her yelp.

"Gloat after you kill your target." Kyle said. He stood up and walked to the little red leader, "Ruby…"

Ruby started to back away, "You wouldn't hurt a cute, adorable, sweet girl like me would you?"

Kyle pushed his rubber blade into her stomach.

Ruby yelped, "Jerk!"

"And that's everyone." Kyle said.

Team JNPR, along with Weiss and Blake, came and met up with Kyle and the two sisters.

"You did good everyone. This is good practice for me and you." Kyle said.

Ruby jumped on Kyle's back and shouted to the rest of the group, "Get him!"

The team charged and tackled Kyle down to the ground, pinning him with all their weight.

"What was that for!?" Kyle asked.

"You drop your defenses when you say 'It's over'." Blake said.

"Got you again!" Yang said.

Kyle chuckled, "Alright, alright. You got me."

Ruby bopped Kyle on the nose, "Get off me!"

Everyone got up so Ruby could breathe again. They all decided to return to their dorm rooms and rest up. Team RWBY walked inside their room and Kyle sat down on his bed.

"Well, today was a good day." Kyle said.

The girls just stared at him.

"What?" Kyle asked.

"We got our prisoner girls, what shall we do with him?" Yang asked.

"Do you have any ideas?" Ruby asked.

Kyle looked at his teammates with a confused look.

"I say we torture him for three days." Blake said.

"I can handle that." Kyle said.

"Then I suggest we cut something off. A finger? A toe perhaps?" Weiss said.

"Weiss?" Kyle looked at her.

"I was going to suggest that we cut off his eggrolls." Blake said.

"Cut off my eggrolls!?" Kyle yelled.

"Eggrolls!" Ruby cheered.

"HELL NO!" Kyle yelled out and ran to the door.

Team RWBY ran after him, continuing their joke.

"Come on! It won't hurt!" Weiss yelled.

"Like I would buy that!" Kyle yelled.

"We were joking!" Yang yelled.

"I'm sleeping in a tree!" Kyle yelled.

"We will find you!" Blake taunted.

"The heck with you, woman!" Kyle yelled.

The only one who was watching the girls chase their friend was Professor Ozpin. He watched from his office as RWBY chased the hooded boy across the courtyard. Ozpin shook his head and smiled before sipping his coffee.

"If your grandfather saw this, he would be laughing his hood off." Ozpin chuckled.

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