Ghost of a Man

How Far is too Far?

I'm back guys. That wasn't a long wait, was it? (Sorry if it was to some people)

Trivia answer: The movie I refrenced in the last chapter was "Rush Hour 2" (the "eggrolls" bit at the end of the chapter)

One of the members of the Purists made his way across the busy streets of Vale. His mission was to make it to one of the many safe houses in the city to plot with his partners to make life miserable to all Faunus kind. The man kept feeling like he was being watched. He looked around and saw all kinds of people. He saw a blonde boy with a red headed girl looking through a window into a shop, a girl with white hair browsing one of the many jewelry stands, and an orange haired girl who was talking to a boy dressed in green. The Purists member turned around and saw a boy with dark brown hair, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans walking towards him. The man reached in his pocket and grabbed the knife he had. Before he could pull it out, two girls ran past him and went to the boy. The boy smiled and hugged the blonde girl and ruffled the hair of the dark haired girl. The Purists man sighed in relief and took his hand out. He went on his way. He continued walking when he heard footsteps running towards him. On instinct, he hid in the nearby alley.

"Come on, I'll race you!" a voice yelled.

The Purists man saw the blonde girl from before and ran past the alley he was hiding in, she didn't seem to notice him. He waited for more people to pass through, but no one else came. He peeked out of the alley and was grabbed by someone. The man saw who grabbed him, it was the man he and the rest of the Purists known as "The Ghost".

"Hey! Lay off!" the Purist said.

Kyle slammed him against the wall in the alley and extended his left hidden blade in front of his face.

"You know who I am and you know what I want. Where is your leader hiding?" Kyle interrogated.

"I ain't telling you spit!" the Purist said.

Kyle shook his head, "I thought you might say that."

He gave a sharp whistle. The Purist felt something tie around his ankle and suddenly he was shot up in the air, hanging by his foot. He was now hanging on the top of the building where Blake was holding Gambol Shrouds ribbon, keeping the man in the air.

"What do you know? Cats are good fishermen." Blake said. She had her bow off revealing her cat ears.

"You freak! Your time will come soon enough!" the man spat.

"You know, this is the first time that I have done this before. I just hope that I have a good grip." Blake let the ribbon slide a bit and let the man drop.

"Whoa! Okay, I'll talk! I'll talk!" the man screamed.

"Then where can I find your leader!?" Kyle yelled.

"He's holding a big meeting at the end of the month. He said it would be in an airfield on the city outskirts, Hangar 15. That's all I know, I swear!" the Purist yelled.

"Good boy." Blake said. She let the ribbon slide and the man fell to the ground.

He fell down fast, but stopped just before he hit the ground. There was a small jerk and he dropped to the ground unharmed. Blake jumped from the building and landed next to Kyle. Kyle had his arms crossed, looking at the man.

"He's not as dumb as he looks." Blake said.

The man stood up, "Yeah, I-I helped you right?"

"And he won't say a word about this." Blake said.

"It's true. I won't tell a soul." The man said.

Kyle unfolded his arms and walked up to the man, "No. You won't." Kyle shoved his hidden blade into the man's stomach and let him drop to the ground.

Blake looked at Kyle, shocked at what he did, "Was that really necessary?"

"Yes." Kyle said and walked off.

Blake looked back and forth between Kyle and the now dead Purist. She shook her head and tied her bow back on her head.

Kyle returned to his friends at the small shopping square with Blake following behind him. Everyone looked at him to hear what news he has gotten.

"Did you find out anything?" Pyrrha asked.

"We have a possible chance to strike at the end of the month." Kyle said.

"Where?" Weiss asked.

"At the air field in the outskirts of the city." Kyle said.

"I think I know which one you are talking about. It's all private hangars, so no one hardly goes in there." Weiss said.

Yang stood there listening to what Kyle had to say, but she saw that Blake looked a bit… off.

"You okay, Blake?" Yang asked.

"I'm just questioning our friends actions." Blake said.

"Huh?" Yang raised an eyebrow.

"We'll talk later, Blake." Kyle said.

"No, we will talk right now. Why did he have to die?" Blake asked.

"Who died?" Jaune asked.

"That member we have been chasing. We got the information out of him and then Kyle killed him." Blake said.

"You know his kind, Blake. He was responsible for many deaths of Faunus kind, and how many humans has that affected because of the White Fang?" Kyle said.

"What if I was White Fang? Would I be beyond redemption?" Blake asked.

"You are not White Fang." Kyle said.

"But what if I was, what would you do?" Blake asked.

Kyle glared from under his hood and said nothing.

"Your silence answers for you." Blake said.

"This conversation is over." Kyle said and turned to the rest of the group, "Let's split up and see if we can get any more information. Remember, if you feel that you are in danger then get out of there. I don't want any of you getting hurt for my sake."

Everyone nodded and went their separate ways. Blake grabbed Kyle's arm and spoke to him.

"We are not done talking yet." Blake said.

Kyle jerked his arm back, "I said that we were through."

The sun was going down now and Kyle had not found anything new. He continued watching from the rooftops, until he heard ringing from his Scroll, Yang was calling him.

"Hey Yang." Kyle answered.

"Kyle, I'm so scared right now. Ruby isn't answering my calls and I can't find her anywhere. Where could she have gone!?" Yang panicked.

"Yang, calm down. We will find her. Do you remember where she was headed in her search?" Kyle asked.

"Umm… I think she was headed to the market square. There is a bakery that she really likes, maybe she went over there." Yang said with sniffles.

"Okay, I'm on my way there. Everything will be alright, I'll find her." Kyle said.

"Just be careful. I don't want to lose you too." Yang said still sniffling.

"You are not losing anyone. I call you when I find Ruby." Kyle said and hung up.

He went down to street level and made his way towards the bakery that Yang talked about. Kyle walked through the door into the bakery and the smell of various sweets went into his nose. He saw why Ruby liked this place. He walked up to the baker at the register.

"Excuse me, sir? Did you happen to see a girl with a red cape come in?" Kyle asked.

"You mean that young lady that comes for my cookies? She hasn't come in today, strange really." The baker said.

"Are you absolutely sure?" Kyle asked.

"I'm… wait a minute. I did see her. She was with a small group of older men. I assumed that they were her uncles or older brothers." He said.

"Where did they go?" Kyle asked.

"They were headed west. I don't know why, because all that's there is an abandoned hotel. No one goes over there, because it is rumored to be one of those Purists meeting places." The baker said.

Kyle's eyes widened, "Thanks for telling me, I got to go now!"

Kyle ran out the door and continued running towards the west. It was night now and he reached the abandoned hotel building. Kyle snuck up the side of the building and looked inside one of the windows. He saw the dining room which had three men inside. One was by the window where Kyle was and the other two were in the middle of the room. Kyle finally saw Ruby; she was tied to a chair in the middle of the room.

"Start talking, girl! What were you doing asking around about us!?" one man said.

Ruby just shook her head.

The man groaned, "We are getting nowhere with this."

The man next to him spoke, "Maybe we should try being nice. Let's show her a good time and then she will talk."

Man number one made a disgusted look, "Seriously? She's like fifteen."

"Doesn't matter. Once she tells us what's going on, then she is good as dead, right?" the second man said.

Kyle's mind snapped and he burst through the window. He landed on the guy near the window and shoved his hidden blade into his neck.

"What the hell!?" the others turned around.

Kyle took Crescent Rose off the dead man and drew his sword. The interrogating man charged with a pipe in his hand. Kyle used his sword to knock the pipe out of his hand and then used another slash to cut the man's head off. Kyle jumped toward the second man and shoved his sword into his mouth; the other end of the blade was sticking out the other side of his skull. Kyle placed his finger on the trigger of the sword and fired the gun inside, blowing the man's head off. Ruby sat in the chair watching everything. Kyle went up to her to get her loose. He got a good look at the cuts and bruises that Ruby had.

"Don't worry, you're fine now." Kyle said and started to untie the ropes.

Ruby looked up and her eyes widened, "Behind you!"

Kyle extended Crescent Rose and tripped up the man behind him. Seeing that he was another Purists member by the red uniform; Kyle stuck the pole of the scythe into the ground and then grabbed the man and impaled him through the blade. Kyle pulled the man's head up and gave him an evil look.

"So your kind has stooped so low as to torture and rape little girls!?" Kyle yelled.

The man groaned as the life left his body.

Kyle took Crescent Rose and swung it around, slicing the man diagonally. Kyle breathed in and out as his anger continued to rise. He saw his reflection in the blade and was scared of that rage episode that just happened, and behind him was Ruby who was scared out of her mind. Kyle sighed and shook the blood off Crescent Rose before changing it back into its compacted form. He went back to Ruby and untied her from the chair and held her in a bridal carry.

"I'm taking you to a hospital. We'll get you patched up and head home." Kyle told her.

Ruby said nothing the entire trip. They went inside the nearest hospital and Kyle told the doctors what happened to Ruby. They took her into an examination room to bandage her up and check for additional injuries. As Kyle waited for them to finish with Ruby, he took his Scroll out and called Yang. Yang's face appeared on the screen.

"Kyle, what happened!? Is she okay!?" Yang panicked.

"We're okay. We are at the hospital now and…."

"HOSPITAL!? What are you doing in the hospital!?" Yang yelled.

"The Purists got to Ruby. She just got some cuts and bruises, but she will be fine."

"I'm on my way now, don't go anywhere." Yang said and hung up.

Kyle put his Scroll away and waited for Ruby. A few minutes have past and Ruby stepped out with the doctor.

"How is she?" Kyle asked.

"Nothing serious. Her wounds will heal with her aura." The doctor said.

"Thank you." Kyle said.

The doctor left and Ruby went up to Kyle.

"How do you feel?" Kyle asked.

Ruby held her cape in her arms, it was ripped and torn, "It's ruined." Ruby began to cry.

Kyle held Ruby's shoulders, "Hey, it will be okay. I know someone who can fix it up. I'll send it out tomorrow, okay?"

Ruby looked at him and nodded.

Kyle pulled out Crescent Rose, "And your weapon is fine."

Ruby took it and held it in her arms with her cape. Yang came in a few minutes later and looked for her sister. Ruby found her first and ran up to her.

"Yang!" Ruby jumped and hugged Yang.

"Ruby, I was so worried about you." Yang hugged her back, "Where's Kyle?"

Ruby pointed back to the chairs that they sat in. Kyle still sat in the chair. Yang let go of Ruby and walked up to her friend.

"Thank you so much for finding Ruby. I don't know what I would have done if I never saw her again." Yang said.

Kyle refused to make eye contact with her.

"Are you okay?" Yang asked.

Kyle stood up, "Let's just go home."

They went outside to the parking lot where Yang left her motorcycle.

"Okay, hop on you two." Yang said.

Kyle still refused to look at them, "I'll walk."

Yang growled and jerked Kyle back as he was leaving, "Sit your butt down on that bike!"

Kyle listened to her this time.

"I don't know what's wrong with you, but you are going to tell me when we get back to school. Ruby, sit in front of me." Yang said.

Ruby sat down on the bike and Yang started it up. The trip back to Beacon was long and quiet. When they did get back, Kyle still seemed reluctant to talk.

"Okay, what's the deal with you? You're acting like you don't have a friend in the world." Yang said.

Kyle got off the motorcycle, "Look after your sister."

Yang followed him, "Ugh! What is it Kyle? How are we going to help you with this if you are being so closed up?"

"You are not going to help me anymore." Kyle said.

"Huh?" Yang was confused.

"Yang, Ruby could have been killed because of my selfish pursuits. I will not have a death of a friend on my conscience." Kyle said.


"No! You, Ruby, and everyone else is off! I'm finishing this myself!" Kyle said.

Yang looked like she was about to cry.

Kyle sighed, "I don't hate you, Yang. I just care too much about you and the others." He turned and walked off.

"What has gotten into him?" Yang asked.

"I think he's scared." Ruby said.

"Scared? Scared of what?" Yang asked.

"Himself." Ruby said.

I thought of this chapter when I was taking that short break. I have another one planned and will be the next chapter. Sorry if this chapter seemed really heavy to you, it felt really deep as I typed it. Remember to send me suggestions through PMs if you like. Also tell me of some mistakes that I may of made, I might of lost some practice in those short days. See you in the next chapter. (Also this story now has over 50,000 words. Cowabunga!)

Trivia: Two games have been referenced in this chapter. Can you find them and tell which games?

(One of them I played on the PS one. The other one is on PS3, 360, and others.)

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