Ghost of a Man

Healing Begins

It was early in the morning when the team was woken up by the sound of Ruby screaming. Yang jumped out of her bed and quickly ran to her sister.

"Ruby, what's the matter?" Yang asked.

Ruby panted over and over, "It was a bad dream. It was so scary."

Yang held Ruby in a hug and gave light shushing sounds, "It's okay, Ruby. It's okay."

Kyle heard all of this from his bed. He pulled the curtains on his bed back and made his way to the door.

"Are you okay?" Yang asked him.

"No." Kyle said.

Yang saw something roll down his cheek, "Are you crying?"

Kyle pulled his hood up on his pajamas and walked out the door. Yang was stuck between two people that she cared for; she could only help one person at a time. Yang thought if she would stay with Ruby, or go to Kyle. Yang felt a hand on her shoulder and saw Blake smiling at her.

"I'll go talk to him, you stay with Ruby." Blake said.

"Thanks Blake." Yang said.

Blake walked out of the dorm and went to the rooftop. There she saw Kyle sitting down by the ledge looking off in the distance. Thanks to her Faunus hearing, she heard his breathing was irregular. She knew that he was very upset. Blake walked up to Kyle and sat down next to him.

"I know why you are here and I don't need you telling me 'I told you so'. Now go away." Kyle said.

"I'm not here to say that." Blake put her hand on his shoulder, "I'm here to say 'I want to help you'."

"Why?" Kyle asked.

"Because you helped me when I was down." Blake said, "And I am your friend."

"How can you help me? I screwed up and Ruby almost paid the price for it." Kyle sighed, "I just do this by myself. No one would miss me if I died."

Blake slapped Kyle on the cheek, "You know that's not true!"

Kyle looked at her.

"I would miss you, the others would miss you, and you know Yang would be devastated if you died! You told Velvet once that her life had a purpose; well your life has a purpose too! You are not going to throw it away in some suicide mission; Yang wouldn't allow that and neither will I!" Blake said.

"What do you want me to do!? You seen how angry I can get and I don't want my friends to get caught in the cross-fire!" Kyle yelled.

Blake slapped him again, "Breathe."

Kyle glared at her.

"Breathe." Blake repeated.

Kyle breathed, but it was easy to tell that he was angry.

"Deep breaths." Blake said.

Kyle listened to her and took deep breaths. He slowly calmed down.

"There. That's better now." Blake said, "I'm going to help you keep a clear mind for when you work."

"A clear mind?" Kyle asked.

"Yes. I know that you are capable of doing it. I saw it happen when we had that training exercise where we were fighting a large group. It looked like that even if everything doesn't go as planned, you made it work. It also looked like you had no emotions so you were able to fully concentrate." Blake said.

"Now that you mention it, I did feel focused." Kyle said.

"I think it was because that you knew it was a training exercise, or because you were after someone who doesn't bring out great emotion. Either way I'm going to help you attain that focus so you can use it to your advantage." Blake said.

"How?" Kyle asked.

"I will teach you how to meditate and after that we will just talk." Blake said.

"Talk?" Kyle raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, I want to tell some things that may help. You might not agree with them at first, but I know it will make you a better person." Blake said.

As they were talking, Yang went through the door and walked out on the rooftop. Blake saw her out of the corner of her eye and stopped.

"But first, I want you to talk to her." Blake nodded towards Yang.

Kyle looked and saw Yang standing in the middle of the rooftop. Blake sat up and walked up to her, she put her hand on Yang's shoulder.

"I think he will be fine. Now you can do what you do best." Blake smiled and left.

Kyle stood up and walked up to Yang. They stood there in silence as they thought of what to say to each other. Kyle was the first to speak.

"Yang, I'm so sorry for what happened to Ruby." Kyle said.

Yang shook her head, "It's not your fault."

"Yes it is. She got hurt because of me, I can't let go of my past and she got hurt." Kyle sighed, "I'm a terrible friend, and I wouldn't blame you if you don't want to be with me anymore."

"Kyle…" Yang looked at him.

"I'm too focused on myself instead of my friends. I had one chance of finding love and I screwed it up. I'm sorry that…"

Yang grabbed Kyle by his shirt collar and looked at him straight in the eye. Her eyes were red.

"Shut up!" Yang yelled. She held him close with her hug, "I will not stand here and listen to you talk yourself down. You are a good man, everyone knows that and I wouldn't want to be with anyone else!"


"Ruby sees you as the older brother she never had and I'm glad to have met you. There is nothing you can say or do that will make me change the way I feel about you." Yang said.

Kyle broke down in tears, "Why? How can you forgive someone like me?"

Yang held him tighter, "It's easy with a loveable person like you."

Kyle continued crying as Yang held on to him. She gently sat down on the ground and rested his head on her chest. Yang pulled the hood back and started to stroke Kyle's hair. She started to hum the song "Gold" to help her friend relax more. When she finished she stopped messing with his hair and rested her head on his. Kyle had calmed down by now and Yang had an idea.

"You know what? I'm going to do something that will really make you happy." Yang said.

"What's that?" Kyle asked.

"You and I are going to have our first date." Yang said.

"Really?" Kyle asked with a smile.

"Yeah, we will have dinner, go dancing. You know, the normal romantic date." Yang said.

"I don't have any fancy clothes." Kyle said.

"Me neither. The guys will split up and we will look for our clothes." Yang said.

"Thank you, Yang." Kyle said.

"You're welcome." Yang smiled.

"I mean it, thank you. You still want to be with me despite how I am and…"

Yang placed her finger on his lips, "Shh… Stop talking now. I rather have our first kiss until after our date."

Kyle smiled, "Sure."

Meanwhile with Ruby

Weiss was the one who told Yang that she would look after Ruby. When Yang left to go see Kyle, Weiss went to her team leader.

"Come sit next to me, Ruby." Weiss said.

Ruby jumped out of her bed and sat down next to Weiss on her bed.

"It was that bad, huh?" Weiss asked.

Ruby nodded.

"I went through something similar once when I was young." Weiss said.

Ruby looked at her and gave Weiss her attention.

"There was one time when a close friend of my family's was kidnapped. When the police found him, he was already killed. After that I had nightmares about me being kidnapped and dying. One night I woke up screaming and my mother come for me. She taught me a little trick that would help with the nightmares. Do you want try it?" Weiss said.

"Um… Okay." Ruby said.

Weiss nodded and got a book, some paper, and a pencil to give to Ruby.

"Write down what happened in your dream." Weiss said.

"Are you sure?" Ruby asked.

Weiss nodded, "I'll be with you the whole time."

Ruby nodded and started writing. She was back in that chair with the men yelling at her. Each time they hit her felt like it shattered her bones and with each cut she saw more blood than there should be. When Kyle jumped in he didn't seem like himself, he acted like an animal or a monster. He held Crescent Rose and slaughtered the men in front of Ruby. Her beloved scythe was drenched in blood. When Kyle looked at her she saw nothing of his face, not even his lower head which was always visible. Ruby stopped.

"Finished?" Weiss asked.

"Do I have to do this? It gets really scary toward the end." Ruby said.

"Write it down." Weiss said.

Ruby continued writing. Blake walked back in the dorm room after she went outside. She saw Ruby writing.

"What is this?" Blake asked.

"Ruby is writing down her nightmare. I'm going to teach her something that might help with her dreams." Weiss said.

"Will it work?" Blake asked.

"Maybe." Weiss said.

Ruby continued writing for a few minutes more and laid her pencil down.

"Done." Ruby said.

Weiss looked at the paper and saw how Ruby's dream finished. After Kyle finished with the men, Ruby's other friends appeared. Kyle continued swinging Crescent Rose, killing everyone. Jaune, Pyrrha, Ren, Nora, Weiss, Blake, and even Yang were killed. Ruby started crying as she remembered everything. The dream ended with Kyle looking at her and walking towards her with Crescent Rose in hand.

"That's everything?" Weiss asked.

"I woke up screaming by then." Ruby said.

Weiss nodded.

"What do I do now?" Ruby asked.

"Destroy it." Weiss said.

"Huh?" Ruby raised an eyebrow.

"Crumple it up, tear it to pieces, do whatever you want to it." Weiss said.

Ruby looked at the paper for a while. Tears started to roll down her face and she started ripping the paper to shreds. She threw the pieces on the ground and stomped on them. Ruby covered her eyes and continued crying. Weiss went up and hugged her.

"How do you feel now?" Weiss asked.

Ruby sniffed, "A little bit better."

"Good." Weiss said.

"I know he is hurt too. It is my job as leader to help out my fellow teammate." Ruby said.

"Very good." Weiss said.

"We can make this a team effort." Blake said.

"Thanks for the help, Weiss." Ruby hugged her partner.

A few minutes later, Yang came back with Kyle. She had her arm around his shoulders while he gently held her waist.

"How's Ruby doing now?" Yang asked.

"A lot better." Weiss asked.

Ruby walked up to her sister, "Weiss really helped me out. And I got something to say real quick." She looked at Kyle, "I know that you are worried about us and it is affecting you, but I promise to help out in any way to make you feel better."

Kyle smiled, "Thank you, Ruby. And I will try my best to be the big brother you need."

Ruby's face turned red, "You told him?"

"Sure did!" Yang said.

Ruby turned even redder and hanged her head down in embarrassment. Yang used her free hand to hug her sister.

"Come on, it's cute!" Yang said. She dragged both Ruby and Kyle to Kyle's bed and jumped in the bed with them, "Let's finish sleeping."

Ruby struggled in Yang's tight hug, "Yang, you're embarrassing me!"

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about." Yang said, "Now let's go to sleep."

The other girls nodded and went to their own beds. Everyone got settled in.

"Oh, one more thing. You guys are volunteered to help Kyle with something this week." Yang said.

"More training. Okay." Blake yawned.

"No… Kyle and I are going on a date." Yang said.

"Oh." Blake said.

Five seconds have passed.

"WHAT!?" the girls screamed.

Another chapter finished everyone. Just to give everyone a heads up, I'm close to finishing the first arc. When I'm done with that I want to start up another story to work on. I might put a poll up on my profile page so you can vote on what I do next. It should be up sometime soon. Take a look if you are interested. Again, send PMs for ideas or if you just wish to chat, I can do both. Review, follow, and favorite if you like. See you next time.

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