Ghost of a Man

To Beacon

Kyle woke up the next morning and headed towards the port where the dust plane was waiting for him to take him to Beacon. He stood in front of the passenger door for a while and took a deep breath.

"Well, here I go." He said.

He stepped on the plane and heard the sound of someone running towards his direction. Kyle turned and saw that a group of eight people making a mad dash toward the plane he was on and if he didn't move he was going to get knocked down.

"Aw, crap!" Kyle exclaimed as he climbed above the doorway.

The group ran inside the plane and began to breathe heavily. Kyle, still hanging above the doorway, turned around and looked at the group. He saw that they were all teenagers about his age, except one girl looked younger than the rest. He listened in on their conversation.

"Whew! Made it." The girl with black/red hair said.

"We wouldn't have to run if Yang didn't oversleep." The girl dressed in white said.

"Every girl is entitled to their beauty sleep, Weiss." The girl with long blonde hair said.

"We were lucky that this dust plane here! Do you know how much trouble we would be in if the pilot left us here?" Weiss asked angrily.

"The pilot isn't here." The girl with a black bow said.

"What?" Weiss asked with her usual angry look.

The group looked inside the cockpit of the plane and saw that it was empty.

"Hehehe. I guess everyone is having their 'Off Day' today." The boy with short blonde hair said.

"Unbelievable! We are still going to be late for class, because of one pilot's tardiness!" Weiss exclaimed.

At this point a girl with orange hair and light blue eyes looked away and noticed Kyle above the doorway. She had a playful smile and started hopping around acting like a monkey.

"Ooo ooo ooo ahh ahh!" she gave her monkey impression.

Everyone looked at her direction raised their eyebrows in confusion. A girl with red hair spoke up.

"Uhh… Nora. Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yep! I just realized that it's 'Monkey Day'!" Nora said.

"Monkey Day?" a boy dressed in green asked.

"Yeah, see?" she pointed above the doorway.

The rest of the group looked up and saw Kyle hanging above them.

"Sorry, I saw all of you running here and getting trampled was not on my 'To do' list today." Kyle said.

"Oh goodness, I'm so sorry that we didn't see you." The red haired girl said.

"It's okay." Kyle said and jumped down.

Weiss walked up to him and placed her hand on her hips and asked, "How long have you been here?"

"Long enough to know that it has been a bad morning for you." Kyle said.

Weiss looked him over as if she was trying to find something. Kyle never took his eyes off her and the rest of the group. The first thing that he learned from his grandfather is that you must always be alert to everything.

"I don't recognize you from anywhere. What are you doing here?" Weiss interrogated Kyle.

"I on my way to Beacon, I'm a new student there." He said.

"The school year already started, how did you get in?" the girl with the black bow asked.

Kyle shrugged his shoulders, "Grandfather always told me that Ozpin was a strange man."

Everyone stood in an awkward silence, until the blonde girl spoke.

"So what's your name, guy?" she asked.

"I'm Kyle." He said.

"Cool, I'm Yang." She said.

"I'm Ruby." The girl next to Yang said.

"Weiss Schnee." The girl next to Kyle said.

"Blake." The girl with the bow said.

"I'm Jaune Arc." The short haired blonde boy said.

"My name is Pyrrha." The girl with red hair said.

"NORA!" she jumped and yelled at the same time.

The boy in green placed his hand on Nora's shoulder to calm her down, "Lie Ren, call me Ren."

Kyle smiled and said, "A pleasure to meet you all."

When everyone finished introducing themselves a man that looked a lot like a surfer walked onto the plane.

"Sorry I'm late, dude. I need a new battery for my watch." he talked with a surfer accent.

"Don't you hate when things like…" he stopped when he noticed everyone onboard the plane.

"Whoa! I was told I was flying one guy, not like a whole group." That sentence told everyone he was the pilot.

"You're the pilot?" Weiss asked.

"Yeah." He said.

"What do you mean 'One guy'?" Yang asked.

"He means me." Kyle told them.

The pilot looked at Kyle, like most people he recognized the white hood that Kyle always wore.

"Whoa! You, you're the ghost dude!" the pilot got excited quickly. He walked up to Kyle and shook his hand.

"Man I am so glad to meet you; you saved my best bud from robbers!" the pilot said.

"I'm afraid you have to be more specific." Kyle said.

"Oh right, you must of helped a lot of people. My buddy owns that souvenir shop on the beach; some guys robbed the dust store across the street from him and ran into his store." He explained.

"Wait, did he give me this?" Kyle pulled out a necklace that had a metal pendant that was shaped like a spider.

"No way, you kept it! Wow I just lost 50 lien. I told him you would never keep something like that." The pilot said.

"I really like the look of the spider." Kyle said.

Everyone heard Weiss clear her throat, "Could we please get a move on? We are running late."

"Right, could you take us to Beacon now?" Kyle asked the pilot.

"Anything for you, bro. I'll get you there in no time." The pilot went inside the cockpit and started the dust plane.

Everyone took their seats as the plane left port head to Beacon. Everyone held conversations with each other until Ruby decided to find out more about this new student, mainly his weapons.

"So, what weapons do you have Kyle?" Ruby asked with sparkles in her eyes.

Kyle reached to his side and pulled out a flintlock pistol, "Well, I have this. I use my aura to make the bullets inside, so as long as I keep my aura up I can shoot."

He placed the pistol in his holster and stood up as he pulled out two cutlasses, "These swords use to belong to my grandfather, they have triggers in the hilt for firing .45 bullets. Of course I can still use them for close combat."

He put the swords on his side and extended his arm, "This is my favorite weapon." He flicked his wrist and a blade shot out. Ruby almost drooled as she looked at the well hidden blade.

"This is the perfect concealed offensive weapon that my grandfather designed and I added some new features to it." He pressed a button that opened four slots on the side of his arm. "Here I can put four small caliber bullets in case I need to shoot something immediately." He pressed the button again to close the four slots and allowed the blade to retract under his wrist.

"Wow, you're just about ready for anything aren't you?" Yang gave him a seductive look.

"It pays to be prepared." Kyle calmly stated.

"May I ask you something?" Pyrrha asked.

"Sure." Kyle said.

"Why did the pilot call you a ghost?" Pyrrha asked him.

Kyle took a deep breath before answering, "Most people remember my grandfather and the work that he has done, since I do the same thing and wear a hood like his some people think I'm his ghost."

"Who was your grandfather?" Blake asked this time.

"He was…" Kyle started, but was interrupted by the pilot.

"Hey dudes, we're here. Welcome to Beacon, ghost dude." Said the pilot

"I'll tell you about my grandfather later, I promise." He told RWBY and JNPR as he stepped out of the plane and on the grounds of the academy.

The grounds were bigger than expected, covered with green grass and trees for relaxing under the shade. Kyle continued walking until he stopped in front a statue of two hunters standing above a Beowulf. He stared at the statue as he thought to himself.

'Many hunters and huntresses were considered heroes as they made their mark in history. Would my grandparents be remembered as heroes for all their work?'

He continued to stare at the statue.

'Would I even be considered a hero?'

"Mister Everett?" A woman spoke and brought Kyle out of his daze.

He turned around and saw a woman with blonde hair green eyes and glasses. She looked like an office secretary with a purple cape.

"Yes ma'am." Kyle answered her.

"I'm Glynda Goodwitch, school instructor and assistant to Professor Ozpin."

"Pleasure, to meet you ma'am." Kyle said.

"The professor is expecting you, please follow me." She walked through the front door and Kyle followed.

Ms. Goodwitch led Kyle into a big office that was mainly green. The office contained the usual office décor such as bookshelves filled with books, a few chairs, a desk, and a coffee machine that was next to a giant window that showed a view of Vale. Goodwitch motioned towards the chair in front of the desk, Kyle sat down.

"Ozpin said to read the three files on his desk until he arrives, I shall let him know of your arrival." Goodwitch walked through the door and left Kyle alone in the office.

He looked at the three files that lay on the desk; he picked one and began reading it. Kyle saw that the files were records on the teams at Beacon.

'I guess he wants me to join a team.' Kyle thought.

He read through the file that was in his hand now, it was the file on Team CRDL.

'Apparently this team is nothing but a bunch of brutes. It also says that this team has been in trouble for bullying other students; especially Faunus students' Kyle closed the file.

"Someone needs to step up and put these scum in their place, and if no one will do it then I will." He threw the file back on the desk and picked up another one.

'Hm. Team JNPR led by Jaune Arc. It says that Jaune has very poor combat capabilities yet he has a very tactical mind to make up for it. Yet his combat has been improving since he has been spending time with his partner, Pyrrha Nikos. I guess Pyrrha decided to tutor their young leader. Ren and Nora seem to complement each other well, with Ren being a fast fighter and Nora being a powerhouse with her hammer.' Kyle smiled.

"With togetherness like that, this team will go far." He placed the file on the desk and pulled out the last one.

'Team RWBY, led by Ruby Rose. Ruby is only fifteen and she's enrolled here, that speaks volumes of her skill yet this team is full of unlikely partners. A young girl is the leader while her partner, a stuck up heiress, thinks she could do better. Then we have a quiet girl, with the abilities of a ninja, with barely any information on her. Finally a bright party girl, who is Ruby's older sister, that is also a walking bombshell; in more ways than one.'

"Something tells me that underestimating this team would be quite dangerous." Kyle closed the file when he heard the door open.

Ozpin walked up to his desk with a coffee cup in his hand. He sat down in his chair and smiled.

"I see that you have read the files I have left out." Ozpin said.

"I have and I know what you are going to ask." Kyle set the file back on the desk.

"I'm not joining a team." Kyle stated.

"Hm." Ozpin took a sip from his mug.

"I mean no disrespect, sir. I prefer to work alone, so there will be fewer casualties." Kyle explained.

"I see, but working with a team will prevent even more casualties than working alone." Ozpin said.

Kyle groaned knowing that Ozpin was right.

"Besides, school rules state that each person must belong in a team. You are no exception." Ozpin said.

Kyle groaned again as he rested his cheek on his fist. He suddenly had an idea.

"I have a suggestion." Kyle said.

"I'm listening." Ozpin said.

Kyle pointed to the files on the desk, "Have these teams fight me, if I win I work alone and work with whoever I choose, and if one of these teams beat me then I will join with no questions asked."

"Plan on showing off so soon?" Ozpin asked with a smirk.

"Do we have deal or what?" Kyle asked slightly annoyed.

Ozpin flipped a switch on his desk and a small beep was heard, "Students, please report to the arena as soon as class is over. Thank you." He flipped the switch again.

"Satisfied?" Ozpin asked with a smile.

Kyle turned around and began to walk, "Let's get this over with."

Hello to those that read my story, I hope I am doing a good job so far. Please review so I know if you like it or where I can make improvements. (I'm still new.)

Also PM me if you have helpful writing tips or ideas for the story. I don't when the next chapter will be out, but I will try to get it out ASAP. Could be tomorrow or ten thousand years for now. (Just kidding)

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