Ghost of a Man

First Date pt2

Trivia answer to "How Far is to Far?": The two games referenced were "Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro" (Interrogation) and "Darksiders 2" (Scythe execution)

As of typing this, the polls say that the AC crossover is in first place.

Kyle stepped out of the bathroom dressed in his new attire for his date. Weiss looked at him unimpressed.

"What the heck is that?" Weiss asked.

"This outfit is called 'The Armor of Altair'. Great choice, Blake." Kyle said.

"Thanks. I think it suits you very well." Blake said.

"I don't believe this." Weiss said.

"Believe it, sister." Kyle said.

"I'll go see if Yang is ready." Jaune said.

Jaune went across the hall and knocked on the door to Team RWBY's dorm. He waited a few seconds and Ruby answered the door.

"Hey, Jaune." Ruby said.

"Hey. Kyle is all set; we are waiting on Yang now." Jaune said.

"Okay, she will be out in a second." Ruby said.

Jaune nodded and went back to his dorm room.

"Get ready, dude. It's show time!" Jaune said.

"Alright." Kyle said and put the hood on.

Weiss just looked at him as he put the hood on.

"Get that scowl off your face." Kyle said.

Weiss rolled her eyes.

Kyle walked up to the door and Jaune stopped him. Jaune looked across the hall and saw Ruby poking her head out of the doorway. She nodded and waved in her room. Jaune started to wave at Kyle to come out. Kyle and Yang stepped out in the hall at the same time and got a good look at each other.

Yang whistled, "Wow! You sure look fancy."

"And you're…"

Yang wore a strapless golden dress that stopped at her ankles. Part of the dress was open that showed off her right leg. She wore matching golden heels and an anklet on her right ankle.

"You're absolutely beautiful." Kyle finished.

Yang blushed, "I don't usually wear dresses, but thank you for the compliment."

"At least you will get his mind off that mission of his." Weiss said.

"What mission?" Velvet asked.

"Kyle plans to take out the Purists with our help." Blake said.

"Oh." Velvet said. It looked like she was planning something.

"Weiss is right for once." Kyle said.

"Once!?" Weiss sounded offended.

"I'm really looking forward to our night together." Kyle said.

"Well, let's get started." Yang said and held out her arm.

Kyle took it and hooked it with his own. They started walking away.

"Have fun you two!" Ruby said.

"See you in the morning, Ruby!" Yang said.

"Morning?" Ruby raised an eyebrow.

"You know… hotels." Yang said.

Kyle looked at her.

"I'm kidding!" Yang said.

The two took a transport into Vale. On their way there, they tried to decide what type of restaurant to eat at.

"How about a Mexican restaurant?" Yang suggested.

"Let's save that for a group outing. You know what Mexican food does to people." Kyle said.

"Oh, whoops. Hmm…. French restaurant?" Yang asked.

"Not a fan of French food really." Kyle said.

"Italian?" Yang asked.

Kyle looked at her, "Is that because of the way I talk?"

"Well, we're running out of ideas." Yang said.

Kyle chuckled, "Okay, we will do Italian."

"Good." Yang said and hugged him.

They arrived in Vale and walked to the nearest restaurant. It wasn't a long walk, but they did walk a good distance. They walked inside the restaurant and waited to be seated by the hostess. The restaurant had different people who were dressed up and dressed casually. The two young hunters were seated at a booth and they read through the menu. Yang looked up from her menu.

"Hey, why don't we try some wine?" Yang asked.

"We are underage, Yang." Kyle said.

"They don't know that." Yang said.

"They will ask for an ID." Kyle said.

"Not if they see these." Yang pushed up on her breast.

Kyle just looked at her.

Yang huffed, "Fine, party pooper."

The waiter had come and took their drink orders. Kyle ordered sweet tea and Yang had a lemonade. They continued looking through the menu until the waiter came back for their order. They both ordered a salad for an appetizer, Yang ordered a steak and angel hair pasta and Kyle ordered a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. When their food came they ate and chatted about different subjects.

"I remember when Ruby and I were kids. We used to love playing 'Doctor'. Ruby made a cute little nurse hat and wore it while I played the doctor." Yang said.

"What situations did you play?" Kyle asked.

"You know; a broken arm, brain surgery, sniffles, anything you can think of." Yang said.

Kyle sat and thought of something to tell her. He thought of something funny, yet painful, "I heard a guy got his nipple bitten off by a beaver."

Yang almost choked on her drink, "What!?"

"A guy got his nipple bitten off by a beaver." Kyle repeated.

"How. The hell. Did that happen?" Yang asked.

"Well, I helped this family once and they insisted on me having dinner with them. They told this story where the lady's brother and a friend of his hit a beaver with his car. The two got out and checked on the animal, the brother picked it up by the tail and said 'It ain't cut up or bloody or nothing!', and then the beaver woke up and bit his nipple off." Kyle told the story.

"The doctors must have busted out laughing." Yang said.

"It was in a newspaper. They showed me that if made the front page." Kyle said.

"What!?" Yang was shocked.

"They said it was the only time the newspaper had the words 'Beaver' and 'Nipple' and no one was offend." Kyle said.

"Ruby and I have to be doctors one more time just for that. I want to see her reaction." Yang said.

The night continued with more talking and with them stealing food from each other's plate. When they finished Kyle insisted on paying for both of their meals. They left the restaurant and walked back to the port and waited for the next dust plane to Beacon.

"I'd say that tonight was a good night." Yang said.

"I love being with you. You really make feel like a new man." Kyle said.

Yang put her arms behind Kyle's neck, "I enjoy being with you too."

Kyle put his arms around Yang, "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Yes." Yang said.

She closed her eyes and pressed her lips together, waiting for a kiss. Kyle leaned in for his first kiss with Yang. He was a few inches away from her lips, until he heard someone clearing their throat. They looked and saw a young man around their age with a shaved head and dark skin. He wore a black suit with silver lines going across the entire body. He was carrying a silver suitcase as well. Yang prepared herself in case this stranger was here to fight, but Kyle put a hand on her shoulder and smiled at her.

"Brian, I thought you were working." Kyle said to the man.

"I am, but I finished that little side job of yours." He held up a red cloak.

"That's Ruby's cloak." Yang said.

"That was quick." Kyle said.

"You said it belonged to someone special, so I made it top priority." Brian said.

Kyle went up to him and took the cloak, "Thanks for this. How much do I owe you?"

Brian held up his hand, "No need, consider it a favor for a friend." He looked at Yang, "And who is this?"

Kyle went up to her and put his arm around her waist, "This is Yang Xiao Long, my girlfriend. Yang, this is my friend Brian."

"Hello." Yang said.

Brian smiled, "It's a pleasure to meet someone who broke through the hard shell that Kyle has." He looked back at Kyle, "How is your mission going?"

"It will come to an end soon, thanks to Yang and my friends." Kyle said.

"You enlisted help?" Brian asked.

Kyle nodded.

Brian smiled, "It seems that you mean more to him than I thought if he is letting you help." He said to Yang.

"We are all friends; we will do anything for each other." Yang said.

"You are a special woman, Yang Xiao Long." Brian said. He then bowed and threw his suitcase over his shoulder, "It has been a pleasure seeing you again, but I must leave now."

"Hope to see you soon." Kyle said.

"Safety and peace be upon you." Brian said and disappeared with a lightning strike.

"Safety and peace to you as well my friend." Kyle said.

The dust plane showed up and the two entered to return to Beacon. They took their seats and held each other close.

"How do you know that guy?" Yang asked.

"I met Brian sometime after I first started. He was following a war monger that fled from Atlas and we crossed paths because I found out that the same guy was kidnapping Faunus for slave labor. We teamed up and took him out. Since then we have been friends." Kyle said.

"Is he a good guy?" Yang asked.

"He can be quiet at times, but he is a very good friend. He fixed Ruby's cloak didn't he?" Kyle said.

"Yeah, he did." Yang said, "What was with the lightning bit?"

"That's his semblance. It's like Ruby's, but he has lightning instead of rose petals."

"Any other friends that we don't know about?" Yang said.

"There is Jonathan, but he is currently helping Brian out at Atlas." Kyle said.

"Do we get to meet him?" Yang asked.

"Maybe, but I am warning you now. He is quite the character." Kyle said.

They finally returned to Beacon and walked back to their dorm room. Kyle unlocked the door with his Scroll and walked in with Yang. They both checked on Ruby, who was sound asleep. Kyle took her cloak and covered her with it. Yang hugged him from behind and took him to his bed.

"Shouldn't we get changed first?" Kyle asked.

"Let's do that in the morning, I'm tired." Yang said.

She laid down on the bed and jerked Kyle into the bed with her. She wrapped her arms around Kyle and smiled. Kyle couldn't help but smile back.

'I wasn't lying. I do feel like a different person with Yang around me. I don't want this to end, ever.' Kyle thought and held Yang tighter.

'I love you, Yang Xiao Long.'

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