Ghost of a Man

Time to Strike

Trivia Answer: Someone said that there were actually two references in the last chapter. The first one where Kyle and Blake were talking was a reference to Altair and Al Mualim talking in "AC: Revelations". The second was where Cardin ran away from Kyle is a reference to Duccio running away from Ezio in the same game.

There was a small break from classes and Kyle decided to return to the dorm room. When he got there, he heard the sound of someone crying from the other side. He opened the door and walked in to see Yang sitting on Kyle's bed with her hands covering her eyes. Kyle sat down next to her and rubbed her shoulder.

"What's wrong?" Kyle asked.

Yang looked at him, "Oh, I didn't hear you come in. It's just a dream that I have been dealing with lately."

"What dream?" Ruby asked as she walked in.

"Nothing. Like I said, it's just a dream." Yang said.

"I doesn't sound like nothing if you were crying like that." Kyle said, "Tell me about it."

Yang looked down, "Well, it was about that mission of yours. We were all fine and we finished it, but…. But…." Yang hugged Kyle and started crying again, "You died!"

Kyle rubbed her back as she sobbed in his chest. Ruby sat down next to Yang and hugged her from behind.

"Hey, we are going to be fine." Ruby said.

Yang continued sobbing.

"Yang, look at me." Kyle said.

Yang held him tighter and cried.

"Look at me." Kyle repeated.

Yang looked up from his chest with tears in her eyes.

Kyle took off his hood, "I'm not going to die, alright? I got you watching me and I have Ruby watching me."

"We will watch each other so that doesn't happen." Ruby said.

Yang rested her head on Kyle's shoulder, "I don't want you to die."

Kyle and Ruby stayed with her for love and support. Kyle knew that there is always a chance that he might die in this assassination, but for the sake of his friends he cannot.

That evening, RWBY and JNPR stood on top of the building with Kyle as they mentally prepared themselves for what they were about to do.

"Kyle, I have a question." Ruby said.

Kyle looked at her.

"Well…. We have been trained to fight and kill Grimm, but people…." Ruby trailed.

"I'm not asking any of you to kill anyone." Kyle said.

Ruby sighed in relief.

"Knock them out, tie them up, trap them in a stack of tires if you can, but the only person that has to die is their leader, Dustin Chase." Kyle said.

"He's the one who killed your family, right?" Pyrrha asked.

"It is a crime that he has yet to pay for. And I will see to it that he will pay." Kyle said.

"Just remember what we talked about, okay?" Blake said.

Kyle nodded, "I will. Thank you, Blake."

Everyone looked at Yang, who looked like she was spacing out.

"Are you okay, Yang?" Kyle asked.

She looked at him and then wrapped her arms around him. Kyle gently held her knowing that her mind is troubled.

"So, you are finally ready?" someone asked from behind.

Everyone turned and saw Professor Ozpin standing in the middle of the rooftop.

Kyle nodded, "Thanks to my friends I have found an opportunity and I'm going to take it."

"Do you know what you are getting into?" Ozpin asked the two teams.

"Yes sir." Ruby said.

"We do as well." Jaune said.

"Hmm…" Ozpin thought, "Kyle, do you know of the consequences if you fail?"

"All too well." Kyle said.

"And if anyone gets hurt or killed in the process, their families will place the blame on you." Ozpin said.

"Professor?" Ruby looked at him.

"The public will see you as a selfish man who puts his friends in danger." Ozpin continued.

"Professor, please stop!" Ruby said.

"If you use your friends as tools, then you are no better than the man you are after." Ozpin said.

Ruby growled as she got angry. Kyle put his hand on her shoulder to calm her down. He let go of Yang and walked up to Ozpin; Kyle looked at him dead in the eye.

"I expect an apology upon our return." Kyle said and left the rooftop.

The two teams followed him to start their joined mission. Ozpin looked down and sighed.

"Good luck, students. You will need it." Ozpin said.

On the outskirts of Vale was the private airfield where the Purists held their meeting for the night. Two men stood outside the gates watching for any intruders. Seeing as no one would come to the airfield at night, the two guards were bored.

"Hey." One guard said.

"Yeah?" the second guard said.

"You ever wonder why we're here?" Guard one asked.

"…. Shut up, man." Guard two said.

In a split second, the two guards were knocked out with rose petals floating around them. Ruby stood in front of the two unconscious guards.

"Wohoo! I did it!" Ruby said.

"Good job, little sis!" Yang said and went to open the gate.

Yang opened the gate and let everyone else inside the airfield. Kyle stood in front of them and gave them instructions.

"Scout around the field for sentries. Once the area is clear, we move to hangar 15." Kyle said.

Everyone nodded and split up.

Two sentries were patrolling the north end of the airfield. One of them was tackled by something and the other looked to see what happened. Ren had pounced on one guy and striked a pressure point on his neck, knocking the guy out. The second was about to raise his gun, but was tripped up by Blake using Gambol Shroud's ribbon to pull his legs out from underneath him. Ren went up to the second sentry and struck the pressure point in his neck. The two hunters looked at each other and nodded.

Two more sentries were at the east end of the airfield. They patrolled their route when they saw Yang waving at them.

"Yoo-hoo! Excuse me?" Yang called to them.

They looked at each other before looking back at Yang.

"My car broke down some ways from here. Could you follow me and help me out?" Yang said and walked away.

"How did she get in here?" Sentry one asked.

"Don't know, don't care, let's get after her." Sentry two said.

They ran towards Yang's direction and were pummeled by the time they turned the corner. Nora and Yang stood on top of the unconscious men.

"Yay! Sneak attack!" Nora yelled.

"Good job, girl." Yang said.

The two girls high-fived each other.

The south end had a guard in a tower. He was most likely armed. Jaune and Pyrrha watched at the guard as he walked in the tower.

"What do we do?" Jaune asked.

"I could try this." Pyrrha said.

Pyrrha threw her shield and used her polarity semblance to guide it to the guard and whack him in the head. She guided the shield back to her and put it back on her arm.

"Well, that was easy." Jaune said.

The west end, near the entrance, were three guards patrolling the area. The guards stopped jerked around as if they were stuck. They looked down and saw that glyphs were blow their feet. Ruby used her semblance to charge towards the guards and attacked them with the blunt side of Crescent Rose. All three guards fell down to the ground and were silent.

"Thanks, Weiss." Ruby said.

Weiss stood up from behind some boxes, "Not a problem."

The teams met outside the hangar and hid themselves in the shadows. They saw a group of Purists members in the middle of the empty hangar as one of them was talking on a small stage.

"That must be their leader." Ruby whispered.

"Where's Kyle? Shouldn't he be here? Weiss whispered.

They looked at the back windows behind the leader and saw Kyle's shadow outside. He gave his friends a thumbs up as a signal to strike. Weiss made two glyphs and launched both Nora and Yang into the air. The two came down and crashed right in the middle of the group of Purists, knocking everyone out.

"What the hell is this!?" The Purists leader, Dustin Chase, yelled.

Yang stood up, "The people who are going to kick your ass!"

The rest of the team stepped out of the shadows and revealed themselves.

"You're nothing but a bunch of kids." Chase said, "You couldn't have possibly done all of this by yourselves. Who set you up?"

The windows behind him shattered as Kyle jumped through with his hidden blade extended. Kyle was falling towards Chase for the assassination, but Chase grabbed his arm and threw him to the floor with RWBY and JNPR.

"Should have known that you wouldn't be far behind!" Chase said.

Kyle stood up.

"I don't understand this. Why are you, a fellow human at that, too busy fighting me instead of the Faunus? They are just as a big of a threat as the Grimm." Chase said.

"The world is for all living beings, human and Faunus." Kyle said.

"All living beings? Wouldn't that include the Grimm as well?" Chase asked.

"Your word games will not work on me." Kyle said.

"I don't need to do anything. I have Boris for that." Chase said.

"Who's Boris?" Ruby asked.

A hulking figure crashed through the hangar. Everyone had to dodge to avoid getting hit by it. The figure looked like a human, except for the giant muscles and his veins were different colors. He stood up and looked at the teams.

"What the heck is that thing!?" Jaune asked.

"Boris here has been a big help in our recent experiments with dust. He has been invaluable in our fight with the White Fang and now we put him to the ultimate test. Fighting Hunters and most importantly of all…" Chase pointed to Kyle, "You!"

Kyle drew his weapons with the rest of his friends.

"Now that you ruined my meeting, I must go and plan something else. Ciao!" Chase waved and walked to the back door.

"Stop!" Kyle yelled.

He tried to run after Chase, but was stopped by the large muscle mass before him.

"I'm after him!" Blake said and jumped over Boris. She ran out the back after Chase.

The hulking mass looked at Blake's direction and thought about going after her, but was distracted when a grenade was shot in the side of his face. He looked back at the group and Nora had Magnhild in its grenade launcher form.

"Aww! I didn't work!" Nora whined.

Boris roared and turned to face them.

"At least we got his attention." Kyle said.

"What are we supposed to do against that abomination!?" Weiss asked.

Boris roared again.

"Get him outside! We will have more room to fight!" Kyle said.

They ran out into the airfield with the large muscle experiment following behind them.

"Okay, what now?" Yang asked.

"Find a weakness." Kyle said.

Kyle charged forward and started slashing with his swords. He hit the monster, but it felt like he was running his blades against rocks. The creature grabbed one of Kyle's blades and snapped it in two. Kyle took his other sword to strike again, but the creature swung his arm and broke the other sword.

"Damn!" Kyle cursed.

The creature threw its fist down, forcing Kyle to jump back. Nora jumped in and started attacking with her hammer. It seemed that Nora was doing more damage, but it only seemed to annoy the creature. Yang went in to help Nora and started blasting the creature in the stomach. The creature definitely seemed distracted dealing with two opponents at once.

"That thing is as hard as a rock! Do any of you have any ideas?" Kyle asked.

"That thing is still human, isn't it?" Jaune asked.

"I suppose." Kyle said.

"Try to get behind it and sever its spine." Jaune said, "Weiss, you get a glyph ready for Kyle."

"Got it." Weiss said.

"Ruby, Pyrrha, and Ren give me suppressing fire. I'm going to help Yang and Nora." Jaune said.

Weiss made the glyph and locked Kyle in place. Pyrrha, Ruby, and Ren got their guns ready while Jaune charged in to help Nora and Yang. With three opponents, the creature started to get frustrated. When the others were in danger of getting hit by the creature, it was shot in the head by Ruby, Pyrrha, and Ren. With all the attacks the creature kept spinning around until it got really dizzy. It stopped itself and stood in place with his back towards everyone.

"Now!" Jaune yelled.

Weiss used her glyph to launch Kyle towards the creature. He shot his hidden blade out and shoved it into the back of the creatures head, severing its spinal cord. The creature fell down to the ground and Kyle walked off.

"We did it!" Ruby cheered.

"Great planning, Jaune." Kyle said.

Blake had returned to the others with a look of defeat on her face.

"Are you okay, Blake?" Kyle asked.

Blake shook her head, "I lost him. I'm very sorry, Kyle."

Kyle put his hand on her shoulder, "I only care that you are unharmed."

Blake smiled at him.

"And thank you everyone, for joining me. Chase may have gotten away now, but I will find him soon." Kyle said.

Kyle looked at his friends who smiled back at him. He looked at Yang, the young woman he had fell in love with. She still had that big smile that helped him become a normal man again instead of a shell. Kyle saw that there was a small red light on Yang and his eyes widened, knowing what it may be.

"Yang, look out!" Kyle yelled and pushed Yang down.

A gunshot was heard and Kyle fell down to the ground. Everyone was shocked and went towards him. Yang was horrified to see that her nightmares were coming true.

"No…. No…. NO!" Yang crawled to Kyle and held him close to her.

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