Ghost of a Man

Between Life and Death

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Yang ran through the halls of the hospital with the doctors and nurses who had Kyle on a gurney. Yang never left his side during the trip from the airfield to the hospital, she continued holding on to his hand and talking to him. She prayed that he could hear her words.

"You can do this, Kyle. You're stronger than this, I know it!" Yang said.

Kyle didn't respond.

"Kyle, you can't do this to me. You just can't die!" Yang said, "Please. Don't leave me, baby." She said as she held his hand to her cheek.

His hand slipped from her grasp as a nurse stopped Yang from going further.

"I'm sorry, but you have to stay here." The nurse said.

"I have to go with him! He needs me by his side!" Yang yelled.

"Don't worry; he is in hands of the best surgeons here in Vale." The nurse reassured Yang.

"You can't stop me!" Yang yelled.

Yang tried to move forward, but she felt someone grab a hold on her arm. It was Blake.

"Yang, stop! This is out of our hands for now." Blake said.

"You can't stop me either, Blake!" Yang said.

"Not completely, but I can keep you back long enough for the doctors to do their job." Blake started to drag Yang back.

"Let me go, Blake!" Yang struggled to break free, "Let me go!"

Ruby and Weiss were in the waiting room. They told JNPR to go back to Beacon and report what happened to Ozpin. The two partners didn't wait long before they heard Yang screaming from across the hall. Blake was still having a hard time keeping her back.

"Yang, cut it out! Your screaming is not going to help Kyle." Blake said.

"Leave me alone!" Yang punched Blake making her let go.

Weiss and Ruby jumped up and ran to stop Yang. Weiss quickly grabbed Yang's arm.

"Yang, if you run in there now you will do more harm than good." Weiss said.

Yang pushed Weiss down, "Get off me, bitch!"

Yang was about to run, but Ruby stood in front of her with her arms stretched out.

"Get out of the way, Ruby." Yang said.

"No." Ruby said.

"What did you just say to me!?" Yang asked.

"I said 'No'!" Ruby repeated.

"Don't make me hurt you!" Yang yelled.

"Listen to yourself, Yang! How could you even think about hurting me!?" Ruby said.

Yang froze up after hearing Ruby's words.

"What if I was in that surgical room and Kyle was standing here in front of you, would you hurt him? Don't you think that he would be doing the same thing that we are doing?" Ruby asked.

Yang dropped to her knees and began crying. The rest of Team RWBY knelt down to comfort her. Ruby was the one hugging her.

"It's my fault, Ruby." Yang said.

"It's nobody's fault." Ruby said.

"Yes it is. Kyle took that bullet for me. It's all my fault." Yang sobbed, "My fault…. My fault!... MY FAULT!"

Ruby held her sister tighter to calm her down, but Yang continued crying.

Kyle woke up and surveyed his environment. He saw nothing but white all around him. He stood up.

"Odd. I remember protecting Yang from that sniper bullet and got hit in the chest, now I am here and I'm alone." Kyle said.

Kyle continued to look around and nothing changed.

"Doesn't matter what this place is, I have to get out and find Yang." Kyle said and started walking.

It had been hours since RWBY went in the hospital with Kyle. Yang had cried herself to sleep and her head rested on Ruby's lap. Weiss tried to read up on her school work, but she kept finding herself distracted by thinking about her wounded teammate. She gave up and waited for the news with everyone else. Blake leaned against the wall, waiting for a doctor or a nurse to come and tell them about Kyle's condition. A few minutes had passed and a doctor walked up to the team.

"Are you the ones who came with the young man who was shot in the chest?" the doctor asked.

"Yes." Blake said, "How is he doing?"

"I'm letting you all know that we worked very hard. The bullet barely missed his heart. He will be fine." The doctor said.

Blake sighed in relief, "Thank goodness."

"But…" the doctor added.

"But?" Blake asked.

"He has fallen into a coma. We don't know the cause." The doctor said.

Blake got worried and looked at Yang, who was still asleep.

"Is it temporary?" Blake asked.

"We believe it is, but we don't know how long it will last. It could be a few days, weeks, or maybe months." The doctor said.

Blake sighed, "Thank you for telling us."

"Can we see him?" Ruby asked.

"I don't see a problem with that, but be careful not to disturb any of the medical equipment in his room." The doctor said.

"What room is he in?" Blake asked.

"We moved him into room 333." The doctor said.

"He did say at one time that '3' was his lucky number." Weiss said.

"Then perhaps he will have a fast recovery if that is true." The doctor said and left.

"Should we tell Yang?" Ruby asked.

"She would beat it out of us if we don't." Blake said.

Ruby nodded and gently shook Yang's shoulder. Yang slowly woke up and sat up in her own seat. She didn't say a word.

"How do you feel?" Ruby asked.

Yang said nothing.

Blake walked up to Yang and knelt down to eye level, "Yang, look at me."

Yang looked at Blake.

"They brought Kyle out of surgery a while ago, he's fine." Blake said.

Yang's eyes lit up and she smiled a bit.

"But they said he had fallen into a coma." Blake said.

Yang's smile faded, "Where is he?"

"Come with me." Blake said.

Yang followed her to the hospital room where Kyle was. She stepped inside and saw him lying down in the bed dressed in a hospital gown and covered with a sheet. Yang brought a chair close to the bed and sat down. She then took his hand and began rubbing it with her thumb.

"I am so sorry. I never wanted to see you get hurt, but…." Yang started to cry again, "Why did you have to do that?"

"Because he cares for you." Blake said, "He wouldn't stand around and let you get hit by that bullet."

Ruby and Weiss came in and joined Blake and Yang. Ruby started talking to Kyle, hoping that he could hear her talking and wake up. Weiss was about to say something about it, but she decided against it to avoid getting Yang angry. They had spent a few minutes in the room, until they were asked to leave by a nurse.

"I'm staying with him." Yang said.

"Yang, you know the hospital won't let you do that." Blake said.

"I don't care. They are not going to get me out of this room." Yang said.

"Yang…" Blake tried to continue.

"Back off!" Yang yelled as her aura exploded.

Yang's eyes turned red and her hair turned into golden flames. The look in her eyes almost begged someone to try and take her away.

"Just leave her alone. Let them deal with her." Weiss said.

Blake sighed, "Fine, but we will be back tomorrow."

Yang calmed down.

Ruby went up to Kyle and hugged him, "Don't worry, Yang is going to be here watching over you. I'll come back and see you tomorrow." Ruby held him tighter and a tear rolled down her cheek, "You are the best brother that I could ever ask for!"

Ruby let go of him and went to hug her sister. Yang held Ruby close as the two of them cried.

Kyle continued walking in the white void. He felt another presence with him, but he saw no one.

"Whoever you are, I don't know why I am here or what you want with me, but I will get back home!" Kyle yelled out.

Kyle started running in the direction he was walking. It felt like he had run for miles and still nothing had changed. Kyle grew frustrated as he was getting nowhere. He yelled out in frustration.

"Who are you!? What purpose do you have for keeping me here!?" Kyle yelled.

No response.

"Where are you!?" Kyle yelled.

"Holy shit, could you keep it down? I'm right here." Someone said.

Kyle turned and saw a young woman around his age. She had red eyes and silver hair. Her hair was short, but her sideburns were so long they reached her breast. She wore a brown sleeveless turtleneck sweater, black pants, and brown boots similar to Yang's. The biggest thing that popped out from this girl was the large wings on her back. The wings had all white feathers, except on the inside of the wings the feathers were red.

"Who are you?" Kyle asked with anger in his voice.

"That's a polite greeting." The girl sarcastically said.

"You will…" Kyle tried to shoot out his hidden blade, but it was missing along with his other weapons, "What!? Where are my weapons!?"

"You don't need them here, kid. In fact, you can't even carry them here to this place. So you are S.O.L." the girl said

Kyle glared at her.

"It means 'Shit outa luck'." The girl said.

"I know what it means." Kyle growled.

The girl put her hands on her hips, "You better change that fucking attitude of yours! There is only one person who can act like that and that's me!"

"I don't have time for you! I've got to return to Yang!" Kyle said.

"Yang…. Yang…. Does she have blonde hair, long legs, big tits?" the girl asked.

Kyle looked at her, "How do you know?"

The girl waved her hand, "She's right here."

A hole opened in the ground which revealed Yang and Ruby in the hospital room, hugging each other while crying.

"Yang, Ruby, what happened? What's wrong?" Kyle asked.

"They can't hear you, kid." The girl said.

Kyle stood there as he watched his friends cry. He felt helpless as he couldn't get to them and hug them to help them stop crying.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" Kyle asked.

The girl stretched her wings, "My name is Sabina Lombardi." She put her hands on her hips and grinned, "But you may call me… Grandma."

Another chapter done. As I said earlier, the next chapter will end the first arc and I will stop the poll and work on the chosen story. It does not mean that I am done with this story, it means I'm taking a small break from it. Thanks to the people who review and PM me, nice to know you like this story and look forward to seeing more. See you in the next chapter.

Trivia: I finally introduced Sabina, Kyle's grandmother. I based her hairstyle and attitude from another video game/anime character. Who is it?

(This might be hard unless you played the game or seen the anime.)

Edit: I forgot to put this in. Have any of you seen the fan-made RWBY game called "RWBY: Grimm Eclipse"? You can search the gameplay video on youtube and the video has a link to download the game.

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