Ghost of a Man

Requiescat in Pace

Trivia answer: I based Sabina off of the character Blanc/White Heart from the game series "Hyperdimension Neptunia"

I know I said that this was supposed to be the last chapter, but I'm going to add one small one after this and then end the arc. Enjoy this chapter.

"Grandma!?" Kyle said surprised.

"Yep!" Sabina said.

"I thought you were dead!?" Kyle said.

"No shit, Sherlock. What do you think all this white stuff is?" Sabina said.

Kyle looked around him and still saw the huge white landscape around him. He looked down at the hole in the ground and still saw Ruby and Yang crying while hugging each other.

"I'm….. dead?" Kyle asked.

"Nah, you're not dead. Not yet anyway." Sabina said.

"Not yet?" Kyle asked.

"Whether you live or die is up to you. That's the reason why I'm here." Sabina said.

Kyle looked at her, "I don't understand."

"I'm here to convince you to come to heaven with me and join the rest of the family." Sabina smiled, "Isn't that what you want, to be with us again?"

Kyle stayed silent for a while and looked at his grandmother; he finally spoke after a while.

"You have got to be shitting me!" Kyle said.

"Whoa!" Sabina stepped back, "Who the fuck put you on my settings!? I said only I act like that!"

"Are you able to watch me from heaven?" Kyle asked.

"Of course, that's how I knew to come find you." Sabina said.

"Have you watched me from before all this?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah." Sabina said.

"You do know that I'm dating Yang?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah." Sabina said.

"And her sister, Ruby, just said that I'm like a brother to her?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah." Sabina said.

"And after knowing all of that, you still come and ask me to leave them behind and go with you to the afterlife?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah." Sabina said.

Kyle dropped his arms to his sides and made a clapping sound, "Fucking unbelievable."

"So I should take that as a 'No'?" Sabina asked.

"I am not going to leave my friends like that! You see how miserable they look!" Kyle pointed to the hole, "Yang changed me! She made me feel like myself since my family was murdered. Don't you understand what I am saying?"

"I just hearing you rant." Sabina said.

"I love her!" Kyle yelled and dropped to his knees, "I love her…. And you are asking me to just leave her behind." Tears started rolling down his cheeks, "I have to get back to her and my friends."

"You are just making my job harder, kid." Sabina said.

Kyle continued crying.

It started to rain and thunder outside the hospital. Weiss looked out and sighed.

"Great, now what?" Weiss asked.

Blake looked back at the nurse who was standing in the doorway.

"I'll fetch you some extra pillows and blankets. I'm sure we don't mind staying while it's raining outside." The nurse said and left.

"Well, it looks like you get your wish Yang." Blake said.

"I said I was staying regardless of what you were going to do." Yang said.

"Yang?" Ruby tried to get her attention.

"Yes, Ruby?" Yang said.

"Could I be close to you and Kyle tonight?" Ruby asked.

Yang smiled, "Sure, I'm sure Kyle wouldn't mind."

"You know, it's odd." Weiss said.

"What is?" Ruby asked.

"The weather said that there wasn't supposed to be rain for today, and yet it is raining right now." Weiss said.

They all watched the raindrops hit the window.

"You know the people who predict the weather, they always get it wrong." Yang said.

The nurse returned with the pillows and blankets and gave them to Blake. Blake thanked her and closed the door. She then gave the blankets to the others and they made pallets on the floor to sleep on.

"This is kind of like our first night at Beacon." Ruby said.

"Yeah, it kind of is. Except for one thing." Yang said.

"What's that?" Blake asked.

Yang looked at Kyle, "I'm scared about tomorrow."

They woke up the next morning and saw that it had stopped raining outside. Ruby saw that she had a message on her scroll and saw that Ozpin had given her and her team some time off to watch Kyle. Ruby was relieved to hear this and told the other girls.

"That's good." Blake said.

"At least now we don't have to worry about Yang trying to attack us when we try to make her leave." Weiss said.

Yang ignored her and just sat in her chair, watching Kyle.

"I'm hungry. Do you think the cafeteria is open?" Ruby asked.

"We can go see. Yang, do you want to come with us?" Blake asked.

Yang said nothing.

"Yang, he is not going anywhere. I promise." Blake said.

Yang was still silent.

"Are you okay?" Ruby asked.

"It's weird really." Yang finally spoke, "I always thought that this relationship would be like the rest, but he really is different. He cares about me, Ruby, and our friends. No one else was like that before."

"Yang?" Ruby looked at her sister.

"He helped me changed my mind about guys. He's really one of a kind. I… I love him." Yang said.

She bent her body down and she kissed Kyle on the lips.

"Oh man! How screwed up is that shit!?" Sabina said.

Kyle just looked at the hole, watching everything.

"Your first kiss and you are not around to enjoy it!" Sabina said.

"Grandma…" Kyle said.

"Yeah?" Sabina said.

"You're a bitch." Kyle said.

Sabina flew up to him and got in his face, "The hell did you just say to me!? If it wasn't for me, then you wouldn't even exist! Did you even think of that, asshole!?"

Kyle just looked at her with no emotion.

Sabina sighed and stepped back, "Sorry, kid. You know what they say, 'The truth hurts'."

"How long do you plan on keeping me here?" Kyle asked.

"Until you agree to come back with me." Sabina said.

"Then you should have packed a lunch." Kyle said.

"Ha ha. Very funny." Sabina said sarcastically.

"There is one thing I must ask you. Why do you look like that?" Kyle asked.

"Look like what?" Sabina asked.

"You say you're my grandma and you look my age." Kyle said.

"I can look any age I want now. Do you really think I would show up all wrinkly and shit?" Sabina asked.

"You would fit the part." Kyle said.

"Shut up." Sabina said.

Team RWBY was back in the hospital room with Kyle. Blake was, as usual, reading a book that she had with her. Weiss still tried to get some of her school work done. Yang was content with sitting next to Kyle while playing with his hair. Ruby was watching the television that was mounted on the wall. She kept on flipping the channels like she was looking for something, but the truth was that she was distracting herself. Ruby was watching something about add-on equipment for weapons that can completely change it without leaving the original design. As she was watching this, a breaking news report showed up and replaced the channel.

"Aw!" Ruby complained.

"What is it now?" Weiss asked.

"Why do I have to watch the news? It's sooo boring!" Ruby said.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the TV screen. There was a report on the Purists and on how bold they have gotten now. The news anchorman was told to play a video that the radical group had sent to the news studio. The video showed their leader, Dustin Chase, as he was grinning from ear to ear.

"Hello, world. I'm sure you know who we are." He started, "We are the only people who look out for humanity by standing up to the Faunus and the White Fang. Our job is long and hard, especially hard if you human sympathizers keep talking about 'Equal rights to all'. Well that's not what the White Fang wants, what they want is total control over all human life! We will get them, I guarantee this. We got that so called 'Ghost' and now it's just a matter of time until every Faunus meets the same fate."

Chase started laughing as he finished his long threating rant. Enraged, Yang walked up to the television and drove her fist into it, busting a hole in it. She took her hand out and her eyes were red.

"I'll kill that fucker if it's the last thing I do!" Yang yelled.

"Wow, she is really pissed." Sabina said, "You think you could have done something with that."

Kyle said nothing.

"Kyle?" Sabina looked at him.


"Hey!" Sabina snapped her fingers in front of his face, "Don't pull that mime shit on me!"

"I'm worried about her now." Kyle said, "What if she tries to do something drastic?"

"She looks like she can take care of herself." Sabina said.

"I have to be there, I have to be with her to stop their suffering." Kyle said.

"It won't be that bad, just give them time and they will heal. Trust me; you can still keep watch over them." Sabina said.

"Cazzo testardo!" (Stubborn prick) Kyle yelled.

"Hey!" Sabina yelled, "I've been with the old man long enough to know what the fuck you're talking about!"

Kyle let out an annoyed groan.

Sabina sighed and folded her arms across her chest, "And number two, I'm not the old man."

Night time had come and Team RWBY had decided to stay again. As the rest slept, Yang was restless. She got up and went to Kyle.

"I'll find that bastard for you and take him out myself. I promise." Yang said and then leaned in to kiss him.

She quietly made her way out of the room and the hospital. She started walking around in Vale in search of any Purists member. She searched left and right until she saw a group of Purists in their red uniforms, one of them she recognized as their leader. She picked up her pace to catch up with them.

"Hey you!" Yang yelled.

They all turned around and saw Yang and her red eyes.

"Oh, you're that blonde bimbo that was with that one annoying guy." Chase said.

"You are going to pay for what you did to him!" Yang yelled.

"Oh dear, did I accidently hurt your lover?" Chase taunted.

Yang cracked her knuckles and walked forward.

"You guys handle this. I want to see how tough you really are." Chase said to his small group.

They all charged at Yang and she started slamming her fist into their face and sending them back. She used her shotgun blast and slammed them against the wall, knocking them out. Yang finished with them and only their leader was left.

"Wow, that was pretty pathetic." Chase said and pulled out a syringe, "I guess I'll deal with you myself." He injected the syringe into his neck.

His muscles got slightly bigger and his veins changed different colors.

"I don't care if you turn yourself into a power freak, I'm taking you out!" Yang yelled and ran towards him.

Yang threw her fist in every direction and struck her target, but nothing seemed to faze him. Yang continued punching him. Chase pushed her arms away and grabbed her neck. He lifted her up in the air and continued choking her. Yang kicked and struggled to break free; she even tried slamming her fist into his arm to break it, but nothing worked.

"If your boyfriend didn't stand a chance against me, what made you think that you would do any better?" Chase said.

"I'll… kill… you!" Yang choked.

Chase slammed her against the wall, "You don't get it! I'm invulnerable now and no man or freak can stop me!"

Chase slammed Yang against the wall three times. Her arms fell to her sides and Chase brought his face close to hers.

"Tell your boyfriend that I send my regards." Chase said.

He slammed Yang against the wall again and let go. Yang slumped down to the ground and remained motionless. Chase called out to his group and moved on. They stepped out on a street that still had some people walking in the late night. One person stood out in particular, he was bald and had very pale skin. His skin on the back of his head and neck looked like they were made of scales. The man stood from a distance from the Purists and smiled, revealing that he had fangs that resembles a snakes.

"Greetings, gentlemen." The man said.

Chase grinned, "Look at this, guys. The leader of the White Fang himself has come to grace us with his presence."

"Few humans are worth my time. You should feel honored." The leader said.

"Oh believe me, we are most honored." Chase said and pulled out a crowbar, "You don't mind if we get down to business, do you?"

The leader pulled out a spiked chain scythe, "I don't mind at all."

"Are they seriously thinking about fighting in public!?" Kyle yelled.

"Looks like it." Sabina said.

"Innocent people will get hurt!" Kyle said.

"They don't care, just as long as their goals are achieved." Sabina said.

"And Yang is hurt; I have to go there now!" Kyle yelled.

"No! I told you what I was going to do and dammit I'm going to do my job!" Sabina said.

"You can't keep me here!" Kyle yelled and tried to punch her.

Sabina stepped to the side and let Kyle fall down.

"You don't want to do this." Sabina said.

Kyle got up and tried to punch again, but Sabina grabbed both of his wrists and held him in place.

"What would you do in my position? What if you were here and someone you loved was seriously hurt and you can't do anything about it!?" Kyle yelled with tears coming out of his eyes.

Sabina looked at him with her red eyes and let go.

"I know what you're thinking and that is not going to happen either. You are not going to let Yang die just to make me happy." Kyle said.

Sabina looked at him for a while and sighed, "Fine, can't say I didn't try."

"You're letting me go?" Kyle asked.

"On two conditions. One, dry it up. I know I don't have a crybaby for a grandson."

Kyle smiled and wiped the tears from his eyes.

"And two." Sabina walked up to Kyle and held him in a tight hug, "Hang on!"

Sabina used her wings to fly the both of them in the air. She held on tight to Kyle and she flew straight down. The hole in the ground showed the hospital room where Kyle's body was. Sabina flew through the hole and she, along with Kyle, went into the body. A light shined in the room and shot straight into the sky. The light formed into a giant white eagle with its wings stretched. It screeched and started to fly.

"So, how did you know where to find us?" Chase asked as he and his group fought the White Fang.

"We have allies everywhere, in stores, factories, and even among Hunters and Huntresses. We have our ways." The leader said.

"Well it won't be enough!" Chase said.

The Purists and White Fang continued fighting while the people around them grew more terrified. Everyone stopped as soon as they heard screeching coming from a distance. They saw a white light coming towards them and the light changed into an eagle. The eagle flew down towards the two opposing leaders and stepped on them with its talons. Everyone looked at the eagle for a second before it shined brightly again. The eagle shrank down to the size of a human, until it took the shape of a hooded boy with two hidden blades in the necks of the two leaders.

"No…No! Impossible, I killed you!" Chase said.

"You are a fool. You can't kill a ghost." Kyle said.

"You do realize that our deaths will mean nothing. Others will rise up in my place." The leader said.

"Only if they have your bravery or are truly insane." Kyle said, "But I hope it will be a person with a heart."

"Person? You see us as equals?" the leader said.

"Not because of your terrorist ways, but because I know we are all the same deep down. We all want to be accepted by others, human or Faunus." Kyle said.

"You traitor! Damn you, ghost! Damn you!" Chase yelled.

Kyle once again remembered the words that Blake told him

It is up to you to be the better man

Make them feel good as they die

"Le tue visioni di tirannia non verranno a passare, ma i tuoi sogni di pace arriverà presto. Requiescat in pace." (Your visions of tyranny will not come to pass, but your dreams of peace will soon come. Rest in peace) Kyle said.

Kyle took his hidden blades out of their neck and stood up. He looked around and saw both Purists and White Fang looking at him. The Purists staggered at what they just saw.

"Did he… he just…" One of the members said.

Another tapped him on the shoulder, "Forget it, let's just run!"

All of the Purists ran off leaving their leaders body behind. Kyle looked at the White Fang to see their reaction. One of them stepped forward to see what happened. This man had red hair with horns coming out of his head, he also wore a white mask.

"Adam, sir!" A White Fang grunt said.

Adam looked at the dead leader and then looked at Kyle.

"You will pay for this! I swear it!" Adam yelled out.

Kyle recognized the way Adam spoke. It reminded him of himself when he started his new life. Kyle looked at all of the White Fang members.

"Take your leader." Kyle pointed to him, "Give him a proper burial. He was using the wrong methods, but he was fighting for the right cause."

Kyle left and ran to where he remembered he saw Yang. He found her still sitting on the ground unconscious, he knelt down and gently held her close. Sabina appeared and walked up next to Kyle.

"Will she be okay?" Kyle asked.

"She's hurt pretty badly, kid. She would be lucky if she gets to the hospital." Sabina said.

Kyle hugged Yang and started to cry.

"Hey, cheer up." Sabina said.

"How can I 'cheer up'?" Kyle asked.

"Didn't you hear? Grandmas give the best gifts." Sabina said.

She waved her arm and a white light covered Yang's entire body.

"She will be fine now." Sabina said.

"This shouldn't have happened. It was my selfish need for revenge that got her hurt." Kyle looked down, "I should have died a long time ago."

Kyle felt something against his cheek and something pressed on his lips. He looked and saw that Yang was awake.

"Don't you ever say that again." Yang said.

"Yang…" Kyle looked at her.

"I never want to hear you say something like that again, do you hear me?" Yang said.


Yang interrupted him by pulling him close and kissing him once more on the lips, only this time Kyle kissed her back. They kissed each other for a few seconds until…

"Hey! I'm still here you know!?" Sabina said.

They stopped and looked at her.

"You weren't lying, kid. You really do have something to live for." Sabina said.

"Who is this?" Yang asked.

"A stubborn old lady." Sabina said, "You take great care, Kyle. The next time something like this happens, it may be for good."

"I understand." Kyle said.

"Goodbye, and you be good to this young lady here." Sabina said and flew off.

"Who was that?" Yang asked.

"I'll tell you later, but for now…" Kyle started to kiss Yang again.

They both returned to the hospital. The doctors insisted on keeping Kyle a bit longer and see if he has fully healed. Yang kept on saying that she was injured as well and asked to be with Kyle. The doctors agreed to let her stay, but Yang started an argument when they tried to put her in another room. They now share the same room at the hospital and they are wearing matching hospital gowns.

"Are you happy now?" Kyle asked.

"Yes I am!" Yang said and went up to hug him.

They held each other tight and just enjoyed each other's company. Yang looked at Kyle's back and saw the gown's open backside.

"Nice butt." Yang said.

"Really? Same to you." Kyle gave Yang a small wedgie.

"OW!" Yang slapped his chest, "Perv!"

"Alright, that's enough patients!" someone said.

They looked in the doorway and saw Ruby dressed in a white mini dress and a nurse's cap with a red cross on it.

"AH!" Yang yelled and jumped into Kyle's arms, "It's Nurse Ruby!"

"That's cute, Ruby." Kyle said.

"Do you really think so?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah, it's adorable." Kyle said.

"Don't encourage her. You don't know what she's like as a nurse and you her patient." Yang said.

"What could be wrong?" Kyle asked.

Yang whispered in his ear, "She is obsessed with sticking you with needles."

"Ruby, you better not come near me with needles!" Kyle said.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that. You're not my patient." Ruby said.

"Oh crap." Yang shivered.

"Then who is my nurse?" Kyle asked.

"Nurse Weiss!" Ruby called out.

Weiss walked in wearing the same outfit as Ruby, "Why do I have to dress up like this?"

"Come on, Weiss. It will be fun." Ruby said.

"Why does Blake get to be the doctor? Why can't she be the nurse?" Weiss asked.

"Because she's too big for the nurse outfit. She's got long legs." Ruby said.

Blake walked in dressed in her normal outfit and a white lab coat, "Nurse, what are these patients doing out of bed?"

"Just found them like this. I will get them to bed now." Ruby went to Yang, "Alright you, in the bed now or you will get a needle in the bum!"

Yang jumped out of Kyle's arms and jumped into the bed that she pushed close to Kyle's bed. Weiss went up to Kyle.

"You too." Weiss pulled out Myrtenaster, "And I don't use needles."

Kyle rolled his eyes and went to his bed. He climbed in and put his arms around Yang.

"Hey! Hands off!" Ruby said.

"Please, Nurse Ruby." Yang begged.

"This is a hospital, not a love hotel." Blake said.

"What dirty thoughts are you thinking about?" Kyle asked.

Blake blushed, "Shut up before I use the old fashioned anesthetic."

"What does that mean?" Kyle asked.

"A mallet!" Blake pulled out a wooden mallet from her coat and shook it, "Now you two get some rest, we expect you to be back at Beacon by the weekend."

"Sleep well guys!" Ruby said and left with Blake and Weiss.

Kyle held Yang tight, "Sleep well, Yang."

Yang turned on her side and faced Kyle. She hugged him, "Kyle?"

"Yes, Yang?" Kyle looked at her.

"I love you." Yang said.

Kyle kissed her on the lips, "I love you too."

I know the last chapter was kind of short, I hope this one makes up for it. I'll still keep the poll up for a while longer so go ahead and get those last votes in. Now it is time to tell me what you think of this chapter. Should I have done more or did I do an okay job? I'm not sure when I will start up arc two, I want to see vol. 2 of RWBY and see Velvet in action. I do have plans for her in this story. And just to warn you guys, the next chapter will be a very short one.

See you later!

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