Ghost of a Man

A Little Something More (Arc I end)

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Sorry that this one is so short guys.

Kyle and Yang left the hospital with the rest of their team. The doctors seen that they were back to full strength and decided to let them go. Kyle now had a small scar on his chest where he was shot, but the doctors said that it may be temporary. Team RWBY returned to Beacon where they belonged. When they arrived at the dorm room, they saw that someone was sitting on Kyle's bed. She had large white and red wings on her back.

"Who are you!?" Weiss yelled.

"Fucking Nosferatu." Sabina said.

"Better question: What are you doing here?" Blake asked.

Sabina uncrossed her legs and stood up, "I got something for your guy friend."

Kyle stood in front of his friends, "What is it?"

"Catch!" Sabina threw something at him.

Kyle caught it and took a good look at the item. It looked like a black blowpipe for shooting darts, but Kyle easily recognized it from the stories his grandfather told him. He flipped the switch and three blades shot out of the pipe forming it into a triple bladed tomahawk.

"This is…" Kyle started.

"I know it doesn't make up for all the birthdays I missed, but I really want this to stay in the family." Sabina said.

"Are you sure I would be able to take care of it?" Kyle asked.

Sabina smiled, "You're a skilled kid, you should be able to use Freedom Talons with no trouble."

Kyle put the tomahawk on his belt, "Thank you."

Sabina walked up to Kyle and hugged him. She also used her wings to wrap around his body as a sort of a "Double hug".

"I love you, kid. You take great care of yourself." Sabina said.

"Hey!" Yang went up to them and shoved Sabina away from Kyle, "No one hugs this guy like that except for me." Yang said while hugging Kyle.

Ruby went up and hugged Kyle with Yang, "Me too!"

Sabina laughed, "I like you, girl."

Yang just glared at her.

Sabina pointed at her, "You take great care of my grandson, you hear me?"

"Grandson?" Yang thought.

A few seconds passed and something clicked in the girls minds.

"She's your grandmother!?" RWBY yelled out.

Kyle smiled and shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

Sabina grinned, "Small world, ain't it?"

"You said that she died." Weiss said.

Sabina groaned, "Again, no shit."

"So she's a-a g-g-ghost?" Ruby asked.

"Ghost!?" Blake's eyes widened.

"I ain't no damn ghost. I'm much better than that." Sabina stretched her wings, "I'm an angel."

"If she's your grandmother, then shouldn't she be…" Yang started.

"Don't you dare finish that sentence!" Sabina yelled, "Do you want me to come around when you are as old as I am and make fun of your wrinkles!?"

"Who says that I'm going to have wrinkles, old lady!?" Yang yelled.

"Shut the fuck up, slut!" Sabina yelled.

"Slut!?" Yang yelled.

Yang let go of Kyle. Kyle stepped in between Yang and Sabina to stop their fighting.

"Will you two please stop?" Kyle asked.

"I'm already dead, I can take her." Sabina said.

"Oh yeah!?" Yang stepped forward.

Kyle put his hands on her to stop her advance. He then noticed that both of his hands were on her breast, he quickly drew his hands back.

"Geez, will you two get a room and get it over with?" Sabina asked.

"Grandma!" Kyle yelled.

"I'm just kidding!" Sabina said.

She went to the window and opened it all the way. She looked back at Kyle, "I'll always be watching you, kid. I love you very much."

"I love you too, Grandma." Kyle said.

Sabina waved goodbye and flew out the window. Everyone went to the window to watch her fly off, but she disappeared.

"That was your grandma?" Blake asked.

"Yeah, quite the character isn't she?" Kyle asked.

"She was a very rude person." Weiss said.

"Be careful Weiss, you might be just like her when you are old." Kyle said.

"How dare you!?" Weiss yelled out.

Kyle ignored her and took out his new tomahawk. Ruby stood in front of him and looked at the weapon as well.

"It's interesting; I have never seen a three bladed hatchet before." Ruby said.

"I just hope I can live up to my grandmothers expectations." Kyle said.

Yang came from behind and hugged Kyle, "So, what do we do now?"

Kyle twirled the tomahawk and placed it on his belt, "We will see when the time comes."

This is the end of arc one. I'm not done with this story yet, I want to watch vol.2 and see Velvet in action so I can give her a big role in arc two. I will release a few chapters here and there, but I will be mainly working on the Assassin story. Be sure to check it out, see you there. If not, see you in the next chapter of this story.

Also get your mind working on some OCs. I will ask for some in the AC crossover. I will send out a OC template with information and I will try to post it on my profile so you could copy and paste the template and make it easier on you.

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