Ghost of a Man

The Challenge

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Kyle stood on the side of the arena with Professor Ozpin. Kyle was mentally preparing himself for the fights against the three teams that Ozpin has selected; said professor was standing next to him with his cane in his left hand and coffee cup in his right. Ozpin took a sip from his cup before speaking.

"Are you sure you wish to do this? It's not too late to change your mind."

Kyle just stared at the arena not bothering to give a response.

Ozpin sighed, "Well, to give you a fair warning I should tell you that your first fight is against Team CRDL. The four of them tend to rely on their strength and that has made them one of the top fighters for the first years. Think you can handle it?"

"They won't last ten seconds." Kyle said and moved into the arena.

When Kyle walked on the stage he saw Goodwitch standing in the middle of the large arena, waiting for him. Kyle stood on the right side of the arena and folded his arms across his chest. Goodwitch began to speak.

"Students, this is a special day today. This is Kyle Everett, though the public knows him as, 'The Ghost of Roberto Lombardi'."

The students began whispering among themselves about hearing the rumors of this "Ghost".

"Because of his skill and actions, he has been noticed by Professor Ozpin and has given him the chance to join Beacon with the rest of you to become a Hunter. He was given the choice to join a team of his choosing, but declined. Instead he has given three teams the opportunity to make him a member of their team; all they have to do is beat him in battle." Goodwitch continued.

The students began talking more about Kyle, questioning his sanity.

"Team CRDL, to the stage please." Goodwitch announced.

Within a few seconds the four members of CRDL walked onto the stage and stood on the left side of the arena.

"Gentlemen the rules are simple. If your aura reaches to red levels, you are out. If you weapons are thrown out of the arena, you are out. If you are thrown out of the arena, you are out. Now, any questions?" Goodwitch asked.

"Do we have to fight this guy? It seems very unfair." Cardin spoke.

"I agree with him. These fools are not even worth my time." Kyle said.

"What did you say, punk!?" Cardin asked furiously.

"Settle it here in the arena." Goodwitch ordered.

Cardin pulled out his mace and readied himself.

"Are you ready?" Goodwitch asked.

Cardin gripped his mace tight and his team stood behind him. Kyle unfolded his arms and stared at Cardin's mace, particularly the red crystal inside the weapon.

"Begin." Goodwitch started the match with swipe on her scroll showing the opponents aura levels.

Cardin and his team charged towards Kyle. Before they got close enough, Kyle took out his pistol and fired it. A small blue aura ball flew out of the gun and straight towards Cardin. The aura bullet passed through the small spacing in the mace and struck the crystal. The crystal shattered and released a smoke cloud that covered a small area leaving CRDL incapacitated. Kyle took his chance and ran into the smoke cloud. Three loud smacks were heard across the arena and the crowd sat impatiently while the smoke cleared. When the smoke faded everyone saw CRDL piled on the ground knocked out with Kyle standing above them.

"Well… It seems that…" Kyle began walking off the stage as Goodwitch spoke, "…Mister Everett is… the winner." Goodwitch finished.

Kyle walked off the stage and saw Ozpin right where he left him.

"My mistake, five seconds." Kyle corrected himself on his earlier conversation. Ozpin merely chuckled at the boy.

"There will be a one hour rest between battles; the next one will be against Team JNPR. I suggest that you prepare yourselves." Goodwitch said before she walked off stage.

Kyle sat on a bench in a locker room, resting before his match against JNPR. He sat in his usual style with his elbows on his knees and resting his chin in his hands. He was deep in thought as he was mentally preparing himself, he knew JNPR was in a different league and would defiantly be a challenge.

"How did you do that?" a familiar voice broke Kyle's concentration.

Kyle looked up and saw that Yang was in the locker room with him. She studied him as if she was looking for something or trying to see through something.

"Do what?" Kyle asked.

"You know! What you did to Cardin and his team. I know they are tough, but you took them down as if they were nothing!" Yang sounded excited.

"They were nothing." Kyle stated.

"But how? It was all so fast and we didn't see anything." Yang said.

"It's simple. I saw the red dust crystal in his mace and shot it to remove its magical capabilities, but instead of just shattering it caused smoke to appear. The smoke stopped them for a while and gave me a chance to conceal myself. I ran in the smoke and grabbed two of them, knocking their heads together. I then spun around and kicked one of them in the head with the back of my heel, and I ended it by punching Cardin right in the kisser."

Yang laughed when Kyle finished, "Right in the kisser? Who says that anymore?"

Kyle shrugged his shoulders.

"If you did all that so fast, then I'm kind of excited to go up against you." Yang said with a smile.

Kyle chuckled as he stood up, "I sure your team is nothing like those group of idiots. I'm sure you would prove to be a great challenge; that is if I can beat JNPR."

The two stood in silence for a while, Yang stared at him still as if she was trying to see through something.

"Sooo…" Yang broke the silence, "Are you going to take off the hood?" she asked.

"No." Kyle answered.

"Aww!" Yang pouted, "You have an embarrassing scar, is that it?"

"No." he answered again.

"You're bald?" Yang asked.

"NO!" Kyle yelled.

Yang thought more about why Kyle had his hood. She thought of the next question, but it was a very touchy subject to most people. She took a chance.

"Are you a Faunus?" she asked.

Kyle looked her in the eyes, "No, though I have Faunus blood in me. My mother was a half-breed and my grandmother was a full blooded Faunus."

"Is that the reason for the hood?" Yang asked.

"No." Kyle answered.

Yang growled and stomped her foot in frustration, "Dammit, then what is the reason!?"

"It's personal." Kyle told her.

A ding from the intercoms was heard, "The next match will begin in a few minutes. The contenders should make their way to the stage now." There was another ding as the PA system went off.

"I should be going." Kyle walked to the exit and stopped, "Look Yang, we're going to be here for a while. I will tell you everything about me once I feel that I can trust you. Okay?"

"Okay, but know this. You will show me what's under the hood." Yang told him.

Kyle stared at her, "You realize that sounded weird, right?"

"Sounded kind of hot to me" Yang smiled.

Kyle smiled and shook his head in amusement.

He made his way to the stage once again for the next fight. When he arrived he saw Ms. Goodwitch waiting for him along with Team JNPR, he joined them in the middle of the stage.

"The rules are still the same. If your aura falls in the red, you lose your weapon, or if you are thrown out of the arena then you are out. Now, is there anything else before we begin?" Goodwitch finished her explanation.

Kyle extended his hand quickly forcing Jaune to flinch. He looked at the outstretched arm and shook hands with Kyle.

"Good luck to you." Kyle said.

"T-thanks, you too." Jaune said.

Kyle walked to the opposite side of the stage and drew his two cutlasses. He looked over the opposing team as they readied themselves.

'Okay, I remember that Ren is an expert in martial arts so I need to watch him. Pyrrha looks like the offensive type, but she has the small shield just in case she needs to block or parry attacks. Jaune has that large shield with him so defense is on his side. As for Nora…' Kyle looked at the spot where Nora was and only saw a pink out line.

'Wait a minute… Where's Nora?' Kyle thought.

He heard a loud "Whee!" above him, as he looked up he saw Nora flying like a rocket with her hammer headed straight for him.

"WHOA!" Kyle yelled as he managed to dodge at the last second, "Easy! You could take someone's head off with that!" After saying that he was forced to bend backwards to avoid the slice from Ren's weapon. Kyle began swinging his swords at Ren forcing him to dodge and block. While they fought Nora decided to surprise Kyle again while he was distracted. She charged towards the two fighters ready to give a good horizontal swing. Ren gave Kyle a good spinning kick to his head forcing Kyle to spin around; this is where he saw the charging Nora.

"Aw, crap!" Kyle yelled out. He dropped down making Nora hit Ren in the stomach, taking a huge chunk of his aura in the process. Using the momentum, Kyle swept his leg under Nora's feet making her trip. Kyle quickly stood up and gave himself some breathing room.

'I can't take down a powerhouse like Nora by normal means. Guess I have to force her out of this fight.' Kyle thought.

Nora got back up and began spinning her hammer in circles heading towards Kyle. He placed his swords back on his side.

'This is a stupid move for me to do.' Kyle thought.

Nora got close to her opponent and swung her weapon above her head. When she brought it down Kyle quickly grabbed the pole of the weapon and kept a firm grip on it. His legs felt numb from the impact, but he was able to keep his legs in place. The two struggled over the hammer.

"Hey! Let go! Magnhild is mine!" Nora yelled out.

"Sure thing." Kyle grinned and then head-butted her.

Nora let go and fell to the ground. Kyle spun the hammer around and threw it in a random direction, it landed outside the ring. Nora was out.

"Aw, man!" Nora complained.

"Sorry, Nora." Kyle apologized before he was struck in the chin.

Kyle spun around and saw that Ren has recovered and back on his feet. Kyle massaged his chin to relax the pain.

"Tough guy aren't you?" Kyle said

"You're no slouch yourself." Ren complimented.

Kyle drew his swords again and ran forward. He swung his sword to strike, but Ren blocked it with his bare hand. Kyle was confused at first, and then he noticed that Ren was channeling his aura into his hands. Kyle swung his other sword and Ren grabbed it as well.

"Risky move using your aura like that." Kyle stated.

"It is, but it has proven to be very effective at times." Ren said.

"Agreed, but you forgot one thing." Kyle said.

"And that is?" Ren asked.

Kyle placed his fingers on the triggers of the swords and fired. Ren's aura protected him from the bullets, but the force made him stumble back. Kyle took this chance and delivered three slashes to Ren's upper and lower torso.

'There, all it takes is one more hit and he's out.' Kyle thought.

Kyle felt something graze his cheek and turned to see Pyrrha had Milo in its rifle form; smoke was coming out of the barrel.

'So they were waiting for me to tire out; clever.' Kyle thought.

Kyle ran towards Ren and grabbed him by the shoulders. He spun Ren around just before Pyrrha pulled the trigger again. The bullet flew out and hit Ren in the chest causing his aura to fall in the red zone.

"Enough!" Goodwitch yelled out.

"You are in the red, Mister Ren. Please leave the stage." She said.

"Are you okay, Ren?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah, thank goodness we use rubber bullets for these types of fights." Ren said.

Kyle gave Ren a friendly pat on his shoulder and walked to the center of the stage where Jaune and Pyrrha were waiting.

"It's down to you Mr. Arc and Ms. Nikos. Get ready." Goodwitch said.

Pyrrha changed Milo into its spear form and Jaune took his battle stance. Kyle took his left sword and wielded it in a reverse grip while keeping his right sword in a normal grip.

"Fight." Goodwitch continued the match.

Jaune ran and swung his sword, which Kyle blocked with his reverse sword. Pyrrha charged with her spear, Kyle spun around behind Jaune and gave him a quick slash on his back. Pyrrha changed her weapon to its sword form and began swinging. Kyle blocked and tried to counter, but Pyrrha parried his attack with her shield. She swung again and forced Kyle to lock weapons with her, Jaune came from the side and made Kyle lock his other sword. The three warriors stood there fighting for dominance, Kyle took a step back and forced Jaune and Pyrrha to crash into each other. When the two got over their quick daze they noticed that their lips were touching. Both of them stumbled back, flustered over what happened.

"I didn't mean…" They both said at the same time, "It's not that…" They both said, "I thought that you…" and for the third time in a row.

Kyle cleared his throat to get their attention. The two of them looked at his direction to see him with a huge smirk on his face. Jaune raised his sword and swung vertically; Kyle held his swords in a "X" shape to block and kicked Jaune back. Pyrrha charged with her spear only to have Kyle lock it with his swords and force it down; he then shoved Pyrrha down with his shoulder. Jaune then surprised Kyle by slashing him in the back, Kyle then turned his focus to Jaune. Kyle swung his swords in a fury of slashes, Jaune kept his shield up to keep from getting hit. Pyrrha took this chance and fired three shots into Kyle's back. He dropped to his knee in pain and Jaune ran towards Pyrrha. Kyle looked up on the screen and saw that he was half way in the yellow.

'Can't last much longer. I have to end this now.' He thought.

He turned and saw Jaune in a defensive stance and Pyrrha was reloading her gun. Kyle ran towards them for his final attack. Jaune attempted to push him back with his shield; instead Kyle stepped on it and jumped behind him. Kyle landed on Pyrrha and he stuck his swords in a "X" formation on her neck, effectively pinning her to the ground. He quickly grabbed her shield and threw it at Jaune, hitting him in the head. Jaune dropped his sword and fell down; Kyle picked up the sword and pointed it at Jaune.

"Enough. You have won Mr. Everett." Goodwitch said.

Jaune could only sigh in defeat, until he saw Kyle's outstretched arm to help him up. He smiled and accepted the help.

"That was a heck of a fight." Kyle said.

"We still didn't beat you." Jaune said disappointed

"You came close, which is more than what most people attempted to do." Kyle said.

The two walked over to Pyrrha who was still pinned. Kyle took his swords and Jaune offered his hand to help her up.

"You got a good team Jaune, and even better friends. Remember that." Kyle said.

Kyle walked back to the locker room and relaxed on the bench. He had another hour before he would fight RWBY, so he thought a short nap would help. The dream he had didn't help. He was in the woods that was his home, only everything was on fire. His log house that he lived in all his life was in a raging inferno. In the open field behind the house was an old man in a brown cloak lying on the ground. Kyle recognized the old man as his grandfather and the figure standing above him angered him greatly. The figure with a shaved blonde hair cut and dirty skin laughed maniacally as everything burned around him. Suddenly a huge gale of wind blew the flames away and the figure of his grandfather was replaced by the man and the man was replaced by someone in a familiar white coat. An eagle flew by the boy who was revealed as Kyle himself. He stood over the body with his left wrist blade drenched in blood. He continued standing as blood dripped from the blade. The dream grew hazy in time and the last part of the dream was the sound of a large bell ringing.

Kyle jolted awake from his dream and placed his head on his forehead. He noticed a newspaper next to him with a familiar picture on it. He saw that the picture was of the man from the dream. The man was known as Dustin Chase, the leader of the human radical group known as, "The Purists". Kyle grew angry every time he would see that face.

The PA system beeped, "The last fight for today will start soon. Mr. Everett please come to the stage, Team RWBY is waiting for you."

Kyle's hidden blade shot out through the paper, destroying the picture. He stood up and threw the paper down on the floor.

"Your time will come when you fall and when that time comes; my blade will be in your throat." Kyle said with venom in those last words. He walked out of the room toward the arena once again.

Kyle walked on stage where Team RWBY was waiting for him. Ms. Goodwitch went through her usual explanation of the rules. Yang activated Ember Celica and banged them together while giving Kyle a wink.

'Okay, Yang has gauntlets so she will have to get close.' Kyle thought.

Blake pulled out Gambol Shroud in its katana form.

'Blake has a katana with what looks like a pistol in the hilt, but she's like a ninja so I should watch out for surprises.'

Weiss pulled out Myrtenaster.

'Weiss has a rapier, so she's quick and balanced. As for Ruby…'

Ruby pulled out Crescent Rose and extended it, driving the tip of the blade into the ground.

"Merda!" Kyle yelled out.

"Language, Mister Everett." Goodwitch said with an annoyed expression.

Kyle looked at Goodwitch, surprised that she understood him. He looked back at RWBY and drew his two swords with his left sword in a reverse grip.

"You may begin." Goodwitch said.

Team RWBY stood in place waiting for Kyle to strike, he didn't move.

"Uh, dude. She said we could start." Ruby said.

"I know" Kyle said.

"So why aren't you doing anything?" Ruby asked.

"You are ladies, you get the first strike." Kyle said.

"Does he think that we will actually fall for…" Weiss said.

"Dibs!" Yang yelled out and charged.

Yang got close and threw a right jab; Kyle ducked and rolled behind her. Kyle stood up for an attack, but Yang got him with a spinning left hook and a jab to the stomach that sent him flying back. Kyle landed on the ground and held himself up with one of his knees and his sword.

'Man is she tough!' Kyle thought.

Kyle heard a quick "whoosh" from behind him and just barely dodged the scythe blade that appeared. Kyle saw Ruby holding Crescent Rose with the blade stuck in the ground where his shoulder would have been if he didn't move.

"Seriously, how are you able to use that!?" Kyle yelled.

Ruby gave him a bright smile before responding, "Jealous."

She swung her scythe aiming for Kyle's head, forcing him to bend backwards. Blake materialized in the air and dropped down aiming her foot towards Kyle. He rolled out of the way and swung his sword at her, only when it hit her she disappeared. He looked around and saw Blake standing behind him.

"How did you…" Kyle started.

"Shadow clones, my Semblance." Blake said.

"So you are a ninja. I always wanted to fight one." Kyle said with a smile.

Kyle was interrupted by Weiss as she thrusted forward with her rapier.

"I didn't ask for you, Miss Priss." Kyle said.

"How dare you! Show a lady some respect!" Weiss yelled.

She started attacking Kyle over and over, not giving him a chance to counter. She slapped Kyle's wrists with Myrtenaster and wrestled one of his swords out of his hand and tossed it out of the ring. Kyle tried to attack with his other sword only Blake had wrapped Gambol Shrouds ribbon around the blade. She jerked the blade out of his hand and the sword flew off the stage.

"Aww yeah! That's right, Team RWBY is the…" Ruby began to cheer.

She stopped when she heard a "snikt' sound nearby. She saw that Kyle had his wrist blades extended, ready to fight.

"Winner?" she looked to her team in confusion, "Did you remember that he had those?"

"It doesn't matter, Ruby. We threw his swords out of the ring." Weiss said.

"Mister Everett has said that his wrist blades are his primary weapon. He is still in the match." Goodwitch said.

"What!?" Weiss exclaimed.

"Man! That is so- GAH!" Ruby exclaimed as she dodged Kyle's blade.

Kyle continued swinging making Ruby dodge. She could not attack because Kyle was too close. He grabbed the pole of the scythe and used it to push himself up using his left hand to attack. Kyle missed and his arm got stuck between Crescent Rose and Ruby's stomach. Ruby began spinning around to build momentum. She threw in a direction to send him off the stage, but she threw him in Weiss's direction. Kyle slammed into Weiss sending her out of the ring.

"RUBY!" Weiss screamed from the bottom of the stage.

"Sorry, Weiss!" Ruby apologized.

Kyle got back up and ran after Ruby with his blades up. Yang got in front of him and grabbed his wrist. She held him in place with a grin.

"I think you should mess with someone your own age." She said.

"I think you're trying your best to get me interested in you." Kyle said.

"Is it working?" Yang asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Kyle said with a grin.

"I'll find out eventually and I will see your face soon enough." Yang said.

"You'll have to beat me first!" Kyle wrestled his wrist out of Yang's grasp and took a swipe.

Yang let go to dodge Kyle's blade. She jumped back and froze in place. Kyle waited for Yang to move so he could counter, but she stood still with a shocked look on her face.

"Uh Ruby, did he just…" Blake began to ask.

Ruby grabbed Blake's wrist and ran with her, "Duck and cover!" she yelled as the two jumped off the stage.

"What's her problem?" Kyle asked confused.

"M-m-m-my, my" Yang stuttered.

"Yang, are you okay?" Kyle asked.

"My m-m-my" Yang stuttered still.

"Yang?" Kyle tried to get her attention.

He looked to where Yang was staring at. On the floor Kyle saw a small strand of blonde hair. Yang's blonde hair.

"MY HAIR!" Yang exploded as she activated her Semblance.

"Sangue di Giuda!" (Christ on a bicycle!) Kyle yelled.

Kyle held his hands up in defense. Yang charged and punched Kyle, breaking his hidden blades in the process. Yang hit him with an uppercut sending him in the air; she grabbed his leg and slammed him into the ground face first. The force of the impact sent him up and Yang continued attacking. She kept punching him the stomach, then in his chest, and finishing it with an uppercut and a jab as he came down. Kyle was sent flying where he flew past Goodwitch and landed outside the ring. Yang finally calmed down and looked embarrassed.

"Um… Oops." Yang said.

"Congratulations Miss Xiao Long, Team RWBY has a new member." Goodwitch said.

Medics went towards Kyle and carried him to the infirmary. Kyle woke up hours later in what looked like a hospital room. He began to move as soon as he got out of his daze and looked around the room. He found Ozpin in the doorway with his usual coffee cup in hand.

"So, you're finally awake." Ozpin said.

"What happened?" Kyle asked him.

"You lost, that's what happened." Ozpin said as he pulled out his scroll.

Ozpin showed Kyle the footage of Yang going berserk and giving him a major beat down.

"That looks like it hurt." Kyle said.

"Did it?" Ozpin asked.

"I can't remember." Kyle said.

Ozpin chuckled, "Well now that you are up, it's time to properly introduce you to your team.

Kyle got out of the bed he was in and followed Ozpin to the dorm building. They stopped in front of a door and knocked. A few seconds later the door opened revealing Ruby in her PJs.

"Hello Miss Rose, may we come in?" Ozpin asked.

"Sure professor." She walked towards her bunk allowing the two to walk in the room.

Kyle stood by the bookshelf as Ozpin explained the situation to Team RWBY.

"As you know, thanks to Miss Xiao Long's victory today Kyle has been made your newest member." He said.

"Really?" Ruby asked.

"That's what I agreed to. I look forward to working with you." Kyle said.

"Same here. Welcome to the team." Ruby said.

"Thank you. Professor, where is my room?" Kyle asked Ozpin.

"Right here." Ozpin said.

"Huh?" Kyle looked around the room, "Professor, they are girls and I'm a guy." He said.

"I know." Ozpin said.

"And you're making me stay here?" Kyle asked.

"Yes." Ozpin said.

"Professor, I mean no disrespect but…" Weiss began to say.

"What sick perverted thoughts are going through your mind, old man?" Kyle asked angrily.

"None, though you may be thinking some if you asked that question." Ozpin said.

Kyle growled as Ozpin smiled and walked to the door.

"You will get your own bed by the end of the weekend, until then I will leave it up to you on your sleeping arrangements. Goodnight everyone." Ozpin walked out and closed the door.

Kyle looked towards his new teammates to figure out what to do next.

"Don't even think about it!" Weiss said.

"What?" Kyle asked.

"I am not sharing my bed with you!" Weiss said.

Kyle's only response was annoyed groan.

"You're more than welcome to sleep with me." Yang said.

Kyle looked at her, "Tempting, but shouldn't I buy you dinner first?"

Yang laughed as Weiss began rubbing her temples in frustration, "My goodness, I can't believe you played along with that crude joke." Weiss said.

Kyle sighed, "Where's a chair? I'll use that."

Ruby grabbed a rolling chair by the desk and pushed it to Kyle. Kyle set the chair in the corner across from Yang and Blake's bunk beds.

"We should get some sleep." Kyle said.

"He's right. Tomorrow starts the weekend; we can get to know each other then." Blake said.

"You better not try anything funny while we're sleeping." Weiss said.

"Will you shut up about that!? I'm not that kind of guy!" Kyle said irritated.

Everyone climbed into their beds and Kyle sat in the chair. Yang poked her head out at the foot of her bed.

"My offer still stands." Yang said with a smile.

Kyle smiled back, "Goodnight Yang."

He closed his eyes and within a few minutes he fell asleep.

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