Ghost of a Man

A Trip to the Mall

Sorry if this took so long. I was trying to write this chapter and writers block hit me like a truck. I changed the rating to M for language.

"Wake up you bum!" Weiss yelled.

Team RWBY was up and dressed for the day; the only problem was Kyle, who was still sleeping in his chair. Weiss's face started to turn red with anger as all her efforts to wake the hooded boy were in vain.

"Ruby, use your whistle." Weiss ordered the young team leader.

Ruby went to the drawer and pulled out her whistle. This was the same whistle that she used to wake up Weiss on their first day as Team RWBY. Ruby thought she would never use this whistle again to wake up anyone, except maybe on Christmas, she walked up to the sleeping boy and bent so her face was close to his ear. She placed the whistle to her lips and blew. Kyle jolted awake and tumbled out of the chair taking the chair with him.

"Who the-!" Kyle stood up clearly alert now.

"Good morning! Welcome to your first official day as a member of Team RWBY!" Ruby said with a smile.

Kyle stood with his arms folded across his chest, "Ruby, che diavolo?" (What the devil?)

Ruby looked at him with her head tilted sideways, showing that she clearly didn't understand him.

"What's with the whistle?" Kyle asked.

"Oh, Weiss told me to wake you up." Ruby said.

Kyle looked at Weiss. His hood hid his expression, but he was annoyed with her, "I'll be angry with you later." He said.

"We already have our day planned just to get to know our new member and you are wasting time." Weiss said.

Kyle sighed, "What are we doing?"

"We're going to the mall, of course." Yang said.

"So, we're going so I could be your pack mule?" Kyle asked.

"No, of course not." Yang said, "Though Weiss might do that." She added.

"A gentleman always carries a ladies bag for her, I'm sure that there is one hidden under that hood." Weiss said.

"There is a fine line between a gentleman and a jackass." Kyle said; Yang began to snicker. "And I walk that line every day of my life." Kyle finished and Yang burst into laughter.

"Man that's funny! Hahahaha!" Yang continued laughing.

"Ugh! Do we seriously have to work with him now?" Weiss asked placing her hand on her forehead.

Kyle walked to the dresser, "Look, I'll go with you just don't bombard me with bags and boxes."

"Don't worry, we were just joking." Yang said.

"Thanks." Kyle said; he took his wrist blades off the dresser on put them on. He flicked his wrist and a "pfft" sound was heard.

"Right." Kyle said. He turned and looked at Yang.

Yang rubbed the back of her head with an embarrassed look, "Sorry about that."

"It's alright; I just need to get new blades and parts to rebuild them." Kyle said.

"I'm really, really sorry. I help you fix them." Yang said.

"It's okay Yang. I just have to be careful and not make you angry anymore." Kyle said.

Yang walked up and hugged him, "Aww, thank you."

After she let go Kyle took his pistols and placed them in his holster, then he took his swords and placed them on his side. "Okay, ready whenever you are." He said.

"Yay! Let's go!" Ruby yelled.

The team walked out of the dorm and went to the port where they waited for transport to Vale. The ride to Vale was uneventful. Kyle stood leaning with his back against the wall. Weiss, who was still annoyed with Kyle, stared out the window looking down at the city. Blake had her nose in a book as usual. Ruby and Yang were having a conversation with each other. Kyle noticed that the sisters would talk for a while before pointing or looking at him, he dismissed it as just ordinary girl gossip. They finally reached their stop where they walked to the mall. Upon entering the mall, Ruby jumped in front of everyone.

"Okay, what's our first stop?" Ruby asked.

"Why don't we split up and meet at the food court for lunch?" Blake suggested.

"Because if I have to suffer going to Yang's stores, then you have to suffer with me." Ruby said.

"Yeah, let's split up." Kyle said.

"NO!" Ruby yelled.

"C'mon Ruby, it won't kill ya to spend time with your big sis." Yang grabbed Ruby's hand and dragged her to what looked like a fancy underwear store.

"YANG! You know I hate going in there!" Ruby yelled.

Weiss gave a light smile as she looked at the sisters, "I'll be in the dress shops if you need me."

"And that leave us with, what 10 acres to look through?" Kyle sarcastically asked.

Weiss huffed and walked off leaving Blake and Kyle alone.

"I'm going to the book store, where are you headed?" Blake asked.

"Let's see. I could go clothes shopping with Weiss and get chewed out for giving guy opinions, I could go with Yang and Ruby and look like a pervert, or go to the book store with you and look normal." Kyle placed a hand on his chin thinking, "Decisions, decisions." He said with sarcasm.

Blake rolled her eyes and walked towards the book store, Kyle soon followed. He caught up with her and tried striking a conversation.

"So, what books do you read?" He asked

"All kinds." She answered.

"Do you have a favorite book?" He asked again.

Blake slightly turned red when he asked, "It's... uh –a-a ninja book."

"Nice." He said.

Blake gave a sigh of relief seeing he didn't press her on asking which ninja book. The two reached the book store and separated going into different aisles. Kyle browsed through the comic book section where he saw a collection of kaiju comics that he liked. He decided to pick a few of them and then headed to the next aisle which was the manga section. When he turned the corner he saw a teenage wolf Faunus reading a manga with a small stack next to her. She looked like a normal girl, except for the black wolf ears and tail, she had light brown hair and she wore a white t-shirt, blue miniskirt, and brown boots that went up to her knees. The girl saw Kyle from the other side of the aisle and decided to leave. She picked up her books and moved to the small walkway between sections only to have a young human man bump into her.

"Move it, freak!" He yelled as he knocked her books down.

Kyle saw this and moved towards the man. Acting like he was going to walk by him, Kyle got close and shoved the man into a table knocking down books and other items in the process.

"Watch it, stronzo." (asshole) Kyle said.

Kyle looked back and saw the Faunus girl picking up her books with tears in her eyes. He walked up to her and picked up the rest of the books and handed them to her. The girl's hands shook as she took the books, worried about what this human might do.

"Not all humans are like that, we're just unlucky that the majority of us are idiots." Kyle said.

The girl only whimpered as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"I'm Kyle. What's your name?" He asked her.

"Molly" She said.

Kyle stood up and offered his hand to pull her up. She accepted the help and stood on her feet, she gave Kyle a smile.

"Do you need me to escort you out of here?" Kyle asked.

"No, thank you. I just wish that were more humans like you." Molly said.

"As do I." Kyle said.

She turned and walked to the exit of the store and back in the mall. Kyle decided to leave as well to avoid unwanted attention. He went to the register and paid for his comics, and then he went to search for Blake. He found her in the romance section of the store.

"I saw what you did just now." Blake said as Kyle approached her, "You actually helped her out of the goodness of your heart."

"I did what any kind person would have done." Kyle said.

"Most humans would have ignored her suffering." Blake said.

"I said 'person' not 'human'." Kyle told her.

Blake smiled, "She's right you know. We need more humans like you so we all can be seen as 'People'."

Kyle smiled back and looked at the book in Blake's hands, "Found something?"

"Yes, I have been waiting for this to come out lately." Blake said.

Kyle managed to see the title of the book. It read "Ninjas of Passion".

"Isn't that a porno book?" He asked.

Blake blushed, slammed the book closed, and put it back on the shelf, "No. It's just a normal romance novel with ninjas in it."

Kyle folded his arms.

"Well it is!" Blake yelled in embarrassment.

Kyle shrugged his shoulders, "To each their own, I guess."

"It's not porn." Blake said.

"Okay, okay." Kyle said and threw his arms in defense, "Wait, you don't act out those scenes do you?"

Blake turned Kyle around and began pushing him, "Move it!" she said through her teeth.

The two stopped at a nearby café where Blake said that she wanted to talk. Kyle ordered coffee for Blake and a wild berry tea for himself. They waited for a while for their orders to come, when it arrived Blake put cream in her coffee and Kyle put two sugars in his tea. They each took a sip of their drinks before Blake started to ask questions.

"When we first met you were about to tell us about your grandfather. Who was he?" Blake asked.

"Roberto Lombardi, he was one of the few humans who fought for equality for both human and Faunus. Both figuratively and literally." Kyle said.

"And you said that you dress like him to fit this 'Ghost' persona?" Blake asked.

"Kind of. He wore a brown cloak with a hood similar to mine. I added blue to my coat because my family used to say it brings out my eyes." Kyle said.

"I can't see your eyes" Blake stated.

"I know." Kyle said.

Blake sat and thought for a while as she sifted through her memories, "I think I met your grandfather before." Blake said.

"Have you now?" Kyle asked curiously.

"Maybe, it was… Can I really trust you?" Blake asked with a worried look.

"Of course." Kyle said.

"Well, when I was young I was a member of the White Fang. I used to be at the peaceful protest before they turned violent. It was at one of these protests where a crowd of humans started throwing rocks at us before a little human boy stepped in front of us to shield everyone. When someone decided to throw a rock at him, an old man in a brown cloak appeared. The crowd grew violent and he fought back, even the little boy fought with him." Blake finished with a smile.

"Hmm… That story sounds familiar. You may have seen him there." Kyle said.

"You said that your swords use to belong to him. How long did he use them?" Blake asked.

"Years. He stopped when my grandmother was killed, shortly after I was born." Kyle said.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bring up any unpleasant memories." Blake apologized.

"It's okay, Blake." Kyle said.

"I also heard of how he died when that radical boasted to everyone." Blake said.

Kyle clenched his fist; his knuckles cracking in the process, "He will die soon enough."

"Sorry." Blake apologized again.

"I already mourned the loss of my family, now all that is left is to bring them justice." Kyle said

Blake could tell by his body language that Kyle grew extremely annoyed so she changed the subject, "I want to ask you about your fighting style."

"What about it?" Kyle asked.

"I notice that sometimes you hold one of you swords in a reverse grip. That's an unusual style for cutlasses." Blake said.

"I follow my instincts. When I feel the need to take an offensive and defensive stance I will reverse one of my blades." Kyle said.

"Wouldn't a katana like weapon be more suited for such a style?" Blake asked.

"It's something to think about." Kyle said before sipping his tea.

Blake smiled seeing that Kyle has relaxed. She took another sip of her coffee before asking another question, "Is it true what Yang said?"

Kyle looked up from his cup, "And what did Yang say?"

"She said that you have Faunus blood in you." Blake said.

"It's true. My grandmother was an eagle Faunus." Kyle said.

Blake's eyes widened in shock, "An eagle!? That's rare among the Faunus."

Kyle shrugged his shoulders, "Grandfather told me that she was an eagle, and it would explain my vision."

"Vision?" Blake asked.

"I see farther than the average human." He points to his left, "Take that sign over there. Can you read it?"

Blake saw a sign next to a store and squinted her eyes to see, "Something with a percent on it."

"It's a game store with a 30% off sale on everything in the store." Kyle said.

"Nice." Blake said.

The two sat in silence for a while, until they heard a familiar voice calling from across the mall. Blake had a good idea who it was.

"Blake! Help!" the voice said.

Kyle looked in the direction that the voice came from and saw a familiar shade of red coming towards them.

"Is that Ruby?" Kyle asked.

"Yep" Blake said before sipping her coffee again.

Ruby zoomed up to the pair leaving rose petals in her trail. She got to the table and hugged Blake.

"Blake, it was horrible. You would not believe the things that I saw." Ruby said.

"I believe it." Blake said with her neutral voice and expression.

"I'm serious here! They even had these… YOU!" Ruby pointed at Kyle.

"Hey." Kyle said.

Ruby placed her fist on her hips, "The nerve of you; leaving your cute, adorable team leader to suffer like that." She said with a pouting face.

"You could of left on your own." Kyle said.

"You can't wrestle away from Yang. She's got this mental hold on you when she finds something on you." Ruby said.

"What does she have on you?" Kyle asked.

"I'm her sister. I'm sure she could make a book that even Blake would read." Ruby said.

"Then your secrets would be mine." Blake said with a grin.

"Wait, no! No! I forbid you to read that book!" Ruby said waving her arms around.

Kyle and Blake chuckled as Ruby pleaded with them. Yang saw Ruby in the café with her other teammates and walked over to them. Ruby saw her sister coming and a worried look was on her face.

"Oh, man." Ruby said.

"Ruby, what did I tell you about running off like that? You had me worried." Yang said.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't take it anymore. Can't you buy regular underwear like normal people?" Ruby asked.

"Where's the fun in that?" Yang asked with a smile.

Kyle could only groan while he was in the middle of these girls talking about undergarments.

"Oh, hey there. What's up, mystery boy?" Yang greeted Kyle.

"Hey Yang." Kyle said.

"So, what ya doing with Blake?" Yang asked.

"We were just talking." Blake answered.

"About what?" Yang asked.

"Him." Blake pointed at Kyle.

"What did you find out?" Yang asked.

"A little bit." Blake answered.

Yang began to rub her chin in thought and then snapped her fingers when she had an idea, "What color is his hair?" She asked excitedly.

"I don't know." Blake said.

Yang growled, clearly annoyed that she had nothing.

"Yang I keep telling you, he's blonde." Ruby said, "You're blonde right?" she asked Kyle.

Kyle's answer was silence.

"No way. He's a brunette." Yang said, "Right?" she asked Kyle.


"If it's anything to you, he has blue eyes." Blake said.

The team looked in her direction.

"Huh?" Yang said confused.

"He said he added blue to his coat because his family said it brought out his eyes." Blake said with a smile.

Yang looked at him with narrowed eyes and a seductive grin, "Blue eyes huh?"

"Cazzo." (Fuck) Kyle cursed under his breath realizing that he revealed part of his identity.

"HEY!" a voice called out to them.

They all turned and saw Weiss carrying a few bags from the stores she had been in. She looked annoyed at her team, as usual.

"I can't believe you decided to eat without me!" Weiss said.

"Hey, we just found them here." Yang said.

"Yeah." Ruby backed up her sister.

"We were just having a drink and a conversation." Blake said.

Weiss sighed, "Well since we are together now, why don't we go eat?"

"I'm starving! I sure could go for a burger right now." Yang said while rubbing her stomach.

"Okay, let's go." Kyle said as he stood up.

"Here" Weiss threw her bags at Kyle.

"Figlio d'un cane!" (Son of a bitch!) Kyle said as he caught her bags.

"For keeping me out of the loop, you will carry my bags." Weiss said.

"Seriously!? Why me?" Kyle argued.

"You're a man, which means you're a gentleman too. Now don't drop them!" Weiss said and led everyone to the food court.

The food court was a fairly good size while having a different variety of restaurants to choose from. The team split up once again to get their food. Yang got herself a cheeseburger and fries, Blake got some grilled salmon, Ruby bought a strawberry sundae, Weiss settled on a plate of pasta, and finally Kyle got two slices of pepperoni pizza. They all sat at a table where they ate and talked. Kyle was telling a story his grandfather told him about his grandmother.

"She did what!?" Yang said with her mouth full of fries.

"That's a physical impossibility. It can't be done." Weiss said.

"That's what he thought at first, but he said Grandmother took this guys skull out his head and beat him to death with it. Oh, and this one time he said that she kicked this other guy so hard in the nuts that his head exploded." Kyle said.

"EWW!" Ruby exclaimed, she looked at her sundae seeing a mix between pink and red and pushed it aside, "I'm not hungry anymore."

"Sorry Ruby." Kyle apologized.

"Don't you think that your grandfather exaggerated his stories a bit?" Blake asked.

"With him you can't tell if it's made up or the truth, but he makes it sound great." Kyle said.

"Man! I want to kill something with their own skull!" Yang said.

Kyle chuckled, "Good luck with that."

The sound of a crowd of footsteps was heard from the walkway leading back into the mall. The team looked and of course saw a large group heading to a certain place in the mall.

"What's going on?" Blake asked.

"Maybe a celebrity is in the mall signing autographs." Weiss said.

"Is it The Achieve Men?" Yang asked excitedly

"I think we would have heard something if they were going to be here." Ruby said.

"It wouldn't hurt look. I say let's check it out." Kyle said.

The group left their table and followed the crowd. As the crowd started to grow into a small mass they heard a voice yelling out to the crowd.

"Everyone! The time for the Faunus has come to an end!" the voice rang.

Weiss groaned, "It's just another Purists rant. I swear they are worse than the White Fang."

"I agree with you." Blake said.

"Let's go, this is a waste of our time." Weiss said.

"Wait, where did Kyle go?" Ruby said.

They looked around left and right and saw no trace of the hooded boy.

"Unbelievable! We're here for two seconds and he gone missing!" Weiss yelled.

As RWBY was looking, Kyle had made his way into the crowd. He slipped through the people and gently pushed them aside as he made his way to the front. He got closer and began to see the red uniforms that these Purists wore, he also notice that this was more than just a rant. He heard a scared voice from the front with the radicals.

"Please, leave me alone." The voice said.

'That voice sounds familiar' Kyle thought.

Kyle continued to move forward and noticed that Molly, the Faunus from the bookstore, was surrounded by three Purists. One of the radicals had a rope in his hands. Kyle shoved his way to the front as the ranting continued; he burst from the crowd with one of his pistols drawn.

"It's him!" one of the purists yelled.

The one with the rope tried to strangle the Faunus girl, but was stopped when Kyle shot him in the head. The second guy tried to attack Kyle with a knife, only Kyle dodged and hit him in the head with the butt of his pistol knocking the guy out. Kyle drew one of his swords and dashed towards the final guy, he slashed his throat and the man dropped dead. Kyle flicked the blood off his sword and put it away with his pistol. He walked over to the girl and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, are you okay?" Kyle asked.

Molly looked up and saw Kyle again, she threw her arms around him and cried, "Thank you! Thank you!"

Kyle hugged her back and calmed her down. He helped her up and smiled at her, she smiled back. Three police officers showed up and drew their guns. Seeing the Purists down they seemed hesitant to move.

"What happened here?" The officer in the middle said, he had black wolf ears.

Molly ran up to the officer and hugged him, "Daddy!" she cried.

"Molly, are you okay?" he asked.

She nodded, "Yes, thanks to him." She pointed at Kyle.

The officer walked up to him, "Thank you so much for helping my daughter, I'm Sergeant Howell of Vale Police Department."

Kyle shook hands with the sergeant, "I'm glad that she's okay, sir."

"Hey Sarge, what do we do?" one of the officers asked.

"I take it that you killed all of them?" Howell asked Kyle.

"That one over there is knocked out" Kyle pointed to the one with a huge bruise on his head.

"Alright, arrest that one and get the rest out of here." Howell ordered the officer.

"Yes sir!" the officer said.

"And you get this crowd out of here." Howell ordered the other officer.

"Yes sir!" he said and went to the crowd.

Molly went back to her father and hugged him, he held her with a one armed hug.

"It's rare for a Faunus to be in the VPD, let alone reach the rank of sergeant." Kyle said.

"It was hard, but I managed to convince my fellow officers that I can work hard for the people of Vale and they respect me for it." Howell said.

"It seems that the human/faunus relations are better than I thought." Kyle said.

"It's still a work in progress with everyone helping; you seem to be working the hardest from what I hear." Howell said.

"I will not stop until people like the White Fang and the Purists are stopped. Our races will live in harmony." Kyle said.

"Just know that you have my full support, while you work." Howell said.

"Me too." Molly said.

"Um… Sarge?" one of the officers approached him.

"What is it?" Howell asked.

"These ladies refuse to leave. They say that they know this man." The officer said with Team RWBY in tow.

"That's my team." Kyle said.

"It's okay, let them stay." Howell said.

"Look I'm sorry that I- OW!" Kyle winced when Weiss slapped his chest.

"Why did you have to turn a normal outing into a crime scene!?" Weiss yelled.

"You could have told us what you were doing. We would of have helped." Yang said.

"She's right. We're a team after all." Blake said.

"Sorry, I'm still getting used to that idea." Kyle said.

Weiss sighed, "Well perhaps we can salvage what's left of this day. Where are we going next?"

"Let's go to my store!" Ruby said.

Ruby grabbed Yang's wrist and began tugging on her to drag her. Yang would not budge and let her sister pull. Ruby finally let go and huffed.

"Why can't I take you anywhere?" Ruby complained.

"I guess you have to drink more milk, Ruby." Yang said.

Ruby growled, "Let's just go." She said.

Team RWBY began to walk off to Ruby's destination. Kyle was about to follow until Molly stopped him.

"Please, wait." She said.

"What is it?" Kyle asked.

"I want to thank you for everything you have done today." Molly said.

"I'm glad I could help" Kyle said.

"Really, thank you." She said and kissed him on the cheek.

Kyle was stunned for a second but smiled at the girl.

"Hey Kyle, come on!" Yang yelled from a distance.

Kyle waved goodbye to Molly and her father, then caught up with his team. Ruby led them to a weapon shop with an assortment of parts, accessories, and manuals for different weapons. Ruby went towards the magazine stand and read on the current issues of "Weapon Mags", Yang went in search of ammo for Ember Celica; Kyle went down the aisles and picked up new springs, wires and blades to rebuild his wrist blades. He went to the store clerk and placed his items on the counter; the clerk scanned the items and placed them in a bag. Kyle paid or his parts and took the bag, Yang came from behind him and placed her ammo box on the counter.

"You got your stuff?" Yang asked.

"Yes, now I can start on repairs tomorrow." Kyle said.

Yang shuffled her feet and twirled her finger in her hair, "I can help you if you want. It's the least I could do for breaking them in the first place."

"It's okay, this tends to happen in our line of work." Kyle said.

He placed a hand on her shoulder, "Maybe that's what I get for messing with someone like you. You really have such beautiful hair." Kyle said.

Yang narrowed her eyes and grinned, "Are you flirting with me?"

"It's a rare thing for me to do really." Kyle said.

Yang paid for her ammo and took her bag, "Guess I got somewhere with you after all."

Kyle smiled at the blonde, "Hey, where's Ruby?"

Yang's smile disappeared and was replaced with worry, "Oh, man. I gotta find her before she blows a hole in our allowance. Could you find Blake and Weiss and tell them what I'm doing?"

"Sure." Kyle said.

As Yang started her search Kyle left the store. He found Weiss and Blake sitting on a bench nearby waiting for them to finish. Kyle approached them and rested on the huge block decoration.

"Hey." Kyle said.

"That was actually quick." Weiss said.

"I just got what I needed." Kyle said holding his bag up.

"Where's Yang?" Weiss asked.

"She said that she was going to find Ruby." Kyle said.

"This could be a while." Blake said while reading her book.

About two seconds after she said that everyone heard a loud whine. They looked at the store and saw Yang coming out dragging Ruby by her hood.

"Okay, we got time for one more store. What's it going to be?" Yang asked.

"Let Kyle choose since he's the new guy." Blake said.

Everyone looked at him and waited for his decision, "Game store?" he suggested.

"Sweet! I'll race you!" Yang said.

Yang let go of Ruby and ran off with Kyle running after her. Yang was fast for sure, but she didn't count on Kyle's agility. She looked back after she thought she had some distance, only to see Kyle sliding on the square tree stands and jumping over benches. Kyle got close to Yang and he jumped on the nearby bench and slid on his feet landing in front of Yang and running forward.

"Aw hell no! That's cheating!" Yang yelled and ran faster.

Kyle slid to a stop in front of the game store, "I win Yan-AH!" He went crashing down as Yang ran into him.

Yang began rubbing her head, "Ow! Geez what did you stop for!?"

She opened her eyes and realized that she was on top of Kyle. She started blushing madly, "Um… Wow. I did not plan on this."

"Are you ok?" Kyle asked.

"I… I guess." Yang said.

"Then can you get up, please. People might stare." Kyle said.

Yang pushed herself up and threw her hair back, "Sorry. I didn't mean to run into you."

"It's okay. Let's go in and look." Kyle said and he walked in the game store.

The two browsed through the store and waited for the rest of the team to show up. The others made their way in and began looking themselves. Weiss made her way to Kyle and talked to him.

"I didn't know you were into such things." Weiss said.

"I use to place games every day when I was younger. I'm looking to get back to playing them since I have some new friends." Kyle said.

"Just don't expect me to get into such things. I don't play…" Weiss said but was interrupted by Ruby.

"Hey Weiss, here's that new Pokémon game you were looking for." Ruby said holding the game case.

Weiss's face turned red and her head darted back and forth between looking at Ruby and looking at Kyle. Kyle grinned at the heiress.

"What are you looking at!?" Weiss yelled out embarrassed.

"A liar with her skirt on fire." Kyle said.

Weiss growled at the hooded boy. He threw his arms up in defense.

"It's okay, Weiss. I'm not judging you." Kyle said.

"Good." Weiss said.

Kyle turned around, "Just know that this makes good blackmail material." He walked off smiling.

"YOU SON OF A…" Weiss was about to curse, but Ruby place her hand over the heiress's mouth and dragged her off to another part of the store.

Kyle found Yang in another section of games and went to talk to her, "What do you see, Yang?"

"How about we try playing a zombie game, you up for it?" Yang asked.

"I don't like zombie games." Kyle said.

Yang grinned at the boy, "Chicken." She taunted.

"No, they make the games harder than they should be." Kyle said.

"Really?" Yang said unsatisfied, "How would you fight zombies in real life?"

"You're seriously asking that with the weapons we have?" Kyle asked.

"What do you mean?" Yang asked.

"Ruby has a scythe that's also a sniper rifle, Weiss has a rapier with magical capabilities, do I need to continue?" Kyle explained.

"Oh, good point." Yang said, "Don't worry, I'll find something all of us can do together." She went back to browsing games.

Kyle found Blake in one section and went to talk to her, "How are you doing, Blake?"

"Okay." She said, "I was looking at this game, do you know about it?"

The game in question was "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots" Kyle smiled at her.

"I like this one. It's an action/stealth based game where you can choose to go in guns blazing or take a stealthier approach." Kyle said.

"Really?" Blake asked.

"Yeah, but if you are really into the stealth mechanics then you should try the earlier installments." Kyle said.

"I'll think about it. Thanks." Blake said.

"You may like this too." Kyle reached out and handed her a game.

Blake looked at the case and it read "Ninja Gaiden II" She looked up from the case, "A ninja game? Am I that predictable?"

"It's a ninja game, but it has fantasy elements like you fighting demons and such." Kyle said.

"Wow." Blake said.

"But it's not like the ninja stuff you read." Kyle said.

Blake glared at him.

"You know that glare makes you look cuter?" Kyle said.

Blake smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Hey guys! Come look at this!" Ruby called out to her team.

Everyone joined Ruby where she was pointing at a game, "Look there. The guy on the case looks like Kyle." Ruby said.

Kyle picked up the case and read the title, "Assassin's Creed."

"See, he has a hood and a blade coming out of his arm. Weird coincidence huh?" Ruby said.

"Yeah, kind of weird." Yang said.

Kyle held on to the game, "I may try this. Just to see what's it's like."

The group paid for the games they got and finally left the mall heading back to Beacon. They arrived and left the transport then headed straight to their dorm room. Ruby used her scroll to unlock the door and let everyone inside. They left their bags by the door so they could collect them in the morning. Yang climbed into her bunk and stretched her arms out.

"Man! I'm beat." Yang said.

"Yeah, it's been quite a day." Kyle said as he sat in his chair.

"What do we do tomorrow?" Ruby asked.

"Let's just sleep in tomorrow." Yang said.

"I'm for that." Kyle said.

"Not before we change into our pajamas." Weiss said.

"But Weiss, I'm tired!" Yang complained.

"No excuses Yang, it's barbaric to sleep in your dirty clothes." Weiss said.

"I'm not dirty!" Yang said offended.

"I don't have pajamas." Kyle said.

"You don't?" Yang asked.

"No." Kyle said.

"Shopping!" Yang said in a singing voice.

"No." Kyle said annoyed.

"What other clothes do you have?" Weiss asked.

"Just these." Kyle pointed to the clothes he had on now.

Weiss shook her head, "Yang's right, we're going shopping next weekend."

"Figlio d'un cane." (Son of a bitch.) Kyle cursed under his breath.

He turned his chair so that it was facing the wall, so he wouldn't look at the girls, "Just wake me up in the morning, please. Goodnight everyone."

"Good night." The girls said.

It took a few minutes, but Kyle finally fell asleep. The dream he had that night brought back memories long forgotten and some revelations as well.

Here's chapter 4. As always review and all that if you have the time. Also I'm thinking about doing a side story about RWBY and my OC playing certain games. I don't know if I will do it or not, I'm still thinking. Tell me you would like to see RWBY and K playing game. See you next time.

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