Ghost of a Man

Remember the Past (Blake)

Here's one of my "Memory" chapters. I plan on doing two more of these in the future.

Ten years ago

Kyle was seven years old the time this took place. He sat on a bench outside while looking at a group of Faunus who were holding signs; they were waving the signs around while shouting various chants. Kyle took notice of a little girl with dark hair and cat ears as she stood in front with the group, she was holding a sign as big as she was and joined the rest in chanting.

"We are not animals, we are people too!" the girl chanted.

Kyle just sat there while the group continued. He couldn't help but look confused, he tried to think about the purpose of this but his young mind could not grasp what was really going on. Kyle felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see who it was. He saw an old man with his face hidden in a brown hood; the only part of his face he could see was part of his nose, his beard which was black with a little grey, and the smile on his face.

"What's wrong bambino?" (little man) the man asked.

"Grandfather, why are they doing that?" Kyle pointed to the Faunus group.

The old man sighed and sat down next to his grandson, "They are protesting so they could get equal rights for their race."

"They are not equal?" Kyle asked.

"They are equals. The rest of the world just wishes to remain ignorant to it." Roberto said.

"Why?" Kyle asked.

"Because stupidity spreads like a virus." Roberto said.

"They are all like Grandma was. They are still people even with the animal ears." Kyle said.

Roberto smiled at the boy, "Yes they are bambino. You must never forget that."

"I won't Grandpa." Kyle smiled.

Roberto noticed that some humans were gathering across the street from the Faunus protestors. Knowing what was going to happen next, he stood up and tapped Kyle on the shoulder.

"It's time to go now." Roberto said.

Kyle stood up and took one last look at the Faunus group. He saw that the humans across the street from them started throwing rocks at the Faunus, one rock hit the small cat eared girl. Enraged Kyle ran towards the two groups.

"Hey, cut that out!" Kyle screamed.

"Kyle! Wait!" Roberto yelled.

Kyle ran in between the two groups and faced the human group, shielding the Faunus. He kept his arms stretched out as he spoke.

"What's the matter with you!? You're going to hurt these people doing that!" Kyle yelled.

"Get out of the way, kid!" one person yelled out.

"No! You're going to leave them alone and go home!" Kyle ordered the humans.

"Stupid brat!" someone said and threw a rock.

The rock headed for the little boy. Roberto took this chance and stood in front of his grandson. He caught the rock with one hand and crushed it. He stared at the human group.

"Hey old man, get that kid out of here!" a human yelled out.

"Vai a farti fottere." Roberto told them.

"What?" Someone yelled out.

"I said 'Go fuck yourself'." Roberto said.

"You senile old bastard!" a human went to attack him.

Roberto grabbed the man's arm and slammed his head using his elbow. More humans came to fight with the old man. Seeing his grandfather in trouble, Kyle decided to join in and help. He grabbed the sign the cat girl held.

"I'm sorry, I have to borrow this." Kyle said to the girl.

Kyle ran with the sign and attacked. He hit one human in the head and sent him down; when he hit the ground Kyle slammed the sign in his stomach. Kyle spun the sign around and tripped up two other people. Roberto mainly countered his attackers. He blocked a punch with his left arm and hit the man with a heavy punch. He threw another person over his shoulder and stomped his face in the ground. Roberto then grabbed a man's arm and flipped him over; he then kicked his arm dislocating his shoulder in the process. One man pulled out a knife.

"Grandpa! Catch this!" Kyle yelled and threw the sign.

Roberto caught the sign. He swung the sign and knocked the knife out of the man's hand; he then jabbed the man in the stomach and finally hit him over the head, breaking the sign. Roberto pointed the splintered wood at the downed man.

"Take your friends and leave, now." Roberto ordered.

The man scrambled to his feet and ran off with the rest of the human group. Roberto threw the piece of wood on the ground and sighed. He noticed a few riot control policemen coming down the street; he knew that they were there to scare off the Faunus. Roberto stepped forward and flicked his wrist sending his hidden blades out. The police stopped when they saw him. A policewoman with blonde hair placed her hand on one of the officer's shoulder.

"Stand down." She ordered.

"But captain…" He said.

"I said stand down! That's an order!" She yelled.

The officers put away their weapons and the captain used her radio.

"Dispatch, this is Riot Control. The Faunus disturbance was a false alarm. We are coming back." She motioned for the officers to leave and gave a quick nod to Roberto.

Roberto retracted his blades and groaned while he massaged his back, "I'm getting too old for this." He told himself.

He walked back to his grandson where he saw him talking to a little cat Faunus.

"I'm sorry about your sign." Kyle apologized to her.

"It's okay. Thank you for standing up for us." She said.

Roberto walked up to the two and stood next to his grandson.

"And t-t-thank you t-to mister." The girl shyly said.

"You're quite welcome." Roberto said.

The girl smiled at the two humans, thankful for what they have done.

"Hey, you're hurt!" Kyle said to the cat girl.

Roberto bent down and noticed a bleeding cut on the girl's cheek.

"It's a small cut. Nothing serious, but you can't be too careful." Roberto said.

He pulled out a small pouch from his belt and put some disinfectant on his finger, "This may sting a little." He told the girl.

He began to rub the disinfectant on the wound. The girl took a sharp breath from the stinging, but she stood still.

"Kyle, what did I tell you about fighting?" Roberto asked.

"To not do it unless absolutely necessary, but wasn't this necessary to help these people?" Kyle defended his actions.

Roberto smiled, "It scares me sometimes how you are a lot like I was when I was younger."

He placed a bandage on the girl's cheek, "There, you're fine now." Roberto said.

"Thank you, mister." The girl said.

"What's your name?" Kyle asked.

"It's Blake." She said.

"I'm glad that you and the others are okay, Blake." Kyle said.

"Thanks. I wish that humans were more understanding like you." Blake said.

"How can we help her, Grandfather?" Kyle asked.

"How about a picture?" Roberto suggested.

"A picture?" Kyle asked.

"Yes. If we show that a Faunus and a human can be happy, even children. Then everyone else may understand that we are not so different." Roberto said.

"You think that could work?" Kyle asked Blake.

"Maybe." Blake said.

Roberto pulled out a camera, "It wouldn't hurt to try." He knelt down and pointed the camera at the two children, "Hold her hand, Kyle."

"What?" Kyle said while blushing.

"Just hold her hand for the picture." Roberto told him.

Still blushing, Kyle held Blake's left hand with his right. It was Blake's turn to blush this time.

"Okay, look here and smile." Roberto told them.

They looked towards the camera and smiled. There was a quick flash signaling that the picture had been taken, they rushed towards the camera to see how they looked. Roberto showed the picture revealing a nice picture of two children with bright smiles.

"There. The first step to everlasting peace." Roberto said.

"This is a nice picture." Kyle said.

"Yeah." Blake agreed with him.

Roberto smiled at the two, 'I wish you were here to see this, Sabina. You would have been proud of how your grandson is a lot like the two of us were.' He thought.

Roberto stood up, "Okay, it's time we head home."

"Are you sure, Grandfather?" Kyle asked.

"Yes. If I don't get you home, your mother would kill me." Roberto said.

"No she wouldn't" Kyle said.

Roberto chuckled and ruffled Kyle's hair, "You will learn more about women when you grow older, bambino." (little man)

Kyle walked with his grandfather, after a few steps he turned around and waved goodbye to Blake.

"Bye, Blake! Hope I see you again!" Kyle yelled to her.

"Bye!" Blake shouted back while waving.

Roberto smiled at his grandson, proud of the man that he will become when he grows up. Little did the old man know that Kyle and Blake would meet again and work together for the people of Remnant.

I kind of meant for this to be short. I just wanted to throw in the twist that Kyle and Blake met before going to Beacon. Review, follow, favorite and all that jazz if you want. Also PM or review some helpful tips or ideas for the story. See ya'll next chapter.

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