Ghost of a Man

First Day pt1

Kyle awoke in the morning slightly annoyed. He knew what was happening today.

'I start classes today. Well, I guess I'll get started.' Kyle thought.

He started to get up, but realized something unfamiliar to him. He remembered talking with Ruby last night and then going to sleep. He felt different.

'Why am I laying down? Why do I feel comfortable?' He thought.

Kyle looked to his left and saw Yang lying down on her side. She gave him a wink and a seductive smile.

"Was it good for you too?" Yang teased.

Kyle yelled in surprise and fell out of the bed. He landed on his back and groaned in pain.

"Well, at least he's up." Weiss said.

Kyle looked from the ground and saw that Weiss was dressed in her uniform, Blake and Yang were still in their pajamas, and Ruby was nowhere to be seen.

Kyle groaned again, "How did I get up there? What happened last night?"

"Calm down, Kyle. It was just a joke." Yang said, "And it was nice wake up call for you." She added.

"Quite effective." Blake said while reading her book.

"Yeah, thanks for the heart attack." Kyle jokingly said, "How did I wind up there anyway?"

"You weren't that heavy." Yang said.

Kyle stood up and looked at her.

"Seriously." Yang said.

"Ruby helped her lift you." Blake said.

Yang looked down and glared at Blake, "Squealer."

Blake turned a page in her book and ignored the blonde.

"Where is Ruby?" Kyle asked.

As if on cue, Ruby stepped out of the bathroom dressed in her uniform and her red cloak, "Okay Blake, your turn."

Blake closed her book and walked in the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Ruby looked at the rest of her team with her usual smile.

"Morning!" Ruby said.

"What's the idea of putting me in bed with your sister?" Kyle asked.

"Ummm…." She looked back and forth between Kyle and Yang, "Whoops."

"Yeah 'Whoops'." Kyle said and walked to her.

"It was her idea!" Ruby pointed to Yang.

"I know it was." Kyle said.

"Are we still friends?" Ruby asked.

"Of course we are." Kyle said and put his arm around Ruby.

"Cool!" Ruby cheered.

Yang hopped down from her bed, "First day of class buddy! You think you're up for it?"

"Maybe. My mother would tell you that I was not a fan of school when I was younger." Kyle said.

"Aww." Yang playfully pouted, "Didn't you get to flirt with the girls?" Yang teased.

"No. Why would I do that?" Kyle said.

"You prefer boys?" Yang asked.

"NO! I just don't go around annoying girls with flirting. I would behave like a normal guy and take things slow and see if they like me first." Kyle told her.

"Huh. I didn't expect that." Yang said.

"Most boys that Yang met were jerks anyway." Ruby said.

"I almost feel sorry them, knowing how Yang is." Kyle said.

Blake finished in the bathroom and stepped out. She was wearing her uniform and her black bow. She sat back on her bed and continued with her book.

"My turn!" Yang yelled in a sing-song voice.

The group waited for Yang to finish with her turn. Kyle sat back in his chair and sighed. He looked over at Ruby, who was sitting in her bed with a bag of cookies. Ruby was munching happily away at the sweets. Kyle noticed that she was eating quite a lot.

"Wow, you're going through those like some kind of drug junkie." Kyle said, "What a minute… Do those…"

Ruby shook her head quickly, "Nope, just normal cookies." She said with her mouth full, "Want one?"

"No thanks." Kyle said.

Ruby continued eating her cookies.

"Whether they have narcotics or not, she sure is addicted to them." Weiss said.

"At least it's an innocent addiction." Kyle said.

Yang had finished and walked out in her uniform, "Alright, your turn, buddy."

Kyle nodded and stepped in the bathroom. He closed the door and went over to the shower and turned the water on. He took his clothes off and set them on the sink counter. Kyle stepped in the shower and began washing.


"Girls, I have a clever idea." Yang said.

"What is it now?" Weiss said slightly annoyed.

"Why don't we steal his jacket, so all of us can finally see his face?" Yang suggested.

Weiss held the bridge of her nose, "Good gracious, this again?"

"Seriously, give it up Yang. He will show us if he wants to." Ruby said.

"Come on Ruby, it's a mystery that has to be solved." Yang said.

"It's not a mystery." Blake said.

"Says the girl who already seen." Yang said.

Blake rolled her eyes.

"I got it! You sneak inside and take the coat, Blake." Yang said.

"No." Blake said.

"Come on. Please?" Yang said with a pouty face.

Blake moaned and walked to the bathroom.

"You think she's going to get caught?" Ruby asked.

Yang counted with her fingers. 3, 2, 1, and pointed to the door. Blake stepped out with the coat in hand.

"Here, and don't blame me for what he might do to you." Blake said and handed Yang the jacket.

"Yes! Soon the secret will be revealed." Yang started to laugh like an evil villain.

"It's official, your sister is nuts." Weiss told Ruby.

A few minutes later, the girls heard the doorknob to the bathroom turn and the door opened. Yang held the coat in the air and yelled out.

"Aha! The shroud has been lifted! Now your secret is…" Yang said.

Everyone saw Kyle wearing his pants, no shirt, and… a towel made into a makeshift hood concealing his face.

"Son of a!" Yang censored herself.

Kyle held his hand out, "Yang."

Yang huffed and handed Kyle his coat. He walked back to the bathroom door.

"Nice bod." Yang said.

Kyle stopped, "Thanks. I would return the compliment, but I fear that you would tear off something important." He walked back in the bathroom and closed the door.

"Okay, plan B." Yang said.

"No! No plan B! Let's head to class now so that we won't be late." Weiss said.

Team RWBY left their room at the same time as Team JNPR. The two teams walked together to what would be their first class of the day, Grimm Studies with Professor Port. The teams chatted while they walked to the classroom, when they arrived they walked inside and was greeted by the professor himself.

"Good morning, students." Port said.

"Morning professor." Ruby said.

"I'm glad that you're growing into your role Ms. Rose. Your newest member has come early." Port said.

They looked towards the large college styled table rows and saw that Kyle was sitting at the end of the row where RWBY sat.

"How did he get here so quick!?" Weiss asked.

"Forget that, why is he out of uniform?" Yang asked.

"Please take your seats. I will begin shortly." Port said.

RWBY and JNPR split and walked to their respective seats. Kyle noticed his team approaching. He stood up and pushed his chair in to let them reach their seats. Blake smiled at Kyle and went to her seat. Yang walked to Kyle and grinned at him.

"Trying to score some points with us?" Yang teased.

Kyle grinned back at her. Weiss stepped through.

"Thank you." Weiss said and sat down in her seat.

"Thanks" Ruby said and sat down.

Kyle pulled his chair out again and sat next to Ruby. Port started his class by telling one of his past glories, once again. Kyle, like most other students, lost interest very quickly. He looked around while Port rambled on about something he did to avoid being molested by boartusks during mating season. Kyle saw that Weiss was taking notes on Port's so called lecture.

'She's writing this down. Seriously?' he thought.

Kyle looked at Blake who was reading the class textbook. He then noticed that the text book Blake had looked like it had another book inside it.

'Hehe. Good ol' Blake.' Kyle thought.

He looked next to him and saw Ruby drawing what looked like weapon schematics. What she drew looked like plans for a katana that splits into two thinner blades with pistol magazines in the hilt for firing close range.

'Hm. Not Ruby's style, maybe she's making these for a friend.' Kyle thought.

Ruby noticed that Kyle was watching her and quickly covered her drawing with her arms and body while blushing.

'And maybe she's shy about showing her work before it's finished.' Kyle thought.

Kyle decided to leave Ruby alone and glanced over to Yang. She was definitely the picture of bored. She held her head up with her right hand while drumming her text book with the other hand. Yang turned her head and saw that Kyle was looking at her. She smiled and winked at him while Kyle smiled back. He relaxed back in his chair.

'I know that with Yang flirting with me I know that she's somewhat interested in me, but I can also sense that she's testing me.' Kyle thought, 'She's a smart girl trying to be careful about picking boys, but am I really good enough for any girl?'

Kyle looked back at Yang. She waved at him using her fingers.

'Perhaps that's for her to decide.' Kyle thought.

"Now I will ask for two students to demonstrate their skills." Port said.

He looked around the classroom and noticed that Yang was barely paying attention to him; instead she was focused on her teammate.

"Ms. Xiao Long, care to show us your skills?" Port announced.

"Wha?" she snapped out of her daze, "Um, okay." She stood up.

"And you may choose a partner to work with." Port said.

Yang narrowed her eyes and grinned. She looked at Kyle, "You're with me, handsome."

"Sure." Kyle said and stood up.

"Good luck." Ruby said.

"Thanks." Kyle said to Ruby.

The two walked to the main floor of the classroom. Kyle stood at a distance from Professor Port and the cage he was standing next to. Yang went inside the small changing room to get out of her uniform. She later stepped out in her normal clothes and had Ember Celica on her wrist. Yang joined Kyle standing across from the cage.

"Are you two ready?" Port asked.

Yang took her battle stance, "Ready."

Kyle drew his swords and nodded.

Port raised his Blunderaxe above his head, "Begin!" he brought the weapon down and broke the lock on the cage.

The door flew open and a full grown ursa stepped out growling at the hunter and huntress. It slowly walked forward as it studied its opponents.

"What do we do first?" Yang asked.

"Stay on the defensive, lets learn his tactics and find a weakness." Kyle said.

Yang nodded and focused on the ursa. The large Grimm charged at the two forcing them to roll out of the way. Kyle took this opportunity for a quick attack, but his sword bounced when he struck the bone armor plate of the ursa. The angered Grimm stood up on two legs and began swinging its paws. Kyle was forced to move his body around to avoid getting hit, Yang saw the ursa was distracted and ran towards it. She gave it a good punch in the back, Kyle rolled out of its path as it fell back on its four legs. The ursa then set its sights on Yang as it tried to pounce and swipe at her, Yang jumped from side to side while countering with left and right hooks to the ursa's head. To give Yang some breathing room, Kyle pulled out one of his pistols and shot the ursa in the rear. The ursa roared in pain and began dragging its rear on the ground. Yang ran to her teammate.

"This guy can sure take a beating." Yang said.

Kyle saw the ursa pick itself up and he got a close look at it. He saw that there was barely any armor on its throat.

"I got it! Try to knock it on its back!" Kyle told Yang.

"Easy as pie!" Yang said.

Yang ran after the bear-like Grimm to give it a good solid punch, but the unexpected happened. Yang tripped on her own feet and stumbled towards the ursa. The ursa saw this as an annoyance and swatted Yang with the back of its paw. Yang was sent flying and her back hit the wall, she slid down and laid on her side.

"YANG!" Kyle and Ruby yelled out at the same time.

Kyle looked angrily at the Grimm and charged with his swords. He swung his swords furiously, but could not get past most of the armor. The ursa grew annoyed and swatted the swords away. It raised its left paw to strike; Kyle jumped to its right and stabbed it in the neck with his hidden blade. The ursa then tried its right paw to strike; only Kyle jumped to its left and stabbed it again in the neck. The ursa grew angry and stood on its two legs; Kyle then took his left hidden blade and stabbed the Grimm under its chin. Kyle fired the pistol connected to his blade and the bullet shot through the ursa's skull, killing it. The Grimm fell to the ground.

"Bravo! Well done my boy!" Port praised the hooded boy.

Kyle ignored him and ran towards Yang. He gently held her up, "Yang, are you okay?" he asked worried about her.

Yang looked up with her eyes spinning, "Uhh… Did you get the number of that car?" her head slumped back, "Blah!"

Kyle picked her up in a bridal carry and headed for the door, "I'm taking her to the infirmary. Please excuse us, Professor."

Kyle stepped in the hallway with Yang and headed towards the infirmary. About halfway to the infirmary Yang started to come to.

"Ugh. What did I- AHH!" Yang realized that she was being carried and threw her arms around whoever was carrying her.

She saw that Kyle was the one carrying her. If anyone saw them it would look like one of those movie moments where the hero would save the girl. Yang knew this and started blushing, because she also knew that she was being held like she had become his bride.

"This is new, seeing you blush like that." Kyle said while walking.

"Well, it's kind of embarrassing. I'm not used to being a damsel in distress." Yang said.

"Who says that you're a damsel? I'm just helping out a friend." Kyle said.

"Yeah, a totally hot friend." Yang said.

"Yeah… Right." Kyle said.

Yang pulled herself close and gave Kyle a kiss on the cheek, "That's for not leaving me to die." She said.

"I highly doubt that you would have died, but… Thank you." Kyle said.

Yang kept herself close to him as he continued to carry her. She was enjoying this little time with him. She thought about most of the boys she met before and compared them to Kyle. It felt strange to her, because she once thought all boys acted the same. In the situation she was just in with the ursa most boys would flee leaving her behind, Kyle stayed with her. Most boys would only go out with Yang just for her body, Kyle didn't care. Most boys would ignore Yang's feelings about her other friends and Ruby, Kyle thought about everyone especially Ruby. Yang could feel some connection with the boy and really liked him, despite her not seeing his face once. The question was whether or not that he liked her that way. Kyle finally reached the infirmary and carried Yang inside.

"What happened?" The nurse inside said.

"We were in Professor Port's class and…" Kyle began to explain.

The nurse held her hand up, "I get it. Just set her on the bed and I'll examine her."

Kyle did as he was told and the nurse began looking Yang over. She checked Yang's eyes with a light to see if there were any concussions. The nurse then looked at the back of Yang's head to see if there were any cuts or bruises, she found none.

"You're fine; just take some aspirin for any pain that you feel." The nurse said.

"Thanks." Yang said.

Yang walked out with Kyle. As soon as she stepped out, Yang was wrapped in a big hug by Ruby, who was waiting outside with the rest of the team.

"Yang! I was so worried!" Ruby said while hugging her sister.

"Are you okay?" Blake asked.

"I'm fine, thanks to this loveable guy." Yang playfully punched Kyle's arm.

Ruby let go of Yang and began hugging Kyle, "Thank you so much!" she said.

"You're welcome, Ruby." Kyle hugged back.

Yang grabbed Weiss and Blake and pulled them to Kyle and Ruby, "Group hug!"

The whole team became trapped in Yang's crushing embrace. Yang could only smile being close to her team who also felt like family.

"Yang! Can't breathe!" Ruby yelled.

Yang let go of her team, "Sorry Ruby, but you're just so cute!" Yang held Ruby's head into her breast.

"Yang! Stop it!" Ruby muffled.

"Come on Yang, let her breathe." Kyle said.

"Okay, you too!" Yang said and pushed Kyle into her breast.

Kyle was able to break Yang's grip and he was able to escape with Ruby.

"Geez Yang! Why do you have to smother everyone?" Ruby said.

"How else am I supposed to show how much I love you?" Yang asked.

"Money is always nice." Kyle joked.

"Yeah!" Ruby said.

Yang just spit her tongue at the two and smiled. They began walking to their next class.

"So, what's next?" Kyle asked.

"I have Dust 101 next." Weiss said.

"Aura Training." Blake said.

"Semblance Control." Ruby said.

"Same here." Yang said.

"How can I tell what I have next?" Kyle asked.

"Don't you have your Scroll?" Weiss asked.

"Ozpin said something about giving me one this evening." Kyle said.

Weiss pulled out her own Scroll and gave it a few taps, "Here, you have Aura Training with Blake next. We then have lunch together with JNPR, then we all have History together, finally you and Yang have Combat Training at the end of the day."

"Thanks, Weiss." Kyle said.

"Oh, man. I got to get my uniform from Professor Port's class." Yang said.

"I'll walk you there." Kyle said.

"Thank you." Yang smiled.

"See you class, Blake." Kyle said before waving goodbye and joining Yang.

The two walked towards Port's class in somewhat silence. Yang was thinking about Kyle as they walked. Mostly it was the guys who made the first move, but Yang knew that Kyle was too focused on his current objective. She wanted to try be close to him and try to calm his mind a little.

"Hey Kyle." Yang said.

"Yes?" Kyle acknowledged her.

Yang intertwined her fingers with Kyle's, "Is it okay that we walk like this for a while?" she asked.

"Um… Sure." Kyle said.

Yang smiled as she walked through the school while holding his hand. Kyle began to feel some peace flowing through his mind. He liked this feeling and would do anything to continue this feeling.

'It seems that Yang does like me a lot.' Kyle thought.

He looked at her and smiled, she looked and smiled back. Yang pulled him into a warm hug.

'I guess I like her too.' Kyle thought.

"Thanks for spending time us. You actually feel like a brother to us." Yang said.

"Anything for my friends." Kyle said.

Yang broke the hug and continued walking with Kyle still holding hands.

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