Ghost of a Man

First Day pt2

A quick shout out to the readers. Thank you for reading my story and thanks to those who review and send me PMs. This really encourages me to continue working. I know I'm not good like most of the authors for RWBY fanfics, but hopefully I can entertain you until they release their next chapter in their stories. Thanks again everyone.

The day continued and now both Team RWBY and JNPR were at lunch. Once again both teams were listening to one of Nora's stories.

"So there we were, inside an abandoned building." Nora said.

"It was a department store." Ren corrected.

"We found the large dark man that was running from us." Nora continued.

"It was a lady giving perfume samples." Ren corrected again.

"He smelled like butts and death." Nora said.

"The scent smelled like jasmine and green tea. It actually was quite pleasant." Ren said.

"Ren and I captured him and dragged him to the cops!" Nora finished.

Ren sighed, "And now I have to watch Nora when she is around perfumes or other nice scents."

Most of the group began giggling, including Nora.

"Are you feeling okay, Yang?" Pyrrha asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It will take more than an ursa to take me down." Yang said.

"You're a tough woman." Kyle said.

Yang flexed her arm muscle, "You know it!"

"You did well too, Kyle." Pyrrha said.

"Yeah, you were ferocious when you were fighting that ursa." Jaune said.

"To tell you the truth, I kind of lost it when Yang got hurt." Kyle said.

"I did that just to make you look good." Yang said.

"Oh yeah, right!" Kyle sarcastically said.

Everyone in the group laughed. Yang reached under the table and held Kyle's hand. He looked at her and smiled while gently squeezing her hand. Yang smiled back.

"So you only known each other for three days and now you're dating." Blake said with a smirk.

Yang drew her hand back, "I-I-I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't think I didn't see you holding his hand just now." Blake said.

"I wasn't holding his hand, I was…. Scratching my knee! Yes, I was just scratching my knee." Yang said.

"There's no shame in admitting that you have a crush." Pyrrha said.

"Easy for you to say, your crush barely notices you." Yang said.

"Yeah… well…" Pyrrha blushed.

"You have a crush?" Jaune asked.

"It's no one you know!" Pyrrha said quickly.

"Alright, I like him okay? But we're not dating; we're just… um…" Yang began to think.

"We're… testing each other. To see if we want to be in a relationship together." Kyle said.

"Yeah, let's go with that." Yang said.

"At least you're taking things slow for once, Yang." Ruby said.

"Be quiet you!" Yang took her cookie and threw it at Ruby.

Ruby caught the cookie, "Mine!" she said and began munching on the cookie.

Kyle heard someone whining and sobbing from a few tables from him. He saw that Team CRDL was bullying a bunny-eared Faunus girl. Cardin was busy pulling on her ears.

"Cardin, please stop it!" the girl pleaded.

Cardin let go, "You're right, I don't see a point in all this anymore. Here, try to eat something." Cardin took her head and pushed her into her food tray.

Cardin and team got up and began to walk away laughing.

"I see that Cardin is still up to no good." Pyrrha said.

"Yeah, one of these days someone has to knock some sense into him. Right, Kyle?" Yang asked, but she saw that he disappeared, "Kyle?"

"Ugh! He does it again! Why does he disappear like that?" Weiss said.

"He didn't disappear; you just need to know where to look." Blake said.

"And where would we look, Blake?" Weiss asked.

"Towards trouble." Blake answered.

Cardin was walking away from the bunny girl when he bumped into Kyle. Kyle stared at him and said nothing.

"What do you want, loser?" Cardin asked.

"Sit." Kyle responded.

Cardin raised his eyebrow in confusion. Kyle kicked him in the stomach and sent Cardin falling to the ground.

"Hey!" Russell yelled out as he attempted to punch Kyle.

Kyle saw him coming and grabbed his arm. Kyle countered by slamming his elbow into Russell's face and then throwing him across the table to knock out the rest of the bullies. Kyle walked up to Cardin and began dragging him back to the Faunus. Kyle threw Cardin in the seat next to the girl and Kyle took a chair and spun it around so he rested his arms on the back rest of the chair.

"I want you to apologize to this young lady." Kyle said.

"You kidding? Like I would do something like that." Cardin said.

"Allow me to rephrase that. You will apologize to her." Kyle ordered him.

"You can go…" Cardin pointed to Kyle.

Kyle grabbed Cardin's wrist and began forcing his hand down, threating to break his wrist. Cardin yelled in pain as Kyle applied pressure.

"Apologize. Now." Kyle ordered.

"Go f-AAH!" Cardin screamed as Kyle pressured more.

"I will not tell you again!" Kyle said.

"Alright! Alright! I'm sorry!" Cardin said.

"Don't tell me, tell her." Kyle said.

"You got to be-AAH!" More pressure was added to Cardin's wrist, it was now broken.

"The next push will tear your damn hand off!" Kyle threatened.

"Okay! Okay!" Cardin yelled and turned to the girl, "I'm sorry! I promise to stop if you promise to keep this freak away from me!"

Kyle threw Cardin back on the ground and stood above him, "Run, before I decide to tear your ears off!"

Cardin scrambled to his feet and ran out of the lunch room with his team. Kyle sat back down with the bunny girl.

"Are you okay?" he asked her.

She didn't say anything, she just sat there while shaking and sobbing. Kyle reached over the table and took a handful of napkins.

"Here, try to get some of that food off your face." Kyle said while holding the napkins to her.

She looked at him scared for a few seconds before accepting the napkins. She began to wipe the food off her face.

"What's your name?" Kyle asked her.

"I-It's Velvet." She answered.

"I'm Kyle; it's nice to meet you Velvet." Kyle said with a smile.

Velvet finished cleaning herself and set the napkins down, "Why did you do that? Why did you make him apologize to me?"

"I got bored and what better way to pass the time than to bully the bullies." Kyle said.

Velvet cringed a bit.

"That was a joke." Kyle said and Velvet relaxed, "What he did to you I saw it as an injustice, so I showed him the error of his ways."

"Would you really tear his ears off?" Velvet asked.

"Would you?" Kyle asked back.

"No." Velvet said.

Kyle smiled, "That's good. Such bloodlust does not suit someone like you."

"I always thought that if I killed something, then it would be me." Velvet said grimly.

"What?" Kyle asked shocked.

"What if I end my life? People will stop messing with me and my ears." Velvet said.

"No. If you kill yourself, then people like Cardin would have won. And they won't stop with you; they will find someone else to torture and try to make them do the same thing." Kyle said.

"What if I just cut my ears off? Then I would look normal." Velvet said.

Kyle shook his head, "No. Nothing is wrong with your ears; your life has a purpose. I will not see anyone waste their life just because they have extra ears or a tail."

Velvet blushed a little, "W-what purpose would I have?"

"My mother would tell you in a heartbeat, but I could give it a try." Kyle said.

Kyle focused on Velvet, looking straight into her eyes, "I see you bringing smiles to everyone, human and Faunus." He said.

"Really? A lot of smiles?" Velvet asked.

"Yep. A lot of smiles." Kyle said.

Velvet began to smile herself.

"There, exactly like those smiles." Kyle said.

Velvet giggled and Kyle stood up.

"You let me know if Cardin or if anyone else tries to mess with you. I will go talk to them." Kyle told Velvet.

Kyle walked back to RWBY and JNPR back at their table. He sat back in his chair sitting next to Yang.

"So, what did I miss?" He asked with a grin.

Now RWBY and JNPR were in Professor Oobleck's history class. Again he was teaching the history of the Human/Faunus war, but this time he focused on one group in particular.

"They were known to be quite noble people, yet they were also known to have quite the temper." Oobleck said while zipping around the class room.

'Why does it sound like he's talking about me?' Kyle thought.

"Though there were so few of these Faunus, they still manage to band together and help out their fellow man." Oobleck sipped his coffee.

'Now it sounds like he's talking about my grandmother.' Kyle thought.

"These were the Eagle Faunus." Oobleck said.

'Oh… no wonder.' Kyle thought.

Oobleck continued his lecture about the Eagle Faunus and their known accomplishments throughout the war. Not much was known about them, because when they do show themselves they are swift and then disappear until they felt that they are needed again. Kyle looked around the room while Oobleck lectured, zipped, and sipped coffee. RWBY and JNPR were scattered across the room so he couldn't talk to them. Kyle saw that Velvet was in the room as well, but she sat near the front. Kyle saw that a small paper ball bounced off one of her ears, she only whimpered a bit. Kyle looked in direction the ball came from and saw Cardin making the small paper balls with his good hand.

'Miserabili pezzi di merda, even with a broken wrist he's still a stronzo.' (Miserable piece of shit), (asshole) Kyle thought.

Kyle decided to counter his objectives. Cardin threw another ball and he felt a sting in his hand, he noticed that he received a small paper cut from a paper shuriken that was thrown. Cardin looked around to see who threw it, but saw no one. He threw another ball at Velvet and received another cut. Cardin grew annoyed and threw another ball, except this time instead of a cut a large "POW" was heard and a small bullet went through his notebook. The whole class room looked in the direction of the gunshot and a few students murmured.

"Sorry Professor Oobleck, weapons malfunction." Kyle said.

Oobleck zipped up to the boy, "Mister Everett, you know that weapons are not allowed in this classroom."

"I know, it's a habit of mine to have weapons at all times. Professor Ozpin said that having my weapons with me was okay. You could ask him if you like, sir." Kyle said.

"I will young man, but for now I ask you to remove your weapons." Oobleck said.

Kyle nodded and took his hidden blades off. Cardin grinned knowing he would be left alone, except…

"As for you, Mister Winchester." Oobleck zipped to the bully, "Don't think I didn't see you torturing Miss Scarlatina. I would have thought that your previous discussion with Mister Everett would have taught you something, perhaps you would like to have another talk with him."

"N-no sir!" Cardin said.

"Then you will write a long apology letter to Miss Scarlatina." Oobleck said.

"But…" Cardin tried to object.

"Mister Everett." Oobleck called out.

"Okay! Okay! I'll do it!" Cardin yelled.

"Good, I expect you to present it to her by the end of the week." Oobleck said and zipped back to his desk to continue the lesson.

Cardin looked behind him and glared at Kyle. Kyle just grinned at him.

"Like heck that was a 'Weapons Malfunction'." Weiss said as the team walked to their next class.

"You know me so well, Weiss." Kyle said.

"You could have hit him." Blake said.

"But I didn't." Kyle said.

"But what if you did?" Ruby asked.

"Who would care?" Kyle asked back.

"The teachers, that's who! You could have been expelled!" Weiss said.

"Yeah and where would we be then?" Ruby asked.

"Look, everything is okay now. Cardin got what he deserved and by some miracle he is still alive." Kyle said.

Weiss sighed, "Just think about your actions next time, okay? Come on Ruby, you have the next class with me."

"Sure Weiss." Ruby followed Weiss.

"See you two later." Blake said and went her separate way.

Yang grabbed Kyle's arm, "Well, it's you and me! Let's go!" she began dragging Kyle to their next class.

Yang continued to hold on to Kyle's arm as they walked in the hall. She smiled as she thought of some tricks to play on her friend, but she was thinking of something else at the moment.

"I want to ask you something. Why don't you have a uniform?" Yang asked.

"I don't have one." Kyle answered.

"Ozpin didn't give you one yet?" Yang asked.

"No. I told him that I wouldn't wear one." Kyle said.

"What!? No way! You just told him that and he agreed?" Yang asked.

"Pretty much." Kyle said.

"You lucky dog." Yang lightly squeezed his arm, "Hey, how about a race?"

"Really Yang, again?" Kyle asked.

"I'll beat you this time! Ready, set, go!" Yang let go of Kyle and ran.

Kyle chased after her as she looked back and teased him by spitting her tongue out. Kyle slowly caught up with her and Yang pushed herself to go faster. They were almost at the class room when Yang turned around and ran backwards.

"I'm gonna win!" Yang taunted.

Kyle charged and grabbed Yang in a gentle bear hug, not enough to hurt her but enough to keep her restrained. Yang kicked and squirmed to break Kyle's grip.

"Let's take a break, shall we?" Kyle said.

Kyle walked while carrying Yang in a hug as she continued to break free. She managed to get her arms loose and then pushed Kyle's head into her breast once again.

"Help! Pervert! Help!" Yang sarcastically yelled.

"Come on Yang!" Kyle's voice was muffled.

Yang let go and rested her arms behind his neck. She started laughing and Kyle smiled.

"You know, most people would think that we are a couple already." Kyle said.

Yang smiled, "I'm just 'testing' you, remember?"

"And what do you think of me?" Kyle asked.

"You're a nice guy, unlike most of the other guys I met, and you take my jokes well." Yang said.

"And you're a fun girl to be with. I feel more relaxed with you than I felt in a while." Kyle said.

"That's good!" Yang smiled.

"I'm kind of glad that my grandfather can't see this." Kyle said.

"Why?" Yang asked with her eyebrow raised.

"If he saw us like this, then he would try to marry us off." Kyle said with a grin.

Yang hugged Kyle, "I do! I do!" she laughed while playfully kicking her legs.

They reached the gym area where they had Weapons Training. Kyle set Yang down outside the door.

"You ready?" Kyle asked.

"Yep! Let's go!" Yang said and opened the door.

Yang went to change into her normal clothes, while Kyle got started with the practice dummies. Yang stepped out and went to the stage that had the new hologram training programs. She set up the computer and walked to a small radio that sat on a chair, she turned it on and the remixed version of "I Burn" played. Yang jumped in the stage and began fighting the humanoid holograms as she sang along with the song. Kyle looked over and watched her fight. He seen her fight before, but this time was different. She showed off her strength and her skill with Ember Celica even while singing. She was really into this fight. The song finished and Yang punched the last hologram, ending the training session. She exhaled and stepped of the stage. Kyle walked up to her and tossed her a towel.

"Thanks." Yang said and wiped the sweat off her.

"You did good just now. I guess that song got you pumped up." Kyle said.

"Yeah, I always get excited when I hear it. It's like my theme, you know?" Yang said.

"Your theme?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah. Ruby is the same way with another song called 'Red like Roses'. Don't you have a song like that?" Yang asked.

"I don't know." Kyle said, "There is this one song that I really liked."

"Want to try it out?" Yang pointed to the hologram stage.

"It wouldn't hurt." Kyle said and pulled out a music player he had in his pocket.

He hooked the player up to the radio and selected the song he told Yang about. The song started playing as he walked on the stage. Yang heard the song start with a hypnotic electronic sounds and continued with guitar strumming, more electronic music, and an orchestra and choir was added. As the song played Kyle fought the holograms. He skillfully dodged and countered as if he was in rhythm with the song. With one hologram left and the song winding to a close, he jumped in the air with his hidden blade extended. He fell towards the hologram and stabbed his blade into its neck. Kyle removed the blade and retracted it as the song ended. Kyle walked off the stage and retrieved his music player.

"That was pretty impressive." Yang said, "What was that song?"

"Grandfather said it was a song that came from the land he came from. He said the song was called 'Venice Rooftops'." Kyle said.

"It was kind of nice. That is definitely your theme." Yang smiled.

The bell rang signaling the end of the day.

"Yeah! We are done!" Yang grabbed Kyle's arm again, "Let's head back to the dorm."

"Sure." Kyle said.

The two began walking to the door, "Why don't we have a friendly sparring match one time?" Yang asked.

"Sure, whenever you're ready." Kyle said.

"If you win, then you can kiss me on the lips." Yang grinned.

"Well, then I better get to practicing then." Kyle grinned back.

The two walked through the door and into the hallway. They walked a few steps when Professor Ozpin approached them.

"Good afternoon, students." Ozpin greeted them.

"Hello, Professor Ozpin." Yang said.

"Do you mind if I have a talk with your teammate, Miss Xiao Long?" Ozpin asked.

"He's not in trouble is he?" Yang asked worried.

"No. I just would like to know how his first day went, as well as give him his Scroll." Ozpin said.

"Okay. I'll see you later, Kyle." Yang said and left to the dorm building.

"Please follow me to my office, Mister Everett." Ozpin said.

Kyle followed Ozpin to his office and sat down in the chair in front of his desk. Ozpin got himself a cup of coffee and sat down in his chair.

"So, how was your first day here?" Ozpin asked.

"Eventful." Kyle answered.

"So I've heard. It seems you and Miss Xiao Long are getting along well." Ozpin said.

Kyle smiled as he thought about Yang.

"However, the same can't be said for Mister Winchester." Ozpin said.

Kyle frowned, "I don't want to talk about him."

"Unfortunately we must. You injured a fellow student and threatened his life." Ozpin said.

"Then do something about it! Have him constantly watched, expel him from this school! I rather you do something than let me do it!" Kyle said.

"And what would you do?" Ozpin asked.

Kyle extended his hidden blade, "You know me. You know what would happen."

Ozpin closed his eyes as if remembering something, "It seems you inherited your grandmother's genes as well."

Kyle sheathed his blade, "How do you know my family?"

"Everything will be revealed to you in time." Ozpin said and sipped his coffee.

"You're beginning to annoy me, old man." Kyle said.

"And your friends haven't seen your face; don't you think that this annoys them?" Ozpin asked.

"I will reveal myself to them when I feel like I can trust them, or when my mission is complete." Kyle told him.

"It's nice to hear that you're willing to come out of your shell." Ozpin said.

"Blake already knows." Kyle said.

"Then you have already started? That's even better." Ozpin said.

Kyle stood up, "May I take my leave now?"

"Of course." Ozpin handed Kyle his Scroll, "Now you can read your schedule as well as call or message your friends."

"Thank you, sir." Kyle said.

"I have also taken the liberty of getting you some sleep attire." Ozpin handed Kyle a pajama set, "Also your bed has been made in your dorm, so now you and Miss Xiao Long have separate beds."

"We are not sleeping together." Kyle said.

Ozpin chuckled, "Could have fooled me."

Kyle took his Scroll and pajamas and walked to the door.

"Bastardo." (Bastard) Kyle mumbled under his breath.

"Why does he have curtains on his bed?" Ruby asked as she looked at Kyle's new bed.

"Maybe it's to give us privacy." Blake said while reading a book.

"It's not like you don't have something covering your bed." Yang said to Ruby.

"Yeah, but I had to make this. His bed came with them." Ruby said.

There was a click at the door and Kyle stepped inside dressed in his new PJs. He wore a black loose wearing pajama pants and his top was a white loose wearing long sleeved shirt with a hood attached to the shoulders. He had the hood up as usual.

"Seriously! Even your PJs have a hood!?" Yang yelled out.

"You should have seen that coming, Yang." Kyle said.

"He's right you know." Blake said.

Yang looked down from her bunk, "Sure, take his side why don't you?" she sarcastically said.

Blake turned a page in her book and ignored Yang.

"Well at least I don't have to sleep in a chair anymore." Kyle said as he approached his bed.

"Wait a minute." Ruby said.

"What is it?" Kyle asked.

Ruby jumped off her bed and walked to Kyle and looked at his shirt, "I thought I saw something on your chest." She looked and saw embroidered in the shirt was a green turtle with two black katanas on its shell, "Aww! It's a turtle!"

"A turtle?" Yang jumped down and looked at the turtle on Kyle's chest, "It is a turtle! That is so adorable!" Yang wrapped her arms around Kyle.

"It annoys me how Ozpin knows me so well." Kyle said.

"Hey, I want to know you too!" Yang squeezed tighter.

"Will you cut it out? We need to rest for tomorrow." Weiss said.

Yang let go and jumped back into her bed, "Okay, see you in the morning everyone."

"Night, Kyle. I hope you will be comfortable in your new bed." Ruby said.

Kyle nodded and crawled in the bed drawing the curtains back. He laid down and went to sleep.

Here's chapter 7. If you don't know already, I started a new story where RWBY and Kyle watch movies and give out their commentary. It's starting out slow, but I'll try to pick it up a bit. I'm also working on RWBY and Kyle playing video games, the first game I might do would be Grand Theft Auto V. I don't know when it would be finished, but you know it when you see it. See y'all in the next chapter.

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