Ghost of a Man

Training Begins

I just noticed that my story is in a community. You can find it in the "Best of RWBY Fanfiction" along with others. I am surprised and honored that my story is considered one of the best and my first one no less.

The next few weeks were uneventful. The classes changed up now and then, the reason why was because Ozpin said that it would keep the students on their toes. Kyle and Yang have gotten closer, but not enough to call themselves a couple yet. They did enjoy their time together, even if it's in class or with the rest of their friends. Now RWBY, JNPR, and other teams were in a Grimm-less part of the Emerald Forest in a new training exercise. Hunters and Huntresses are trained to fight the Grimm and also to help out law enforcement when they can, that includes fighting other people. This training exercise pitted Team RWBY, and Kyle, against the other teams. Since Jaune was the most tactical out of the rest, he was made leader over the large group. The group waited for RWBY to make their move.

"Any ideas?" Ruby asked while sitting on a tree branch with the rest of her team.

"We're outnumbered and Jaune has a strong tactical mind, we clearly have a disadvantage." Kyle said.

"Obviously." Weiss said.

"But that is to be expected if you want to help me in my mission." Kyle said.

Everyone sat and thought.

"It's not too late to change your mind." Kyle said.

"No. I promised to help you and I will keep that promise." Ruby said.

"Yeah, I would be devastated if you got hurt." Yang said.

"Weiss, Blake?" Kyle asked them.

"You're going after a group that's almost as bad as the White Fang. You have to admit, going after them alone is foolish. I got your back when you need me." Blake said.

"And if someone is watching your back, then I have to watch theirs." Weiss said.

"Thank you, everyone." Kyle said, Yang hugged him from behind and rested her head on his shoulder, "As for this training exercise, let's try this…" Kyle finished.

The group of students still waited for Team RWBY to make their move. Jaune sat with his team; he was a bit worried about this new exercise.

"Are you sure we're going to be okay, Pyrrha?" Jaune asked.

"Of course, we're going to do fine. We just to take down Ruby and we will win." Pyrrha said.

"But if I get beaten, then we all lose." Jaune said.

"It's okay, you got us watching you." Pyrrha smiled.

Everyone heard a sound from the sky and looked up. They all saw what looked like a fireball heading straight for them. What was weird was that the fireball sounded like it was screaming.

"Is that Yang!?" Jaune yelled out in shock.

"BANZAI!" Yang yelled as she fell towards the ground.

She slammed her fist into the ground and sent a burning shockwave out around her knocking out quite a few people in the process. She stood up and took her battle stance as Nora came running after her.

"Bring it on!" Yang said excited.

The rest of Team JNPR watched as Nora fought with Yang.

"Nora is fighting with Yang?" Jaune looked at the two fighters.

"This isn't good." Ren said.

Ruby appeared in a flash of rose petals behind the unknowing team, "Hello." She said with a bright smile.

Pyrrha turned and saw Ruby standing there with her cape flowing in the wind, "Ruby." Pyrrha drew Milo in its short sword form.

Ruby pulled out Crescent Rose and extended it to its full length, "It's you and me Jaune." She took her fighting stance.

Jaune decided to take this challenge. He pulled out his weapon and turned to his teammates.

"You two go help Nora. I got this." Jaune said.

"Are you sure?" Pyrrha asked.

"I can hold her off until you get done helping Nora." Jaune said.

Ren nodded and ran towards the direction Nora was. Pyrrha was a bit reluctant to leave at first, but she left with Ren. The two were halfway to their teammate when a small electrical current flowed in front of their feet. They stopped and saw Weiss with her rapier touching the ground, electricity crackled from the blade.

"I believe you have me to deal with." Weiss said and took her stance.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Velvet was watching everything transpire. She was the first one on her team to recover from Yang's surprise. Velvet saw Jaune fighting with Ruby and thought she could sneak up on her and finish the exercise. She took two steps and was tripped up by something. She fell to the ground and looked to see what tripped her. She saw Blake with Gambol Shroud's ribbon tied around Velvet's ankle. Blake walked up to her and crouched down.

"Sorry Velvet." Blake smiled

Velvet nodded and smiled back. She then noticed that Kyle was jumping from tree branch to tree branch heading his way to the battles. Velvet was about to yell out something, but Blake stopped her by placing her hand on her mouth. Blake put a finger to her lips and gave a light "Shh" sound. Kyle got close and jumped out of the trees and landed on the ground which was surrounded by stunned students. Kyle began walking towards Yang and Nora when one student began to wobbly stand up.

"Hey!" the student said.

Kyle just tapped him on the forehead and he went tumbling down again. Kyle broke into a run, inching closer to Yang's fight. Yang fought with Nora for a while and sweat began to form on the both of them. Yang jumped back and extended her right arm, which was unusual for her fighting style. Kyle got close and hooked his arm around Yang's and she began spinning him. Yang spun him and he landed a kick on Nora's cheek making her dizzy a bit. Yang threw Kyle to her left and he rolled into the ground and continued running. Yang gave one last kick to Nora's stomach and sent her down.

"Good team work." Yang said.

Kyle's next move was to make it to Weiss. Weiss was busy dealing with Ren and Pyrrha at the same time. She used her glyphs as a small shield to cancel the gravity from the bullets that Ren fired. Pyrrha used her short sword to fight; Weiss had gotten used to her rhythm and parried her attacks. Pyrrha jumped back and gave herself some breathing room.

"You can't win this, Weiss." Pyrrha said.

"I don't have to." Weiss said.

Weiss changed Myrtenaster to use ice dust and stabbed the blade into the ground. Ice came forth and caught both Ren and Pyrrha's feet trapped. Weiss then activated another glyph on the ground as Kyle ran towards her. Kyle stepped on the glyph and Weiss released him sending him into the air. Weiss placed Myrtenaster on her hip and folded her arms across her chest.

"Game, set, match." Weiss grinned.

Jaune fought with Ruby the best he could. He noticed that Ruby was barely trying to fight and grew confused. Ruby slammed the blunt side of her weapon into Jaune's shield and pushed him back a bit. Jaune caught his breath.

"You're not going all out Ruby, what gives? What are you planning?" Jaune asked.

"A distraction." Ruby said.

"Distraction?" Jaune grew even more confused.

"Bye!" Ruby waved and disappeared leaving rose petals behind.

"What is she talking about?" Jaune asked to no one in particular.

Jaune was then slammed face first into the ground. He felt something rubber pressed against his neck; he immediately knew who it was. He groaned underneath his assailant.

"Come on! Again!?" Jaune complained.

Kyle got off of Jaune and pulled him up, "You need to expect everything, Jaune. Ruby practically gave away our plans to you."

"Yeah, but you normally can't tell what's going on with her. She's not easy to talk to." Jaune said.

"True, but deception is a powerful tool. You must learn to find it and use it to your advantage." Kyle said.

Team RWBY and JNPR met up with their teammates and congratulated them on their efforts. Goodwitch, who was overseeing this exercise, approached the two teams to give her evaluation.

"Good work JNPR, you fought well. The same to you RWBY, you convinced your opponents that this was an all-out assault only to prove that it was a distraction for an assassination." Goodwitch said.

"It was Kyle's idea, Ms. Goodwitch." Ruby said.

"Yeah." Yang put her arm around Kyle's shoulders, "He has a knack for this sneaky assassin stuff." She said.

"Excellent work Mister Everett, keep it up." Goodwitch said.

"I will and thank you, Ms. Goodwitch." Kyle said.

Goodwitch dismissed the teams and they walked back to Beacon. On their way to the academy, RWBY was chatting with their extra member about the training they just finished.

"How was that?" Yang asked Kyle.

"It's a start. Fighting the Purists will be very different from this, we need to train more." Kyle said.

"It's more or less the same strategy to use, right?" Blake asked.

"Sort of. There will be a lot more people that's for sure and the leader, unlike Jaune, is a coward. He will run at the first sign of trouble." Kyle said.

"You really have it out for this guy. What did he do to you anyway?" Weiss asked.

Kyle looked at her as he thought of what to say. Yang wanted to tell her, but she knew it was a sensitive matter for Kyle. He told Yang by accident after his argument with Ruby that one day. Yang decided to stay quiet.

"He committed a crime right in front of me and I must bring him to justice." Kyle said.

"You're planning an assassination. Where is the justice in that?" Weiss asked.

"As the saying goes, 'An eye for an eye'." Kyle said.

"Will leave the world blind." Blake finished the saying.

"True, but we can save the other eye by cutting the head off the snake." Kyle said.

"You're going to say anything to justify your actions." Weiss said.

"It's a decision that I have made and it is a decision that will not change." Kyle said.

"What you plan on doing is not only dangerous, it's… stupid!" Weiss said.

Kyle turned around quickly to confront her, but Yang stepped in front of Kyle and stopped him.

"Whoa, east buddy." Yang said.

"We know it's dangerous Weiss, but that's why we are going to help him." Ruby said.

"Do you seriously think that we are enough? It will take more than four Huntresses in training and one hell-bent assassin to take out an organization like the Purists." Weiss said and turned to Kyle, "I'm just saying that for the sake of your health and others, give it up. Let someone else deal with it."

"No Weiss, it became my responsibility and I will see it through!" Kyle said.

"You're not…" Weiss began.

"This conversation is over! If you don't want to help me, then stay out of my way!" Kyle turned and walked off.

"Great. You pissed him off." Yang said.

"You seriously don't agree with him, do you?" Weiss asked.

"I'm going to have a talk with him. I hope things go well with you like it did with Ruby." Yang said and followed Kyle.

Yang jogged to catch up with her friend, as she got closer to him she heard him complaining in some language that she didn't understand.

"Che donna! Lei è un mal di testa ancora più grande di quanto l'uomo che sto cercando di uccidere!" Kyle yelled out. (That woman! She is an even bigger headache than the man I'm trying to kill!)

Yang caught up and put her hand on his shoulder, "Do you come with subtitles by any chance?"

Kyle sighed, "I just need some time to relax my mind."

"I know a way to help." Yang said.

"And that is?" Kyle asked.

"Carry me!" Yang said.

Before Kyle could respond Yang jumped on his back. She put her arms around his neck and he held her legs.

"You seriously want a piggy back ride?" Kyle asked.

Yang smiled and lightly kicked his sides, "Giddy up!"

Kyle smiled and carried her back to Beacon. The inside was cooler than the late summer weather outside. Kyle seemed to calm down with Yang around him. Yang herself was thinking about Kyle and what he plans to do. She figured on talking to him to help put her mind at ease.

"Hey Kyle, I've been thinking." Yang said.

"That's dangerous, you know?" Kyle teased.

Yang playfully slapped his shoulder and then rested her chin on top of his head, "Anyway… What if Weiss is right?"

"Yang…" Kyle sounded annoyed.

"I don't mean about you stopping, I mean about you, me, and the rest of us. Will it really be enough?" Yang asked.

"I hope so. You and the others are strong indeed, but I still can't help but worry if one of you gets hurt." Kyle said.

"Why not ask Jaune for help? He looks up to you and I'm sure that his team would be glad to help." Yang said.

"Then there would be more people on my mind." Kyle said.

"Yeah, but the more there are the less chances of someone getting badly injured." Yang said.

"I guess… I'll have a talk with them if you want me to." Kyle said.

Yang rubbed her cheek next to his cheek, "Thanks. That's all I want to do, help you out." Yang felt Kyle wince as if he was in pain, "Are you okay?"

"I've got a small headache thanks to Weiss now." Kyle said.

"Hmm…" Yang began to think, "Head to the dorm room, I think you should lie down."

Kyle continued walking while still carrying Yang on his back. They traveled the halls to make their way to the dorm building; they were halfway to their destination when they ran into Ozpin and Goodwitch in the hall.

"Hello, Mister Everett." Ozpin greeted.

"Hello Professors." Kyle said.

Goodwitch adjusted her glasses looking very annoyed, "May I ask what you are doing with Miss Xiao Long on your back?"

"Kyle is not feeling well." Yang chimed in, "So I told him to go rest in the dorm."

"He is ill and you are riding on his back?" Ozpin asked.

"Yep!" Yang said.

Kyle continued walking to the dorm room for a rest. Goodwitch was about to tell them something about school regulations about what they were doing, but Ozpin stopped her.

"Let them have their time together, Glynda. Remember when we were once like that?" Ozpin said.

"We were young and foolish." Goodwitch said.

"Yes, but we had some fun memories to laugh about. I would like those two to have the same thing." Ozpin said.

"Why do you allow this?" Goodwitch asked.

"Think about what happened to Kyle, he has lived a happy life until it was all changed in an instant. For two years he has lived every day with nothing but grief and the thoughts of revenge. Now he has spent only a few weeks here and he's able to truly smile thanks to Miss Xiao Long." Ozpin said.

"It is setting a bad example when one student is allowed to break school rules." Goodwitch said.

"Even you should know better than to mess with young love. Don't you remember the trouble you used to give the professors?" Ozpin asked.

Goodwitch blushed and walked off in a hurry, Ozpin chuckled as he remembered his younger days.

Kyle reached the door to RWBY's dorm room. Yang used her Scroll to unlock the door and opened the door for Kyle. He stepped inside and let Yang jump off his back.

"Go ahead and lay down on your bed, I'll get you something for your headache." Yang said.

Kyle nodded and went to his bed. Yang went into the bathroom and got some aspirin and a cup of water. She came back out and gave Kyle the medicine. He put the pills inside his mouth and swallowed them with the water.

"Thanks Yang." Kyle said.

Yang took the paper cup and threw it in the trash bin. She went back to Kyle's bed and laid down next to him.

"Yang?" Kyle was confused.

"What? We have our clothes on. No one would suspect anything." Yang said.

"You're not thinking about it, are you?" Kyle asked.

"Of course not!" Yang said with a giggle.

She turned on her side and began holding him close as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"So you want me as your life sized teddy bear?" Kyle asked.

"You don't mind, do you?" Yang asked.

Kyle thought for a bit, "It's okay."

Yang smiled and gave him a light squeeze. The two were quiet while they sat in bed, enjoying each other's company. Kyle began rubbing Yang's shoulder and she nuzzled closer to him.

"Kyle, what do you think of me?" Yang asked.

Kyle thought, "You fun to be with, like I said before. I also saw that you're caring about your friends, like a big sister. I guess being with Ruby all these years helped out with that."

"So you like me?" Yang asked.

"Yes, I do." Kyle said.

Yang smiled brightly. Now it was Kyle's turn to ask that question.

"What do you think of me, Yang?" he asked.

Yang thought for a bit, "Well… I know that you are very kind. You are nice to everyone, except for when they are jerks. I love how you're gentle to me and Ruby."

"So, I'm a nice guy?" Kyle asked.

"That and you're also a badass." Yang finished.

Kyle chuckled and then winced when he received a sharp pain from his headache. Yang reached up and kissed Kyle on his forehead.

"Go ahead and get some sleep, we got some time before the next class." Yang said.

Kyle nodded, "Thanks Yang."

Kyle got comfortable and closed his eyes. Yang stayed with him as he slept.

Sorry if this a short one. Just a heads up on the next chapter, it will be another "Memory" chapter. I just started it today and it may be out soon. I'm also writing my RWBY game fic so look out for it and tell me what games you would like the characters to play. As always review, follow and favorite if you like this. See you in the next chapter.

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