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Fuckkkk off." "Why fuck off when I can fuck you?" 🤔 Taehyung basically messages the wrong ass number.

Humor / Drama
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T: Sup bitch

T: Why YOU CHANGE YOUR NUMBER and not tell me?????????

T: asshole.

T: I'm your best friend

T: h o e

J: tf

T: fight me mother fucker

J: Who the fuck is this?

T: STOP trying to act FAKE

J: I literally have no idea who you are

T: You can stop playing games now.

J: I'll block you

T: Yeah right Jimin

T: Anyway guess what happened today

J: Jimin?

J: That ain't me.

J: What happened tho?

T: stfu.

T: So there's this hot ass guy at my university. I couldn't breathe around his cute ass. 😫💦👉👌

J: Get an inhaler then bitch.

T: Fuck you.

J: Right back at you.

T: Damn you know what I want right now?

J: wut

T: A boyfrieND. I'm hot as fuck yet I'm single

J: Wild.

T: That's what I'm saying

J: I'm going to sleep. You're hella annoying

T: goodnight then bby. 😔👌💦

J: the fuck.

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