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Dragon ball Legends: The brutes and bulls


I looked at the beast for quite a while. Soon they caught a glance of me. One of them had long yellow hair with no eyebrows. The other one was.. in my dream! I had to help him. I remembered him calling himself prince so I said "Stay away from the prince!" I punched it so hard his face turned to jelly. They looked astonished in a not surprised way. The reason was because his face regenerated. He grabbed me and wrapped me up. I then saw the Majin symbol on his belt. He tried to give it to me but to everyone's surprise it did not effect me. Feeling annoyed I exploded in anger. I got static all over me and walked to him. He punch me in the face but it did nothing. I smiled at him sarcastically then slapped him a way. The long haired guy tried to spirit bomb him. It was no use so I decided to do my magic trick(later known as minimal stardust cannon)to distract him. I burnt his back and got his attention. With him distracted he got obliterated by the bomb.

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