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Going in Circles

By AnnECasap

Romance / Adventure

First Clue

A/NN: Greetings fanfiction readers! My name is Ann E. Casap and I am here to present to you all, my first RWBY work. Now, I am joined here by my trustee servant and cohost, James A. Rodsworth. Say hello, Rods.

Rodsworth: Hello all. The young miss has asked (and forced me against my will) to help present this wonderful story. Yes, I do think it is wonderful. It's a shame that the only thing you use your brain for is writing fanfiction.

Hey! I'm flattered but also a little insulted. Anyways, we present to you Bumblebee fans, Going in Circles. Please enjoy.

Oh! And before I forget, RWBY does not belong to me or my cohost. It belongs to the great Monty Oum. You happy Rods! I didn't forget this time!

Rodsworth: -sigh- let's just get started

The gentle, warming rays of the morning sun filtered through the vulnerable sides of the red curtains of team RWBY's dorm and pierced Blake's eyes open. Blake blinked and rubbed the sun and crust away from her eyes as she softly yawned. The Faunus stretched her arms above her head before bringing them down to her partner's slumbering form. Expecting to feel the blonde's skin and hair beneath her fingertips, Blake's hand found only a cold and empty side of the bed her girlfriend occupied. Her eyebrows furrowed as her hand roamed the space for her missing girlfriend. Blake propped herself on her elbow to properly search for the last member of team RWBY. The Faunus found that an origami envelope with a heart folded in the middle was placed atop Yang's pillow. Blake examined it in her hands and raised an eyebrow when she found her name written delicately on the heart. It was definitely Yang's work; one of her many surprising talents was her impressive and unparalleled skill in origami. Pretty much anything that required a hands-on approach, Yang proved to be on a whole new level of proficiency. It was one of the myriad reasons why Blake loved her so much.

Carefully unfolding the paper, Blake took a quick peek around the dorm and found it vacant of her lover. Although she hated waking up alone, the note her partner left her seemed to relieve her displeasure. Blake looked back to the unfolded paper in her hands and silently read the message.

"Good morning, good lookin',

I know you hate waking up alone as much as I do, but I thought it'd be fun to put you through a scavenger hunt I oh so beautifully and cleverly crafted. I have placed fifteen origami ornaments all around Vale and Beacon, each one is a clue that will lead to another clue. Every clue is symbolic to the message and the place, so I'd advise you not to discard them. Without further ado, here is your first set:

I rise above all and provide a guiding light. I am visible during day and night.

I am the highest and beautiful place in the area. You may come here to escape hysteria.

First part pertains to the object, the second is the place. Good luck, kitty cat! Oh, and if you don't complete this by 8:00 tonight, there will be consequences.


Blake smirked and shook her head affectionately. Almost four years into dating and the blonde still managed to surprise her. Looking up from her clue, the Faunus found her teammates still sleeping peacefully in each other's arms. The sight widened her smirk. A quick glance at the clock and the excitement to begin her scavenger hunt made Blake rise from her bed.

'9:36, I've got all day to do her hunt. Might as well get started.' She walked quietly to the bathroom, being careful not to wake the young couple.

Stepping out of the bathroom minutes later, Blake had noticed that Weiss and Ruby had woken up some time ago and were currently getting ready for the day.

"Morning Blake!" Ruby announced in her ever cheerful voice.

"Good morning, Blake. What time did you wake up?" said Weiss as she brushed her long white locks.

"Around 9:30. Do you guys know where Yang is? Did she come by and say anything to you guys?"

Ruby frowned in confusion. She thought it strange to wake up without her sister as well.

"No, she didn't drop by or say anything. Why?"

"She left me this. Apparently, she's making me do a scavenger hunt," Blake informed as she held up her first set of clues.

"Here, give it here." Setting the brush aside, Weiss motioned for Blake to hand her the note.

Reading the clues and grimacing slightly at the nickname, she handed it back. "Shouldn't be too hard. You're on a time limit, but I'm sure you'll complete it before the deadline." The heiress rose and made her way to the empty bathroom while Ruby scoured the closet for a change of clothes.

Noticing that the young pair was getting ready on a Saturday, Blake decided to ask, "You guys going somewhere?"

"Yep. Weiss and I are heading to town to do some shopping for the day," Ruby answered as she pulled out her usual attire and signature cloak.

"Indeed. We need to find Ruby a new combat skirt after she had her torn by a Beowolf last week." The heiress called from the opened bathroom.

"Hey, I sewed it back up! Look, it's as good as new! You can hardly notice the tear." Ruby tugged at the nearly invisible stitch at the front that ran from her right hip to the left hem of her skirt.

Switching the light off and stepping out, Weiss joined her team and addressed her girlfriend, "Sweetie, if it weren't for your cloak, everyone would have seen you in your adorable little underwear."

"Yeah, but they didn't. I sewed it back up when we got back, so we really don't need to buy a new one." Ruby crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out at her partner, not particularly happy at the prospect of going out to search for a new combat skirt to replace the one she liked.

Weiss sighed at the stubborn child. Almost eighteen but still acted like a kid. It was an amazement and a slight annoyance to the young Schnee.

"And after three frustrating tries, you finally got it right. Look, you need more than one outfit to get by. Why didn't you bring any spares?"

"Because I never got hurt seriously hurt by Grimm before in combat, and I hate going clothes shopping. I always ran and hid every time Yang tried to take me shopping. Back me up here, Blake. I know you don't like shopping for clothes so much, too."

The Faunus, who was silently watching the entire time, hesitated and furrowed her eyebrows at the sudden calling before carrying on her part. "Well, you do need more than one outfit in combat. But, no one said it was against the rules to own copies of the same attire." Feeling like the only sane person in the group, Blake decided long ago that she would play mediator in her team.

"Ooh that's right! I forgot that you have more than one of the clothes you wear. Weiss! The leader has spoken. We shall find another copy of this lovely skirt!" Ruby happily declared as she raised her fist to the air.

Weiss gawked. "Wha-no! Ruby, we need to find a new skirt. Don't you want to find something that could be better and more stylish? Besides, it would be impossible to find an exact replica of that."

"No matter. We shall build one then! I am borderline proficient with sewing and this way, we won't need to go out and spend money that will eventually become mine. Come on, to the sewing kit!" The youngest girl flashed across the room in a small shower of rose petals.

Weiss chased after and tried to talk some sense in her, but her efforts were quickly becoming wasted.

Blake chuckled a bit at the sight before she left without a word. She let out a breath in the hallway and sighed. 'I don't have time to waste, but I kinda don't want to do this alone. Maybe I should see if team JNPR could help.'

She knocked on the other team's door and waited patiently as she heard shuffling on the other side. A few seconds later, Jaune answered with his combat attire half undone.

"Oh, hey Blake! Uhh, what's up?" he asked as he fixed his chest plate.

"Hey Jaune. May I come in?"

"Oh! Yeah come in." The blonde stepped aside while still trying to make himself presentable.

Blake entered and found only Prryha present in the room, currently changing into her armor. 'Damn, looks like I won't be getting help from them, either.'

"Good morning, Blake," Pyrrha greeted.

"Good morning, Pyrrha. Are you guys heading out?"

"Yeah, Jaune and I are going to train. Why, did you need anything?"

"Oh well, nothing really. I just came here to see if you guys wanted to help me do Yang's scavenger hunt. I'm supposed to finish by 8:00 and I have fifteen things to find and places to go. By the way, where are Ren and Nora?" Blake asked as she scanned the room for the missing duo.

"A scavenger hunt? Oooh, Pyrrha and I would love to help! Wouldn't we, Pyrrha?" Jaune chirped, almost done fixing his battle appearance.

"Yes, but we do have plans, Jaune. You're not getting out of training again. Sorry Blake, Ren and Nora left earlier for breakfast. You might be able to catch them, but I wouldn't have my hopes up." Finished donning her armor, the Spartan girl waited on her bed for her partner to finish.

"What?! Oh come on! Just one more time, please? Your training exercises are so hard! Last time I-" Blake left before she could hear anymore. Looking at her scroll, she found that it was now 10:16. She had to get a move on. Pulling out her first clues, Blake pondered for a few seconds before making her way of out the dormitory, unclear on where to go for now.

Weiss and Ruby stepped out the same time Jaune and Prryha did. The pairs shared a look and matching grins before Ruby pulled out her scroll.

"Yeah, she's underway and alone. You can come back now, it's all clear."

A/NN: Whoo! Finally complete. Goodness gracious, I had to type this three freaking times, I am not doing that again with the second chapter. Fun fact! I burned my Rice Krispies while thinking about the plot for this story. Sooo, I have my hopes up high that you all enjoy reading this. Don't let my food have been burned in vain!

Rodsworth: Cooking isn't your strong suit. One of the several reason why she needs me.

Rooods! -angry glare- Ok everyone, please review and I hope you enjoyed. I'll have the second chapter up in probably two weeks. Till then!

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