If I Were Someone Brave

Into The Sewers

Beau navigated the winding halls of the Kane co. tower, destination set for one of the simulation rooms. She had slowly but surely adjusted to things in the new Detroit. The plain foods, the endless laws and rules, even the mandatory Kane Co. uniforms. It definitely wasn't the worst possible outcome to her situation.

She began to let her mind wander as she made her way to her destination. What was the city under Deluxe like? She'd already been in Deluxe for nearly a week yet she hadn't yet been sent to Motorcity. From the way Kane spoke about it, it seemed little more than a sewer. For all she knew, maybe it was.

Beau's thoughts shifted from where she would inevitably be going, and instead to where she was. Metal double doors stood in her way, behind them the simulation room. She reached her hand out to the door, ready to punch in the code, but the holographic keypad everyone seemed to be calling a com didn't pop up. The one thing she wasn't quite used to yet. No matter how hard she tried to replicate what she saw the others around her do she could never seem to get any coms to work.

"Come on!" Beau said, shaking her hand in front of her. Just like before nothing happened. She mumbled quiet profanities to herself, staring at her hand as if the com would turn on from her sheer will.

"Beau? What are you doing here?"

The voice coming from over her shoulder made Beau jump in surprise. She was so focused on her hands that she hadn't heard them coming. She looked over her shoulder, seeing a man dressed in a similar Kane Co. uniform, his brown hair swirled over his forehead, tilted in her direction.

"Tooley!" Beau greeted him with an exaggerated smile. Kane's right-hand man. Incredibly stupid, but incredibly loyal. "You see, I was trying to get into the simulation room, but I just can't get the com to work!" Beau explained her issue in an exaggerated tone.

"Oh! Let me try!" Tooley stepped up next to her, pulling up the door's com in a split second, entering a code that caused the doors to open. She had to admit, seeing someone with a rock for a brain open the door as if it were as easy as breathing stung. "There you go Beau!" Tooley said to her with a smile. "If you ever need anything you just gotta ask!"

"Actually since your here, Tooley," Beau turned from the door to him with a thoughtful glance. "Would you mind training with me? I've got to be ready when I eventually go to Motorcity." He may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but he was a brute. Physical training would be the best way to get ready for the Burners. At least in her eyes.

Tooley glanced off to the side. "I don't think Mr. Kane would want me to get in any fights… He hasn't told me to show you to the breakroom. That means beat you up." Beau sighed. She had figured he would say as much.

She turned back to the doorway. "I honestly don’t understand how Kane stands you." Her voice had done a complete 180. Her feigned harsh tone had caused Tooley's smile to drop.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, well,” She raise her arms in an uncaring manner, “you're clearly not very smart." Beau felt terrible for saying such mean things, even if they were true. She didn't want to hurt Tooley, but getting him mad was more than likely the easiest way to get him to throw a punch.

Tooley frowned. "Hey! I'm very smart! And I always do exactly what Kane says!"

"So you don't have any will of your own?"

Tooley stumbled over his words for a minute, trying to think of what to say. "H-hey! you take that back!"

"You came by here for a reason, right? Kane must have had you on a task of some kind. Yet you already got distracted and forgot." She shook her head. "It's only a matter of time until I replace you as Kane's right hand, especially after I catch those Burners." Beau wouldn't ever take that from Tooley. Smart or not, he worked for that position and she wasn't interested in taking it. But her words seemed to throw him over the edge. Beau smiled as he lunged at her.

Tooley's movements were decently fast. He threw a punch at her face, but his movements were erratic with rage, and it was painfully clear they were unplanned. Beau saw the hit from Tooley easily and quickly sidestepped. There was a decent amount of power behind the punch, clear from the way he stumbled. Beau took the opening to drop down, quickly throwing a punch up at his gut.

The hit knocked the breath out of him, causing him to clutch his stomach and struggle to breathe. She took that moment to kick his legs out from under him, sending him to the floor as the sounds of heavy footsteps rang from outside. Beau quickly bent down to Tooley.

"Tooley, I'm so, so sorry. You're right, Kane is lucky to have you and I could never replace you." The moment the words were out of her mouth she yanked her mask over the lower half of her face. Just as she did an angry Kane walked through the door.

"Tooley!" He yelled at the man slowly rising from the ground. "Why haven't you brought Beau up to my office yet?" He seemed more annoyed than angry, as if this was a common occurrence.

"Oh right!" Tooley said in a long breath. He turned to Beau. "I think Mr. Kane wants to see you!"

Kane ran his hands across his face. "Yes. Thank you Tooley," he said half-heartedly as Tooley went off to do his other duties.

Beau watched him walk off. It was as if their fight had never happened. Turning back to Kane she stood at attention. "Kane, what is it you needed from me?"

A familiar, almost unsettling smile returned to his face as he held up a small chip between his fingers. "This here is something not many people have. It's a personal com. With it you will be able to communicate straight to me here at Kane Co. It's got a few different features, like control of a few Kane Bots, and some others you'll have to find for yourself." Beau looked in awe at the incredibly small centimeter-long chip. How was it something so small could do so much? As if he were reading her mind Kane answered that for her.

"It's a small implant that will go into your arm. It'll wire itself into your nervous system. With just a thought you'll be able to turn it on."

Man, the future is pretty wack.

"Thank you for your generosity sir. I'll be sure to put it to good use and capture the Burners." She gave a curt nod, only making Kane's smile grow even more.

"I expect nothing less. Now, hold out your arm." She did as she was told. Kane yanked it towards him, placing the chip on the inside of her wrist. Within seconds it sank down beneath her skin. To her amazement it didn't hurt. The way he described it it sounded like it would be excruciating, connecting to her nerves and such. But she barely felt a thing. Once the chip was inside, the skin sealed back over itself, leaving no marks. She gripped her wrist in amazement, feeling for the chip. But felt nothing odd. Just the usual feel of veins and tendons.

"Go on," He said, smirk on his face. "Give it a go."

Beau frowned as she thought came back to her. She could never get any of the doors to work, why would this be any different? Nonetheless, she tried anyway, giving her hand a quick shake as she hoped not to embarrass herself. To her delight and surprise, a red translucent screen lit up and hovered over her arm. Kane continued to smirk to himself as she quietly flipped through the endless screens and menus. "It's fantastic Kane, thank you. With this I'll be sure to catch them," She said, trying to remain professional and hide her excitement.

Kane turned towards the door, heading higher into the tower. “Those filthy Burners are tricky though,” his continued conversation signaled Beau to follow him. “So we’ll just have to be trickier.” With a twisted smile Kane lead Beau into an elevator. As the doors closed he pressed a button that would take them near the top of the tower. Nearly 20 stories up. Their ride was silent as the small box picked up speed, quickly climbing up the tower. Beau’s heart began to beat faster as she thought about what might meet her at the top.

The elevator soon slowed to a stop, the doors sliding open to reveal a room with several scientist running around. Like the other rooms the walls were glass, a view of Deluxe stretching for miles. Other than the scientists the room was mostly empty, the only thing of note being a far wall, a large display case with something she couldn't quite see inside. Kane lead her over to it, and as they got closer Beau realized that what was inside the case was a suit of armor, a helmet, and a rifle that hung on the wall.

Beau took a step closer, inspecting each. The helmet looked like something you’d see some futuristic soldier wearing. It was made from some sort of black metal she didn’t recognise. Touching it, Beau was surprised by how cold it was. Around where the ear was there was a ring of blue light that gently glowed. The face of the helmet was a thick black glass, making Beau wonder how anyone would ever see out of it.

Her eyes shifted to the armor. Black metal sheets covered every part of it. Long streaks of blue lights ran up and down the arms, matching the design of the helmet. Despite several visible wires, cogs and mechanical pieces that Beau would never be able to make sense of the suit was slim, almost like a metal jumpsuit. Walking around to it's back she saw that the suit was open so someone could climb inside. Due to all the clamps and out of place pieces she guessed that it would close around whoever climbed in. All in all it looked like something that a scifi space soldier would wear.

Kane stepped forward, picking up the helmet and tossing it to Beau. "These are made from the latest Kane Co. technology. It's what will give you the edge of those in Motorcity." He motioned for her to put it on. After turning it over in her hands a few times she did just that, suprised by how comfortable and well fitting it was.

Once it was on her head a blue translucent screen illuminated in front of her eyes. Text that seemed like gibberish to her ran across quickly, proceeded by a loading screen.

Operating systems: Fuctional

Scanning for suit: No suit detected.

"Woah…" Beau gasped at herself. "It's amazing Kane-" She cut herself off, eyes widened at the sound of her voice. It wasn't her own, instead sounding far deeper and more...mechanical.

"The helmet changes its wearers voice." Kane explained. "The Burners won't recognize you that way."

Beau never planned on showing them her face in the first place, but now they wouldn't even know her voice.

"That's just one of its abilities. It and the suit are the best of Kane Co.'s." He gestured to the suit, as if to tell her to put it on. Beau walked around to it's back where the opening was. For a moment she just stared at it, trying to figure out how she would get into it. The opening went from the top down to the center of the back, so she had to lift her leg up to slide it into place. She held both arms out as if struggling to balance, but she managed to get in without any problems. The moment she moved after sliding inside the clamps on the back locked around her, closing the hole in the back, fitting the suit snugly over her body. The helmet connected to the suit, leaving no skin uncovered. Beau could feel something akin to foam padding inside, keeping all the mechanical parts and metal from digging into her. She looked down at her hands, flexing her fingers. As she did the screen in her helmet lit up again.

Suit Durability: 100%

Beau clenched her fists and moved around a bit, getting used to the suit. She assumed it would be stiff, but it was fairly easy and natural to move around in.

"The last thing I have for you is this." Kane took the gun off the wall, passing it to her. A rifle she was quite used to, a laser scope positioned on top. It was unlike the rectangle shaped and blocky guns the other soldiers had. Instead it was shaped and modled similarly to the sniper rifles from her time. Beau quickly got confused as she looked it over, however. She couldn't find a slot to load a magazine or bullets.

"Where do the bullets go?" She asked Kane, looking up.

"Bullets? There hasn't been a gun that uses bullets in decades! All Kane Co. weapons fire pulse lasers made inside the weapon."

"Pulse lasers...right" Beau figured there was no point in questioning any further. She wouldn't be able to understand such futuristic tech. As long as it fired when she pulled the trigger she didn't care how it worked.

Looking at its side she noticed a small lever, several notches it could be pulled in and out of. Each notch was painted a different color. One blue, one yellow, one red, and one left black.

A short man in a lab coat walked up to Beau, noticing her look of wonder. She had honestly forgotten there were others in the room aside from her and Kane. "That is a new gun being developed by Kane Co. It has features no other weapon made by our scientists does. The pulses it fires can vary based on the mode the lever is pushed into…" he spoke quickly, his voice shaking with nerves. "It can also turn into a different gun if you press the button on the side."

Beau turned the weapon over again, finding a small white button on it's right side near the trigger. Curious now, Beau pressed the button. He nearly dropped it as the pieces of the gun quickly began moving and folding in, others swinging out or bending on hinges she hadn't noticed. Each mechanical part locked into place as it began to take shape. A pump action shotgun. How that came from a rifle appealed Beau. She turned it over in her hands a few times, taking note that the lever to switch the pulse type wasn't there. She hit the button again, the gun returning to its previous form.

"You've got all you need to capture the Burners now." Kane's voice brought her attention tion back to him. "Head to Motorcity. And don't keep me waiting." Kane turned and walked back out the door. Just as he did the screen in her helmet lit up.

Current elevation: 140 Feet

Calculating most efficient route to Motorcity..... Proceed forward.

Beau walked over to the glass that stood before her and a 10 story plummet to the ground. This probably wasn't the best idea, but the words continued to flash in her face. She slowly reached a hand forward, pushing the pane open. She stepped forward again, metal boots peeking over the edge. Workers and scientists alike stopped and gasped at her, calling her to come back. Their hearts were racing as much as hers.

Heart rate: 115.3 beats per minute. Take a breath.

Ok, maybe not as fast as hers. She took a deep breath. Kane wouldn't give her a suit that would kill her the first time she wore it right? It knew how high she was. She was just going to have to trust it.

I just have to take...

She leaned forward and out the window, falling.

A leap of faith.

She began to fall, faster and faster by the second. The ground was quickly closing in. This was a bad idea. Just before she hit the ground she tucked herself into a roll. to her surprise, the impact was nothing. She didn't feel it. She wasn't dead. The suit seemed fine too. After rolling a few feet she got up and sprinted towards the small opening in the ground she saw that car come out of.

She stepped inside. It was instantly darker, some of the only light coming from the dim blue streaks of light on her armor and the laser sight of her gun. She continued forward down the wide and empty path. Even in Deluxe, where things like cars where illegal, there was lively chatter and noise from citizens as they went about their day. But in the tunnel it was unsettlingly quiet. Beau ignored the hair rising on the back of her neck as she made her way to the dim light flowing in from the end of the road. When she met the edge her eyes widened. Junkyards, abandoned roads, rundown houses, as far as the eye could see. Being under Deluxe the sun was blocked out, making the entire city seem gloomy. The slums of the future. Why would anyone want to live here?

The helmets screen stayed silent, so Beau took it upon herself to pick a direction and begin running. She didn't know what any of the Burners looked like, so she would instead have to rely on the cars. Looking to the rundown city as she ran she assumed that most people didn't have cars. With them being against the law above and Motorcity seeming to lack the resources to mass produce them they were probably expensive or hard to repair. Even if cars were common, the one she saw the day she arrived seemed pretty unique.

Beau squinted to look ahead. Not too far off she could see a building. Maybe that was it. She took off in that direction, sticking to the shadows and dodging between rubble to stay out of sight as she moved silently. She was there within minutes. She stayed a ways out, however. She scanned the road around the restaurant, looking for the green car she had seen driving through Deluxe just the other day. It was pretty easy to spot, and next to it were three other cars, all similarly wild looking. She crouched down and looked through the scope of her gun, ready to pull the trigger if need be. The blue screen opened itself again in front of her eyes, highlighting each car. First was a yellow one.

Driver: Unknown

Burner tag:.........Found

A small cursor zoomed in on a small logo on the car. A magic 8 ball that looked to be on fire. This process continued with the other two cars, a black one and a white one. The results were similar. Then the cursor got to the green car.

Driver: Mike Chilton

Burner tag:..........Found

Beau smiled. "Looks like I've found you Chilton." She stood up, pressing a button inside the hand of her suit. The back unclamped, allowing her to climb out. It proved to be more difficult than getting in, her foot getting stuck and causing her to fall flat on her back. The rubble littering the ground didnt do much to break her fall.

"Ow…" Beau winced as she climed back up to her feet. She'd need to get better at that. She glanced around, letting out a sign of relief that no one had seen her fall. When she was sure she was the only one outside Beau took off her helmet, placing it with the suit and the gun. She readjusted the bandana that acted as a mask over her mouth, dusted herself off, and walked into the building trying to act as if she hadn't just painfully fallen onto the ground.

Stepping inside Beau was met with a sight she wasn't expecting to see. A lively restaurant, filled with people happily eating and chatting. She had taken off her suit because she assumed it would be out of place, and while there wasn't anyone she could see wearing one there were people dressed just as odly that weren't given a second glance.

The restaurant looked like it would have just about every health code violation back in 2019, but despite that it seemed just like any other bar or restaurant she would have gone to. Given the vast differences between Motorcity and Deluxe Beau was suprised to say the least at how normal everything seemed. Back in Deluxe, all the food were these weird tastes cubes. All the restaurants were quiet and almost empty. But here people were eating foods familiar to her. Pizza, burgers, salads. It was like a second wave of culture shock, the first being when she first got to Deluxe.

"Excuse me miss?" A man's voice pulled Beau from her thoughts.

"Y-yes!?" She turned around, stuttering a bit from the sudden voice. She was met with a man wearing an apron. He smiled at her.

"Welcome to Antonio's!" He cheered with wide arms. "Shall we get you to your seat."

"Oh, actually, would it be ok if I sat myself?" Beau needed to find the Burners. Even if she couldn't fight them here, or more so wouldn't, she could follow them. "I have some friends here that I was going to sit with."

"Oh, than yes, please feel free." The man stepped aside, Beau thanking him as she walked past.

Not really knowing what she was looking for Beau wandered around, looking at everyone she passed. Guys dressed in full hockey getups, a group of boys all dressed in yellow shirts and overalls, even a group of people who reminded her of the Men In Black.

"Any one of these groups could be the Burners…" Beau mumbled under her breath. She glanced to the next booth she saw. Five people were seated in it, sharing a pizza. They were all smiling and chatting. A blonde boy looked at some kind of map on a com. Another muscular guy was enthusiastically telling a story about himself, doing karate moves between sentences. Beau was about to pass them up, but then she noticed something on their shirts. A logo of a burning 8-ball. The same as the cars outside. These were the Burners. She looked back over them again. They honestly seemed a bit underwhelming. The other groups actually looked like gangs, but these guys just looked like…normal kids her age.

"Can I help you?" Beau looked up, locking eyes with one The brunette in the middle was staring at her, and at the sound of his voice the others all turned to look at her too. Her heart began to speed up but she did her best to keep her voice calm.

"Oh, sorry for staring! It's just not every day you get to see the Burners!" Beau said. "With all you...do for people it's an honor to see you."

The guy who was doing karate moves smiled and did more. "Texas is glad someone is recognizing is greatness." The others stayed silent, exchanging looks.

The brunette in the middle smiled at Beau however, the others following suit. "It's our job to do what we can to protect the people of Motorcity against Kane."

His choice of words combined with his smile made her stomach churn, but Beau pushed the feeling away and ignored it. "Well then, I'll leave you to your food." She moved to a booth near theirs, taking a seat as the group went back to their conversations.

"There’s an Electrohut nearby, in the east junkyard," the boy with long blonde hair said. "The fusion battery we need to fix the gate should be there."

The brown haired boy next to him wrapped an arm around his shoulder, causing the blonde to jump. "Then Chuck here and I will go get it." Beau couldn't make out the mumble Chuck seemed protest under his breath, but it didn't sway the brunette in the slightest.

"Then we'll stay back by the gate then. Just in case something comes through before we can get that battery." A boy dressed in purple said.

The brunette smiled. "Thanks Dutch, I can always count on you guys."

Another boy flexed, doing some shitty karate moves. "If anything comes through Texas will, HYAHH," he yelled, doing a karate chop. "Punch it in its robot face."

"You be sure to do that Texas, Motorcity's counting on you."

The girl of the group leaves over to the brunette. "Be careful Mike." Mike smiled down at her.

"Don't worry, that's what Chuckles is for." Mike gave him a hard pat on the back as they went back to eating their pizza.

Beau turned on her com.

So their gates are down huh? I'll have to keep those three busy then. That way Mike can't call for backup.

She flipped through files and screens, soon landing on a menu for controlling a group of Kane Bots. She came across a file that showed something like a schedule. It looked like Kane would be sending a wave of Bots in a week.

"Well...They won't be expecting that today will they?" Beau said to herself, messing with the menus as she sent the wave to the gate she had passed on her way in. Once she was done she got up and left, not having ordered anything, to Antonio’s dismay. She quickly made her way outside and back to her suit, which was undisturbed. She put everything on and grabbed her gun.

“Now to the Junkyard…” Beau opened her com and searched for the Electrohut. A map from a bird’s eye view opened. Displaying her current location and the distance from the Junkyard. She quickly looked it over, trying to memorize each turn and road she’d have to take. The moment she shut off the com, however, the helmets screen illuminated.

Calculating route: Proceed east.

“Huh...useful.” With that, Beau took off.


When Beau had finally arrived she was unsettled by the silence that swept through the Junkyard. Piles of rubble, trash, and discarded mechanical parts littered the place, some stacks reaching seemingly stories high. But one thing Beau didn’t see was an Electrohut. She had absolutely no clue what it was, but looking around she saw no building that still seemed intacted enough to still have anything usable. Focusing on the her screen Beau looked to see where it said the Electrohut was, but that only got her more confused.

“Huh? It says in right on top of it but-” Beau looked to her feet. “There’s no way that-”

Beau was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a screeching tires and an engine with a sound similar to a dogs howl. Beau quickly ducked one of the mouds of debris, peaking only her gun around the corner, watching through the scope.

Mike and Chuck climbed out of the car, gazing around the they had just pulled up in.

“You think it's here?” Mike asked, turing to Chuck.

Chuck began to walk around, furiously typing away on his com. Mike followed behind him at a leisurely pace, hands in his pockets as he took in everything he saw around him. “It should be here… The com is says its- AHH!” Chuck was quickly cut off by his own scream, causing Mike to dash forward as he fell beneath the ground.

“Chuck!” Mike quickly through his hand out to where Chuck had fallen, seeming to barely catch him. Despite this being a good opportunity to take the shot Beau hesitated.

“You ok buddy?” Mike called down, pulling the blonde backup. Chuck was visibly shaking as he was dragged from whatever hole he was just pulled out of.

“Y-y-yeah, I-I’m great.” He said in a shaky voice, allowing Mike to release the breath he had been holding.

“Well… I guess we found where the Electrohut is.” After a moment Mike went to his car, soon returning with a cable. He smiled with seemingly excitement as he tied the cable down, connecting some kind of hand clasps Beau had never seen. He tossed the rest of the cable down, causing Chuck to rush over nervously.

“No no no, Mikey please tell me you aren’t doing what I think your about to!”

Mike looked up at him, smile still stretched across his face. “Ok, I won’t tell you then.” Mike crouched by the hole, begingin to climb down. Chuck on the otherhand, didn’t move from his spot. Beau readied her gun, pointing her sight right at the blonde. She would fire as soon as Mike was gone, then get him on his way back.

“You coming Chuckles?” Mike called.

“No way, I’m staying here. One touch on one of those walls and we’ll be fried!”

Mike shrugged. “Ok then, I guess you’ll just keep the mutant rats or whatever else is lurking here company.”


Chuck stayed silent for a few seconds, before rushing down the hole after him.

Beau side, removing herself from behind the mound. She had a perfect shot, but she didn’t take it.

“I’ll just have to get them when they’re back then.” Beau moved to the top of one of the mountains of rubble that was a ways off. It would offer a good shot for her. She laid flat on her stomach, propping up the rifle, intently watching the hole.

She didn't have to wait long.

Soon enough Beau could hear a commotion from down below. It started off quiet, the noise quickly turning into a far-off roar. Then the cable started to shake. Beau steadied her breath and prepared herself as a girlish scream erupted from the hole, followed by Mike and Chuck, who were then followed by a wave of Kane Bots. Beau tried to fire just as they past through her scope but the trigger wouldn’t budge. She quickly looked to her gun. She hadn’t yet checked the types of shots it had, nor did she put it in gear. She didn’t have the time though. The grabbed the lever, pulling it into a random gear.

She stood, taking aim at the car quickly fleeing the Bots that were shooting red laser-like bullets after them.

Wind: 3mph North-West. Aim accordingly.

Beau took a deep breath, steadying her aim. Having to fire before they were too far out of range she pulled the trigger. The blast was far more powerful than she was prepared for. A thick blue pulse exploded from the gun, sending Beau falling backwards, dropping her gun in the tumble as she fell off the hill. It had done its job though. The pulse demolished the road in front of the car, sending a wave of rubble and Kane Bots trapped in ice around the car, causing it to crash. Hard. Beau scrambled up and ran to catch up to the car. This was her chance.

Mike and Chuck stumbled out of the car. “I’ve never seen one of Kane's bots do that.” Mike said, looking up at the frozen wave towering above him. He turned to Chuck. “Hurry and find an alternative path. Whatever did this is still around.”

“Already on i- Mikey who is that?!” Chuck pointed over his shoulder. Mike turned to see someone standing in a black and blue suit of armor. Beau, who had stopped a few yards from Mike and Chuck.

“Stop, you have violated the law!” She yelled, though the suits voice had greatly distorted hers. “On behalf of Abraham Kane and the people of Deluxe I’m here to arrest you, Mike Chilton. Come quietly.” She pointed to him, his only reply a chuckle.

“Sorry, not happening.” He said, reaching into his jacket. He pulled out a small skull. In just a few seconds it morphed and fell apart, reforming into a staff, both ends similar to electrofied chainsaws.

“Then perish.” Beau raced forward, aiming a strike square for his chest. Mike blocked the blow with his staff, but Beau kept on him, throwing punch after punch, forcing him back.

Mike swung the staff, slamming the electrofied end into the armor, pushing up hard. The force sent her flying back, but she didn’t stay down long, jumping back to her feet.

Suit durability: 89%

She cracked her knuckles. It was clear this wasn’t going to be as easy as she expected, bringing a smile to her face.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had a good brawl.”

A similar smile came to Mike’s face as he charged at Beau, swinging at her left and right. She jumped past and dodged each with clean leaps and strides. The next time Mike swung at her Beau ducked under him, punching him in the gut just as she did Tooley. However, unlike Tooley, Mike recovered quickly, thrusting his staff at her again, striking her suit square in the chest. Even wearing the suit, Beau could feel the electricity from the staff and the strength behind his hit. As she fell to the dirt it was clear that Mike was experienced. She wouldn't have it any other way.

Beau started to climb up, slowly this time. Mike dashed forward to her, ready to land a finishing blow. "If you ever want to catch a Burner you'll have to do better than that." Mike called with a rather cocky smile.

The screen in Beaus helmet suddenly lit up, highlighting something behind Mike. Her smile only grew. “I’m just getting warmed up!”

She dodged his next slash at her, reaching up and grabbing his arm. Beau pushed up, throwing Mike over her shoulder and slamming him to the ground, knocking the arm out of him. Despite her strength, she was still shocked that the move went so smoothly and how easy it was to throw Mike. She might be strong, but it shouldn't have been so easy. Was it the suit…?

The sight of Mike struggling to his feet pulled Beau from the question. She ran past him and pulled her rifle from the ground. She turned back only to be met with Mike’s staff hitting her across the face of her mask.

Suit durability: 73%

Beau retaliated by pulling the gun's lever into the yellow gear, firing a yellow, laser-like bullet point blank at him. Seeing her about to fire, Mike raised his arms, as if to protect himself. The bullet hit his arm, sending electricity through his body. There was no blood. It didn't pierce the skin or even tear his clothes. But the electrifying pain was enough to send him to the ground, writhing and convulsing as he was electrocuted. As soon as it stopped Beau climbed onto Mike, who was temporarily paralyzed from the strike, unable to push her off, instead breathing heavily. Beau raised the butt of the rifle over his face.

“See you in Deluxe." Mike squeezed his eyes shut, bracing for the impact. But instead Beau was the one that was hit. Just as she was about to forcefully bring the gun down something slammed against the side of her head, sending her toppling to the side and off Mike, who struggled to his feet and ran towards the car.

Suit durability: 68%

“I got him...Mikey I got him!” Chuck, who was holding a slingshot cheered, but that cheer soon turned to fear as he saw Beau struggling to her feet, raising her gun, the laser pointed at his chest.

A hand reached out from inside the car, pulling Chuck inside with a yelp. “Let’s get out of here buddy!” Mike voice rang out as his car peeled out, quickly driving too far out of range. Beau angrily kicked at the dirt, running after them.

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