Devotion Untold


His voice... I can't stop the soft intake of breath, when he draws nearer. Resisting the urge to lean into him, as he's come up behind me. Asa, daughter of Heimdall, she's promised to Thor, both him and Loki, hold a sway over her heart, but only one can reign supreme over her heart and body. Misunderstood, and full of mischief, no one understands him, but Asa. In love with her, and the pull of the throne, Loki will stop at nothing to have them both. A warrior, the alpha male, Thor falls for another, and can't choose between the woman, his friend... who he's loved since he was a child, and the one who's came into his life, and turned it upside down. Notes: Thor and Avengers crossover - This story follows the movies loosely -

Fantasy / Erotica
Lizzy Landon
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Walking the halls of the palace, I make my way through glass doors, that lead out onto a terrace.

The night air caressing my skin, sends a shiver through my body. It’s late, and everyone sleeps, I cannot.

My thoughts are of my soon to be union, with Thor. He’s strong, handsome, and... my friend. Taken in by Odin, his father, we were inseparable, as children.

Now as adults, it will become official, we will be one. I’m nervous, and concerned... Is this what I want? I love him, no doubt, but there is another...

He’s been a hanger-on, quiet, and ever watchful. His beautiful eyes, seeming to see right through me.

Loki, the reason why I have doubts about my union with Thor. I care for them both, and I want to be sure that I’m making the right decision, forever is a long time, especially for us.

So consumed with my thoughts, I didn’t notice him, but now I can feel his presence. My heart quickens, and I grasp the rail for support.

Lately, I’m been having lewd dreams, and carnal thoughts about them both, and when in their presence, I tend to become anxious.

“Sleep eludes you also?”

His voice... I can’t stop the soft intake of breath, when he draws nearer. Resisting the urge to lean into him, as he’s come up behind be, I almost give in, when his hands are placed atop mine.

A lovers embrace, as his fingers entwine with mine. “Loki...”

Inhaling deeply, he takes in my scent. “Don’t make me stop, I don’t want to stop.” He whispers, as his lips lightly touch my neck.

“You have to...” I manage, as my breathing comes in quick, and a fluttery sensation begins in my stomach.

“You owe my brother, no allegiance.”

I owe myself some form of satisfaction, as I’ve waited a long time for this. A virgin... I’d kept my legs closed, and my need for sexual fulfillment in check.

Now this rougish prankster, threatens my partnership with Thor. He’s always been affectionate, but his amorous advances have increased, since the formal announce of our marriage.

“It’s late...” I state, turning to face him.

His eyes... as blue as the ocean, peer back at me and the words for parting are halted.

He moves closer, and I stop him with a hand on his chest. “No...”

One long lingering look, and he let’s me pass. On shaky legs, I make a fast escape to my rooms.

He was my first kiss, my first love, and I’m starting to wonder if maybe, he should be my first everything.

Terrible the whole mess, Thor’s been exiled. Making my way to the throne room, my steps are purposeful, and hard.

Upon my entrance, Loki comes to his feet. “Leave us.” He instructs, the guards.

Waiting until they’ve exited, he motions for me to come to him. Slowly, and uncertain, I do as requested.

Taking my hand in his, he applys a kiss. “Where is All-father?”

“Why don’t you look with your gifts, and see for yourself.”

Using my power, bestowed upon me by my father, I see him. He’s resting, regenerating.

“He’s in Odinsleep, for how long?” I inquire.

“I don’t know.”

Still holding onto my hand, I bear witness to Loki’s misdeeds. Releasing him quickly, I back away from him.

“Let me explain...”

The sound of my palm, meeting his face echos loudly throughout the large room.

“You will bring, Thor back.” I state, out of breath with anger, at his duplicity and scheming.

“I love you, with all my heart, Asa. And I would do anything for you, but this... I won’t do.”

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