Devotion Untold

Chapter 10

Loki and Thor’s left to rot on the deserted planet, and I leave with Thanos, and his people. What I have in store for them, they won’t see it coming until it’s too late. My father was among the one’s to survive, although his destiny was to die. Using my powers, Thanos killed the glamour and not him, he’d made it to safety with the others.

Seeing through my eyes, he’d went back for Thor and Loki. I can see some of his future, and I can’t help but to smile, as I saw him with his new eye. Beautiful, their different colors... Strong,courageous, and unbelievably sexy, he’s what fantasies are made of.

My view into the future’s limited, and unfortunately I can’t see the outcome, but from what I do see, I hope that we succeed, in bringing Thanos down. We have to, if we don’t... earth isn’t the only planet that’s in trouble, every living being in the universe, is in jeopardy.

I trust in my gift of sight, Thor will save us... hopefully.

“Ah...” Thanos has a victim laid out on a table, he’s being tortured for information.

“Where is it?” Thanos, questions him.

We’ve invaded the Planet Xandar, and taken the guardian of the power stone hostage. He’s missing four fingers, three toes, an eye, and an ear. “No... no...!” He’s in the process of being castrated, and unable to take his horrified screams, I make to leave the room.

“Asa, come...”

Pausing to gather my wits and strength, I take a deep breath before going to him.

Bloodied, the naked man’s parts are shown to him, and he promptly passes out from the horror of it all. “Find my stone.” Thanos, commands me.

Placing my hand on the man’s head, I read his thoughts, quickly. Trying not to give in to the sorrow that touches my soul, this man’s good, a father, a husband... he doesn’t deserve this, none of them deserves this.

Locating the stone, I call it forth, and it’s instantly in my hand. “Good girl...” His large hands brushing mine, I want recoil in disgust, but instead maintain a composed and neutral expression.

Attempting a quick read of him, I only get the same thing, the prison, that he plans to retire to after he’s done murdering half of the universe. “Now, let’s go get the reality stone.”

Death, more death... and more... the collector’s a creepy, disturbed creature, who has a deranged smile on his face, as he releases the stone to Thanos. It’s a terrible sight to behold, the people being divided, and then killed off.

I have to give him credit, for making the slayings as humane as possible. “Why do you look away, you disapprove?” He says, from beside me.

“Only a monster would agree with this.”

“You can’t see what I see, my vision.”

“There are other ways...”

“Yes, but this is quicker and more effective.”

There’s no need to continue the conversation, as he won’t be turned away from his plan. Returning to the ship, I wonder how my love’s are faring.

In my room, I use my power to see through Loki’s eyes. “Asa?” He states, sensing my intrusion.

I can see him with Thor, my father, and a some strangers. “We’re headed to the Planet Vormir, to retrieve the soul stone.”

“Then that’s where we’ll meet you.”

“No, go to Earth, that’s where this will all end, the final stand. The last stone, the mind stone will be there. The human’s will be gathered in numbers, to stop him.”

There’s a long pause, before he speaks.



“Be careful.”

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