Devotion Untold

Chapter 11

My Asa, she’d gone with the beast, and I’d been mad with terror, thinking that I wouldn’t see her again.

We’d made a stop, to see Eitri King of the dwarves. Thor got a replacement eye, and Stormbreaker, the most powerful weapon in the universe.

On Earth we’d faced another delay, Thor had to see her. And with Heimdall leading us, we find her on some remote island. A base, with a few guards, and others like her.

“We don’t have time for this.”

“Asa, gave me the coordinates, we have time.” He replies.

The admission that she contacted him, angers me. I love her, he desires her, and she loves and desires us both.

I can’t have that...

She’s pretty, but why he chose her is beyond me. A mouse of a creature, with a knack for interrupting with outburts of bright ideas and thoughts.

“The stones are energy, they can’t be destroyed.” She says.

“See, I told you that coming here was a waste of time.”

“But... the stones themselves can be destroyed.”

“That makes no sense.” I state.

“The capsules that houses the energy, can be destroyed, but the energy cannot.”

“How?” I ask, wanting to avoid a fight if necessary.

“I don’t know... but it can be done.”

Alone in my room, Asa appears to me and going to her, I attempt to hug her, and go right through her. “My celestial form.”

“Come to me, summon the Bifrost, you can do it.”

“It’s not as easy as you make it, my father...”

“You’re more powerful, than he is.”

“But he’s had more practice, I might split the earth in two, and save Thanos the trouble of killing everyone.”

“I guess, I can wait another day.”

“Where are you? Why are you not making ready for their arrival?” She asks, looking around my appointed room.

“We’ll join the others tomorrow.”

“Are you not there already, his army arrives within the hour.”


Leaving her, I make my way quickly to the others, to report on my new findings.

By the time that we arrive, the battle looks to be almost over, with earth on the losing end. The disgusting creatures are fast and strong, and putting them down is a task.

Removing the limbs of one, I’m knocked backwards through the air by another. Pounced on, and dragged by the leg, Heimdall, puts a sword through it’s head.

“Thank you.”

“I didn’t do it for you.” He says, taking the heads of two others.

A ship arrives soon after, and upon further inspection, it’s Thanos. His crew, along with Asa disembarks, and saying something to her, she scans the grounds quickly, before disappearing.

“Thor, Asa’s going after the stone!”

Reappearing, she clears a path with her mental powers. Bodies on both ends scatter out of the way, airborne landing hard.

Something’s not right, I understand that she’s playing a part, but... she’s playing it really well. Heimdall and Thor’s finally engaged her, bringing her devastation of our army to an end.

They don’t attack her, I can’t hear what they’re saying to her, but it seems to be working.

Spoke to soon... the ground begins to quake, and both hands violently pounding the ground, the earth rises up, sending the whole battle ground into the air.

I’m tossed off of my feet, and rolling out of the landing, I search for her, she’s disappeared again.

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