Devotion Untold

Chapter 12

Jane has no smile for me, upon our reunion. Her greeting’s uninspiring, but the enthusiasm’s dripping from her pores, when she explains how the stones can be destroyed.

We’d agreed, that what we had going, wouldn’t work. I was always on some mission to save some planet, mostly ours, and she wanted more.

Someone who could always be there, who didn’t disappear for months at a time, without a word. I couldn’t be what she wanted, and so we separated under goodwill.

So it’s surprising to me, when she’s indifferent towards me, barely saying more than three words to me. What’s even more surprising, is when she comes to my room, later that day.

“I... um... I needed to see you, to discuss the um...”

“The stones?”


“You’re here without a chaperone?” Another reason why I agreed to part ways, Jane’s... too modest, which isn’t a bad thing, but this isn’t the days of the knights, and dragons, women nowadays are more... free-spirited, mannish.

“It’s really important...”

She’s in my arms, her body pressed into mine, her kiss forceful. “What’s gotten into you, Jane?” I state, pulling back from her.

“I want you, I’ve missed you.” She’s on tiptoe again, smothering my face with kisses, before she’s attacking my lips again. Her hands running the length of my chest, quickly make their way lower.

“Am I interrupting something?”

I’ve never been so happy to see Loki. Regaining her wits, and composure. She smooths her clothing, before lightly patting her hair. “We were just having an important conversation, about the stones.” She replies.

“Oh... well I have some important information also.”

We’re losing this battle, and Asa just sealed the deal. Tearing through our army, Heimdall and I confront her. “Asa stop this, you don’t have to do this.” Says, her father.

“We can end this, and Thanos... together.”

“You don’t understand, it has to be this way.”

The ground rumbles and groans, before the whole battlefield and it’s occupants are airborne.

Engaged in a fight with a human that can harness and deploy energy, Asa’s being forced backwards by her powers. Vision lies dormant on the ground, with a hole in his head, where the stone should be.

Stormbreaker plows into the human, knocking her yards away, back to the battle. “Asa, don’t...” I state, reclaiming stormbreaker. Her attempt at fleeing’s stopped cold.

“Give me the stone.” I state, tightly.

“I can’t...” She says, attempting to escape.

“Loki, now!”

A force field goes up around us, keeping her held in. Banging on the shield, she tries to use her powers to break it. An aggravated yell, comes from her, as she


“Sorry, my love... but I have to side with Thor on this one.”

Head down, she exhales slowly and loudly, before her glowing bright white eyes are raised to me.

“Don’t make me hurt you, I don’t want to hurt you.” She says.

“You’re not...”

The field moves past me, shrinking quickly. “Loki...: what are you doing?”

Going to her knees gasping for air, she falls, her eyes slowly closing as she takes her last breath.

Heven, is our current residence, the tenth realm that was severed, during a war between the angels that reside there, and Asgard. Loki and I reopened the gates to their realm, and the queen of the angels, whose of a forgiving nature, allowed us entry.

“Ah... here it is...”

Hidden in plain sight, on her person, Loki retrieves the stone.

“You have to keep it hidden, and on the move.”

“Why does that have to be my job, I’d be better suited, keeping her safe.”

“You’re good at hiding things, and sneaking about.”

“Well that’s true, but I don’t want the job.” He says.

“Loki, he’ll come wherever the stone is.”

“So you take it.”

“It would make more sense, if you did.”

“I’ll take it...”

She’s quick, but Loki’s quicker, the stone disappears. “Do you really want to test me.”

“I’ve been wanting to do that, since we were children.” Loki says, with a smile.

“Loki...” I state, in warning.

“Soon...” He says, leaving us.

She tries to follow him, but is unable to leave the room.

“You can’t enter or leave Heven, without the permission of an angel.”

“You think that what you’re doing is right, but it’s not.”

“And killing off half the universe is?”

“No, but it’s the only way that we’re going to be able to move forward. Thanos will keep searching for that stone, and he’s going to keep killing and destroying until he gets it.”

“Not unless we kill him, which was our plan until you interfered.”

“You have to trust me, give him the stone.”

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