Devotion Untold

Chapter 13

“Why must it be this way?” I inquire of the wizard.

“You have to understand, that this is our only chance at coming out on the winning end.”

“Is there no other way?”


Being held hostage in Heven, It’s been days and fretting over my part in the mission, I reach out to Loki.

He can’t keep me out, and I find him with the demons on Muspelheim. A dark, ominous place, filled with deep guttural voices, and hair raising screams.

“Asa!” He exclaims, as he’d not seen me, from my place behind him. “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like, I’m doing?”


“I have to, these hellish beings are everywhere.”

“I need the stone, Loki.”

“Care to search my person?” HE responds, with a playful smirk.


“You have two minutes.”

“If you don’t give Thanos the stone, you’ll never see me again.”

“Is that your play?” It’s weak...”

“Thanos will come to Heven, and he’ll kill me.”

“You don’t have the stone, why would he go there?”

“Because if he does, you’ll bring the stone to him. You’ll plead for him to bring me back.”

Hes quiet, seconds tick by, and the sizzle of the dew from the sweltering heat, breaks the silence.


“If I die before the reaping, the stones can’t be used to bring me back. But you won’t believe that, you’ll try anything.”

“You’ve seen this?”

“I can show you.”

I love Loki, and using him to accomplish my goal, doesn’t bother me in the least. He’d come back to Heven, and i’d given him the ammunition that he needed, to perpetrate the plan.

Heven is just that... Heven. The hosts are insanely beautiful, a glowing light surrounding their faces, reminds me of Alfheim. Heven, is what you imagine it to be.

And for me, it’s creation... the grass, trees, air. I’m trapped in paradise, and I intend to make the most of it.

I’m alone, when I hear his approach. The light crunch of the leaves, as he draws nearer, and I try to control my excitement. I’d been waiting for him, and knew that he’d find me soon enough.

“Are you still upset with me?”

“No, not anymore.” I state, as he joins me on the ground, which instantly turns into a floor made of crystal underneath him. The contrast between the grass on my side, and the stone on his, is amazing.

He’s in my piece of Heven, but subtle changes are made to accommodate the guest. Their slice of Heven, in another’s Heven.

“It’s for the best, Asa.”

“I know...”

“I don’t think, that I like the sound of that.”

I’m happy, everything is going as planned. “Because, I’m agreeing with you?”


“What happens now? Loki has the stone, how is he going to keep it?”

“We have a plan.” He says, clearing his throat.

Shifting uncomfortably, he pulls at his clothing, as I’d turned the heat up, the sun’s moved closer. A cold breeze from his side, flows over to mine, and I visibly shiver.

“If you wanted me out of my garments, then all you had to do was ask.” He says, with that sexy smile of his.

And that’s exactly what I want.

“Well, would you mind removing your clothing, please?”

“I would prefer it, if you did it for me.”


I’m on him with a quickness, borderline tackling him. Aggressively kissing him, he forces me onto my back.

“Slow down, we have all day.”

His smile, as his fingers trail a hot blaze in between my breasts, sends a vibrational need in between my thighs. Moving lower, his lips gently touch mine, going to my hand on his face, and then on to my neck.

“Thor...” My sigh of ecstasy, empowers his passion, and my gown’s promptly ripped from my body. His tongue wet and warm circles my nipple, as his hand drifts lower.

My legs opening in anticipation, welcomes his probing fingers.

A large finger filling my center, I grasp onto him, squeezing my legs together. “Relax...” He says, coaxing me to loosen my grip.

Slowly working his finger in and out of my core, I grind on his fingers, teasing my bud, and pleasuring my flower.

His lips find mine again, and I indulge in the sensations that he’s giving my body. My body trembling with the need to be completely filled, I help him out of his clothing.

Suckling my neck, his length fills my sex, hard and heavy, he forces me to cry out his name. Keeping pace with his strokes, I cling to him, my nails digging into his back.

“Mmm...” I love his Alpha nature, primal, and brutal. His strokes becoming savage, I bite into his shoulder, sealing the deal.

I let Loki in, he was having doubts about my “If you don’t do it, I’ll die” plea. In tune with him, I give him my feelings, my love for Thor, the satisfaction, that he’s giving me.

In return, I get his heartbreak, his anger, and then his malice.

Smiling inwardly, “mission accomplished”.

My attention returning to Thor, I use my hips, twisting, so that he’s underneath me. Riding him hard and fast, my tempo increases.

His hands on my waist, guide my strokes, and I succumb to the waves of pleasure that his body provides mine.

“Asa...!” His body convulses, and his grip on my hips tightens, as he yields to his release.

Loki’s meeting with Thanos, and any doubts that he had are long gone now.

A kiss, gentle and sweet... “I love you.” He whispers.

I don’t have time to respond, as he’s gone... ashes blowing in the wind.

Now this, I didn’t see coming...

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