Devotion Untold

Chapter 14

I’d seen her with him, she’d shown me... The rage, quickly replaced the hurt... I’d done as she’d requested, and gave Thanos the stone, but with a stipulation, Thor would be a victim of the reaping.

He’d honored my request, and I’d stayed away from her, time was needed to heal the wound of her betrayal. Time was needed to keep me from killing her.

No home, no people to rule, no family... I’d drifted from planet to planet, looking for a place to call home, a people in need of new leadership, and then I’d find her, and start a family.

“You killed Thor!” Putting an end to her fist’s striking my chest, she disappears from view, and my grip on her wrists.

Reappearing, I receive a hard shove from behind, and I have her locked in my embrace. “Asa, stop...!”

“You killed your own brother!”

“He deserved it, you’re mine... he shouldn’t have touched you.” Her body going still, in my arms, I release her.

“He wouldn’t have, without my permission.” She says, quietly.

“And don’t think, that I didn’t want to strangle the life from you.”

“He could have been forgiven, just like you forgave me.”

“Who says that I forgave you?”

“Then why are you here?”

Why am I here? I love her... The hosts of Heven had kept her safe, they wouldn’t let her leave anyways, without permission from Thor or I. They’d been subjected to the reaping also, no one was exempt.

“I came to retrieve my queen, It’s time for us to secure our throne.”

Her eyes narrow in suspicion, as she considers my appeal. “Where?” She asks, after a time.

“A few... Jotunheim, my place of birth, I’m the rightful heir to the throne.”

“Their world is perishing, due to the lack of ice magic.”

“We could find a way to remedy that, somehow.”

“It’s too cold, but I should very much like to rule two planets.”

Another reason why I chose her as my queen, deep down... we’re of the same mindset. “Why just stop at two?”

“Vanaheim, they have no king.”

“My next, and most obvious choice.” I state, drawing her close. It’s been too long since, I’ve held her, felt her touch, tasted her lips.

“I want Svartalfheim, and we’ll repopulate Nidavellir with the people of Midgard.”

“Just the four then?”

“For now...” She says, with a smile.

The softness of her lips, awakens my lustful nature, but i’m no fool. My fingers locking in her hair, a gentle tug, puts an end to her seduction.

“You’ll satisfy my passion for chaos, and in return, what do you get?”

“You’ll assist us, in our campaign to defeat Thanos.”

“And... who is us?” I inquire with a sigh, releasing her from my hold.

“The people of Earth.”

My lovely Asa, has it in her head, that the people of Midgard, can reverse the reaping. Put back to rights, what was taken... to satisfy my queen, I agree.

The people of Earth propose time travel, as the resolution. Go back in time and collect all of the stones, before Thanos does. “It’s the only option that we have.” Says, the tin man.

No one has any other ideas, so they make it work. “They’re not that behind in scientific advancement, as I’d thought.” Whispers Asa.

It’s a crude device, and testing it, their champions set out to retrieve the stones.

Something that I love about her, and hate also, she’ll agree to go along with your plan, but she’ll always have one of her own.

Hitching a ride through time, with Nebula, and War Machine, she disappears with them.

When she makes it back, we’re going to have a talk about her spontaneous actions.


I love Loki, and he’d done what i’d asked, completed phase one of the task. The issue, is that he died in the process, he was a part of the reaping also.

Now it’s left up to me, to bring them both back. Loki, in his astral form, has formed an attachment. He’s come to me in Heven, and I use him to break past their confinement of my person.

He doesn’t know that he’s no longer among the living, and is stuck on our temporal plane.

The people of Earth, have concocted a time traveling mechanism, and I use it to leap through time with the others. My goal is Thanos, find him as they search for the stones, and kill him.

“I thought, that you wanted to be a part of my family.”

I’d tried and I’d failed... getting close to him, I’d driven my sword through his chest, missing his heart. “You took something from me, and I want it back!”

“The Princes, one was already a part of the reaping, I couldn’t stop that.”

Nebula has me by the hair, and releasing me, she goes to him, pulling the sword from his chest.

A strained grunt in pain, he comes to his feet, with a hand on his chest.

“Heal me, and I’ll consider bringing, at least one of them back.”

“One of my choosing...”

“Agreed...” He says.

I hate him, and trying to not let it show, I place a hand on his chest, right where his heart is, and squeeze with all of my mental might!

Immediately returning to his knees, Nebula attacks, and I send her through the air. A female green in color comes for me with a yell, as Thanos cries out his pain.

A hand on my my wrist, he’s strong, and I promptly break the offending body part. The green female’s put down, with a swipe of my hand, her head hitting the ground with a sickening thump.

“You believed in me... my vision... at one time you did...” He makes out, trying to wrangle my hand from his chest.

Once upon a time I did have my doubts, about stopping him. The universe needed a do-over, a reset.

“I felt it in your heart...”

If he lives, I won’t have Loki, or Thor. That’s someone’s future, but it most certainly isn’t mine.

“Yeah, I did... but if you live, they die, and I can’t have that.”

“You know that i’m right...”

His last words, before I have his heart in my hand. The sound of his body dropping to the ground, is comforting.

“Did anyone make it back?” I ask.

“No, we’re the first.” Says, War Machine.

“Good.” I state, destroying the machine.

“What are you doing?”

“We don’t need the stones, I killed Thanos, and now we...”

I don’t get to finish my sentence, before I experience a sensation of moving backwards in time, there’s no air, and then darkness.

I’m in Heven, in Thor’s arms, right before the reaping. My head on his chest, the loud beating of his heart soothes me. “I love you.” He says, as his hand lightly caresses my hair.

A self satisfied smile on my lips, I love him too... Sighing contentedly, my thoughts are of Loki, I love him also, and know that I’m going to be by his side.

I know that I want what he wants, and that he’s going to give me everything that I ask for. He’s my future... Thor, well... as I said before, I’ll keep him as a lover.

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed my work!

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