Devotion Untold

Chapter 2

Loki Laufeyson, a descendent of the King, of the frost giants... I guess, I’m royalty after all.

We’d engaged the giants in combat, led by Thor, and father had to interfere, to save us. A few accusations and hurtful words, were tossed out in anger, and Thor was banished.

Everything was going as planned, until Asa begged father to forgive him. He’s never been able, to deny her anything.

Joining us at the morning repast, she’s on his arm. A few whispered words to her, and a light giggle departs her lips. Keeping my envy well hidden, I stand, pulling a chair out for her.

Accepting my offer, I receive a kiss in appreciation. Taking my rightful place next to her, he takes a seat beside mother.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, thank you for asking.”

My hand going to her leg, she almost drops her drink. Slowly inching the soft fabric upwards, I’m rewarded with an elbow to the side.

“All-Father isn’t joining us?” She asks.

“No, he’s taking an extended rest, today.”

“Who’ll reign in his stead?”

“Loki... it’s only for a day.” Mother admonishes.

“I’ll check in on him later.” Asa states.

“No, let him rest, besides your day is full, with the planning of the marriage celebration.”

“Oh... that... I thought that all I needed to do, was show up.”

“It’s a special day for you, you should be monitoring everything that’s going on.”

“Do I have to?”


“Well, Thor has to help, it’s his marriage also.”

“No, I have to... things to do.” He says, devouring a piece of meat.

“It’ll be fun.” Mother coaxes.


“Good, I’ll meet you in the great hall, after I check on Odin.” Giving Asa a quick kiss on the forehead, she departs.

A teasing wink, and Thor parts with a kiss on her cheek. An awkward silence follows, and she attempts to leave also.

“Wait... I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” She inquires.

I don’t know how to tell her, I don’t want her rejection. But I must tell her, if we’re to ever be, and so, I show her.

In the reflection of her eyes, I see myself, blue-grey skin, red eyes... a monster.

“Loki, I could always see past your glamour.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“All-Father made me promise, not to.”

“And you’re not afraid of me, what my fruits would bear?”

“No, if your pedigree is anything to judge you by, then you would be a worthy mate, bringing forth strong, powerful children.”

“Then why haven’t you accepted my offer?”

“You know that my father has always had an agreement, with the All-Father, a joining of houses for services rendered.”

“But you do have a choice.”

“And I accept my father’s choice.”

Watching her with him, his arm about her waist, my jealous nature threatens me to violence.

He has everything, the throne, her love... he was always everyone’s favorite.

“Loki, perhaps you would honor me with a dance.” Kala, an ambitious maiden who’s shared my bed a few times.

“Let me take your mind off of her.”

“I thought it obvious by now, no one can do that.”

“Then let me be a distraction.” She says, unmoved by my disagreeable mood.

One has to give her credit, for her determination.

“A tribute, in honor of my son, my first born’s unification, a merger of bloodlines. To you, Thor... heir to the throne, and Asa... mother of the future protectors of the Bifrost, King and Queen of Asgard!”

Glasses raised in salute, a loud cheer follows, and I let my anger take over. “Loki...” Says Kala, to my departing back.

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