Devotion Untold

Chapter 3

Exiled, forgiven, and exiled again... Father’s a fool, I’d made a last ditch effort at my campaign, to teach those monsters a lesson.

Taking an army to Jotunheim, we fought long and hard with the frost giants, and for all of my labors, I was banished.

Upon my return, I know that Asa will be seething with rage. She’d made it known, that if I were to do anything to further delay our union, she’d make it so, that I wouldn’t be able to father children.

Her threat amused me, but now I’m thinking that, an extended stay in exile isn’t so bad. It’ll give her some time to calm down.

I’d met a stargazer, Jane Foster, beautiful, intelligent, and the reason why I hope father stays mad at me.

It will take away my right to choose. Choose between Asa, and Jane, I can’t.

She wants to know where I come from, who I am. Telling her the truth, she doesn’t beleive me, maybe it’s for the best. My banishment won’t last forever, and I’ll have to return home.

Huddled together near a fire, I regale her with stories of my many battles.

“Twice I’ve challenged Jörmungandr, a monstrous serpent, and twice I’ve had to admit defeat, our third battle will be my victory... I know it.”

“Where you’ve been, will I be able to go?”

“Of course, I’ll take you there, you’ll love it. My mother will love you.”

Her eyes brighten, as my confused heart sinks. Asa has the temperament of a docile Earth kitten, but anger her and “Surtur” the demon will emerge.

“I may have to defend us, against one or two women...” I state, thinking of Asa and Sif. Both on different levels share my love, with the latter warming my bed, often.

“You’re that popular, huh?”

“Well... I am well liked.”

“Uh huh...”

My brother’s sent Defender to Earth, to kill me, and it would have, if my powers weren’t given back to me.

My strength returned, I was able to best the magical armour, and return to Asgard.

After the fight between Loki and I, he’s lost to us, and the Bifrost is broken. It’s repairable, but at the moment, my heart isn’t.

She’s all that I can think about, and joining the others in celebration, I’m not in good cheer. Sif’s offer to share my bed is declined, and retiring to my rooms, Asa appears soon after.

“I miss him.” She says, joining me on the bed.

“I miss him, too.”

“I’ve called off the marriage.”

“Asa, I’ll honor our arrangement.”

“I know where your heart lies.”

“With you...”

“And another, and... another...” She says, mocking me, which brings a smile to my face.

A loving kiss on her forehead, and she settles in closer to me.

“Loki held you in high regard.”

“I think that he more than highly favored me.” She responds, bringing my hand to rest on her stomach.

“You’re to be an uncle.”

“I’ll be an uncle soon, and the father-to-be has reemerged, a villian. Killing eighty people on Earth, I return to stop him.

Joining forces, with the powers that govern the humans, we manage to cage him upon a flying device.

I didn’t want her to know, but like her father, she has the eye of providence, able to see all.

A loud crack, similar to thunder shakes the device. “There’s a female, that just got blasted onto the ship!” A voice comes through over the air.

Alarms ringing loudly, we experience the sensation of dropping, before it regains it’s normal flight.

“What now?” Asks Banner.

How Heimdall was able to get her onto the thing, without breaking it into two, is beyond me. A large hole, was all the damage that he’d done.

“How did you convince your father, to bring you here in your state?” I inquire, of her extremely protruding stomach.

The weapons trained on her are lowered. “I told him, that I needed to see my child’s father, and that I would kill him when I did.”

“Who is this?” Asks Fury, coming into the room.

“Asa, the mother of Loki’s unborn child.” I state.

“I see... take her.” He orders.

My hammer’s raised, and the weapons do the same. ”

“What is the meaning of this?” I demand.

“She’s being detained, for conspiracy.”


“The mother of Loki’s unborn child, just blasted onto our ship, and for what? Seems to me, like she’s here to break him out.”

“She wouldn’t...”

“That’s exactly what I came to do, he doesn’t need to be judged by these people. You’ll bring him back to Asgard.”

“I will, and soon.”

“I’m not leaving, without him.”

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