Devotion Untold

Chapter 4

Loki’s in a state of self-exile, gone for months. I can see him, and choose to turn a blind eye to his misery. I love him, but his pain is self inflicted. The results should be made known to us soon. Did he learn from this, has there been growth?

His seed within my womb, grows daily, and I’m somewhat happy. I won’t be truly happy, until he’s returned to us. I need him, we need him...

Loki’s not as bad as he seems, his motives are misinterpreted, and... maybe he does go about things the wrong way, but underneath all that is a man that’s wonderfully perfect.

He’s loving, devoted, compassionate, and definitely knows how to woo the undergarments off of a woman.

I’d left him that night on the balcony, and thinking that I was safe, that I’d passed yet another test of will by denying his advances, he’d come a knocking at my door.

Afraid to answer, thinking that I wouldn’t be as strong the second time around, I finally faced him.

My door was opened to him, and so were my legs. No words were needed, as I backed away from his entrance into my rooms. Closing the door quietly behind him, a part of me wanted to demand that he leave, but the other part wanted him to stay.

In the semi-darkness of my room, his tall frame casts an impressive shadow. Slow steady steps, brings him closer, as his dominance speeds up my heartbeat.

His hands about my waist, draws me into his embrace, sending an electric shock racing through my body. What’s left of my willpower goes right out the window, along with modesty, and all sexual inhibitions, when his lips connects with mine.

Loving the peace and security that his firm body and strong arms provide, I know that I’ve made the right decision.

His kiss deepens, and weakens my knees, as I hold tightly to him. My clothings become to confining, and removing them in between kisses, is vexing.

Giving up on the clothing, I concentrate on his tongue. My hands gently touching his face, a scorching heat and an ache begins in between my legs.

Tenderly his tongue toys with mine, and the sound of fabric being ripped, is followed by a light breeze, as my bare skin’s exposed.

Clinging to him, as he lowers my dress past my hips, the warmth from his body’s invitingly stimulating. A moan of pleasure escapes my lips, when his kisses move to my neck.

A rush of warmth, and moisture greets his probing fingers, and my legs automatically open wider, to allow him full access. His light teasing, sends jolts of pleasure that shakes my body, which almost causes my legs to give out.

Our movements are frenzied, as I help him with the removal of his clothing, and in an instant we go from our position on the floor, to the bed.

“I want to feel you inside of me.” I whisper, as his tongue wet, and warm circles the tip of my breast. The tip of his rod, full and thick, tease the entrance of my sex, gently probing.

Sampling each nipple, my hand makes contact with his manhood, and I’m rewarded with an intake of breath, as my fingers slowly stroke his staff.

Needing to be filled, my legs spread open wider, as he takes his time entering my honey pot. My quick, deep intake of breath, from his length breaking through my maidenhead, leaves my lips slowly, as the shock subsides.

The pain’s bearable, as he’s paused to allow my body time to adjust to his. His kiss takes my mind from the discomfort, and just as quickly, I’m ready again.

“Relax...” He instructs me, as our bodies move to a synchronized beat.

He’s considerate, and gentle, taking his time with me. I spend the rest of the night in his arms, and the next few nights thereafter, learning, and exploring with him.

“What if he finds out, that you’re not a virgin?” Loki inquires, a week later.

He’s upset, that I refuse to reject my marriage agreement, with Thor.

“We’ll both go to the marriage bed, experienced in the art of the bedroom. Thanks to your ardent, and extremely intense tutelage, I’m sure that I won’t have any complaints.”

“I want you.”

“You have me.”

“What do you want, what’s the allure, the throne? I can get it for you.”

He makes a valid point, what do I want? What does Thor have that he doesn’t.

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