Devotion Untold

Chapter 5

Caged like an animal, but little do they know, that I would have gladly walked into it, if they’d only asked.

My time in exile, has hardened me even more, and my plans are once again working in my favor.

Her admission, that the only thing that my brother has over me, is the throne, has strengthened my resolve. We both want the same thing, and if it’s the throne that she wants, then it’s the throne that she shall get.

That’s what I had in mind for us, until she comes into the room where I’m being held. Her belly’s full to bursting.

A hand automatically moves towards my chest, before I catch myself. The pain in my heart, demands that I coddle it, ease the pain with a few caresses.

“Well... if it isn’t the whore of Asgard. Imagine that, you’d do anything to secure your seat on the throne.”

The anger in her eyes dies, and it’s replaced by something else... guilt? Good, she deserves so much more.

“Must you always hurt, everyone who loves you?”

Like she hurt me?

“If you’re not here to slake my lust for you, then any dribble that you’re attempting to spew will fall on deaf ears.”

She doesn’t say anything, to my verbal harrassment, and I wish she had. It would have been better than what she did next.

Her powers working their magic, my skin changes color, as she calls forth my true nature.

“Stop it!” I state, unable to resist her.

“No, everyone should see you as you are... a monster.” She says, leaving me.

“Asa, release me!”

I’m stuck in my origin of birth form, unable to change.


In the midst of my meltdown, my magic returns, as I’m able to transform back into my normal form.

She’ll have to pay also, for her betrayal.

I love her still, and sending my brother plummeting to the earth, I watch as the flying ship follows suit. She’s onboard, and forcing my concern for her away, I don’t stay, to see if she’ll survive it.

Reparations were due, and conquering this planet would be equitable. It was a good fight, one that I’d lost, but I’m not done yet. There’s still a war to be won.

“Wherever you go, there’s war, ruin, and death...”

“I merely attempted to take, what was owed.”

Standing before the All-Father, my judgement is imprisonment for the rest of my days. Thousands of years in the dungeons... I think not.

“Why hasn’t she come to me?”

“I’ve been sworn to secrecy.”

My mother... my only visitor, since my judgement.

“She’s still angry with me, then?”

“Loki... she’s... She’ll come to you, when she’s ready.”

“And my brother, is he enjoying what’s rightfully mine?”

“Odin still reigns...”

“I was referring to Asa.”

“He’s seems happy with his mortal, she’s a lovely woman.”

“You’ve met her?”

“Yes, she’s here.”

“You would allow him to disrespect her?”

“I have no control over his heart.”

It boils my blood to even bring it up, but I have to ask.

“And the child?”

“It’s not my place, to say.” She says, after some time.

Whiling away the time, reading, and sleeping, I receive an unexpected visitor.

“What do you want, are you here to gloat?”

“You know better than that, I’ve come to check up on you.”

“After how many months?”

“I’ve been busy, restoring order to the chaos, that your actions produced.”

“Im fine, you can leave now.”

“Loki... ”

“What... what do you want from me, you have everything, and I have nothing. Congratulations...”

So consumed with anger, my head hurts, and I have to sit down, as the room has started to spin. His response, is to leave me be.

“The least that you can do, is deliver a message for me.” I add.

“What is it?” He says, turning his attention to me.

“Tell her, that I love her.”

“Something that she already knows...”

“Then why hasn’t she...”

“She’s gone to Alfheim, to live amongst the light elves.”


“To mourn, and be reborn... her loss was too great.”

“What loss?” I ask, fear gripping my soul. I hope that I’m wrong, that I wasn’t responsible for her pain.

“She lost the child, I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing to me?”

“She carried your child...”

My heart literally misses a beat, the air seems to have been sucked out of the room, and trying to catch my breath, a pain rips through my chest.

“Loki, are you all right?”

No, I’m not...

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