Devotion Untold

Chapter 6

The craft falling from the sky, I couldn’t stop it, the weight was too great, forcing me backwards into the earth.

“Thor...” The pain evident on her face, I lift her into my arms. Her gowns bloodied, and crying out her agony, I take her from the ship.


The Bifrost is opened for us, and we’re taken back to Asgard. “Bring him back...” She says, quietly.

I’d left her with the healers, and returning to earth, I did as she requested. Loki was locked away, and she’d left.

Bringing to heel, the culprits responsible for waging wars within the nine realms, I can now rest.

But I find no peace without her, Jane. Heimdall’s revelation, that he could no longer see her, sends me to earth, and I bring her back to Asgard.

“The Aether, one of the infinity stones, she carries it.”

“Get it out of me...”

“We don’t know how.” Says, father.

“There must be some way, to help her.”

“We can try, but I make no guarantees that it would be a successful split. The results might be disastrous.”

“I don’t want to leave, I love it here.”

In the gardens of the palace, her arm linked in mine, I escort her about them. “I would love it, if you stayed.”

“And what about your fiancee, what would she say?”

Asa hasn’t said much, since her return. She stays mostly to herself, and has declined everyone but mother’s company.

“How did you find out about that?”

“People talk...”

Father has sanctioned our marriage, and demands that we honor it.

“Let me worry about that.”

Entering her rooms unannounced, she’s floating in the air, and appears to be sleeping.



Her voice comes from the balcony, and my gaze drawn to that area, it’s her. But she’s floating in the air also, above the bed.

“What trick is this?”

The image by the balcony disappears, and the sleeping Asa is on the bed, watching me. She has an unnatural glow about her, an ethereal beauty.

“I learned a lot, from my time with the elves.” She says, going to her wardrobe.

“I came to see you.” I state, clearing my throat.

I don’t understand it, I’ve always held a special place in my heart for her, but this is different. It’s lust, and a wicked desire...

“You’ve seen me, now go.”

“You’re starting to sound just like Lok...”

“It’s okay Thor, you can say his name around me.”

Watching her, as she rummages through the clothing, my eyes drift lower.

“Ahem... see something that you like?” She says, her back to me.

“I was just...”

Turning to face me. she has a knowing smile. “Well... if you’re not going to join me in the bath, then I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

“What’s gotten into you, you’re different.”

“I learned to live in the moment, to enjoy everything, and everyone. Now, if you’re not up for being enjoyed, then I suggest that you leave.”

Her playful mood’s infectious. “What’s the rush?”

There’s a knock at her door, and I answer it. A man, dark haired and clothed in the attire of a guard, greets me.

“Thor, I didn’t know that...”

“Come in, he was just leaving.” Says, Asa.

“No, why are you here?” I inquire, halting his entrance.

“Lady Asa invited me.”

“My betrothed, your future queen, invited you to her rooms, unchaperoned, and for what?” I ask, my jealous nature roused.

“I must have been mistaken.” He says, departing quickly.

“Mmm...” She says, with a pout.

“No man other than I, is to cross this threshold.”

“We’re being a bit territorial...”

“Father wishes for us...”

“I know what he wants, but why do you get to have all of the fun? You brought your mortal here, does she not please you?”

Jane hasn’t moved past the kissing stage, and barely touches me, when in the presence of my mother.

“It’s been awhile...”

“Well, just because you aren’t having any fun, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t.” She replies.

That’s the problem, I dont want her to. I’ve never seen her like this, never really saw her, as more than a friend that I loved dearly. I want her...

Smiling sinfully at me, she backs away.


“I know your thoughts.” She says, undoing her garments. Teasingly slow, she works to loosen her top.


“We’re going to play that game?”

Her questioning gaze holds a hint of mischief, as her bodice dips lower to reveal a portion of her breasts.

“Yes?” She inquires, lowering the cloth, still. “No?” Taunting me, the cloth’s slippped past the dark peaks of her breasts, which beg to be kissed.

And I don’t disappoint, sampling her lips, which tastes of sweet wine. Her fingers lightly stroke my beard, as my tongue slips past her lips.

A contented sigh escapes her, as my tongue drifting lower makes contact with a darkened nipple. My desire for her is heightened, when she says my name in a breathless whisper.

Another knock at the door interrupts us. “Yes?” She answers, as I continue my exploration of her body,

“The All-Father requests your company.” The voice states, through the closed door.

“Of course.”

The messenger departing, I’m gently pushed away, as she puts to rights, her clothing.

“Come to me, tonight.”

“I have other plans.”

“Cancel them...”

“Maybe..” She says, with a small smile.

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