Devotion Untold

Chapter 7

Returning to Asgard, I’d kept to myself, staying in my rooms. Finally venturing out, I’d found a guard to keep me company at night, and Thor succeeded in running him away.

Asking me to come to his rooms that night, I’d almost given in, but... I’m not good at sharing, he’ll have to get rid of the mortal, before I’ll share his bed.

The All-Father demands that we adhere to his command. Marry.... I will, if Thor gets his heart together. If he chooses her, then so be it, maybe i’ll keep him as a lover.

“I can’t say, that I don’t miss my home, but this is heaven. I just wish that my friends could see it.”

I hear, upon my entrance into the dining hall.

“How good of you to join us, Asa.” States, Frigga.

“It’s about time.” Says Thor, his direct gaze sends a welcome shiver through my body.

“You know that I couldn’t stay away from you, for to long, my king.” The female by his side, colors slightly, her attention focused on her plate.

A plain beauty, but still a beauty. Intelligent, and yet a fool, Thor’s heart is ripe for the taking, she could be queen.

She toys with him, denying him her body, I could easily take the reigns, but I want to be fair, let him stew for awhile.

He wouldn’t have to choose, if he wouldn’t have gotten himself exiled.

“I’m visiting Loki today, perhaps you would join me, he’s been asking about you.”

“Of course, I would like that very much.”

Loki, my heart, my love... “Then am I not your mother?”

“No, you’re not.”

Frigga doesn’t deserve his words, nor his anger.

Leaving him, I take her place. His back to me, I pick up on his hurt, his pain.

“I see that nothing much has changed, you’re still breaking hearts.”


I haven’t seen him in almost a year, and his dark hair clashing with his light eyes, makes for a wonderful image.

“I’ve missed you.” He says, As I move closer to him.

I’ve missed him more.

His hand caressing my cheek, I resist the urge to kiss his hand. He’s done the worst, carelessly putting me and our child in danger.

The result was devastating, I’d lost my child, and I hated him for it. The elves taught me to let all of that go, to forgive, to live, to love... I never stopped loving him.

“I’m sorry, for my role in...”

“Loki apologizing... The end of all days must be upon us.” I interrupt him.

I’ve moved past it, and don’t need to relive it. A small smile, is his only response, my heart misses a beat, and I have to look away. The man’s gorgeous...

Gently his lips graze mine, it’s an electrifying shock to my senses, which has me grasping at his clothing to keep my balance.

“You’re really here.” He says, as his arm circles my waist.

“I don’t need Frigga’s glamour.”

“You could get me out of here.”

“Of course.”

“Then why don’t you?”

“Where would you go, into hiding? No, your time is coming, and you’re going to walk out of here.”

“I don’t want to wait.”

“It won’t be long, I promise... but are you sure, that this is what you want?”

“Freedom, of course.”

“It comes at a cost, are you sure that you’re ready to pay it?”

“Whatever the cost.”

His freedom, the throne, it cost everyone dearly. Frigga was put to rest, as the sun was setting. I’d told no one, what I’d saw, choosing to keep the elvish attack to myself.

I could see him, as he held her in his arms. The All-Father, his grief burdened my heart to it’s core.

He knew my secret...

Loki was freed soon after, well sorta... he was enlisted by Thor, to help him take down the dark elves.

I would have wept, when Loki’s death was reported, but I knew that it was a ruse. The All-Father took another loss, a son... and it sent him mentally to a place that he refused to come back from.

“Why didn’t you warn me, you see the future...” The All-Father, questions me.

“I see death, and what comes after.”

Slumped in his seat, I see his light, the energy from his soul, it’s almost diminished.

“It’s better this way.” I add.

“Who are you to make such a decision, on something so monumental, as life or death?”

“She saw Asgard in it’s prime, saw her king in his. Do really want to experience, what I see in Asgard’s future?”

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