Devotion Untold

Chapter 8

Rejecting the throne, and choosing his mortal, I took the seat, and got everything that I wanted, except the woman to rule beside me.

Thor returned to Earth, and Odin wanting to be left alone, went into self exile. Unbeknownst to his son, he resides on Earth also.

My Asa departed, without a farewell and sending guards in search of her, they return empty handed.

Life is somewhat good, and I’m enjoying my reign, as King of Asgard. Many a fair maiden, is more than willing to offer up their fine wares, but my heart longs for someone else.

“Where’s Asa?” Inquires, Odin.

Thor’s return was unwelcome, and surprising, to say the least. Caught, ruling as Odin, he demanded that I take him to father.

With the help of a wizard, we’re able to see him, one last time.

“Vanaheim.” Says, Thor.

I’d sent soliders there...

“Tell her, that she has my approval, and gratitude.” His voice fades, as he turns to dust, golden and beautiful.

The hatred in my heart, is replace by sadness and regret. Which doesn’t have time to linger, as an enemy, powerful and strong rises from the ashes.


What a show that turned out to be, Odin really pulled that one out his rasshøl.

We lost plain and simple, as prophesied Asgard fell. I wanted to go to my beloved, and Thor to earth.

A life without her, I don’t know who’s future that is, but it most certainly isn’t mine.

Using my power of glamour, the controls show a path to Earth, but we’re headed to Alfheim.


My brother’s having a fit, we must have arrived.

It’s beautiful, I don’t know what I expected, but I never expected it to be like this.

A world bathed in light, so brightly colored, the people, the beasts, so detailed. A luminescent light shining from within them, they don’t seem real.

Being greeted by an army, we’re herded into a holding place inside the palace. A vast hall, where we’re all staring in awe, at the magnifice of it all.

A few are left guarding us, and after some time, the king joins us.

“I’m Frey, ruler of Alfheim, on behalf of my people, we’d like to welcome you all.” He says, to the assembled lot.

Standing at the front, he greets Thor with a handshake. “Welcome to our home, your people will be provided for, and are invited to stay with us, if this is your wish.”

“You know what happened to Asgard?” Inquires, Thor.

“Yes, the elves are our connection, to the other realms. Ragnarok is upon you, just as it was foretold, your arrival was also.”

“Thank you, for your hospitality.”

“It’s a pleasure, you, your brother, and the guardian have rooms in the palace. There’s a village, that awaits your people, well prepared, and ready for it’s occupants.”

“Thank you.”

Leading us to our quarters, a sentinel of guards follow. “King Frey, If I may...” I state.

“The reason why you came, in due time. There’s to be a celebration tonight, rest and make ready, it’s to be a feast of all feasts.”

Well rested and refreshed, I venture from my room, following the lively music and good cheer, to a large brightly lit room.

The elves, their energies are the strongest that I’ve ever felt, and so many gathered together in one location, seems to drain me.

In a room of so many, I can still identify her, by her light laughter from the crowd.

She’s with Thor, her arms around his neck, her fingers lighlty caress the short length of his hair.

Beautiful, in a cream colored gown, a golden crown upon her head. I hate to see her, in his arms.

Breaking away from him, at my approach, her eyes search mine. Thor’s lips upon her hand, breaks the connection.

“Tonight then...”

His parting words, before he leaves us.

“You found me.”

“Thor said that you went to Vanaheim, but I knew that you didn’t know anyone there. This was the most logical place, you’d made friends here.”

“Our host is most agreeable, and...”

“Is this where you stayed, when you were here last?”

“Yes, King Frey welcomed me with open arms.”

“And in return, what did you open for him?”

My insinuation, that the King’s patronage, stems from her bed hopping, is met with a well placed slap.

“The King has a wife, and more than enough women to keep him satisfied.”

“I apologize, but he is the fertility god, known for his impressive phallus.”

“Well, you can clear your mind of that notion, I’m happy with my current suitors.”

“You mean suitor.”

“No, suitors...”

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