Devotion Untold

Chapter 9

I’d lost my father, Asgard, an eye, and my golden locks, but I still had Asa, and maybe Jane.

The whole lot of us were on our way to earth, back to her, but Loki as always, had other plans.

We ended up on Alfheim, with Asa and her new people, the elves.

The king’s accommodating, giving my people shelter, and food. I haven’t decided, if this is to be our home yet.

Asa... She’s definitely a distraction from it all. “I love what you’ve done, with your hair.”

“If left up to me, I wouldn’t have been scalped.”

“You were handsome before, but now...” Her eyes, beautiful... their light brown depths, draw me in, her lips, soft and pliant, as I pull her into me, has my mind in a state of confusion.

Her skin’s soft and she smells of flowers. Ending the kiss abruptly, she has a small smile for me. “What happens when Loki doesn’t want to share?”

“That’s what makes this so much more pleasurable.”

“I won’t play your games.”

“But you already are...”

“You’re still burning, from my choosing of Jane over you.”

“If only it were so simple, I love the way that you look at me, now. Your desire for me, is so much more... passional.”

“I want you.”

Plain and simple...

“Then you shall have me, if... and when I choose to allow it.”

Loki joins us, and I take my leave of them. Leaving her with, an assertion that she’ll join me later.

Later never comes, as a siege led by Thanos interrupted our celebration. He wanted the Tesseract, but was given a good butt kicking instead. The elves proved to be extremely powerful, using their mental abilities to defeat our adversary.

Heads are removed without any swords being raised, and his ship’s quickly dismantled, the pieces floating above our heads are instantly incinerated.

He managed to escape with his lieutenants, in escape vessels, but we knew that he would be back. We’ve brought war to our benefactors, and so we don’t stay, it’s not their fight, not their problem.

Once again, we’re on a course back to Earth, when we take a hit, something’s latched onto us. We’re transported with lightening speed, to a dead planet, where half of us are quickly dispatched. The other half are allowed to safely depart.

Held captive, Thanos demands that we release the infinity stone to him. “We don’t have it.”

“The stone led me to you, it’s here.”

It doesn’t take Loki but a second to give the kill command. He’s not willing to part with the stone, and my life means apparently nothing to him.

“Kill away.”

One my knees, the pain induced by him is excruciating. Crying out my agony, Loki seems unmoved by my suffering. Neither bends, and finally releasing me, I slump over onto the ground.

A slight movement of his hand, and Asa’s brought before him. “I would have liked, to take her with me to my paradise.”

“I would never go with you, to that prison!” She spits out, vehemently.

“I’d have to cut her tongue out, if I did.”

Her would be attack’s stopped, when I’m snatched back off of the ground. “You’re their weakness, and they’re yours.”

His hand tightening around my throat, cuts off my air, and clutching at his arm, my struggles are in vain.

“Give it to him, Loki.” Says Asa.

With a deep sigh of reluctance, he produces the stone, handing it over. “You’re proving to be of use after all, unfortunately they’re apart of the percentage that will be sacrificed.”

The stone disappears from his hand, Asa’s doing.

“Give it back...”

“Why should I, you’re going to kill them anyways.”

“Give the stone back, and I’ll spare your life.”

“That’s not good enough.”

“There are ways to extract the information from you. You mental capabilities are strong indeed, but I have the upper hand.” He says, in reference to my dangling helplessly in his hand.

Ebony Maw, a child of Thanos, a powerful telekinetic, lifts her into the air, as a spike aimed at her chest misses it’s mark.

Going back to her feet, she counters, using her mental abilities to break an arm and a leg. It’s refreshing to see her dish out some justice, we may make it out of here after all.

His howling’s quieted, as she’s put him into a state of unconsciousness. “Return the stone, become a child of the Black Order, and I’ll let them live.”

“No...” States Loki.

“Decide now.” Says, Thanos.

Her reply doesn’t surprise me, as she cares too much for us both, to pass up this opportunity.

“I accept your offer.”

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