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The Best Kept Secret


The Winchesters are hunters who hunt witches, werewolves, demons, etc. What happens when they have a little sister who happens to be a witch from Hogwarts? '"She's a witch" :She is family!:

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Potter Universe skip forward eleven years. Same things happen, just ten years in the future. Ex: Harry born 1991 instead of 1980. Went to Hogwarts 2002 instead of 1991. Dark Lord defeated 2009-2010

Sam and Dean Winchesters are hunters who hunt witches, werewolves, demons, and other things. What happens when said hunters have a little sister who happens to be a witch? What exactly will Sam and Dean do? There’s no way the sister they have known for eleven years is evil right? What happens when she meets Harry? The lives of Harry and the Winchesters most certainly won’t be the same.


“He is going to kill me. I am dead. Maybe I can get away with not telling him?” A voice said with dread and panic.

It was a Saturday night, quite snowy, and very cold. It was one of the worst storm London has ever seen. It was a day before the full moon, a day before Christmas. There were two people sitting on the floor by the fireplace, there backs were against a red couch. Well the male was sitting on the floor, the female was in his lap. her back was to the fireplace.

“I’m sure he won’t kill you, you are his sister after all.” A male voice said calmly. He ran his free hand through his sandy hair, and sighed. “It’s not bad at all Azriel. I’m sure he will be glad. I think you’re stressing over nothing.” He paused and looked at the woman in his lap. She had her eyes closed tightly, hoping this would give her some idea on how to break the news. Cleary it wasn’t working.

“Angel, listen to me. We can tell him together if it bothers you so.” What’s the worse that can happen, he is just one man after all, Remus thought to himself.

The woman’s eyes snapped open. “Do you have a bloody death wish Remus. You know as well as I, that I have to be the one to be there, me only. Do you want him to have a heart attack?” came her hoarse response. Although given the curent situaton, a heart attack might be good for my brother.

He chuckled lightly. “Well if that’s an option-”

“Remus John Lupin this isn’t a joke! How do I tell my older brother that I shacked up with his enemy behind his back, married him, and now I’m having his kid?” She ran her hands through her blonde hair and sighed. “I don’t know how he will react to this Remus, so please stop being such a smart ass and help me out or so help me Salazar you will regret this!”

Remus grabbed his wife’s hands and smiled softly. “Oh Angel, I know this isn’t easy. I know I shouldn’t make jokes, but I’m trying to make you relax, this stress isn’t good for the baby.” He took a breath and kissed her forehead. “Please for me, the baby and

for yourself, just relax. Please.”

She looked at her husband and sighed. “Remy, I can’t bare to tell my older brother, that I’m pregnant with your child!” Oh shit. Poor choice of words. Before Azriel could fix the situation. Remus exploded.

Remus’s face turned hard, and his eyes turned a dark Amber color. “You don’t want to tell your brother that you shagged a werewolf, and might have a werewolf cub? Are you embarrassed by me? Is it that much of a shame? What happened to ‘I’ll love you no matter what Remus?’” He asked angrily. He dropped his hands from her quickly like she burned him, pushed her off his lap, and began to pace.

Azriel's emerald eyes filled with tears. She got up from the floor and tried to stop Remus’s pacing. “That’s not what I meant love honest. I do love you, even the wolf side of you. I simply meant the guy who tormented him most of his life at Hogwarts fell in love with his baby sister. The one person who swore to always be there for him also fell in love. I simple feel like I betrayed him. Oh please don’t shut me out. Not now please Remus!” She whispered.

Remus stopped pacing and looked at his wife. She looked at him through tear soaked eyes. She looked sad, and regretful. He felt really bad for snapping out on her. I knew that’s what she meant. It’s just so close to the full moon. I hate seeing her like this.I’m sure this isn’t easy for her either.

But she insulted us. His wolf whispered.

No. Not really. She has every right to be upset that she got pregnant by a wolf. Remus respnded.

Looking at the expression on her husband’s face, Azriel sighed. “I do not regret having your baby Remus. SO knock that thought out of your head right this instant. If I hated the fact that you were a werewolf, A: I wouldn’t have married you, B: I would’ve left you a long time ago. I love you Remus. Every part of you, when are you going to realize that?” She asked firmly.

Running his hands through his sandy hair once more, he looked at his wofe and smiled. “Azzy love, I’m sorry, go sit back on the floor. It’s so close to the full moon, I don’t want to fight.”

Azriel looked at her husband once more then did what he said. She patted the spot on the floor next to her. “I know that Rem, and like we’ve done in the past, I will run with you. You know I would never abandon you. I promised after all.” She paused and shook her head. “You didn’t answer my question. Repeat after me Remus, “I’ll love you no matter what.”

“I know that.” He said sitting next to her. He scooped her in his lap once more and buried his face in her soft curly hair. “I know you wouldn’t but sometimes I just get so worried that you will come to your senses and leave me.”

“Rem love, you know I would never do that.” She snorted. “Besides I let you mark me. I am your mate, and I always will be.”

Remus sighed. “I love you Azriel.”

“I love you too Remus, even though you are a stubborn arse.” She said in amusement.

“Hey speaking of. Does Bobby know?”

“Of course he knows. He was there when I found out.” She said matter of factly. “How does that remind you of Bobby?”

“He is stubborn. I will give him that, but you didn’t hear that from me.” He pused briefly staring into the fireplace. “So he’s staying?”

The blonde witch chuckled. “Well he likes it out here, plus he figures with the baby on the way, he should be here. Besides, he says Sam and Dean are fine without him. Sammy just turned seven, and finally figured out how to make friends, and Dean well, actually I am worried about him quite frankly.” She ran her fingers through her hair lost in thought.

“John can’t let them have a normal life can he?” Remus asked in anger. “It isn’t fair to them, they’re only kids.”

“I know, but John won’t listen to reason. He’s obsessed with trying to find the thing that killed Mary. Keep in mind Remus, he will stop at nothing to kill that demon.” She paused and rubbed the scar on her palm. “John is teaching them how to defend themseleves. I am torn in two. A part of me feels like this is great that they know how to defend themselves against these things, but Sammy is only eleven, and Dean is only tow years younger than me. Being a hunter us dangerous. Bobby taught me how to defend myself, he rarely took me on hunts, but he never moved me around constantly. He just dropped off with the Harvelles.” Another sigh. “He is dong the best he can with what he has. I know it seems like an excuse, but that’s the truth.” She paused once more. “He is my father yu know, but Dean and Sam don’t know of course. Nobody has the heart to tell them.”

“I know you’re right, but it still makes me mad that he’s training them to be hunters. That sounds like a cursed life to me.” he sighed deeply returning his attention back to his wife. “I just don’t understand why he can’t drop them off with the Harvelles.”

Azriel got off of Remus’s lap and started to pace. “You know Remus, I remember asking Bobby once what exactly a humter was once. He looked at me with a very grim look on his face.”

Remus’s eyes followed his wife’s movements. “What did he say?”

Stopping Azriel looked into the roaring fire and let the memory of that night come to the front of her mind. That was the first night she figured out why Bobby hated that life so much. That was the first night she found out what a hunter really was.

“Hey Uncle Bobby. What exactly is a hunter?” Little Azriel asked sitting on the floor by the bookcase. She looked at him sitting at his desk doing research.

Bobby looked up at his journal and stared at her for a moment. There was a debate clearly going on in his head. He wanted to tell her, but he didn’t ant to scare her.

“Uncle Bobby, I won’t be scared, I have to know. Tell me why John is always leaving Sammy and Dean here. Please.” The little girl begged her uncle.

Unable to resist the little girl’s pleas, he answered. “Well, a hunter is just like you and me, except they hunt bad things in this world.”

She narrowed her eyes at her uncle. She wanted a real answer, not a vague one. “That’s not an answer Uncle Bobby, and you know it.”

He chuckled. “There’s nothing getting past you little one.” He took a deep breath scratched his beard znd told her

this: “They hunt ghosts, wraiths, demons, werewolves, anything evil. They protect the good folk.”

“So they’re like superheroes, who protect the innocents, and punish the guilty.” She said smiling.

“Yes. Sort of.” He said coming to stand next to her.

“Well, what do they hunt?” She asked looking at her uncle.

“Isn’t it time for you to wash up, dinner is almost ready.” Bobby said squating next to her. He rubbed her head smiling.

“How do you become a hunter, can I hunt? Please. I wanna be a hero.” Azriel said happily.

Just like that the smile vanished from his face. He glared at her. “Azriel, you must never become a hunter. Ever. That’s a cursed life that you must stay away from. Do you understand me?” He asked her coldly.

“I don’t understand why I can’t be a hunter! You say they are good people. I want to be like you and John!”

“I lied. Hunters are not good people. Don’t ever mention this again Az. You will never become a hunter. Do you understand me?” He asked her in anger.

“Why not? Tell me the truth. I have a right to know.”

Bobby took a deep breath. “Fine.” He said scooping her up. “Being a hunter is a curse. People only become hunters, because someone they’ve known, loved, cared about, they died from supernatural causes. I say being a hunter is a cursed life because it never ends well for a hunter, it’s a very unforgiving cold lonely life. Hunters are apes. They shoot first and don’t bother to ask questions later.”

Putting her small hands on his face, Azriel looked her uncle straight in the eyes and whispered, “But you’re nothing like them. You’re not a drunk, and you’re not lonely because you have me, Dean, and little Sammy.”

Bobby chuckled, “Come on let’s go check on them.”

Shaking her head at the memory Azriel turned towards her husband. “He said they were nothing ‘but apes, who shoot first and don’t bother to ask questions later type of folk’. It really is a cursed life. When you’re a hunter, it’s hard to have a normal life”

“To change the very depressing, slightly weird topic. How about we make Bobby the godfather of our son?” Remus asked grinning at the idea.

“I agree, but what makes you think our baby will be a boy?” She asked in mock anger.

“Or a girl. Don’t get your knickers in a twist sheesh.” Remus said smirking.

“Why do you and Siri assume I have panties on. Gods take Pettigrew’s word for it, I never wear panties.”

Remus got off of the floor growling.. He glared at the blonde laughing in fornt of him.

Before she could even compose herself, he pinned her to the floor. “Your mine.” He whispered threateningly in her ear. “No one else will have you, but me.”

“Alright wolf, I’m yours, now let me up.” She whispered.

“Magic word please?”

“I am the superior and more sexy out of the two of us. I am a sex god Remus.” She whispered in his ear.

“Close but no.” He said while tickling her.

She started to squirm, she bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of laughing. She was going to win this round.

“Magic word Azzy.” Remus demanded. He started moving down her ribcage to her stomach. “Magic word, or I will tickle your feet, and you won’t be able to stop me.”

Not being able to stand it anymore, she started to laugh. Trying to compose her self, she tried to contain her laughter.“N- n- son of a - R- s-.” She gasped out trying to fight her laughter.

“Come on. I know you want to tell me the magic word.” He said smirking. “Do it, or I will move to your feet. Which of course means I won this round.” He stopped tickling her for a moment, letting her speak.

Unable to stand it any longer, Azriel said it. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s better darling.” Remus said smirking as he continued to tickle her.

The blonde witch squirmed under the werewolf trying to get away.

He stopped tickling her again. “I won.”

She glared at her husband, “You said you’d stop if I said the magic word.”

“I lied.” He said and began to tickle her again.

She tried to get away from him, but failed miserable. The only thing she managed to accomplish was getting a huge bruise on her back.

“I am so much stronger than you, there’s no way in hell you are getting away from me.” He said putting his hands behind his head.

“I. Hate. You. Remus. John. Lupin.” She said catching her breath.

“I call shenanigans, you love me, and you know you love me. So suffer Azzy.” He said sticking out his tongue.

Emerald eyes met laughing brown eyes. “Remmy, let me up.”

“Why?” Remus asked fighting off a smirk.

“Oh no reason, other than the fact that you are sitting on my tummy, and it fucking hurts, because you are a fucking fat ass. So if you love me, you will get off me.” She said calmly.

“Or?” Came the wolf’s response.

Azriel reached into her pants and pulled out her wand. Remus saw her movement, and stopped her before she could get oit half way out of her pocket.

“Oh come on chubo. Get off.” She said squirming once more.

“Mm. Don’t think I will.” He said smirking.

“Fine could you lean down.” She smiled while he did it. “A little more, okay good.”

She sat up as much as she could and began to kiss him.

Once she had him occupied, she managed to grab both wands, and push him off of her.

“Hey. No fair, you cheated. I call bullshit.” Remus said laying on the floor shocked.

“I told you to get off fat ass. Not my fault you didn’t listen to me.”

“That still isn’t fair, and you know it. I demand a rematch.” Remus said in mock hurt.

“You are such a baby Moony.” A new voice responded. Remus and Azriel whirled around. Remus smiled when he saw one of his best friends standing by the right side of the door with a very amused expression on his face.

Azriel rolled her eyes at the dark haired wizard, but didn't say a word.

“Why are you here Padfoot?” Remus asked.

“Oh you know, just visiting.” Came the vague response.

“Let me guess, Lily and James kicked you out, you're bored, so you decided to grace us with your presence, oh and come in by the way!” Came the witch’s response.

“Right on the money.” Sirius said with genuine surprise.

Remus chuckled. “Get out mate.

What came out of Azzy’s mouth surprised the two males: “He can stay Remus.”

“What?:” They both asked.

“I didn’t stutter, the prat can stay.” She responded.

“What?” they asked once more.

“Oh for the love of Salazar, keep this up and I might kick both of you out.”

Sirius chuckled. “That’s the girl I know.”

Azzy chuckled. “You are such a dork Siri.”

“No darling that’s you.” He said with a wink.

“Keep flirting with my wife and I might kick you out myself mate.” Remus said with a hint of laughter in his voice.

“Relax Moony, she isn’t my type.” He said resolutely.

Remus and Azriel gave him a credulous look. “All throughout school.”

Sirius looked at him innocently. “What?” He said batting his eyelashes.

“Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, hell we are in our seventh year, and sometimes I swear you still have a crush on me.!” Azriel said gravely.

“What? That never happened.” He said softly.

“Do we really want to visit that river Padfoot?” Remus asked knowing exactly what his answer would be.

“What river?”

Denial!” They both said at the same time.

Sirius chuckled. “So what were you freaking out about?”

Remus looked at him coolly. “What makes you think we were freaking out?”
Sirius sighed. These two are so much alike, they are

perfect for eachother!” “You were complaing about something being unfair,plus you were tickling her, so suffice it to say, one or both of you were freaking out, besides mate, your eyes are still Amber.”

Azriel let out a chuckle. “You’re much more observant than I give you credit for.”

Sirius looked at her offended. “That is so not cool, your wife is so mean by the way!”

Remus looked at him like he had a third head. “You think she’s mean? Hell have you met Lily Evans?”

“Yes I have, and well okay, I see your point.” Sirius said in an offhanded tone.

“Dudes, I’m standing right here!” The new voice said in mock anger.

Sirius turned around and paled. Lily and James were standing in the doorway, watching with amuses expressions on their faces.

“Good grief, if anything, Az is the meaner out of the two of them, well Lil does have her moments, I don’t know, I think they’re both mean.” James said walking past the loveseat into the kitchen.

Lily and Azriel looked at the three guys in the room, then back at each other. “Come In by the way James.” Azriel shouted.

“Thanks for the permission, but I’m already in here.” James shouted back. “Where’s your firewhiskey?” He asked a beat later.

“We’re out you pratt, you and Siri drank it all last time you were here.” A pause. “Touch that scotch and you’re dead Potter.”

“To late.” James said walking in with the bottle, and five glasses floating in front of him.

“I guess we can’t really fault them for telling the truth.” Lily said getting back to their earlier conversation.

She plopped on the loveseat, and took the glass of scotch James handed her.

“Yep. We are only mean to well everyone. Oh and Sirius.” She said putting down her left hand. “We aren’t that mean.” Lily said smirking.

Sirius chuckled. “Whatever you say flower. If we are going to be “honest”, then I’ll bite, you’re not that mean.” He said before taking a drink.

“Why are you three here anyways. Don’t answer that question Siri, I already established why you are here.” Azriel said a beat later.

“Well, Lil felt bad for kicking out Siri, so she wanted to go look for him, we figured he would be here bugging you, clearly we were right.” James said in a satisfied tone. He finished his scotch, and was about to pour himself another one but Azriel interfered.

“Drink all of my best scotch, and I swear I will kick you in that special area my darling James..” She threatened softly.

One thing well known about Azriel, once she made a threat, she always followed through, nine times out of ten.

“Oh come on, share. As the muggles say,’ sharing is caring.”James said placidly. He gave her his best puppy dog eyes.

She raised an eyebrow. “Drink it all, you owe me. Got it?” She said smirking

James smirked in a very arrogant matter. “My vault is yours my dear.”

Sirius smiled. Getting back to his earlier question, he asked “Anyways, are you going to tell my why you were spazzing out?” “Oh and why is the couch pushed all the way against the wall, and the loveseat is in it’s original place, and why the friggin

ottoman is right by the kitchen door?” Sirius asked going to sit right next to Lily on the loveseat.

“Oh yeah. That.” Azriel said in a carefree tone.

“Yes. That get on with it!” Sirius said with impatience.

“Oh Yeah. That. I’m pregnant.” She said in that same carefree tone. “Oh and I was stretching out by the fireplace.”

Remus let out a laugh. James, Lily, and Sirius looked at him like he was nuts. “What? Of all the ways for her to break the news, she said it in that tone of all tones.” He paused. “Hey maybe you should break the news like that to your brother!” Remus said in a serious tone.

“You mean you didn’t tell Snivellus yet?” Sirius asked in an incredulous tone?
“It’s Severus you git! And no, I haven’t really came up with the best way to tell him!” Az said pinching the bridge of her nose.

“No alcohol for you. more for me.” James said. He took the glass form Azriel’s hand and drank it.

“I guess you just have to tell him.” Lily said in a casual tone.

“If only it were that easy.” She murmured under her breath.


“What did you have to tell me little sister?” Severus asked looking at her with curiosity.

They were sitting on his couch. After getting a few hours of restless sleep, Azriel got ready, left her husband a note, and apparated over to Spinner’s end. She avoided breakfast because she was to nervous to eat. A decision she was sure she was going to regret later.

She took a deep breath, grabbed her brother’s hand and launched into it. “I married Remus, I am official a Lupin, and I’m pregnant with his child.”

Severus looked at her with a blank expression for several minutes.

“Damn him and his poker faces! Why can’t he just show emotion like a normal freakin person!” “Big brother?” She asked tentatively.

After several more minutes, he closed his eyes and sighed. “Why?” He asked her opening his eyes.

Her emerald eyes filled with tears, “I didn’t do this to spite you brother, I really love him.”

He opened his eyes and sighed. “Az, it’s Remus. I don’t understand what happened. You married him without telling anybody, now you are pregnant with his child? Are you happy?”

Azriel bit her bottom lip and sighed. “Shit happens all the time Severus. I want your blessing at least. That you owe me!”

Severus sighed once more. He grabbed his sister’s hand and squeezed it. “You’ve always had my blessing sister. Truth be told, I’m a little jealous of you.”

Her brother’s answer caught her off guard. She looked at him with a concerned expression. “Are you feeling okay? I mean did you hit your head? Or are the damn potion fumes getting to you?”

Severus chuckled. Ignoring her questions, he asked one of his own. “Is it a boy or a girl?”

She smiled with relief. “I have no idea. I think it will be a girl, he thinks it will be a boy.”

He looked into her eyes and smiled. “Girl.”

“Stay for breakfast, knowing you, you were probably too nervous to eat.” Severus said walking towards his kitchen.

Azriel snorted. “Lucky guess. What do you plan on making?”

“Eggs, bacon, chocolate chip pancakes.” He said grinning.

Azriel smiled at her older brother. “You know me to well Severus.”


“I told you it would be a girl.” Azriel said to her husband.

They were in their bedroom. Azriel gave birth several hours before, she was currently laying in their bed exhausted.

James, Lily, Sirius, and Severus left thirty minutes previous. It was a really good visit, because nobody murdered anyone.

Remus was rocking his new baby girl back and forth. She was asleep in his arms. “I say we name her Selene.”

Azriel looked at her husband smiling. “You want to name her after the goddess of the moon?”

Remus look from his baby to his wife shrugging. He cocked an eyebrow. “I think it fits.”

Azriel paused, “How about Selene Ellai Lupin?”

He looked at his baby once more and smiled. “Why Ellai?

Azriel smiled. “No teasing Remus, you know you like that name.”

Remus looked at his wife, trying to keep a blank face but failing. “So it would seem.”


Remus was at Lily’s house getting some stuff for his daughter. The only two inhabitants of the Lupin house were Azriel and her daughter. It was the middle of August. Half of the trees in their small yard were naked, save for a few. Those trees were barely covered.

Azriel was holding her daughter pacing around her daughter’s room, trying to get her to calm down. Poor little Selene was crying, and nothing her mother did could sooth her.

“Shh. It’s okay Sel, go to sleep, Mummy’s here. Daddy will be back soon.” Azriel murmured rocking Selene in her arms.

Azriel couldn’t say when she knew they had arrived. Maybe it was a hunter’s instinct, or maybe she just knew they finally caught up with her.

She could say this though, she wasn’t all that surprised when she sensed another presence in the room, she didn’t even flinch when she heard him speak. her back was to the door, her front was facing her daughter’s crib.

“Looks like your daughter won’t sleep, what’s wrong does she not like her new mum?” The presence mocked coldly.

Azriel’s shoulders tensed up, she knew exactly who that was speaking. If he was here, then that meant the others weren’t far

away.. She put her daughter in the crib, and stood in front of it. Glaring at the dark haired male, she asked in the coldest voice she could muster. “What do you want Marcus?”

Marcus chuckled. “Stop playing games Azriel, you know why I’m here.” His eyes flickered to the crib. he sadistic smile grew larger and more twisted on his face. he looked back at Azriel.

Nice to know some things never change. Sadistic prick. “Leave her alone Marcus, she has nothing to do with this.” Azriel said with a quiver.

Marcus chuckled. “You're wrong, she has everything to do with this.” His black eyes flickered once more to the crib.

Azriel took her wand out of her pocket. She knew it wouldn’t be enough, she knew deep down in her heart that this wouldn’t be enough. She told Bobby once, that her wand alone, wouldn’t be enough. That was why she had a plan. She knew she was going to die tonight, she simply hoped she could take them out before they killed her daughter.

“Do you really think you can kill us all?” Marcus asked. As if sensing her thoughts, he snapped his fingers, and several more people appeared. “We will kill you, like we promised, and maybe we will kill your daughter, or maybe we won’t, maybe we’ll take her instead, raise her to be like us.” he taunted. his eyes slid over to the baby once more.

“She’s quite a pretty thing, isn’t she?” He asked his companions.

His companions agreed. There were thirty people in the room, including Azriel and her daughter.

“Lay a finger on her, and you will regret it Marcus.” She growled.

Marcus and his companions laughed. “You harm me?” He scoffed. “I would love to see that.”

She bit back a sigh. “Please, leave her out of these. She’s nothing to do with this. This is between you and I only. Please, leave her be, let her grow up in peace Marcus.” She said softly.

“Tell me, why should I spare this half breed? Tell me, why should she get to live?” Marcus said, his eyes glancing once more to the baby.

Azriel craned her head back to look at her daughter. “I love you Selene, remember, I am always with you.” She whispered. Golden eyes met green ones. Selene looked at her mother like she was the most interesting in the world at that moment.

She turned once again to look at Marcus. “Leave her out of this.” She spat out through gritted teeth.

Marcus tsked. “Now I really should kill you and her just for your rude manners.” he said arrogantly.


Remus apparated inside his living room. he listened with alert ears. It was quite, this much he could tell, in fact it was a little too quiet.

He wasn’t sure why he felt this way, but he was quite certain that all wasn’t as it seemed. He tiptoed quietly into his daughter’s bedroom. He opened the door reluctantly, scared at what he might find. He fell to his knees at the sight in front of him. He wife, lay on the floor in her own blood, right in front of Selene’s crib. Her wand lay several feet from her, broken in two.

With much effort, he pulled himself up, and walked to his daughter’s crib. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her golden eyes awake and alert.

“Selene.” he murmured softly. He scooped the tiny baby into his arms, and apparated to the place he knew she would be the safest.


“Bobby open up!” Remus shouted banging on the door.

Bobby opened the door with a shotgun in his hands. He was surprised to see Remus at this time of night.

“They found her, you have to take Sel, she isn’t safe with me. Raise her please, you know the laws, I can’t keep her.” Remus said brokenly.

“Wait, hold on a damn minute.” Bobby said setting down his shotgun. He was half asleep, what Remus said came through his mind slowly.
“There isn’t time, take her.” he said handing his daughter to Bobby.

Bobby took her, then looked at the broken man standing in front of him. What Remus said finally penetrated the thick sleepy fog in his mind. “Come in for a minute.”

“I can’t. Bye Selene. I love you.” he planted a kiss on his daughter's forehead, then apparated away.


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Deleted User: The fact that the book ends before she even goes on the date/dinner is so frustrating. But Even though...I love your story and the rollercoasters it takes me on. 💚🖤🖤⚔☠😁☠⚔🖤🖤💚

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