The Hardest Word to Say is Goodbye


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The Hardest Word to Say is Goodbye

Sequel to Never Forgotten Past and Beginning Our Life. This story deals with the loss of Finn and how it affects the characters in the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or any songs that I may put in here.


Puck's Point of View

Nate stared up at me as I halfheartedly changed his diaper. I was just going through the motions like I have been the past couple days. I was in a rut, but at least I was moving. Sarah's been glued to the bed in silence since I brought her home on Tuesday.

There was nothing I could do. At this point, I was afraid her voice was going to be shot. Blaine's told me to let her grieve. Kurt's making occasional appearances, but the farthest he's gotten was making her cry even harder than usual. Ms. Carole won't leave her room either. Grace has been hanging onto me like a monkey. Burt seems to be in permanent shock.

Nate and Sammie are the only ones who don't understand what's happened. They don't know that we've all lost someone we love. They don't know that their uncle and brother are never going to hold them again. I don't know if they even remember him.


I pulled in behind the school. Kids were racing each other out the doors and even out of the parking lot in their cars. Why would they speed? They could hit someone. Or get in an accident. Or worse.

I took several quick breaths before stopping the truck and slowly climbing down. I rubbed my eyes and walked inside.

Ignoring the strange looks from passing students, I walked straight to the choir room. I paused outside the door and smiled slightly at the sight. Everyone inside was jumping around and singing completely off pitch, but they were happy. They didn't know what I knew. They didn't know that one of their own was gone.

I knocked softly on the door before walking in. Sarah's face lit up and she ran at me, jumping in my arms.

"Hey!" she smiled before kissing me softly, "What are you doing here?"

I cleared my throat, "Uh, well, I'd like to talk to you in private."

Sarah's smile faded, "What's wrong? Is Nate sick? Is he hurt? Did Burt have a heart attack?"

At this, Blaine stepped forward, "Is it Kurt?"

"I-" the words got stuck in my throat. I swallowed hard and shook my head.

"Noah," Mr. Schue said slowly, "What's going on?"

"Finn," I choked out. I looked Sarah in the eyes and took a shaky breath, "He's gone."

The room was so silent. If someone dropped a pin, you'd be able to hear it.

Sarah's eyes glazed over and I could feel her heart stop.

"What the hell does that mean?" Ryder asked.

I blinked, " means he was in an accident."

"Shut up," Kitty snapped, "You're just making up crap."

"No," Mr. Schue breathed, "He's really telling the truth."

I reluctantly nodded.

A single tear fell down Sarah's cheek, but that was the only movement she made. She knew I was telling the truth. I'd never lie to least, I'd never lie about something like this.

Blaine lowered himself into a chair and took several deep breaths. People slowly started crying as the realization of my words sank in. Mr. Schue gripped the piano to hold himself up.

We all remained like that for several moments and probably would have continued had Sarah not become dead weight in my arms and fallen to the ground. Jake and I lunged to grab her, but she screamed. I froze. Even when she was in labor, I'd never heard a sound like that come out of her mouth. She curled herself into a ball and screamed bloody murder into her knees.

The sound shook me to my core. It's something I will never forget. It'll haunt me until my own passing. It never seemed to end. I just stared at her, feeling more hopeless than ever.

Blaine, realizing I was in shock, crawled towards Sarah and gently took her in his arms despite her protests. We all watched in horror as she thrashed about, clawing at his arms and screaming even louder.

I dropped to my knees next to them. "No, Sarah," I breathed, "No." I pried her from Blaine and tightened my arms around her. She screamed into my shirt. For the first time today, tears fell from my eyes.

I wasn't sure why I was crying. Maybe it was because my best friend was never coming home. Maybe it was because now I only had one brother. Maybe it was because there was nothing I could do, nothing, that could stop or even lessen my girlfriend's pain. Maybe it was because a piece of my life, our life, was gone forever and could never be replaced.


I stared at the ceiling. I could hear crying from the living room and in Grace's room. Between the crying and never ending thoughts and memories, it's been hard to get any sleep. I screwed my eyes shut and tried fighting against the sobs outside these walls and inside my head.

I was halfway asleep when a new sound made my eyes snap open. Instinct took over and I pushed myself up to tend to Nate's cries. However, a hand against my chest stopped me.

"Let me," Sarah croaked.

Shocked, I slowly nodded. She crawled over my legs and shakily walked to the nursery. She winced with each step, not really used to walking.

She returned a minute later with Nate held tightly in her arms. She avoided looking at me while getting back in bed. I watched her curl back into the nest of pillows, blankets, and sweatshirts she'd made herself throughout the past couple days. Her finger gently trailed along his nose down to his arms.

"I missed you, bud," she whispered.

I bit my lip and hesitantly squeezed her knee.

She flinched at the contact, but continued staring at our son. His cries stopped and he seemed to lean into her touch. He had missed her too. We all did.


A/N: Hi! So like this said at the beginning, this is the sequel to Never Forgotten Past and Beginning Our Life; however, this one will be different, this will revolve around Finn's death and it's effect on the characters. If you have any questions regarding the story or characters or even requests for chapters, PM me or review! I love hearing from my readers!


Sneak Peak: "Are you gonna sing?" "No." "Why?" "What's the point? He can't hear it. It'll be a waste of my voice." "Your voice is beautiful and will never be a waste." "My brother's dead. Your point's invalid."

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