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Joselin Hernandez
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Chapter 1: Kimberly and Skull's love story

February 14th - Valentine's day

Kimberly was at her favorite spot on the beach in Florida where she moved to three years ago after giving up her pink ranger powers. She was enjoying having a normal life where she didn't have run off to keep fighting monsters and having to keep stuff to herself. But there was one thing in her life that was missing she wanted love, she wanted to be in a relationship. She was sad seeing all the happy couples together on the beach on Valentine's day it made her even more sadder to know she's alone. While she was sitting in her spot on the beach someone came up behind her and covered her eyes, she wasn't expecting anyone to visit her so she thought it was come stranger coming to hit on her.

But what she didn't expect was that it was someone from her past who was in town on vacation and decided to surprise her when he saw her on the beach. "I'm not in the mood to get hit on if that's what you came here to do" Kimberly told her mysterious visitor. "No I'm not here to hit on you, just figured I'd surprise you with a visit since I saw you sitting here alone" the mysterious visitor told her. She knew who it was when he started talking and she was surprise to see a old friend she hasn't seen in years. She took his hands off of her eyes and stood up and jumped into her friend's arms. "Skull it's so good to see you, how have you been?" Kimberly asked. "I've been good, and it's good to see you to Kimberly, I miss having you around Angel Grove." It sadden Kimberly to remember all she left behind and some of the friends she hasn't seen or talked to in years. So Skull and Kimberly sat down on the beach and talked to catch up with each other and find out what's been going on in their lives. So Kimberly what are your plans for tonight?" Skull asked. Kimberly looked around remembering that it was Valentine's day and she was single. "Nothing I have no plans for tonight, I been to busy to have a relationship." She told him. "Well how about we get together tonight and have dinner, after all I'm here on vacation so I don't know anyone or anything to do around her but hang out with you?" Skull asked. "Well Skull I don't know it is Valentine's day and it is a day for couples, I'm just kidding yes Skull I would love to have dinner with you tonight." She told him with a smile on both of their faces they hugged and both left to go to their places.

That night at Kimberly's apartment she was going through her closet trying to figure out what to wear. "Why am I so nervous about having dinner with Skull, I mean we are just friends." She told herself but she was still nervous about it.. Then she thought to herself that she just went shopping and bought this really pretty pink and black dress and decide that the dress is perfect for her dinner with Skull. While she was getting ready she started remembering all the times that he hit on her and all the times she turned him down and now here it was years later and he was finally getting a date with her. She remembered her favorite part of being with Skull when she was still living in Angel Grove and it was the dance where she was supposed to be his date because she was under a spell, her favorite part was the dance they shared.

When she was finally finished getting ready she was still nervous because it was getting closer to the time Skull was supposed to show up. She sat down on the couch and looked at all the pictures on her living room table in front of the couch. As she was holding a picture of her and Kat her phone rang. "Hello" Kimberly said. "Hey Kimberly how's Florida?" asked Kat. "Hey Kat, Florida's great." Kimberly told her friend. "So Kat, how's everything with you and Tommy going?" Kimberly asked Kat. "Things are great between us, we're very happy." Kat replied. They talked for thirty more minutes before Kimberly heard a knock at the door. "Sorry Kat I have to go my date is here, talk to you next time bye." Kimberly told Kat. "Bye Kim." Kat replied and both girls hung up. Kimberly was happy that her friends Kat and Tommy were having a great relationship considering all the trouble they have to go through everyday saving the world. Kimberly walked to her door and when she opened it she saw Skull standing there with two dozen pink roses and a box of her favorite candy.

She took the flowers from him and the candy and invited him in so she could put the flowers in water and put the candy on her kitchen table. Kimberly was still nervous and she didn't want to do anything to let Skull know that she's nervous about their dinner. When they were at the restaurant having their dinner and talking about how things have changed in their lives and things they would like to change. After they were finished with their dinner they went for a moonlit walk on the beach and held hands and Kimberly couldn't believe that she was holding hands with Skull and was actually having a great date with him when she always thought going out with Skull would be a disaster. "Kimberly I bought you something else today to while I was getting your flowers and candy." Skull told Kimberly and then he started digging in his pocket to find it. When he finally found it he pulled it out of his pocket and it was a box in the shape of a frog, but when he opened it, it was a necklace with her name on it with a pink stone for the dot of the I. Kimberly couldn't believe her eyes it was so beautiful. "Skull I love it it's beautiful but you shouldn't have." Kimberly told him. He took it out of the box and went behind her to put it on her. "I know I didn't have to but I wanted to." Skull told her. "But why did you want to?" Kimberly asked. "Kimberly I've always been in love with you and when I saw you on the beach today I thought it was fate, I mean I haven't heard from you or seen you in three years so I figured fate bought us together since I didn't even know you were still here in Florida." Skull told her. When she turned around to face him, she was quiet for a few minutes because she was thinking how it would be to date Skull. "Kimberly?" Skull asked bringing Kimberly back to reality. She smiled and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him and he asked her "What was that for?" "Because I wanna give us a chance." Kimberly told him and he smiled and they kissed some more.

Kimberly and Skull made a great couple and they've been together for three years. After two years of dating Skull decided he would move to Florida to be with Kimberly. He was all alone in Angel Grove since Bulk left him to go into space when Terra Venture were taking the last of the people who were chosen to go when they left to find a new world. When he moved to Florida him and Kimberly shared her apartment and they kept being happy together. He worked as a cop in Florida and she worked as a fashion designer. They did have their problems like the time Skull wanted to have a pet frog and Kimberly didn't want him to because she remember when he said something about frog legs, but they always managed to work things out and be happy again. On their three year anniversary Kimberly was at work and she had to design a wedding dress for a customer and she wanted to get it done before her date with Skull that night since he said he had a big surprise for her but he wouldn't tell her or give her a hint about it. But while she was working she kept thinking about how it would be to maybe one day marry guy and have a future with him since everything was working out great with them since they started dating.

She also started thinking about if she should tell him about the secret she's always kept from everyone. She started to wonder what he would do if she did tell him that she used to be the pink ranger. She figured that it was time to tell him her secret since they have been together for three years and he's never kept any secrets from her. And she decided that if she did want a future with Skull she needed to be secret free and not have any secrets from him. She decided that , that night on their date when they are alone that she will tell him her secret.

That night as she was getting ready she put on the same dress she wore on their first date, their first Valentine's day together, and the first day that they came back into each others lives. They just got done with their dinner and they were on the beach walking under the stars and moon like they did on their first date when she stopped herself and him from walking further she turned to him and told him that she has something important to tell him. "Skull do you remember when I lived in Angel Grove and you and Bulk kept trying to figure out who the power rangers were?" She asked him. "Yeah I do remember that and Bulk and I finally found out who they were when the power rangers battled Astronema." He told her. She looked down at their hands and said to him. "Skull the people you saw weren't the same rangers." Skull looked confused. "But Kimberly?" she covered his mouth. "Skull let me finish please. You see all of the original rangers gave up their powers to other people so basically the original rangers weren't the rangers who you saw." she told him. "What do you mean and how do you know all of this?" He asked her. She looked into his eyes and let go of his hands and walks a few steps away from him and turned around to finish telling him. "Because I was the original pink ranger until I moved here to Florida and before I moved I passed my pink ranger powers on to someone else." He looked at her and the look on his face was shocked. "Can you tell me who the other rangers were up until me and Bulk found out?" he asked her. "That's not my secret to tell but I want us to be honest with each other so yes I can tell you who they were. Jason was red, Trini was yellow, Billy was blue, I was pink, Zack was black and Tommy was green and then he became the white. Then when Jason, Trini and Zack left they passed their powers onto Rocky, Aisha, and Adam. Rocky became red, Aisha, yellow, and Adam black. Then when I left to move here Kat took over as pink." she kept naming all the rangers she knew of all the way up to the space rangers like he asked her to. He still had the shock look on his face. He told her he needed some time to think and he kept walking down the beach and she went to the apartment. When she went inside there were candles everywhere and Skull was there. She walked in and closed the door. "Skull let me explain." she told him. "No need to, I'll keep the secret you told me now I have a question for you." He told her, and she just stood there looking at him and that's when he dug in his pocket and pulled out a crane shape box. He got down on bended knee and opened the box and inside was a diamond ring. "Kimberly Ann Hart will you marry me" He asked her. She looked from him to the ring back to him and she thought about it that he was going to keep his secret and he didn't leave her after finding out her secret she smiled and kissed him and told him she would marry him.

By accepting his proposal to be his wife she made him the happiest man alive. Three months later Kimberly and Skull had their wedding and all her old team mates and friends were there and so were her mom and dad. And even the newest team of rangers came to the wedding and they bought Skull a surprise with them. They bought his best friend back with them for the wedding and once again Bulk and Skull were together again. Everyone were happy for Kimberly and Skull and after their wedding they were still happy as husband and wife.

The end.

(I really think that Kimberly and Skull don't belong together but hey we will see where my story ideas take us readers)

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