Rangers Romances

Chapter 10: Trent and Kira's dinomance

Kira was at cyberspace waiting for Trent he told her he needed to talk to her but he didn't tell her what it was about. But she needed to talk to him to, she wanted to talk about maybe taking their friends to the next step. When Trent walked into the cyberspace Kira got really excited that she ran to him grabbed his hand and pulled him right back out of the cyberspace. She kept pulling him and pulling him until they were in the park alone. She turned around and when Trent was about to talked she made him shut up by kissing him.

When they pulled apart Trent smiled at her and kissed her they kept kissing on and off for at least thirty minutes before they decided to sit down and talk. They both wanted to talk about the same thing that they wanted to take their friendship from friendship to a relationship. The first two weeks were tough for them because they had school, ranger duties, his job, her music so it was hard for them to be together but they made it work. The third week was a little easier for them, when he was at work she would sit there and do her homework and when he was free he would come and sit next to her, when she was rehearsing with her band he would be there. They were happy together and they loved being together.

Their ranger duties were finally finish and now they were back to having normal lives which Kira and Trent loved. They both moved to New York, Trent to go to art school and Kira to try and get a recording contract. Trent loved art school and he loved coming home to Kira every night. For homework one night Trent had to draw his hero, so he drew Kira as the pink dino ranger, and he explained to her that with him making her pink in his drawing he wouldn't be giving away their secret. He did get an A on the drawing of her as the pink ranger, and they were both happy about that.

That's night Kira had a performance at a party and she performed Trent's favorite song by her which was "Freak You Out". The crowd loved it and loved her and she was hired to perform at the place the party was being held at every night. She was getting paid $200 dollars a night for her performance which she was there to perform from 8 pm till 1 am. She loved being able to perform every night and Trent came out to see her early shows since he had school but on weekends he stayed for the whole night. A year passed and it was time for the one year reunion at Reefside high school, Trent isn't able to go so Kira goes alone and will tell everyone hi for him and take a lot of pictures for him.

When Kira got back she told Trent all about the reunion and what's going on with everyone. He was happy to hear that everyone is doing good and that there hasn't been anymore monster attacks since their last day as a ranger, but he was more happy to have Kira home. That day when she got home they spent the whole day together since it was a Saturday, they cuddled on the couch and watched movies. He missed her and hated when he had to be without her and she felt the same. He did miss being the white ranger but he was happy with living a normal life with the girl he loved, doing what he loved.

The good thing was that if they ever needed to go back to being the yellow and white ranger they have their bracelets and dino gems ready just need to get power put back in them before they can activate the power. Six months later they were invited to a wedding, it was the wedding of the their friend Conner he was getting married to a girl he met named Hannah. They were both surprised when they got the invitation to the wedding since they didn't think Conner would settle down until he was much older. But they were happy for him that he found a girl that he wanted to spend his life with which was a good thing since everyone deserved to be happy. Three months later they were both back in Reefside for the wedding of their friend.

They met the bride and found out that she was a friend of Conner's twin brother who they also met at the wedding. All the kids they knew in high school was there, the wind and thunder and samurai rangers were there, and so were Ethan, and Dr. Oliver with his wife Kat. They found their seats and all of the rangers were seated together. All the dino rangers were their dino bracelets to the wedding and for some reason the gems started to glow. All five of the rangers met outside to find out and that's when their bracelets started pulling them into the woods behind the church there they found a dino gem that was red, blue and gold, which matched Conner's Trassic powers. Conner picked up the gem and that's when all six of their gems stopped glowing and Conner gave the Trassic gem to Dr. Olver to keep in safe keeping, and they all agreed that after the wedding all the dino gems will go to him to lock away.

After the wedding all five of them took their bracelets off and gave them to Kat to put in her purse. And she kept them safely in her pursed and no one knew about them but the dino rangers. That's when the others found out that Conner told his wife everything while they were dating even about them being power rangers. Kat was walking alone through the woods when she saw someone she thought she'd never see again she saw Rita in her human form but she was looking up at the sky. She was sad and Kat had never seen Rita like that so she went over to talk to her, and found out that she was missing her son.

Kat had heard rumors of Rita and Zedd having a son but didn't believe it because she never seen the son there and that's when Rita told her that he was put in a dumpster like she was and locked away she missed him very much and wish that he had been unlocked when all evil became good because her son would be with her now if he wasn't locked away at the time. That's when Kira came over to Kat to find out what was going on and found out about Rita being in Reefside. She went running to Dr. Oliver and Trent to tell them what was going on. After telling them all three of them showed up behind Kat and saw Rita, and she gave Tommy, Kat and Trent a gift. She gave them three candles that would take away all the pain they feel over all the damage they did when they were evil. She told them how the candles worked, Trent was a little confused by the candle but Kira talked him into it because some nights he couldn't sleep from all the pain he has from what he did to his friends when he was evil. Her and Trent did wonder if Tommy and Kat ever did their candles but the when Trent did his when the whole candle was gone so was all of his pain of the damage he did.

Kira did wonder what Rita was sad about because she never found that part out because she was afraid it might have a reason for them to become rangers again and she wasn't ready for that she just wanted to keep her normal life the way it was for as long as she could. She was thankful to Rita for giving Trent that candle because every since that pain he felt went away he's been better at his school work and sleeping. Trent felt like a new man since he didn't have all that pain from his evil past on his shoulders. Six months later Kira and Trent became engaged, the decided that the wedding would be a month after Trent finishes art school. Two years passed and Trent only had a month of art school left so they started planning their wedding.

A week after Trent finished school there were about to send out their invites to their wedding when a golden knight showed up and told Kira she's needed for a Ranger mission. He gave her, her dino powers back and teleported her to the meeting place to meet the other four rangers before he sends them on their mission. After their mission was over Kira was happy her ranger mission was over now she could settle down and be with her soon to be husband. A week passed since she got back and it was now their wedding day, they were so happy they couldn't sleep the night before. All of their friends were at their wedding and it was a beautiful wedding it was small and simple.

After the wedding was over they went on a two week honeymoon to Florida, and when they got back to New York Kira went back to working on her album and Trent got a job drawing comic books. They were both happy with their jobs but couldn't wait to get home to each other they missing having each other around while at work. Six months past and Kira wasn't feeling good she thought she might of caught a cold at her performance the week before, while waiting for the doctor to come back into the room to tell her what was wrong with her she started feeling sick again. She kept wondering what kind of meds she would have to take since he hated taking meds but when the doctor came in Kira found out that she wasn't sick she was expecting. She ran right into Trent's office to tell him the good news and when she busted through his office door she scared him and made him fall out of his chair since he was leaning back in it.

He was happy to hear that his wife was pregnant and was even happier that they were going to be parents they been wanting kids but decided to wait for a couple of years so he was really excited to learn it was happening now instead of later. Six months passed and Kira finally gave in and her and Trent went to the doctor to find out what kind of baby they were having. Two weeks later they started painting the baby's room. The walls were painted different colors since they painted the room like it was outside it had green for the grass blue for the sky, white for the clouds, yellow flowers, But they couldn't wait to bring their baby girl boy home. Three months later Kira gave birth to their son that they named Roger.

But there was one little thing about their new baby that they didn't know about till his first night home. When Kira and Trent went to go check on their son they saw he was missing, but a few seconds later he appeared again turned out he had gotten his daddy's power to blend in and he had blended into the color of the pillow and cover he was sleeping on. But while Kira and Trent were sleeping they got a loud wake up call from their son and discovered that he also had his mommy's power. As time went on and Roger grew they powers started to get under control Roger only used them when he was mad, and wanted to be invisible and wanted his parents to hear him. But they were still happy with their son and loved having him around.

When it was time for the dino rangers to have a reunion everyone showed up Kira, Trent with their son Roger. Ethan, and his new wife, Sarah with their daughter Lilly. Conner and Hannah with their son and daughter Mike and Katie. Tommy and Kat who was pregnant with Tommy's twins. Haley and Cam with their daughter Jada. They were all happy and getting happier everyday.

The end.

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