Rangers Romances

Chapter 11: Syd and Sky's the S love

Syd and Sky have been friends for a while and they loved spending time together but they didn't know that they had a crush on each other. They were fighting sometimes but that's because they were so different but they couldn't stand being apart from each other. When Sky wasn't with Syd he always had her on his mind and couldn't help it he was in love with her and wanted her to know his feelings and she always had him on her mind to when they weren't together she even had a picture of him in the box under her bed. He was glad when she joined him working at SPD, because he didn't think he could go that long without seeing her. It was Syd's birthday and Sky knew the perfect gift to get her.

When he gave her the box with her present in it she opened it and a puppy popped out of the box. She had been looking at the puppy in the window at the animal shelter and wanted him and now she had him and she was so happy. Sky even put a pink collar on him so that he would match her. She put the puppy down in the box and gave Sky a huge hug and when the hug was over they looked into each others eyes and kissed. They were both happy about the kiss and did it a lot more that day.

After the party Syd went to see if she'd be able to keep the dog and she was able to as long as she made it where the dog didn't run around in the building and making a mess. She agreed and Sky helped her build a pin in her room for the dog to sleep in and play in and stay in when she was working. But on her breaks and when she was off she let the dog out of his pin and put him on his leash and took him for a walk outside. Which sky always joined her on and they would talk and kiss and hold hands while walking the dog and letting him run around in the park and playing with him in the park. When Z moved into Syd's room she saw the puppy and fell in love with him because he was so cute so when Z had her break she also took the dog out for a walk and Syd didn't mind because he needed to go outside more and to be played with more.

One morning when Syd woke up she found her dog on her bed sleeping, and she sat up and started petting him she loved waking up and finding him on her bed. When she started petting him she stood up and started licking her face and then he jumped off Syd's bed and went and jumped on Z's to wake her up. Instead of licking her face he decided to lay on her and blow his breath in her face which she didn't like but she liked him waking her up. The girls got ready and fed him and walked him and then put him in his pin so they could go to work. Even Doggie liked having Syd's dog around sometimes because he never had a pet and he liked when the dog wanted to play catch.

Everyday that she walked the dog and Sky joined her she was happy she loved when he would join on her the walks since she loved spending time with her new boyfriend. That night they decided that they will go on their first date, they went to dinner and the movies and then went to go pick up her dog and took him for a night walk in the park. When Syd and Sky was sitting in the grass letting her dog run around they were about to kiss when the dog came and jumped on their laps since they had their knees touching each other's. They both played with the dog and petted him and he decided it was his turn to play with them do he jumped up on Sky with his two front paws on his shoulders and made Sky fall back and started licking his face. After he was done with Sky he did the same thing to Syd and then when he was done with her he ran around the park some more.

Two years later Sky asked Syd to marry him and she accepted. Two months after getting engaged they moved in together, and they loved it they had a bigger room and had more space for the dog who was now bigger and needed a bigger pin. Six months later the red and pink spd rangers were getting married. All of Syd's and Sky's friends and families were there. Z as Syd's maid of honor and Bridge as Sky's best man. They were happy and loved being together. Two months later Syd's dog died and it broke her heart.

Syd was sad over the lost of her dog for a couple of months but she did get over it when she found out that her dog was a daddy. A woman came to Syd and Sky's apartment with a box of puppies and told her that the father of the puppies was her dog. So she let Syd and Sky pick out two. Syd picked out a white one and Sky picked out a brown one and they named them snowball and peanut. They loved their dogs and even picked out a third, fourth and fifth one for Z, Bridge and Doggie. The woman was glad she was only left with one puppy since that's all she wanted was one she was going to take the other 3 to the shelter.

Five months later Syd found out that she was pregnant with twins. Sky couldn't believe it he had always wanted kids but they never talked about it and now here it was happening. While Syd was pregnant she discovered that the twins had their own powers that she was able to tap into while fighting criminals everyday. One of her kids had the power to turn into animals and she turned herself into a lion once to scare a criminal and the second baby had the power to teleport and when they were searching for the criminal all she had to do was think of the person and she would teleport right to them. Syd enjoyed being pregnant but she did have to protect her unborn children sometimes during attacks.

When Syd was seven months pregnant her and sky decided to find out what they were having and they found out that they are having twin boys. Sky was happy that he was going to be a father of two healthy boys. Sky wished his father was around so that he could share this news with him. Two month later Syd gave birth to her sons, that they named Kevin and Alex. Sky and Syd were happy to have both their boys home and healthy and they loved their sons very much that they took them everywhere with them.

Three months later Syd and Sky were invited to Z and Bridge's wedding. Bridge had asked Z to marry him when he got promoted to red ranger. Syd and Sky were happy for Z and Bridge they had been dating for two years now so it was time that they got married and settled down and became as happy as her and Sky were. Four months later they discovered that Syd was pregnant again with their third child a girl this time. When Syd gave birth to their daughter she almost didn't make it but she was able to give birth to their daughter and survive. They named their daughter Anna.

Three years later all of the SPD rangers got together and celebrated the third wedding anniversary of Z and Bridge. Syd, Sky and their three kids were there happy as could be. Z and Bridge was there with their new born son Max. Jack and his wife Mary was there and the others found out she was expecting. Doggie and Kat were there to support their old teammates. Everyone was happy and in love and they loved having their kids around and looked forward to their kids to be born. They talked and laughed and talked about their time as rangers and their memories. Everyone had retired from being rangers to be with their families and now a new team of SPD rangers were fighting criminals and protecting the city while all the former rangers lived normal happy lives with their kids.

The end.

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