Rangers Romances

Chapter 12: Nick and Vida's mystic love

Nick and Vida have been secretly dating for a month and the other rangers don't know about it. They hate keeping their relationship from their friends a secret but they wanted to see how things would go first before they let anyone else knew about the relationship. That night while they were out on a date and walking through the park they stopped and kissed but they didn't know that their friends were walking in the park to and saw them kissing. When Nick and Vida pulled apart and started walking again they saw their friends standing there looking at them, that's when Vida and Nick figured it was time to let their friends in on their secret. They walked over to each other and started talking and Nick and Vida explained everything to their friends.

Their friends were happy for them and understood why they kept it a secret from them and they were glad that they did that because they did need to figure everything out before they told anyone. They were glad that their secret was out and glad that their friends understood and were happy for them and now they could go around without worrying about being seen. Nick and Vida loved being together they never let anything stop them not even monsters or fights that they have. On Vida's birthday Nick planned a romantic date, he took her to a music store where he buys her a couple of records she's been looking for, then he took her to her favorite restaurant, then a romantic walk in the park where he gave her, her final present from him which was a necklace with her name on it. That night they said I love to you each other for the very first time.

A month later they went back to living their normal lives and Nick and Vida were sad because he was leaving to travel with his parents for a little while. They knew he would be back and they were happy that it would happen but sad at how long they'd be apart. Two weeks later Nick came back to visit Vida and they spent the whole two days he was there together and she even took off work for those two days for it. Nick had to leave again and they went back to being sad but they did give each other a long hug and kiss and Udonna let them keep their ranger phones so they could call each other which was a good thing. Two months later Nick finally returned and he also had a plan.

Two days later he went and saw Vida for the first time she didn't know he was back in town two days earlier because he was making his plans put together. When she saw him she ran and jumped in his arms and kissed him. They were so happy to be back together and hated being apart they missed each other like crazy which is why he came up with his plans so they won't ever have to be apart again. That night they went for a moonlit walk under the stars and moon and they talked about how much they missed each other and how they hated being apart. He turned to her and took both her hands in his and he looked into her eyes and kissed her and then got down on bended knee and asked her to be his wife.

She accepted his ring and agreed to be his wife. She made him the happiest man around when she told him yes and he loved her even more everyday and couldn't wait to be her husband. They set the date for eight months later that way Vida and Madison could save up all the money for the wedding since they wanted to pay for it themselves. Their wedding was going to be small and simple just the way they were they didn't need expensive things they just wanted to be with each other. Their wedding date is fast approaching and they couldn't be happier they wanted it to get there faster.

The day before their wedding they we're helping set up for the next day and everything looked amazing. They decided to have a white wedding everything was white even the clothes everyone wore but it was worth it to finally have their wedding day there. Everyone was happy for Vida and Nick they finally deserved some happiness after saving the world from monsters. Nick and Vida enjoyed their wedding and were happy to finally be husband and wife and couldn't wait to start their lives together. They moved into a apartment together the week that they got back from their honeymoon and they started painting the apartment right away so they could make it their own.

A week later Nick had to go out of town to take something to the newest team of rangers it was a gift from Udonna but no one knew what it was not even Nick. Vida was ok with him going out of town since it was only for a day and Madison was coming over to stay the night and see the apartment. Vida and Madison had fun at their sleep over and made a mess that was being cleaned up when Nick came home and caught them and Vida ran right up to him and jumped in his arms and kissed him. He told her she was still in trouble for the mess but went back to kissing. Three months later Nick's mom and dad came and to visit him and Vida.

They asked asking the couple when they were going to get some grandkids but Nick and Vida kept changing the subject because they haven't even talked about that yet. Nick and Vida wasn't even sure if they were ready for kids yet or not. But they told his parents that they would tell them when they decide to have kids. They did talk about it and decided to wait a little while before kids started coming around. The next day at work Madison was also on the kids topic around Vida wondering when she was going to make her a aunt.

Vida just ignored the baby topic all together she didn't want kids yet and didn't wanna start making plans about kids yet. That's when a older woman came in Vida didn't know who she was but she was drawn to her somehow. The old woman walked up to Vida and told her, that her name was Rita and she called Vida pink ranger even though Vida hasn't been the pink ranger for a while and wondered how Rita knew who she was. Rita explained everything to Vida that she could and then she gave Vida a pink candle in the shape of a duck. She told her how to use the candle and that this candle would make one of her wishes come true, Vida didn't know if she could trust it but when she got home from work she lit the candle and when the whole candle was gone Vida started wondering if she did the right thing or made a huge mistake.

That's when Vida started thinking about the last time she trusted a old person it turned out to be Udonna dressed up as someone else but trusting her lead her to her true love. The next day Vida went to visit Udonna and told her what had happened and Udonna told her she shouldn't of lit the candle because the candle would make the wish that is deep inside of her come true and since Vida didn't know what it could mean means it could have been very dangerous. Three weeks later Vida started to not feel good but no on could figure out why but she still went to work but kept having problems since she kept not feeling good so she decided to go to the doctor to see if she could find out what was wrong with her and it turned out she's pregnant. Nick was happy with the news since it could have been a lot worst so he was glad it was just her being pregnant. That's when Nick found out about the Candle and Rita and it turns out Nick really did want a baby but new that Vida wasn't ready or so she thought.

The next day they told Nick's parents and Madison and their friends and everyone was happy for them and happy that they were going to be parents. They couldn't wait till it happens but they didn't know if they were still ready or not. Six months later Vida and Nick found out that they were having a daughter. That night they talked about names and wanting to give her a name that you didn't hear much of, they decided on a name but didn't tell anyone they decided that everyone else could wait till the baby was born to find out about the name. Three months later Vida gave birth to their baby girl.

Nick and Vida named their daughter Faith and everyone loved her. Xander wasn't there when she was born because he was off on a ranger mission that he got picked for. But when he got back he went right over to Nick and Vida's apartment to meant their new daughter and he loved her right away to just like everyone else did. Everyone was happy for Nick and Vida and they loved having Faith around and from what Udonna knew about Faith from holding her the first time she could tell the future for Faith was going to be wonderful. And there was never a boring moment with Faith around.

Years later everything was peaceful for the once mystic force rangers. Nick and Vida were happy and still married and they had just had their second child a boy that they named Andrew. Chip and Clare got married and they were now parents to twin boys. Madison and Xander ended up falling in love when he got back from his ranger mission and they have been married for two years and the proud parents of a son. Udonna and Leanbow were happy together and happy for their fellow rangers and loved their grandkids. Daggeron and Jenji traveled the world and came back to visit their friends but all was still peaceful and everyone was happy living their normal lives.

The end.

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