Rangers Romances

Chapter 13: Rose and Mack's kick into romance

Mack and Rose have had a crush on each other since their first day as rangers when they were talking in the back seat. She didn't know if he'd go for a girl like her since she was so smart and knew a lot of stuff. He also wondered the same thing about her with him not being as smart as her. When Rita and Zedd's son took their powers away from them and Rose left it broke Mack's heart into a million pieces because he was crazy about her and didn't wanna lose her. When his friends showed up to help him even without their powers he was happier to see Rose.

Mack loved when Rose was around and he loved when she knew the answer of a question that no one else knew because it made her who she was. He loved learning about her and finding out stuff about her. Rose hated when she couldn't just go up to Mack and tell him how she felt about him. She also hated not being able to kiss him which she always thought about doing. They always had each other on their minds and when Mack would read and there was love parts in the books he would think about it being him and Rose.

Every night Rose and Mack wanted to knock on each other's doors and just tell each other their feelings but they always let fear get in the way of doing it. One night while Mack was at Rose's door he was listening and she was listening to the CD Dignity by Hilary Duff and she was singing along with it. Mack just stood there and smiled and loved that he found something else about Rose that he didn't know before. When the song was over Mack heard Rose say to herself that she wished she could let Mack know how she felt about him. Mack got a idea about how to let Rose know about his feelings to her.

Mack went back to his room and got online and ordered Rose the CD With Love by Hilary duff and when it arrived two weeks later he opened it and put the letter his wrote for her inside of it and closed it and sealed it back up. That night he went to Rose's room and knocked on her door and gave her the present, she invited him in her room so she could open it and when she did a smile came on her face and she gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. After Mack left the room Rose opened the CD so she could listen to it and when she opened it Mack's note fell out and she opened it and read it and found out he has the same feelings for her that she has for him. It also told her that he would wait outside of her door for ten minutes so she could make the next move so she put the note and CD down on her bed and ran and opened the door and jumped in his arms and kissed him on the lips. While they were kissing their friends came out of their rooms to see what that loud bang was and it was Rose's door that she let hit the wall by mistake and when their friends and Mack's dad came out of their rooms they saw the two kissing.

Everyone just looked at them and smiled they were happy that their pink and red ranger finally got together. Two weeks later Rose and Mack went out on their first date and they were so nervous about it and were so happy about it. Rose and Ronny went shopping to get Rose a new dress and they found the perfect one. It was a red dress with pink hearts on it. That night they went to dinner, a movie, a walk in the park, a boat ride on the pond, and a dance under the stars.

Rose was a little scared because she was in love with Mack and never wanted to lose him, Mack felt the same way about Rose but he didn't want them to be apart. They kept dating and they loved being happy and being together. When Mack found out he's a robot he didn't know how Rose would feel about him and she didn't know if she'd still love him or want him. But when she first saw him he knew how she felt because she ran and jumped in his arms and kissed him and told him that she'll always love him no matter what happens between them. They smiled and kissed each other again.

When Mack used all his energy in their final battle Rose's heart broken into a million pieces when they lost Mack. When he became human Rose was so happy to have him back she never wanted to lose him again. When Mack and His dad went on their first adventure together Rose was sad and scared that she might lose him but she didn't stop him because he's wanted this for so long. He promised he'd come back in one piece and she let him know she was going to stick that promise to him. Two weeks later he came to visit her in England the first adventure was over and they spent the whole week together.

He told her all about the adventure and she told him all about getting her life back to normal but they missed each other more than they could tell each other. When it was time for Mack and his dad to go on their second adventure he promised he'll be back two weeks later and then no more missions for a while. She cried when his plane took off because she loved him so much and didn't wanna lose him and didn't want him to go but she couldn't stop him from living his dream. Mack saw Rose drop to her knees when the plane was in the air and knew how sad she was and he hated having to leave her. The next day Ronny came and visited Rose and she listened to everything Rose had to say and she knew Mack had a great girlfriend and knew they would never be apart from each other she could tell from listening to Rose that they hated it when he had to leave.

While Mack was on his adventure he bought a engagement ring and knew it was the biggest adventure of his life that he wanted to go on and have it be the second adventure he went on with Rose since being rangers were their first adventure together. When he got back to England Rose was so happy to have him back she jumped in his arms and wrapped her legs and arms around him not wanting to let him go. But she knew she had to and let go of him but kept his hand in her hand. When they finally took a break from walking Mack turned Rose to face him and he told her he wanted her to go on his next adventure with him but Rose shook her heard since she thought it was a adventure with his dad. She turned around so they could start walking again but when she got five steps ahead she didn't see Mack next to her and turned around and saw him on bended knee with a ring in his hand. He asked her once again to go on the next adventure of theirs since their first one as rangers ended.

Rose started to cry, Mack stood up and walked over to her and that's when she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him and then took the ring and put it on her finger and kissed him again. Two weeks later they told their friends and family and they were al happy for them. They set the wedding date for summer that way Rose wouldn't be teaching during the summer and they could enjoy it together. The day before their wedding they were so nervous but also so happy that it was happening. The day of the wedding everything was perfect. Ronny was in her light pink dress and Dax was in his tux and Mack was in his tux and Rose was in her wedding dress and everyone was ready for the wedding to happen and when it finally did there wasn't a dry eye in the whole church.

When they got back from their honeymoon Mack's dad gave them their wedding present it was a house in England that he bought for them while they were on their honeymoon and all their stuff has been packed up and moved into the house. He let them know that he had Ronny do everything with her super speed. But she didn't unpack for them since she didn't know where everything was going, but he did also buy them stuff for their house and bought them four book shelf's, two for Rose's books and two for Mack's. They loved their house it took their breathes away. While unpacking they discovered that they have a couple of books the same. Their first night in their house they played video games and Rose kicked Mack's butt sometimes and sometimes he kicked hers but they didn't get mad since they were only playing for fun.

For Mack's birthday Rose painted their bedroom and painted the floor to make their room look like a adventure like they were in a cave, and she always bought him the new adventure book that just came out that he was looking forward to getting when he got paid the week after his birthday. When he got home she covered his eyes and walked him to the bedroom so show him his surprise when she uncovered his eyes his jaw dropped he loved it and when she gave him his book he was even more happier because she knew him so well. He couldn't believe what an amazing wife he had and loved having her in his life and falls more in love with her everyday. She was happy to see the look on Mack's face when he saw their room and that's when she knew all the work she did was worth it. They were both glad that they get to spend forever together.

Three years have pasted and Rose and Mack have only gotten more and more in love with each other. Rose is still teaching and still loving it and Mack is now writing books about their adventures as power rangers the first book in the five book, book series will be the tale of when they find the first missing jewel for the corona aurora, each book will be the adventure for each jewel, but he will be changing the names of all the rangers. He was happy about writing his own book series since he loved reading them so much. Two months later Mack's book was finished and it was being read by his editor and while he was waiting for that news him and Rose got some news of their own she was pregnant. They were excited because this would be their fourth adventure together since the third was his book.

When Rose was four months pregnant Rose and Mack found out that they were having a son. Mack was happy and so was Andrew since he never had a son of his own that wasn't built he would be able to see Mack and Rose's child grow and couldn't wait to see his grandson. Five months later Rose gave birth to their son that they named John. They loved having their son around and Andrew visited them a lot more now that they had their son, he even stopped going on adventures since he wanted to see his grandson grow up. Plus having a grandson was also a new adventure for Andrew to since he hasn't been around babies that much since he made Mack.

At John's 10th birthday party all of the rangers had a reunion. Rose and Mack were still happy with John and they were expecting a baby girl, and all five of Mack's books have been number one best sellers, and she was still teaching. Ronny and Dax had been married for five years and they have a four year old daughter named Zoey, she was still racing and he had become a famous actor. Will had settle down with a girl who stole his heart name Kelly, they have been married for six months, he works at a bank and she's a cook. Andrew and Spencer were enjoying the nice peaceful life that they have unless John and Zoey is around. Tyzonn and Vella finally got married and they now have three sons. All in all, all of the overdrive rangers are happy and loving the normal life with their families.

The end.

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