Rangers Romances

Chapter 14: Rj and Lily's jungle love

Lily was at work alone because her rangers powers weren't working that good so R.J called his friend who created the powers to come and see what he could do about the yellow powers. When R.J gave Lily her morpher back she was so happy that she ran and jumped in his arms. They looked into each other's eyes and kissed, when they heard their friends coming they broke apart and said they would talk about what just happened later. Their friends came in and heard the news that Lily's morpher was now good as new. Later that night Lily and R.J sat outside and talked about what happened and they discovered that they both liked the kissed and had feeling for each other. They decided to see where things went with them and decided to keep it a secret for now to see how things go they didn't want to get everyones hopes up if it didn't work out.

Two months later they were still together and going strong their friends knew about their relationship from a battle they had a month ago Lily got hurt and when she was hurt R.J told her he loved her and their friends heard him when he thought they were alone. But they were happy for Lily and R.J and they were glad that their friends were happy for them and loved having them around. They were happy that they didn't need to hide their relationship from their friends and love the face that they had each other no matter what. When the final battle was over Lily stayed behind to help R.J with the pizza and they loved working together. It was a little sad that all their friends left to go do other stuff. Dom and Fran were traveling, Theo and Casey were teachers at the academy now and they were teaching new students and they found out that a girl had a new spirit that hasn't been seen at the academy in years, she had the spirit of the pink eagle. Lily and R.J were happy for their friends but did miss having them around helping with pizzas.

They still lived upstairs but this time they put their hammocks together but not to close together that way they could still swing in them while they laid in them. They loved living together they played basket ball together and danced and practiced. They were never apart excepted when one of them had to go get supplies while they other stayed behind to cook and serve the pizzas. They did have fun and enjoy spending all their time together they hated when they had to be apart. They did help come out a couple of new pizzas sometimes they combined their ideas together on some.

Three months later Fran and Dom came to Karma Pizza and visited Lily and R.J with some good news. While they were gone traveling they got married. Everyone was happy for Fran and Dom they knew she had been in love with him since the first day she met him and now she finally got everything she wanted. While Fran and Lily were at a table talking Dom and R.J talked and he was wondering when R.J would be popping the question to Lily since he bought the ring a month ago. He let him know that he would be doing it very soon and that he had a great idea about how to do it.

A week later Lily had to deliver a pizza to a address and R.J was out getting supplies and Dom made the pizza. When Lily got to the address the house looked like it had been empty for months when she knocked on the door R.J opened it and he told Lily to opened the pizza and when she did it said WILL YOU MARRY ME and while she was reading it she didn't notice R.J get down on bended knee and he helped out the ring. She shook her head yes and they both smiled after R.J put the ring on Lily's finger they hugged and kissed. Three months later was their wedding day all of their friends were there and it was a beautiful wedding, they got married in a flower garden with flowers all around. They had a twelve layer cake, that had purple around the sides with yellow flowers. Everyone was happy that R.J and Lily got married, they were a cute couple and they never fought about anything they always agreed on stuff. They really were the perfect couple in everyone's eyes and they always got along and were always in love and loving around each other and understanding of each other.

Three years later they all got together for the wedding of their friends Jarrod and Camille who finally decided to get married. After the wedding everyone talked and caught up with each other. Theo and Casey were still teaching at the Academy but Casey had a wife now he married Rachel the girl who had the spirit of the pink eagle. Fran and Dom still traveled the world but did come back to catch up with their friends now and then but now they travel around with their son Peter. Theo was still single but that's because he kept busy at the academy instead of taking time off he worked all the time. R.J and Lily were happy for their friends and couldn't wait till their daughter Mary Kate to be born in three months.

All in all everyone was happy and glad to be done fighting as power rangers. They were glad to have their normal lives again and couldn't wait for their next adventure as normal adults to take place. And if the world ever needed the rangers again but till then they were happy just working and being normal. Lily gave birth to their daughter and they couldn't be happier. They loved her more than anything else and everyone kept living peaceful lives since evil never did rise again.

The end.

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