Rangers Romances

Chapter 15: Summer and Flynn's RPM love

Flynn and Summer were out fighting monsters and they were in human form when they were going for the same monster the monster disappeared and they hit each other and landed in the sand Summer on top of Flynn and they stared into each other's eyes and then they kissed each other. They heard their friends asking what was going on and that's when they stopped kissing and realized that they were still kissing. They both started blushing since they didn't realized that they were going to get caught when they were kissing. But they both did enjoy the kiss and figured they should walk and talk about it and figure out where they go from there. That day when everyone else was out and about Flynn and Summer decided it was time for them to talk about their feelings.

They decided that they would go into a relationship and see where things lead. Summer and Flynn loved being together even though they were from two different circles they were on the same team. They enjoyed having each other around and loved talking to each other, they never kept anything from each other and they knew they both liked different things but they loved each other which is what mattered the most. When they were able to be alone together they would just go to the park and sit down and cuddle and talk and kiss they didn't need to spend money to be happy together they were happy together no matter what. They were always happy when they were just able to be together and not have to fight monsters.

It was finally time for them to give up their morphers and go back to having normal lives. Summer and Flynn looked forward to it because it meant they could spend even more time together. Dillon did ask Summer to go along with him and his sister to find places that were coming back to life and she agreed but only for a week. After a week Summer was back and she and Flynn were never apart again except for work. They got a place together and they loved it and couldn't wait to start their normal lives in their new home.

Their first date was a double date with Dr. K and Ziggy. They thought it was cute that Ziggy and K were nervous during the whole date. They didn't mind sharing their date though because they loved each other and all that matter was that they were together. They found it cute when Ziggy tried to kiss K and they both were so nervous that it didn't work out right at all. They watched Flynn and Summer do it and then they finally got their first kissed right.

It was their first Valentine's day and they were excited about it Summer couldn't wait to spend the day with her guy and he couldn't wait to spend the day with his girl. While they were on their date they remembered when they first met and when they first became power rangers and the first day they kissed. They were happy and nothing could ever change that. Flynn was always there when Summer needed him and she was always there when he needed her. When he got hit by a car Summer ran the whole way to the hospital and was scared to death of losing him.

When she got to his room she ran in and almost knocked a nurse over. She ran right to the bed and threw her arms around him and kissed him and kept telling him over and over again how much she loved him. He saw how scared she was that she lost him and he decided he didn't wanna ever lose her so he asked her to marry him right then and there. She told him she would and they were both happy and kissed and the nurse that almost got ran over were happy for the young couple to be young and in love. They nurse left the room to give the couple some privacy.

Six months later they got married in a private wedding just for close friends and family. K and Gemma were Summer's bridesmaids, and Ziggy and Scott were Flynn's best men. The wedding was just perfect for and everyone was happy for the former yellow and blue rangers. Summer's parents and Flynn's dad were happy for the young couple they have been wanting the two to get married for months. A couple of months later Flynn and Summer got a invite to the wedding of K and Ziggy.

Flynn and Summer couldn't believe their eyes when they first saw the invite. On the day of the wedding six of the rangers showed up for the wedding of K and Ziggy and they couldn't believe it was happening since they never thought they would work out as a couple but they proved them wrong. For the wedding Gemma and Scott who were now a couple were together and so were Tenaya and Gem. Everyone were still surprised when Ziggy and K got married but they were happy for their friends. Three Months later a double wedding invite arrived at Summer and Flynn's house.

Six weeks later everyone gathered together again for the wedding of Gemma and Scott and Gem and Tenaya. They were happy everyone was and they couldn't wait to find out what else the future holds for them. Six months later Summer and Flynn found out that the future hold a little girl for their future, and three months later their daughter April was born. When everyone got together for April's first birthday, and everyone was still happy, Gemma and Scott were expecting a little boy in five months. Ziggy and K were also expecting but they were having twins, and Tenaya and Gem just had their son four months ago. Everyone was glad that their ranger days were far behind them and they could have normal lives with their kids and they were happy with just having normal lives they didn't need to be power rangers to be happy they were happy being married and with their kids. Dillon even met a girl named Eve and she ended up being a girl he dated before his memory was taken away from him. They were engaged and with a wedding planned for a year later.

The end.

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