Rangers Romances

Chapter 16: Jayden and Mia's samurai love

Mia and Jayden were enjoying a lovely day in the park enjoying their day off they liked walking in the park together and that was because they had feelings for each other. While they were walking Mia tripped over a rock and Jayden caught her and they stared into each others eyes. After staring into each others eyes for a few second Jayden leaned forward and kissed her. After kissing for a few seconds they pulled apart and Mia got back on her feet. They kept walking but this time instead of walking apart they were holding hands instead.

After walking for a while they sat down and talked about what they were going to do about their feelings for each other. They decided they would go on some dates and see how things go. That night they were going on their first date they were going to see a movie and to dinner. They went to see The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 and they both enjoyed it, they shared a popcorn and they also shared a drink but with two straws. While they were at dinner they talked about their favorite parts of the movie and talk about what they liked about the other.

When they got back to the house Emily was At the door and she took Mia's hand and pulled her into her room so she could tell her everything. While they were talking Mike and Kevin also wanted to know how it was. Their friends were happy that their friends had a good time on their date and hoped that they would become a couple. The next day at practice Mike started singing the song about Mia and Jayden in the tree. Everyone thought it was funny since Mike wasn't paying attention and fall on his butt since his shoes weren't tied.

Mia and Jayden made plans for another date but this time it would be at the house and all the others would leave. Jayden went to the video store and rented a video while Mia went to the store and bought snacks they decided that they would order pizza for their food. That's night on their date they turned the lights down and sat on the couch and watched The Notebook and they ate popcorn while they waited for their pizza to get there. After they ate their pizza they finished the movie. Half way through the movie both of them fell asleep in each others arms and when the others came home they took a blanket out of the closet and covered the love birds up.

The next morning they woke up and talked and kissed they loved spending time together and couldn't wait for their third date but that's when Jayden decided he didn't wanna do dates anymore he was ready to be Mia's boyfriend. He asked Mia to be his girl and she accepted. They kissed and pulled apart when they heard their friends cheering from down the hallway. Mia and Jayden just laughed and went back to kissing. Mia and Jayden were glad that their friends were happy for them and couldn't wait to spend his life with Mia.

Three months have passed and they were still going strong in their relationship now even the forces of darkness could break them up. They were happy together and loved being together that they hated every time they had to be apart. When they weren't together they were sad and always thinking of the other and missing them and wishing they could be with them. Jayden hated it even more because Mia was his first ever girlfriend and he never wanted to be without her he was madly in love with her and would always protect her. He started thinking about that time him and Mia had to pretend to get married it was the best day of his life because he was marrying Mia even though it was fake it was still the best day of his life.

He started wondering what it would be like to be married to Mia for real he knew he would have to get used to her awful cooking but he knew the more she did it the better she would get. It was Mia's birthday and he knew the prefect gift for her, he went to the store and bought her all new cooking stuff. When he got back from the store he ran into his room to wrap her presents while the others decorated and Emily kept Mia away from the house. That night when Emily and Mia got back she was wondering where all the guys were since it was dark in the house and Emily told her that they had plans for tonight. When they walked into the house Mia got a big surprise they had put together a whole surprise party for her without her even knowing it.

She opened her presents, Emily had gotten her a cook book that she had been wanting, Mike got her a diary to write in, Kevin got her a wedding planning book since he knew she couldn't wait to find her prince charming and getting married. Antonio gave her coupons for a cooking class so that she could learn more stuff to cook, Ji, got her a necklace that belonged to her mother. And when she opened up Jayden's gift her eyes got wide since she's been wanting all new cooking stuff for the kitchen. She loved all her presents and gave each of her friends hugs. But Jayden got something else he also got a kiss while their friends went ooooooooh.

The time came when they were finally able to give up their samurai powers and go back to living normal lives. Kevin went back to swimming, Mike went back to playing games with his friends, Emily went to go see her family, Antonio started selling fish at the farmers market, Mia went back to working with the kids, and Jayden moved out and got his own apartment and had Mia move in with him. They were happy to be finally done with their ranger duties. Mia still cooked for Jayden every night and he only had to go to the hospital twice so far. On their two year anniversary Jayden had big plans for him and Mia, first they went and rented The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 so they could watch it since it was the first movie they went to see on their first date. Then they went to dinner at the restaurant that Mike got a job at. After they ate and rented their movie they took a walk in the park, when they got close to a surprise for Mia Jayden put his hands over her eyes and walked her to her final surprise.

Jayden had set up tables with candles on all of them and had all of their friends there waiting for them. He had Antonio put his hands over Mia's eyes so that he could pick up the final surprise. When Antonio uncovered Mia's eyes she's looked around and was shocked to see all the hard work that got put into this and then she started looking for Jayden and when she turned around she saw that he was on the ground on bended knee.

In his hand he had a dozen roses six pink and six red and on the rose in the middle was a engagement ring that she didn't notice at first. He got up and handed her the roses she went to smell them and notice something sitting on top of the middle rose, it was a engagement ring. Her eyes got wide when she saw it and he picked up the ring off of the rose and asked her to marry him, she just stood there for a few seconds making her thinking face but she just wanted to annoyed him a little before she gave him her answer. She shook her head yes and smiled and he put the ring on her finger and she jumped in his arms and kissed him. While they were kissing it started to snow, their friends were happy that the couple got engaged thought it was romantic that it was snowing when they got engaged. They danced for a few minutes in the falling snow, and when Jayden walked to the table to blow out the last candle Mia had made a snow ball and threw it at him.

He picked up a snow ball himself and started chasing her so he could throw it at her, but he missed and ended up hitting Mike in the face with the snow ball. All six of the rangers started having a snow ball fight to celebrate their friends engagement. Six months later they got married the wedding was beautiful there were pink and red roses everywhere and they danced to the song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Everyone was happy for the young couple well everyone except Spike who had a crush on Mia. But at the wedding he met a girl name Mary Kate and they fell in love with each other.

Two years later Mia became pregnant with twins, and her and Jayden were both really happy. When Mia was seven months pregnant her and Jayden went to the wedding of Emily and Antonio. The wedding was perfect and Jayden couldn't stop looking at Mia and thinking about their wedding two years before. Before the wedding started Emily was nervous and needed Mia's help. While they were in Emily's room a young little girl walked into the room she looked to be about a year old. That's when her parents came looking for her they knew who the boy was because it was Spike the guy who had a crush on Mia but they didn't know the girl until Spike told them she was his wife Mary Kate, Spike went over and picked up little Melody and as they were walking off Mia and Emily looked at Spike's wife and hoped that their kid didn't have Spike's laugh.

The wedding was starting and everyone was in their seats, Mia and Jayden were at the front with Antonio waiting for Emily. The wedding went on without any problems. Two months later Mia gave birth to a boy and a girl, they named the boy Leo, and the girl, Anna. When they brought the kids home they were so happy even though they didn't get much sleep for the next couple of months. It was a year later and everyone were getting ready for the twins first birthday.

They had their birthday at the park in the same spot Jayden asked Mia to marry him at. When Antonio and Emily showed up they showed up with a surprise, Emily was four months pregnant and expecting triplets. Mike showed up with Emily's sister who was now his wife. Kevin showed up with two dogs for the kids for their birthdays and he let everyone know that his girlfriend couldn't make it. Spike and Mary Kate showed up with Melody and Bulk Jr. and Allen. Ji showed up with a whole three carts full of toys for the kids. Bulk even showed up with his new wife Missy. Everyone was happy and the rangers were happy that they didn't have to step into their ranger shoes anymore. Once the party was over Mia and Jayden took their kids home.

The next morning Mia woke up not feeling good so she made a appointment to go see a doctor that after noon. They ran some test and told her they would call in a couple of days. Mia went on with her normal life but she still didn't feel good so when she got the call from the doctor she was happy to hear from her since she was tired of not feeling good. The doctor told her that the only thing wrong with her was that she was pregnant. When Jayden found out he was super excited since he loved their kids more than anything and so did Mia who was also excited about a third baby. A year later it was time for the ranger reunion, Emily, Antonio and their three sons were there, Kevin and his new wife showed up, Mike and his wife came with their little girl, Mia, Jayden and their twins plus their newest child Sam were there and Ji were all there and happier than ever.

They loved living their normal lives and were happy that evil never came back. They loved their kids and were planning on a fourth and last one, one day but not anytime soon. Jayden and Mia did move into a bigger house right next door to Emily and Antonio. A few months later Mia and Jayden renewed their vows. Mia and Jayden were so happy that they became samurai rangers because if they didn't they wouldn't have each other or their beautiful three kids.

The end till the next season of power rangers.

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