Rangers Romances

Chapter 17: Troy and Emma's mega love story

Emma was in the forest taking pictures when she heard someone coming up behind her. She turned around to see Troy coming up, she notice that he looked very nervous when he was walking to her. She wondered what was going on and also wondered why he looked nervous. She decide she would keep taking pictures until he walked all the way up to her that way he could try and shake off some of the nervous feelings he was feeling. She stopped taking pictures when he was finally standing behind her/

"Hey Troy" Emma said

"Hey Emma, um I was wondering if I could ask you something?" Troy asked

"Sure what is it." Emma said

"Well I've been thinking about something for a while, and I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me?" Troy asked looking nervous again.

Emma looked at troy for a few seconds and then she smiled and told him "I'd love to Troy."

Troy smiled and told Emma he would let her get back to taking pictures and would call her later so they could set up the date. After he left Emma started giggling because she was happy and she took a few more pictures and then rush to pack up her stuff, because she had to get to Gia's house to tell her the news. When she got to Gia's house she ran into her room and made her fall off her bed because she was sitting at the edge. She helped Gia's up and told her the news they gabbed hands and started jumping up and down screaming. Gia was so happy for her best friend because Gia knew Emma's had a crush on Troy since he first walked into the classroom.

That night Emma was laying on her bed writing in her diary when the phone next to her bed rang and when she answered it, she was happy to find out it was Troy. They talked for a hour on the phone. They decided that they would go on the date on Friday but Troy wouldn't tell her what he has planned for the date but he did tell her that she will love it. When they got off the phone they were both smiling and excited about Friday and couldn't wait for it to get here. They both knew they had to wait two days for it but it was worth the wait.

The next day at school Troy couldn't take his eyes off of Emma and he loved the way she laughed and loved everything about her. She made him very happy when she agreed to go out on a date with him and he couldn't believe it when she said yes. All day at school both Troy and Emma had smiles on their faces they wee so happy and couldn't wait till Friday. After school that day Gia and Emma went shopping for a dress for Emma to wear on her date with Troy. Emma had tried on ten different dresses until she finally found the perfect one and she couldn't wait for Troy it see it.

When Friday finally arrived they were even happier than they were the whole week. When they got home from school they both ran to shower and get ready for their date later that day. After Emma was done showering she had Gia come over to help her do her hair and her nails and make up. When Troy was done showering he got dressed and went to go buy flowers and candy for Emma and to go pick up his tux. That night when he arrived at Emma's house Gia answered the door and told Troy that Emma was finishing getting ready and that she'll be out in a minute.

When Emma came into the living room Troy couldn't stop staring at her. Gia tried to snap him out of it but it took a few tries. When he finally snapped out of it Emma laughed since he couldn't speak he kept trying to talk but nothing came out. He cleared his throat and was finally able to talk and he told her she looked beautiful and gave her the flowers and candy. She gave them to Gia to put away, while her and Troy headed out.

When they got closed to where they were having the date Troy blindfolded Emma's eye's so she wouldn't see what all he had set up for them. Emma could feel weeds and grass around her feet and ankles and she knew they were somewhere grassy. When Troy took the blindfold off Emma looked around and notice that it's where she loves to go to take pictures but it looked a little different. There was a plastic table sitting in the middle with two chairs. The table was set with two candles a pink and a red one and they matched her dress since she was wearing a pink and red dress, there was a picnic basket on one of the chairs. Emma was so happy Troy did this, and he loved the look on her face when she saw what he did.

They talked and then they ate and then they danced under the stars and Troy laid down a blanket and they laid on it and looked up at the stars and talked and they held hands. When they got to Emma's front door they talked for a few minutes about how they enjoyed the date. They were still holding hands and Troy saw Gia peeking out of Emma's window smiling but she didn't see that he saw her. Emma let go of his hands to go in but he stopped her and asked her if he could do something and she told him sure. He pulled her close and gave her a hug and she he gave her a kiss on her cheek and they heard Gia scream from inside the house, and both of them started smiling and laughing.

When Emma got in her room Gia was sitting on Emma's bed looking though a magazine acting like she's been there all along when she asked Emma how the date went. Emma picked up the pillow that was laying on the floor and she threw it at Gia. Her and Gia stayed up for hours talking about the date. Everynight that week Troy and Emma went out on dates and they loved every minute of the dates and were happy.. They were falling in love everyday that they spent together and they were happy about it.

A year has passed since they started dating and they couldn't believe they've been together for a whole year and they were happy about it and they hoped their relationship lasted longer. Troy was busy setting up for his and Emma's one year anniversary and he was going to surprise her by doing their first date over again. He had a surprise for Emma that he's been planning for a really long time he had to do a lot of sneaking around to do the present he's doing for Emma just so she wouldn't see it. Emma's been sneaking around to with Troy's surprise present since she didn't want him seeing his present either.

Gia was helping Emma get ready for the anniversary date and she couldn't wait to hear all about it when Emma gets home that night. When Troy showed up at Emma's door Gia answered it again same as their first date but she was opening the door this time because Emma was holding up Troy's present. She gave it to him and when he opened it he saw it was a red bike she told him now when he wanted to he could ride bikes with her. He was so happy he loved the present, then he pulled her present out of his pocket and it was a necklace with both their names on it with a heart between their names, she loved and smiled and asked him to help her put it on. That night they re-enacted their first date and they finally said I love you to each other.

Three years have passed and they finally finished high school Emma and Troy were looking for a place because they figured it was time for them to move in together since they were about to be in college. They were still in love and they were always happy sure they had their ups and downs but every couple had those but they never let it get between them they always talked their problems out. They were ready to take on the world again but this time as normal people instead of fighting against monsters as power rangers. They finally found the perfect place and they loved it, it was a three bedroom place so they decided that one room will be for Emma's photos and the other will be for Troy's study's since he was studying to become a computer tech.

It was their 5 year anniversary and Troy was planning to ask Emma a very important question and he couldn't wait to ask her and see what she says. He's been planning this for the last month and he's already had the ring picked out and couldn't wait to ask her that he's been counting down for the last month. No one knew about him getting ready to ask her the big questions so no one can ruin the surprise. He's already set up the perfect way to surprise her with it he's already figured out what he's going to cook and how he's going to decorate the house and he's already got Gia helping him by keeping Emma away for the whole day on their anniversary. It's been hard for him to try and keep his surprise for Emma a secret from everyone since it's such a big surprise.

It was the day of their anniversary and Gia had just left from picking up Emma and Troy was pulling out everything he needed for his surprise. He set up their table with pink and red candles, a dozen roses, two plates, two glasses for their water, he had Gia bring over a cd of all of Emma's favorite love songs, and he bought a blank scrap book so he could cut a hole in the pages to hide the ring on for when she opens it. It was 30 minutes till Gia was supposed to drop Emma back off so he went into their room and pulled his tux out and got ready. When Gia pulled up to Emma and Troy's house she got out of the car and was wearing a red dress with pink hearts on it. When Emma walked in her eyes brighten up she couldn't believe everything that Troy did to their home.

They sat down and talked and ate first and then they went outside to their yard and danced for a few minutes looking into each others eyes and smiling and kissing. It was time for them to go back into the house to give each other their presents. She gave him his present which was a slide show cd that she made of their lives together for the pack 5 years. He handed her his present to her and when she opened it she loved it, she's been needing a new book for her pictures and when she opened it he told her to go to the next page he wrote a special message to her on it, when she did her eyes got wide when she saw that there was a engagement ring in the book and the words will you marry me written over it. She took the ring out and handed it to him and she smiled and she told yes and he stood up put the ring on her finger then took her in his arms and kissed her and they told each other how much they love each other.

Six months later it was the day of Troy and Emma's wedding and everything was going perfect they couldn't believe the day was finally here. Troy and the guys were in his room at the church getting ready while the girls were in Emma's room at the church getting ready and they were both happy. They will be the second former mesgaforce couple to be married since Jake and Gia have been married for almost a year now. And they had just found out that Gia is expecting their first child together. Emma was happy for her friends and Gia was happy that Emma and Troy were finally getting married.

Emma and Troy were standing at the front of the church with their friends and family watching as they get married and they were both happy they couldn't stop smiling as they looked into each others eyes as they were being married. Two weeks had passed since their wedding and they were just now arriving home from their honeymoon and they were so happy and they were happy they were married. They enjoyed their honeymoon but they were happy to finally be home since they both had to go back to school in a week and they needed to get everything they needed for school.

Six months have passed since they've been married and for some unknown reason Emma wasn't feeling good and she didn't know why, she still got up and went to school and work but she kept running to the bathroom every time she needed to. She wasn't going to let not feeling well keep her from her school work or work. She did call the doctor to make a appointment but the appointment was a few days away so she was going to go on living a normal life until her appointment.

It was the day before Emma's appointment and she felt so bad but she didn't have to go to school or work. So Troy had her stay in bed and brought her some crackers and juice to drink so she wouldn't have to move. Emma was happy Troy was there and she loved him even more everyday that they are together and she couldn't wait for her appointment so she could figure out what's wrong. All day long when Emma would fall asleep Troy would sit in the chair next to her bed and watch her sleep, and he kept worrying about her because she's never been this bad before. It was killing him that he couldn't do anything to help her since they didn't know what was wrong with her.

Emma was at her doctor waiting to been seen by her doctor. When her doctor finally came in she told him what all was going on with her and he ran some text and took her blood and told her that it will take a couple of days for him to get the results back from her test. Emma was happy that she finally was able to see the doctor but wasn't so happy that she had to wait a few more days before she finds out what's wrong with her. A few days later Emma's phone was ringing and she rushed to pick it up and she got there right before the nurse was going to hang up. The nurse told her what was wrong with her and Emma couldn't believe it, When she hung up the phone she was so happy that she started crying.

A week later Emma was in the kitchen cooking dinner because she had some news to tell Troy and she wanted to make the night perfect. Emma has been planning this night for the past week and she couldn't wait to tell Troy her news and to see his face since this has been something he's wanted for a while. When he walked into the house he was surprised to see that Emma had made the dinning room look all romantic and he was wondering what she was up to. The whole night Emma couldn't stop smiling and Troy noticed it and kept wondering what was up. When they were done eating and they've talked and dance under the stars, Emma finally told Troy that she had a surprise for him. He asked if he should stand or sit down and she told him he might wanna sit down and when he did she sat down across from him. She took his hands and told him that she's pregnant. It took him a few seconds to understand what she just said but when he did a big smile appeared on his face and he stood up and pulled her up with him and pulled her into his arms and kissed her and told her how happy he is and how much he loves her.

Nine months later Emma's in the hospital she had just given birth, her and Troy were both asleep when the nurse came in with their baby. They were both so happy when they were able to hold their baby and now they had to choose a name for it. They decided on the name Sandy Marie Burrows. They were so happy that their daughter was finally here with them and they couldn't wait to spend their lives with her and watch her grow. When they brought her home they put her crib in their room that way she would always be close to them and they could watch over here all the time.

28 years later all of the former mega force rangers were together for the wedding of Sandy and Tim, Gia and Jake's son and the two families couldn't be happier that their kids were getting married. When the wedding was over Emma was sad that her daughter would be moving out soon to move in with her husband, she was happy for her daughter but sad to see her go. A couple of years later Emma, Troy, Gia, and Jake were all at the hospital awaiting the arrival of their grandchild and they were so happy when Tim brought out their grandson Alexander and everyone just loved him he was so cute.

Years later Emma and Troy were out sitting on their front porch watching the sunset, enjoying being old and they were talking about their days with their grandchildren the youngest only a few months old. They talked about their day and their kids and grandkids, the old days being rangers and how happy they were they still had each other. They were laying in bed reading and enjoying their time together. They've lived in the same house since before college and they loved living there. As they turned off the lights to go to sleep they cuddled and while asleep they passed away very much in love and very much happy together and happy with the way their lives were.

The end

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