Rangers Romances

Chapter 2: Rocky and Tanya's zeo love

It was the day of Rocky's birthday and Tanya was getting ready for it the theme of the party was blue they thought it was cute considering that they were now the Zeo rangers and Rocky's the blue ranger. Tanya was putting on the blue dress that she bought that day at the mall while she was out buying Rocky's birthday present. She had bought him a blue shirt with a three on it, and a picture frame that she put a picture of her and him in. No one knew this but Tanya had a secret she had a huge crush on Rocky every since she came to Angel Grove in Aisha's place as the new yellow ranger. Everytime she was alone and she saw Rocky she couldn't stop staring at him and smile.

When she was finished getting ready she grabbed the present she bought him and started walking to the juice bar, to meet up with the other rangers and the kids from school for Rocky's surprise party. Tanya walked in and went to the present table to put her presents on it before walking over to the other rangers.

"Hey guys, so did everyone keep the secret of the party from Rocky?" Tanya asked

"I did." Tommy said

"Same here." Kat replied

"I'm innocent, I didn't breathe a word of it to Rocky." Adam confessed

"I have been ignoring him all day so I wouldn't blow the surprise." Billy told the group

"Good. I've worked hard on this party and didn't want the surprise blown." Tanya said

So the rangers kept sitting and talking waiting for the birthday boy to show up and when he finally did all the lights were turned off and when Rocky walked in everyone jumped up and yelled surprise. Rocky couldn't stop smiling seeing all his friends dressed in blue and the juice bar decorated everywhere with blue balloons, and blue ribbons,

After the party was over everyone left and Tanya and Rocky stayed behind to clean up all the party supplies.

"Thanks for the party Tanya the guys told me it was all your idea." Rocky told her

"It was no big deal I had fun doing it." Tanya repied

They finished cleaning in silence and Tanya thought to herself that maybe she should make a move to let rocky know how she felt about him. She kept wondering if it would be a good idea or a disaster considering that their friends and team mates. She stopped cleaning and walked up behind Rocky and tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned around she went for it and kissed him. When she pulled away from him he had a surprised look on his face and then he smiled and pulled her in for another kiss.

The next day when Tanya was in the park waiting for Rocky so they could talk about last night, she started to get worried when Rocky was a couple of minutes late making her wondering if it was a mistake kissing him last night. She sat on the swings waiting for him and then when she didn't know it he came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Sorry I'm late Tanya I had to pick something up." He told her

"It's fine, so what did you have to pick up?" She asked curiously

That's when he took his arm from behind his back and had a dozen blue and yellow roses. He handed them to her and kissed her on the cheek.

"Tanya I'm glad you kissed me last night." He told her

She smiled and asked. "Why is that?"

"Because for the last few weeks every time I saw you or thought about you or we talked I've been feeling butterflies in my stomach." He told her while blushing

She closed the space between them and kissed him again from that moment on they started dating but they decided to keep it a secret from the other rangers till they were ready to tell them. One day while they were at the library studying their book bags fell over when Rocky kissed Tanya and their zeonizers rolled out onto the floor and when they went to picked them up Tommy called on their communicator, letting the two know to meet them in the park there's a attack going on.

They picked up their stuff and put their zeonizers on and ran to the back of the library to teleport to the park when they got to the park they threw their book bags down and morphed. What they didn't realize until they started fighting was that they didn't have their own zeonizers on instead Tanya was in the zeo blue uniform and Rocky in zeo yellow uniform.

"Oops." Both rangers said at the same time.

"Guys this is not the time to play around fight and then we'll figure out what's going on." Tommy told them

But what was going on was a secret that the rangers didn't know about yet. So the rangers finished their battle and demorphed. After everyone demorphed Rocky and Tanya told their friends what was going on and why they had on the wrong ranger colors. They both thought their friends would be shocked but what they didn't know was their friends knew all along because they saw Tanya and Rocky talking about it in the park and decided not to say anything because they knew their friends would tell them when they were ready to.

Two years have went by since they started dating and Rocky and Tanya were both happy because they were living normal lives now. Tanya was in the studio working on her first album and Rocky was running his own martial-arts studio, and they shared a house which they decorated yellow and blue to go along with the ranger colors they had last. They did have their ups and downs and they did fight sometimes but what couple didn't but they always found a way to work their problems out and everyday they fall more in love with each other. On Tanya's birthday Rocky took her away for a romantic getaway, he wouldn't tell her where they were going but he did have a big surprise planned for her.

"Rocky will you please tell me where we're going?" Tanya asked

"Umm let me think about that ummmm, no." He replied

"Oh so mean." She told him.

"Yeah, yeah, just lay back there and read your book we'll be there soon." He replied.

When he wasn't looking she stuck her tongue out at him and made a face.

"I saw that." He told her

"Ooops." She said and went back to her book.

When they finally arrived at their destination, he got her out and covered her eyes.

When he uncovered them they were on the stage at Madison Square Garden where she hoped to one day perform, while she was looking around she didn't notice Rocky dropping down to one knee and pulling a ring box out of his pocket. When she notice it she covered her mouth with both her hands.

"My beautiful Tanya will you do me the honors of becoming the luckiest man on earth and marry me?" He asked

Tears started in Tanya's eyes, she loved Rocky so much and she's thought about this moment so many times but never anything like this.

"." She screamed and knocked him down kissing him.

They set the date for six months later and the theme of their wedding was their ranger colors. So they had red, blue and yellow flowers and a red, blue and yellow cake, she had three bridesmaids and each of them was in a different color. Kat was in blue, Aisha was in yellow, and Kimberly was in red. Rocky had three best men also in three different colors. Tommy was in blue, Adam was in yellow, and Billy was in red. Everyone was happy for Tanya and Rocky they couldn't believe that this day was finally here they've been waiting for it since their one year anniversary.

A year went buy and Tanya and Rocky were still happily married and it was Rocky's birthday and Tanya had a huge surprise for her husband it's something he's been wanting since their six month as husband and wife. When he got home from worked he kissed his lovely wife and they sat down on the couch together to wait for their friends to arrive for the birthday dinner. Tommy and Kat got Rocky a baseball card that he's been looking for. Adam and Aisha got Rocky the new mat he wanted for his studio. Billy got him a case that held all three of his older ranger morphers in them. Jason gave him a check for a thousand dollars so he can start that second martial-arts studio he's been talking about. Now it was time for Tanya to give her present to Rocky. She stood up and had him and everyone else stand up to in a line and she stood a few feet away from everyone and said.

"I'm pregnant."

Everyone had smiles on their face except Rocky he had the look of shock on his face. All their friends went and gave Tanya a group hug and when they were done Rocky was still shocked so she walked over to him and kissed him. And then he came out of his shocked moment and smiled and touched her stomach where their baby was growing inside of her.

The end.

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