Rangers Romances

Chapter 3: Tommy and Kat shift into love

Kat was at the beach waiting for Tommy they started having feelings for each other again and decided to get together after school to talk about it and see what they should do about it. They thought the feelings went away when they were zeo rangers which is why they ended their relationship. When Tommy finally showed up Kat saw him and they both stood where they were staring at each other and then smiled and Kat ran up and jumped into Tommy's arms and they kissed.

"You sure you wanna do this again?" Tommy asked Kat while she was still in his arms

"I'm more sure of us than anything else I've ever been sure of." She told him

They kissed again and they were happy to be back together. The next day they showed up at the juice bar to get together with the other rangers. They came in hand in hand and their friends turned to look at them with smiles on their faces.

"What's this I see?" Tanya asked

"Tommy and I are back together." Kat told them with a huge smile on her face.

They all got out of their seats and went to hug the happy couple. Justin was a little surprise since he didn't know that Kat and Tommy had ever dated since he didn't know them during their zeo ranger days but he was still happy for his friends. The next couple of weeks were busy for Kat and Tommy since they had to do school, homework, save the world as turbo rangers, but they were happy every time they could see each other. Everytime they would see each other in the hallways they would kiss and hold hands they were always happy no matter how much time they didn't get to see each other the only times that matter were when they were together. One morning at school Tommy got to the school before Kat showed up and he opened her locker and put a dozen pink and red roses in her locker with a note attached that said your always pretty in pink and you have my heart I love you. He heard Kat and Tanya coming down the hallway so he closed her locker and ran into a empty class room.

Kat opened her locker and she saw the roses and had a smile on her face as she read the card.

"Oh Tanya read this it's from Tommy and the card if cute." Kat told Tanya.

"Aww that's so sweet.." She replyed

Kat and Tanya both smelled the roses when they saw Tommy step out of the empty class room. Kat gave the flowers to Tanya and walked up to Tommy and wrapped her arms around him and they kissed, with Tanya standing behind them smiling happy for her friends. A week had passed and the friends were enjoying their time at the beach as normal teens because they had given up their ranger powers and didn't have to run off to fight monsters anymore. They were all sad because they knew that in the coming week they will all be saying goodbye as Tanya and Rocky were moving away to go to school and living together, Kat was going to England to be at dance school, Tommy was going back to racing, and Adam was going to college. They decided they will spend all the time they could together before they had to leave. Kat and Tommy decided that they will need to talk about their relationship and what's to happen when she leaves.

"Tommy do you think we would be able to handle a long distance relationship." Kat asked.

"I'm not sure I know I don't want to say goodbye or lose you thought Kat." He said while holding her hand.

"I don't want that either but I'll be in London at dance school and you'll be here racing." She said.

Kat started to cry and Tommy held her in his arms. They were both sad they didn't wanna lose each other when everything was finally going great for them. They could be a real couple and not have to always run out to fight monsters or save the world.

Two days before Kat had to leave she called Tommy and asked him if they could go to the beach and talk. He agreed to meet her but he was nervous because he kept wondering what Kat wanted to talk about she didn't sound happy on the phone when he talked to her. When she showed up at the beach she wasn't looking happy either she looked like she'd been crying.

"Tommy are you sure we can do this?" Kat asked

"Do what?" Tommy asked

"The long distance relationship, I think it would be to hard for us." She answered

"I know what you mean if we still had our powers we could teleport to each other." He said.

"Tommy maybe we should just be friends till we're both able to handle this, because I'm never going to be able to handle being away from you." She told him

"If that's what you want." He answered with a frown.

Kat ran off with tears in her eyes. The day that she was supposed to leave she tried to call Tommy to say bye but he wouldn't answer the phone.

"He's not coming." Adam and Tanya told Kat

She hugged both her friends and they all said their goodbyes as Kat went to her plane. When her plane took off Tanya and Adam looked at each other and knew what they had to do. So they got in Adam's car and drove to Tommy's house but he wasn't home so they waited for him.

When he pulled into the drive way he saw them and saw the look on their faces. He could tell they were mad that he didn't talk to Kat or see her off.

"Tommy what is wrong with you? Kat loves you and you couldn't even be there for her when she needed you the most." Tanya told him

"Tanya let me explain. I been busy all day making plans. I decided I'm not going to let Kat's and my relationship end. I'm going to go to college in London while she does her dance school and we're going to live together and I'm going to ask her to marry me." Tommy told Adam and Tanya

He pulled out a engagement ring and showed it to them Tanya started to cry and hugged him and then she pulled Adam in on the hug to. When Kat's plane landed in London she didn't know she's have a surprise there waiting for her. When she walked through the doors she wasn't paying attention to anything as she walked over to baggage claim. When she was close to it she looked up and there was Tommy standing with her bags and a dozen red and pink roses.

"What are you doing here, how did you get here?" She asked as she hugged him and kissed him.

"I decided I'm not letting you go." Tommy told her.

He put the roses down on her bag and he pulled out a box from his pocket and got down on one knee.

"Kat I love you and never wanna lose you, will you marry me?" He asked her

Her face lit up and tears started in her eyes she couldn't believe what was happening.

"Yes Tommy I'll marry you." She answer

She kissed him and hugged him and they were together again and happy as ever. They enjoyed living together in England he was going to school to become a teacher and she was doing her dancing. They decided to wait until after they were done with school to get married so the week after they finished they had their wedding. They had their wedding at the juice bar which was now under new management and had a new name. All their friends and family were there.

As time went on Tommy and Kat stayed in London but then Tommy got a job teaching at a high school in Reefside and they were trying to figure out what to do about that.

"Tommy go to Reefside and once everything is settled there and here I will come there. Kat told him.

"Ok you win." he said

So Tommy moved to Reefside and started his teaching job. And everything was almost settled until evil showed up there and they needed the help of the power rangers. When evil was finally destroyed there in Reefside Kat moved there and her and Tommy were together again and happy. After being there for three months Tommy and Kat were still so much happy in love and the dino rangers showed up to meet Tommy's wife that they heard so much about but couldn't wait to finally meet her. They were happy that their former teacher was with his wife and happy since he was sad when she wasn't living there yet so they were glad she finally made it and were happy.

While out walking in the woods hand in hand Tommy and Kat saw something pink and green glowing from ahead of them so they ran to check it out and when they got there they found two new dino gems. Tommy looked over at Kat.

"No way we are putting all seven gems in a box and we're locking them up. Evil has been beated so if it ever shows up again then we will bring them out but until then no way." She told him

He looked at his wife and couldn't help but from smile after all he did enjoy being a power ranger but it was much nicer living a normal life in the middle of the woods where they can live in piece and quiet. Three months have pasted since they found the new dino gems and evil still hasn't returned and Kat was happy about that because she had some news to tell Tommy and with this new secret she hasn't she doesn't need to be fighting monsters. Two more months have pasted and Tommy and Kat were at the doctors waiting to find out about their baby. The doctor came in and told the soon to be proud parents that they were having twins. Tommy and Kat looked over at each other and smiled and kissed and then Tommy started thinking what if the twins are who the dino gems they found in the woods are for then he got nervous wondering if his twins will be normal teenagers or superheroes wearing their parents colors.

The end.

(Tommy and Kat are not great together but like I said with Kimberly and Skull we will see where this stories will take us)

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