Rangers Romances

Chapter 4: Cassie and Andro's romance for space

Andros was sitting in his room thinking about the girl he's been in love with on his friends didn't even know he had a crush on anyone. He was trying to figure out what to do, he didn't wanna ruin a friendship or ruin the team but he couldn't live without telling the girl how he felt about her. He knew he wanted her in his life he's know that since the first moment he saw her that day when he found his friends on his ship. He decided that he needed to tell the girl of his dreams how he felt about her, so he got off of his bed and put his jacket on. He left his room and walked down the hall to her room and knocked when she opened the door he took her in his arms and kissed her.

"Andros what was that for?" Cassie asked him

"Cassie I've been in love with you from the minute I saw you." He told her

Cassie just looked at him and smiled and kissed him back and they kept kissing and didn't even notice their friends peeking out of their doors spying on the happy couple. Their friends couldn't help but smile and be happy for their two friends, they were starting to think if the two didn't get together soon they would have had to come up with a plan to make it happen. They were glad that it happened on it's own and it was about time to they were going nuts wondering when it would happen. They knew Andros had a thing for Cassie but they didn't let him know they knew, but they did every time he didn't see them looking and his would stare at Cassie they would notice. Zhane didn't know what was going on so when he walked out of his room he saw what was going on and saw the other three watching.

"Well it's about time you two got together." Zhane said

Andros and Cassie stopped kissing and looked around and notice their friends watching and smiling at what they just saw in the hallway. Cassie and Andros started blushing and then they released each other and Cassie walked up to Ashley and grabbed her hand and pulled her into her room so they could have some girl talk. Ashley was still smiling when the door to Cassie's room shut and Cassie fell on her bed and covered her face with a pillow. Ashley walked over to Cassie's bed and pulled the pillow off Cassie's face and pulled her up to. For a few minutes they just sat there smiling and giggling and then Ashley started to tease Cassie.

"Cassie and Andros sitting in the tree k i s s i n g first come loves second comes marriage their comes Cassie and Andros pushing the baby carriage." Ashley sang

"Oh shut up." Cassie said before hitting Ashley with a pillow.

"So how was it?" Ashley asked

"OMG it was amazing." Cassie told her

"You glad to finally be dating Andros?" Ashley asked

"Yes I am." Cassie told her

And for the next couple of hours Cassie and Ashley talked about everything that had happened Cassie told her how it happened and what was running through her mind when it happened. That night before bed Andros showed up at Cassie's door with a surprise for her, he had went to earth and got her a stuffed bear. She gave him a hug and a kiss goodnight and told him she's see him in the morning. After Andros had left to go to his room she took the bed and got into her bed and cuddled with it thinking about Andros and how happy he makes her. She thought about how much she loves spending time with him and loves seeing him and talking to him. And while thinking about him she started to fall asleep and was happy and in love.

For the next couple of weeks Cassie and Andros spent a lot of time together and we happy. Everytime the other rangers saw them when they weren't fighting monsters they were kissing or hugging or cuddling. The rangers were happy that no matter how much time they have to spend fighting monsters they were glad that fighting monsters didn't get in the way of their friends relationship. One time when Cassie and Andros went to earth to have a date Ashley, T.J, Carlos, and Zhane all sat in the control room with popcorn watching the couple on their date. Cassie and Andros didn't even know their friends were watching when they were on their date holding hands while walking through the park.

"Cassie I'm glad we're together, I've wanted you in my life from the first moment I saw you on my ship." He told her

"Andros I'm glad we're together to, having you in my life is the most amazing thing ever." Cassie told him.

Cassie and Andros leaned in and kissed and while they were kissing they heard clapping and yelling coming from their communicators and knew that their friends have been spying on them again. They pretended that they didn't hear anything that way they can enjoy their date. As they were walking through the park there was a bush with flowers on it, Andros saw Cassie looking at them so he let go of her hand and ran over to the bush and pulled a flower off. He ran back to her and he brushed some of her hair back and placed the flowers above her ear and leaned in and kissed her. When no one was around they decided to go back to the ship they made sure they were alone and teleported there.

"Did you four enjoy the movie?" Andros asked his friends

"What movie?" Carlos asked

"Yeah we didn't watch a movie we been cleaning." Zhane told them

"Yep that's what we were doing." T.J agreed

"How did you know?" Ashley asked

"We heard yelling and clapping over our communicators." Cassie told them

"Busted." Andros and Cassie told them at the same time

"Sorry." The other four rangers said.

Months went by and the space rangers were now living normal lives again. The rangers were living on earth working and going to school and being normal. Cassie and Andros were still together and as happy as can be. Ashley and Carlos finally started dating, T.J went to college, so did Carlos, Zhane, Andros, and Karone got jobs at the surf spot. Ashley became a fashion designer and her and Cassie opened up a clothing store, selling Ashley's designs. Carlos became a mechanic, T.J became a painter painting houses for people.

Two months later Andros and Cassie got engaged and they were planning their wedding when he decided that the galaxy rangers needed his help with the psycho rangers. After the space rangers got back from fighting along side the galaxy rangers, Cassie was sad for a few months over the death of Kendrix but she decided she had to move on. Her and Andros planned their wedding and six months later they were married with a surprise visitor at the wedding that they didn't know was coming. Kendrix showed up at the wedding with the other galaxy rangers, it was a surprise to the space rangers since they didn't know that Kendrix was alive again. They were happy that everything worked out great and they were glad to have their friend back from the dead. Cassie and Andros moved into a house with three bedrooms because they wanted to start a family when the time was right, and they were still living their normal lives. They were happy that they didn't have to fight anymore as rangers but just incase they needed to they built a secret room in their house and they kept their morphers in that room, just incase the space rangers were ever needed again.

"Do you really think we're ever going to need them again?" Cassie asked her husband

"I don't know, I mean I enjoyed being a ranger but I'm ready to start a new chapter in our lives where we don't need to morph." He told his wife.

Three years have passed and they haven't stepped foot into that secret room, they were glad that their time as rangers was over. Because Cassie and Andros were starting a new chapter in their lives there were about to welcome a baby into their lives. They were happy that they were living normal lives, they were married, about to have a baby, and enjoying the piece of quiet of living a no ranger life. Two months passed and Cassie was seven months pregnant and they were decorating the room yellow because they were having a baby girl, they decided to name the baby Ashley Morgan after Ashley and Kendrix. But this day wasn't a good day for Cassie because while Andros was out getting food, the phone rang and it was Tommy Oliver on the phone calling Andros to suit up as the red space ranger once again.

Cassie was sitting in the baby's room crying over the phone call she wasn't ready for the power ranger life again, and Tommy didn't tell her how long Andros would be gone. Andros came in and asked his wife what was wrong and she got up and walked away. She walked into the living room and with a hammer in her hand she opened the door to the secret room. Andros was still in the baby's room so he didn't know what was going on. Cassie stepped into the secret room and she went over to the glass case that held all six space morphers and she opened it and took Andros out. She walked out of the secret room and closed the door and went back to the baby's room morpher in hand.

"Tommy called he said he needed you for a ranger mission." Cassie told him

"What kind of mission?" He asked Cassie

"All I know is that it's a mission for all the red rangers from the first till the newest. He said he would call back later and Andros I know we're done being rangers but if this is a one time thing then I want you to do it. I'll go stay with Ashley and Carlos while your gone, just please come back to me soon." She told him.

Andros dropped Cassie off at Carlos and Ashley's place and left to do his one final battle as the red space ranger. After the moon mission was over with Cassie and Andros put his morphed back into the secret room and promised not to use these morphers ever again unless it's really needed. Two months later Cassie gave birth to their beautiful little girl who came with a special gift. She had her daddy's power of telekinesis which caused a lot of trouble for the proud parents as the baby would start moving stuff that she shouldn't have. No matter how much trouble their daughter was with her special power they still loved her and they were happy they had her. But wasn't so happy when she made the dog float in the air and put the dog on Andros head which Cassie saw and took a picture of. But in the end they were still happy and getting happier everyday.

The end

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