Rangers Romances

Chapter 5: Leo and Kendrix's love in the galaxy

Leo had a crush on her from the first minute that he looked into her eyes after helping her up because he crashed into her. He thought she was beautiful from the first minute he looked at her. When he had to run he hoped he would see her again, because he really wanted to see her again. After that moment he couldn't get her off of his mind he needed to know her name and he needed and wanted her in his life. When he lost Mike all he wanted to do was get revenge for him and get him back, but he was glad that he had the girl of his dreams by his side.

But when he got his brother back he knew things were looking up so he decided to try and make the best out of everything and knew he needed to tell the girl of his dreams how he feels about her. He had everything set up but he needed to ask her out for the date first but with fighting the psycho rangers it was hard for him to get the chance to ask her. So when they thought all the psycho rangers were destroyed he set the date up and after it was set up he decided it was time to ask her on the date. He went all over looking for her but he could never find her so he decided he will sit and wait for a few minutes to think where she could be. Then he got up to go looking and then he saw her and Cassie together so he ran to catch up to them.

"Hey Cassie can I talk to Kendrix alone for a minute?" Leo asked Cassie

"Sure I'll go wait over there." She told him.

"So Leo what is it you wanna talk to me about?" Kendrix asked Leo

"Kendrix I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime?" Leo asked her

"Yes Leo I would love to." She replied

After she told him the answer Kendrix kissed him on the lips and walked over to where Cassie was sitting and told her everything they both yelled and hugged before walking off. He stood there smiling watching as Kendrix walked off with Cassie. Leo was so happy because he was going out with the girl of his dreams and will soon hopefully be starting a relationship with her. He spent the whole day thinking about Kendrix how he loved spending time with her and fighting monsters with her and seeing her and loving when she smiles. Then his world came crashing down when they found out that psycho pink had survived.

When Kendrix died Leo's heart broke he never got to tell her that he was in love with her. Leo missed Kendrix he never stopped thinking about her and wishing she was still alive. Sometimes when he slept he would dream about Kendrix and him together. In the dreams they were so happy and in love. When Kendrix came back Leo ran right up to her and kissed her he was so happy she was back and wasn't going to let anything stop them from being together. They finally were able to go on their first date and their second and third and fourth and fifth and six and seventh all in one week they had a date every night because Leo and Kendrix never wanted to be away from each other.

After dating for two months Leo knew he couldn't be without Kendrix and he took his jetjammer to earth where he bought a engagement ring. He knew this was the right step for him and Kendrix he already lost her once and he didn't want that to happen again. After he bought the ring he went back to where he hid his jetjammer and he morphered and headed back to mirinoi to be wish his wonderful girlfriend and friends. When he got back to mirinoi he told all his friends what he has been up to but made them promise not to tell Kendrix, they all promised and Maya and Karone started to cry because their friends were about to become engaged. He had everything set up they were going to have a romantic night by the pond.

When Kendrix saw what Leo had did next to the pond her face lit up, he had a blanket on the ground with food and candles on it. He had a radio also on the blanket with Kendirx favorite love songs on CD in the radio. He had flowers for her, and they were having a romantic night under the stars. Everything was perfect they talked and ate, they cuddled and looked up at the stars, and they even danced under the stars. Now was the time for Leo to make his move he stood up and took Kendirx hand in his and when she was standing up he looked into her eyes and got down on bended knee.

"Leo what are you doing?" Kendrix asked Leo

"You'll see. Kendrix I've been in love with you for a long time and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you so, Kendrix Morgan will you marry me and become my wife?" He asked her

"Yes Leo Corbett I will marry you." Kendrix answer

After he put the ring on her finger he stood up and she jumped in his arms kissing him. The couple were happy and they decided to have the wedding on earth, in six months. They decided that anyone who wants to go to earth for the wedding could rid on the mega ship since it's being rebuilt. Kendrix and Leo couldn't wait to get married and start their lives together as husband and wife. As their wedding was coming closer they kept getting even more happier because soon they will be Mr. & Mrs. Leo Corbett.

It was the day of their wedding and they were so happy. Kendrix could hardly sleep because she was over excited about it. Cassie, Maya, Ashley, and Karone were her bridesmaids, and Mike, Kai, Damon, and Alpha 6 were his best men. All the space rangers were there and Mike and Leo's parents were there and so were Kendrix's parents and all her co-workers and all his friends from earth were there and so were hers. Kendrix's wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses were made by Ashley. Kendrix dress was a dress made for a princess and the bridesmaids dresses were in their ranger colors Cassie and Karone were pink dresses and Maya and Ashley were their yellow dresses. All the guys had tux on but their ties were their ranger colors. Leo's tie was red, Mike's black, Kai's blue, Damon's green, and Alpha 6 had a rainbow color tie on.

Everyone was happy for Kendrix and Leo they've been through so much as rangers that they deserved to be happy after all they went through more as rangers than any other rangers have been through before them. They all watched as Kendrix and Leo danced their first dance as husband and wife. After the wedding the bride and groom went to Hawaii for their honeymoon so they could have a break from work and be happy together before returning home. The couple enjoyed their honeymoon they loved the beach and the water and being there together, but it was time for the lovely couple to return home. So they went into the woods where they hid their jetjammers and morphed and headed home to begin their lives together. When they got back to mirinoi they started moving all Leo's stuff into Kendrix's apartment.

Two weeks after getting back from their honeymoon Leo found out that Trakeena was still alive and decide it was time for him to become the red galaxy ranger again and to protect mirinoi and everyone on it from her. When he told Kendrix he had to go she didn't want him to but she understood that he needed to travel to earth to protect the people there from Trakeena since she went to earth. Not long after Leo left Kai and Maya knew he needed help so they told Damon and Kendrix to stay behind and if they needed them they would call them in to help. Kendrix didn't wanna be the last to go to earth to help her husband be she knew that people on mirinoi still needed help to so she agreed to stay behind. When Damon and Kendrix heard that the rangers of earth needed more help they decided it was time for them to go and help.

A year has passed since they had to become power rangers again to fight against Trakeena one last time but when they got home they were more than happy to give up their powers again. But every year when it was time for the people of mirinoi to hear the story of the quasar sabers Kendrix, Leo and the other galaxy rangers would go and listen to it. But this time was different because Kendrix wasn't feeling so good and got up really fast and ran into the bushes where she threw up. It was like that for a week before Kendrix decided to go to the doctor, while she and Leo were waiting for the doctor to tell her what was wrong with her, Maya came in to check on her, and after Maya came in the doctor came in with the results. He looked at her file and then looked at the three of them and asked Maya to leave the room.

"So what's wrong with me doc?" Kendrix asked

"Nothing to bad is wrong with your Mrs. Corbett." The doctor told her

"Then why have I not been feeling good this whole week?" Kendrix asked

"Because your pregnant Mrs. Corbett." The doctor told her before leaving the room.

She smiled and put her hand on her stomach and then she looked over at her husband Leo who was just sitting there with a shocked look on his face. Kendrix sat there for a few minutes looking at her husband wondering what he was thinking about all of this. Then she decided to kiss him and pull him out of the chair so they could leave. When they got out to the waiting room and saw their friends sitting there waiting they looked at Leo and wondering what was going on. Then Kendrix sat him down and told her friends all the good news they all looked happy and hugged her and then since Leo was still shocked she asked her friends if they could carry him out to the car.

Six months passed and they were ready to be parents, they had decorated the room and Kendrix went out and got a box that she decorated for all the baby's first. While she was decorating the box the phone rang, she wondered if it was her mom or dad since only they knew about this house on earth so far. But Kendrix wasn't ready for this call it was Andros telling her that he and the other red rangers needed Leo's help on the moon she told him he'll be there as soon as he can. When Leo got home she gave him Andros message and she kissed her husband bye and send him off to be the red galaxy ranger once again. When he got back Kendrix saw him on the sidewalk and ran out to him and wrapped her arms around him she was so glad he was back and didn't ever wanna let go of him.

Three months later Kendrix gave birth to a baby boy that they named Jonathan, Kendrix and Leo were so happy when the nurse gave them their baby boy. He had Leo's hair color and Kendrix eye color. And when they thought he laughed for the first time they were shocked that it sounded like Alpha's but then they saw Alpha standing at the door and were so glad that it wasn't their baby's laugh but instead it was Alpha being nosey. They looked at each other and started laughing at the fact that they thought their son sounded like Alpha. When they took the baby home all of their friends were there to meet the new Corbett boy.

That night Leo and Kendrix had their son in their bed and they sat up all night watching him sleep and that way when he woke up in the middle of the night they would already be awake. The next day Cassie and Andros bough their daughter over to Leo's and Kendrix's house and when it was nap time both babies cuddled up to each other and their parents stook over them and smiled and took pictures of the two adorable babies sleep. Kendrix and Leo were so happy that they lived on earth while she was pregnant and then would be here for another two months before return to mirinoi to live in piece and they would still keep the house on earth so every thanksgiving and Christmas they could come to earth to see their friends and family and the babies can see each other. And that Christmas when they did come back to earth and were all together with their space, galaxy and light speed ranger friends Kendrix and Leo got another present. But that present won't be ready for them for another nine months. But Kendrix and Leo and Jonathan were still happy and couldn't wait to add to the family in nine months.

The end.

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