Rangers Romances

Chapter 6: Dana and Carter's lightspeed love

Dana was in her room getting ready to start her day when a knock at her door scared her. She went to see who it was and it was Carter he was wondering if she wanted to go get breakfast with him. She grabbed her book and then put her arm in his and they headed for the cafeteria for breakfast. They were both nervous but they didn't let each other see the nervous come through because they acted normal around each other. She was thinking that he looked good today and was wondering if he liked her like she liked him, but she didn't know that he was thinking the same thing and he was also thinking about if he should make a move.

They sat in the cafeteria and ate their breakfast they were alone since everyone else had already ate. When Dana wasn't looking Carter would stare at her and he didn't know that she did the same thing when he wasn't looking. When they were done eating they sat there for a few minutes talking. When Carter and Dana took their trays to the trash can he kept wondering if he should grab her hand and every time he went for it he would chicken out. While they were walking to the control room a guy came running down the hall and ran into Dana and Carter knocking them down and Carter landed first so he could break Dana's fall and when she fell on him they looked into each other's eyes and Carter reached his head up and kissed her.

When they pulled away Dana got up and ran back to her room, Carter wondered if he did it wrong but that wasn't why she ran off she ran off because she was blushing and had a huge smile on her face that she didn't want Carter to see. Carter got up off of the floor and started walking to her room to find out what was wrong he kept thinking maybe it was the wrong time to kiss her but he couldn't stop thinking about how great it was. When he got to her door he just stood there for a few minutes wondering if it was a good idea to talk to her right now since she did run off she might be upset. But the more he thought about it the more he thought right now was a better time to talk than later. So he knocked on the door and she opened it and when he opened his mouth to speak he couldn't get a word out because Dana jumped in his arms and wrapped hers around him and kissed him.

"So I'm guessing when you ran off it wasn't because you were mad or upset with me?" Carter asked

"No I ran off because I was excited because you kissed me." She told him

"Could of just kissed me back." He said

"I just did." She replied

"True." He said

They decided that they would date but they would keep it a secret for a while so they can see how dating would be while saving the world. So every time they were alone they would hold hands and when no one was around they would run into a empty room and kiss. They were happy but saving the world did get in the way sometimes, but they didn't let that stand in their way every night before they went to bed they would visit each other with a love letter, and a kiss behind close doors that way no one would see them. Weeks went by and everything was still going great between them so they decided to tell their friends that night about their relationship but everything turned upside down for them instead. Carter and the others had lost their memories and it broke Dana's heart because Carter couldn't remember her.

That night after Carter had finally got his memory back they told their friends about their relationship. But the happy couple found out that their friends already know. They looked at each other shocked wondering how they found out. So they sat down so they all could talk and find out what they needed to know. So Carter and Dana sat down next to each other and opened their mouths to speak.

"How did you guys know?" They both asked

"I saw you guys when you were on the floor and Carter kissed you." Chad said

"I saw Dana jump in your arms and kissed you outside her room." Joel told them

"And I saw you guys up against a tree in the park." Kelsey said

They couple couldn't believe that there weren't more careful with their secret relationship but they were glad that their friends knew and glad that they were happy for them. Carter was wondering what the Captain and Ryan would think of this since they haven't told them yet. That's when The Captain came in and hugged Carter and welcomed him into the family. Turned out the Captain heard the whole thing when they were telling their friends. Months passed and they had just got back from the fire that they went to after giving up their morphers. When they got back to the park where Captain Mitchell and Ms. Fairweather was waiting for them they filled them in on what happened. Carter and Dana sat down next to each other and he put his arm around her and they kissed.

"Wait oh what when did this happen?" Ryan asked

"Months ago." Everyone said

Ryan was a little confused he didn't notice all of this but shook Carters hand and welcomed him to the family. A week later Carter and Dana bought a apartment together and Dana finished medical school and went on to become a doctor while Carter was still a firefighter. They enjoyed being together and they were always happy, and they did have their problems like when Carter had the day off and wanted to spend it with Dana but she had to work or when Carter would get called in the middle of the night to go put out a fire but they always worked it out and fall more in love with each other every day. Six months later Carter found out that Vypra was still alive so he went to help the time force rangers defeat her. So he decided he needed to call his girlfriend and friends to come and help since Vypra turned out to be stronger their before. When they finally defeated her and went back home Carter did some thinking about him and Dana's future and he decided it was time for them to take a step further into their relationship.

"Dana you know I love you right?" Carter asked her

"I don't know do you?" She asked back

"Very funny." He said

"Yes my honey bunny I do know you love me and I love you to." She replied

"Then Dana will you marry me?" He asked her

"Yes." She told him

Six months later Carter and Dana got married. All of there friends were there from the galaxy rangers to the time force rangers, and friends that they worked with. Everyone was happy for the bride and groom, a lot of people wondered if this day would ever come but in the end it did and it was a wonderful wedding. Carter and Dana danced and thought back on all the times they spent together, as rangers and as normal adults and all the good times to come. They did wonder what was going to happen next for them and if they would ever have to step into ranger shoes again.

Six months later Carter got the call for the red ranger mission he knew he had to take it no matter how much he didn't want to but he had to protect the world and his wife from whatever evil that needed to be stopped. Dana understood that he needed to go and knew he would be safe after all he was fighting along side nine other red rangers. When Carter came back from the moon mission it was a good day for Dana she ran and jumped into her husband's arms when he got home and she started to cry she missed him so much and didn't ever wanna let him go. After that mission life was quiet for Carter and Dana they haven't need to step into the ranger shoes anymore and they were glad and they even had a wedding to go to. Their best friends Kelsey and Chad were getting married after dating for a year and they had just had a baby girl two months ago so they decided to become a family.

While Dana was holding the Isabel, Carter looked over at her and a big smile came on his face. That's when Chad, Joel and Ryan looked over to see what Carter was smiling at and they knew what he was thinking. And he really was thinking about how he couldn't wait to start a family with his wife, they had talked about it but with them both being busy with work they decided to put it off for a while but now Carter was thinking it was time for them to have a family. Three months later Dana was pregnant and they were as happy as they could be. Dana's dad didn't' know about the pregnancy yet because he's been out of town and they didn't wanna tell him over the phone. They went to the airport to pick him up and when he saw dance his face lit up he ran over to her and hugged her and kissed her cheek.

A month later Dana and Carter was sitting in the room at the doctor's office waiting to find out what they were having and boy where they in for a surprise. They kept wondering if it was going to be a boy or a girl. Carter wanted a girl and Dana wanted a boy. So they couldn't wait to find out what they were having since all the other time's they've come to see the doctor they always told her they didn't wanna know anything about the baby but if it was healthy or not so the doctor didn't tell them so now they wanted to find out. The doctor came back in and she took a seat in her chair and looked over at the soon to be proud parents.

"Your having triplets. From what I can tell your having two boys and a girl." She told them

Dana and Carter were both shocked they had no idea that they could have triplets they thought they were just having one baby not three. So the doctor left the room to give them a minute alone and they just sat there staring at where the doctor were just sitting. Carter was wondering if they could handle having triplets and Dana was wondering how this could of happened. They finally came out of the shock and kissed and smiled and hugged each other. On the way home Dana called everyone to tell them to get over to their apartment they wanted to share the news with all their friends.

A hour later everyone was sitting in Dana and Carter's living room. Carter and Dana were fixing snacks and drinks for everyone while they talked in privacy about how their friends were going to take the news. They came back into the living room and sat the snacks and drinks on the table and then Dana took a seat next to her dad and took his hand. Carter sat down next to her and took hers and they looked at all their friends with smiles on their face. That's when Dana decided it was time to tell everyone their news.

"Guys I'm pregnant." She told them

"We know that." Joel said

"Joel would you let me finish. I'm pregnant with triplets." She told them

Joel's mouth opened and everyone else sat there staring at the soon to be parents. Everyone smiled and went and gave Dana a group hug and told Carter and Dana how happy they were for them. And then Dana looked over at her dad who had tears in his eyes. He couldn't believe it his baby girl were giving him not just a grandchild but three grandchildren. He smiled and hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Three months later Dana gave birth to their triplets, William, Lee, And Angel. They were happier than ever when they bought their triplets home. Until that night at three am their daughter wrote up crying, then at four and five the boys were crying. But they didn't complain they loved it even through they were tired they couldn't help but love being wrote up by their kids and hold them and feed them and rock them back to sleep. But as time went on the babies started sleeping through the night and the morning after they slept through the night Carter and Dana were sad because it meant spending long hours away from the kids while they slept but they were still happy and they couldn't be any happier than they are now with their triplets.

The end.

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